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Found 77 results

  1. Hello Voidlings, Mod Xera here with our rotational monthly event. This month, we bring you Halloween Scramble! Are you good at guessing and going with your instincts, or feel like you know someone so well that you can guess what items correspond to them? If so, then this event is for you! In this event, you will be required to figure out a puzzle with given images. Place your bets! This thread is for ENTRIES ONLY. Do not derail the thread. Any questions/comments/discussions should be posted in the Event Discussion Thread. Prizes: If you've won and haven't received your EC within 2 weeks, please contact me! 1st Place Winner (First entry which achieves 100% correct answers) - 5,000 EC 2nd Place Winner(s) (Highest amount of correct answers, up to two winners) - 3,500 EC each 3rd Place Winner(s) (2nd highest amount of correct answers, up to two winners) - 2,500 EC each! Rules:All of the standard forum rules still apply, located [Here]. We are more strict during Official Events! Below are the Event specific rules. Because the posting time of an entry may affect the winners - reservations and edits are not allowed! If you edit your entry, might it be only because of a typo - your entry will be disqualified. Double-check your entry before posting. Add your in-game name into your entry so we know who to send the EC to if you win. Do not post more than one entry at a time. Do not enter on multiple accounts or you will be disqualified immediately. This is a Submissions thread so keep all discussions, suggestions, and questions in the threads below under "Other Void Event threads". Don't go off-topic in this thread; its sole purpose is for entries only. Deadline: 09/22/19 to 10/22/19 (11:59 PM CET) Entry Template Example:[IGN] [Ran's Items] [Lilu's Items] [PhysicsTM's Items] [Shiryelle's Items] [Structure's Items] [Xera's Items] Spooky time is creeping right around the corner and it's coming close, too soon! A time of costumes, fun, tricks and many treats! For Halloween, the staff is hosting a Halloween Party in the Void Haunted Mansion. In the midst of the many costumes, items, and snacks presented at the party, no one knows who brought what! Have they brought tricks, or treats?! Can you figure out which items the staff are bringing to the Halloween Party? There are 12 items in total. 2 items are assigned to each staff member listed. Check the spoiler below to see all items! Other Void Event threads: Event Theme Suggestion: [Here] Void Event Discussion: [Here] 09/22/2019 [Voidflix] Winner: [Wonho] The winners for this month will be announced on the next monthly event.We will be rotating a different event each month, be sure to check back in next month for a new event to participate in as well.Good luck!
  2. Please keep all discussions, questions, and comments regarding official void events here. This is to prevent the event threads from being flooded as they are submission threads. All of the standard forum rules still apply, located [Here] If you wish to leave a suggestion, please do so [Here] All current official events can be found [Here] With that said, be sure to stay on topic c:
  3. Have you been thinking of a theme one of our many official Void events could use? If so, you've come to the perfect place. Previously suggested by [Structure], this thread was created for that sole purpose. There won't be an official prize for this. However; if your theme is chosen, your forum name will be in the event thread. We felt this would be a nice way to allow the community to have some input in contests as well. If you wish to suggest a theme, I ask that you follow the below format: *Contest: (Which one of the current contests?) *Theme: (The name of the theme you're suggesting) Description: (Explain your theme in detail if possible) Additional Details: (Anything else about your theme?) If you agree with a suggested theme, give that post a like. This helps prevent quote spam and "+1" posts. Please keep off-topic discussion to a minimum as this thread is a submissions thread, if you wish to discuss the events please use [This] thread.
  4. Ghoulish's Halloween Event This past event gave a lot of us players something to do, something to work for. So i thought why not something similar for a halloween event. For the duration of the event why not having it a month long. I would like for the event to be easy but something you would have to work for as well Requirements 1 run of a dungeon (excluding Gate of Darkness) ----> 1 Halloween Candy & 1 Halloween Random Cube 1 PvP completion (Doesnt matter if you win or lose) -----> 1 Halloween Candy & 1 Halloween Random Cube Missions Delicious Tears - 3 Candy & 1 Halloween Random Cube Fight for Glory! - 6 Candy & 1 Halloween Random Cube Apink! - 2 Candy & 1 Halloween Random Cube Flames of Victory - 3 Candy &1 Halloween Random Cube Knight's Endeavor - 6 Candy & 1 Halloween Random Cube Items & Rewards 2 Halloween Candy & 100,000 ED Spooky Corrupted Bracelet (Untradeable) Spooky Corrupted Mask (Untradeable) Spooky Symbol of Corruption (Untradeable) Spooky Corrupted Wings (Untradeable) Spooky Corrupted Wingshoe (Untradeable) Spooky Corrupted Spirit Fire (Untradeable) Spooky Corrupted Wing Helm (Untradeable) Halloween Party Sense Halloween Party Sense (Ver. B) Halloween Party Succubus Wings Halloween Party Succubus Wings (Ver. B) Halloween Party Devil's Tail Halloweens Party Devil's Tail (Ver. B) Halloween Part Werewolf Tail Halloween Party Werewolf Tail (Ver. B) Halloween Party Zombie Amulet Cap Halloween Party Zombie Amulet Cap (Ver. B) Halloween Rogue's Cape Halloween Bat Cape Dream Fountain (Halloween Pumpkin) Halloween Jack O' Lantern Haunting Halloween Halloween Party Mask Halloween Party Mask (Ver B.) Dancing Halloween Spirit Halloween Party Momster Screws Halloween Party Monster Screws (Ver. B) Halloween Party Sarcophagus Halloween Party Sarcophagus (Ver B.) 20 Halloween Candy & 10,000,000 ED Holloween Party Set Cube Halloween Party (Ver. B) Set Cube Halloween Wizard (Black) Set Cube Halloween Wizard (White) Set Cube 2013 Halloween (A) Set Cube 2013 Halloween (B) Set Cube Halloween Nightmare (Ver. 1) Set Cube Halloween Nightmare (Ver. 2) Set Cube Halloween Jangshi Set Cube Halloween Jangshi (Blue) Set Cube Candy Devil (Ver. 1) Set Cube Candy Devil (Ver. 2) Set Cube Halloween 2016 Conest Set Cube (Needs Magic Wardrobe Update) 30 Halloween Candy & 20,000,000 ED Grim Reaper One Piece (Death) Grim Reaper One Piece (Rebirth) Succubus One Piece Incubus One Piece All Gender bend One Pieces Available Spooky Ghost One Piece 35 Halloween Candy & 30,000,000 ED Marionette Pet Grim Reaper Death Pet Grim Reaper Rebirth Pet Pumpkin Rabbit Pet 50 Halloween Candy & 40,000,000 ED Sticky Halloween Fantacy Halloween Jack-o-Lantern of Light Exchange Consumables 1 Candy 2x Pumpkin Flavored Candy Recovers 100% HPRecovers 100% MPCooldown Time: 30 secs. 2x Every Flavored Candy Recovers 100% HPRecovers 100% MPCooldown Time: 60 secs. 2x Wicked Demon Bear's Gourd Fills Awakening Beads/DP Gauge x2 Glaves Hatchet Range of Effect: 1313Damage: 1313% Physical/Magical PercentPiercing: 13 EnemiesCooldown Time: 13 secs. x2 Halloween Cookie Eat this to power-up and blaze through enemies. Cooldown Time: 30 secs. x2 Smoke Bomb of Water Monsters in the smoke will be Frozen.Cooldown Time: 60 secs. x2 Smoke Bomb of Poison Monsters in the smoke will be Poisoned.Cooldown Time: 60 secs. x2 Smoke Bomb of Curse Monsters in the smoke will be Cursed.Cooldown Time: 60 secs. x2 Smoke bomb of Slow Monsters in the smoke will be Slowed.Cooldown Time: 60 secs. x2 Smoke bomb of Reclusion Players will evade attacks when inside the smoke.Cooldown Time: 60 secs. x2 Smoke bomb of Mana Regeneration Players will recover 5% of Max Mana per second when inside the smoke.Cooldown Time: 60 secs. Halloween Random Cube Items x1 Weak Elixir x5 Weak Elixir x10 Weak Elixir x1 Medium Strength Elixir x5 Medium Strength Elixir x10 Medium Strength Elixir x1 Strong Elixir x5 Strong Elixir x10 Strong Elixir x1 Mithril Stone x5 Mithril Stone x10 Mithril Stone x1 Mithril Piece x5 Mithril Piece x10 Mithril Piece x1 Mithril Crystal x5 Mithril Crystal x10 Mithril Crystal x1 Ancient Silver Coin x5 Ancient Silver Coin x10 Ancient Silver Coin x1 Ancient Gold Coin x5 Ancient Gold Coin x10 Ancient Gold Coin x1 Ancient Diamond x5 Ancient Diamond x10 Ancient Diamond x1 PvP Salt x5 PvP Salt x10 PvP Salt x1 Refined Magic Stone x5 Refined Magic Stone x10 Refined Magic Stone x1 Sage Stone x5 Sage Stone x10 Sage Stone x1 Twisted Sage Stone x5 Twisted Sage Stone x10 Twisted Sage Stone x1 Red/Blue/Yellow Common Mystic Stone (One of the 3) x5 Red/Blue/Yellow Common Mystic Stone (One of the 3) x10 Red/Blue/Yellow Common Mystic Stone (One of the 3) x1 Red/Blue/Yellow Refined Mystic Stone (One of the 3) x5 Red/Blue/Yellow Refined Mystic Stone (One of the 3) x10 Red/Blue/Yellow Refined Mystic Stone (One of the 3) x1 Red/Blue/Yellow Shining Mystic Stone (One of the 3) x5 Red/Blue/Yellow Shining Mystic Stone (One of the 3) x10 Red/Blue/Yellow Shining Mystic Stone (One of the 3) x1 Giant Common Mystic Stone x5 Giant Common Mystic Stone x10 Giant Common Mystic Stone x1 Giant Refined Mystic Stone x5 Giant Refined Mystic Stone x10 Giant Refined Mystic Stone x1 Giant Shining Mystic Stone x5 Giant Shining Mystic Stone x10 Giant Shining Mystic Stone 100 Candy --> +9 amu 300 Candy --> +10 amu (Max 4 per account Untradeable) Yes i did note that all of the characters wont have all of these sets, with that said it would still be nice to have a Halloween event regardless. Also if there are other things you want to add to this please leave a comment below. Things can also be change, added, and removed
  5. For the next event, it would be great to have an ELSTAR Event. I was thinking something like Void Café Event, where you can have different drops (for example you can get Trinity Ace's Glow Stick from Bethma, Altera and Velder SD, or Mega Cake's Glow Stick from Add Fusion Theory) for various items, clothes, accessories and the new idle motion. Hope there will be a similar event :3
  6. Before you read and assume by the title, no, this is not another one of those "Which team did you pick" threads. Personally, we had this bias issue in Punks vs. Cops where a lot of people went to one side. Now, we're seeing everyone with a heavy bias towards Ignia, which can lead to a lot of hate if the server buffs are "chosen wrong" (Personally I just want those guild coins, but I'm not on Team Ignia) in other players' minds. In order to eliminate bias, equal choices must be present (rather than a Void favorite vs. an NPC and a boss people hate fighting), or participants cannot choose at all. Since we can't obviously change the event right now as it is, my questions are the following: In order to make events like these fair and interesting in the future, should teams be randomly assigned, rather than be by choice? If you said no to the above, then should the team choices have been more relevant to the community instead? Bonus question thanks to @Flannel for making a good point! If you don't want teams at all, then should the staff actually make the Event Suggestion Thread include community ones for in-game, or make polls for packs of ideas they can unveil when the final one has been decided? Example of the idea packs: -Box icons of the theme + brief description of how the event will go + end -Poll options, of course -Themed items/pets/costumes -Staff involvement (in-game) and how they can contribute more to said idea.
  7. Hello voider (= void player :v ) I'm here to propose a new idea for a event which starts the Friday 8th February and ends the First friday of march (8/02/2019 to 1/03/2019) Let's start my idea for this event: The pnj will be Rosso aka the raid boss in Crimson Cradle of Flames He is so f*cking alone and people hate him, he need love from us to avoid the depression. The special event item will be " Golden heart" like this, it can be another thing but with the them of the heart You need to give golden heart to Rosso in order to receive his love Way n°1 to obtain Golden hearts : Golden heart can be drop in these following dungeon and quest: - Secret Dungeons (All) - Add's Energy Fusion - Water Dragon Sanctum - Debrian Laboratory - El Tower Defense - Labyrinth of Ruin - Guardian's Forest - Dark Elves' Outpost - Forsaken Spirit Asylum - Shadow Vein- [Quest] Delicious Tears ( 6 golden hearts) - [Quest] Fight for Glory! (6 golden hearts) - [Quest] Flames of Victory (5 golden hearts) Way n°2 to obtain Golden Heart: (Impossible due to technical problem and times)'s_Race Golden Heart can be dropped in this valentine dungeon called Valentine's Race. (let's hope if they do it :v ) "A mount is required to enter" and "This dungeon can only be played solo". These two requirements are for the dungeon. "What about NeW pLaYeR wHo DoN't HaVe MoUnT nahhh" Answer: Mount aren't expensive, you can have one for less than 10M and also They can have a temp mount in the gift box Sweet Love Gift Cube (thanks to elwiki for the name cuz i don't have idea for it :v ) Duration: ??/02/19 up to ??/03/19 Requirements - Your character has to be Lv.90 and above - Stay logged in-game for 15 minutes straight - The reward can only be acquired once per account - Reward: Sweet Love Gift cube Sweet Love Gift cube content Golden heart is banksharable but is not tradable Buff while the event: ( -Drop rate X2 (not for apo but for all dg like 11-4 , why not ?) ) Drop rate only on apo -Break Up is free (may be canceled due to technical problem) Technical problems - Exp x2 when you farm with the person that you are maried (technical problems? idk) or Exp X2 (that include everyone) Technical problems so only accesory exp - All secrets dungeon are open - Elrianode 11-4 cost now 1 ticket -Back ground looading scren are changed to new (exemple: 1 2 3 4 etcc, we need something fresh, pls do it :'( ) (Unsure) Things that Rosso will give if we give to him golden hearts Rosso's exchanges : Rosso's craft : You can reply in the thread to show your ideas that i might add. I will search if there is news things with the theme of valentine to add in my suggestion (sorry if my ainglish isn't good as hell :v ) Pictures: Edit: Blabla some edit . . . Removed Race!go title because that is a Op title (aka strong title) Added some buffs Added new things to craft : the new sit motion which i don't know the name :v Removed these titles but i can include them. idk what to do with them. Changed the price of candy to 2 M Added Uhee and Twice cube (I don't know if there is Uhee for new chars ?) Added pictures Added a new way to obtain Golden hearts Added a mount in the craft Canceled some things due to technical problems
  8. I am very happy about the Christmas event that void brought here!!! bringing back the formal attire and a lot of useful stuffs to exchange~ Making +11 with that crystal shard +500m & 999 items would be fair enough I say, for a +11 +10 for this cost gives really a high pressure to players and personally I think a +10 thing isn’t really that unique in today I understand that players could always “give up” this crafting as like it is a personal decision to make but I mean, receiving “something” from a special Christmas event and just give up,,, Really? Besides, it is totally useless if we don’t use it to craft those goods But isn’t the whole point of Christmas event is to celebrate and let players to enjoy and have a good time with events around here~? I am having a great time in void and I do enjoy a lot in this server, and I’m glad that they make it like a drop item for the recent events, not Like the old day, need to clear a mission to get it, which is a pretty good thing and it makes it a lot easier Yet, people who crafts those +10, I believe, isn’t those who are already at the upper class of the game (I mean +10 is literally a middle-upper class thing in today ) and things like 999shards within less than a month... it is really too much especially there is still an addition amount of 500m I really hope that the crafting of +10 amulet could be reduced to something maybe around 250m + 600 shards or maybe something like 350m + 500 shards, and I believe people who are still aiming for a +10weap, wants to enjoy this event with a slightly less pressured process and also the Christmas itself with friends or family (me no friends r.i.p.) I really hope that the crafting requirements could have be a little bit easier as a Christmas gift to players that really wants to make great effort in this game
  9. Instead of every other event where you get items from dungeons and PVP and such and trade them, I suggest there be multiple items. What I mean by this is there should be fragments. Let’s say was put into the game for the event, and a scroll fragment were to drop, with enough of those you could craft an upgrade scroll. Just a shitty suggestion I thought of in the shower
  10. If you think we will and/or or want one, what kind of event do you think it will be? I hope it's similar to the last event we had with 100% random missions, 1 ticket 11-5 entry and all SDs open since I never got to really grind my ERP that much because of exams and school work. I hope it lasts the whole of summer unlike the previous ones.
  11. Pandemic's Official 1v1 Tourney 3rd Job Edition! Hosted by @Zentius Hello, forums! [Pandemic] is holding a 1v1 tournament for all void-players! That means anyone, not just Pandemic guildies, can participate! The tourney will be held on 5/12/2018 at 6:00 PM EST and will include a full commentary provided by @Zentius (Kyle, one of our admins), also be streamed on Twitch for those who are interested in viewing! Rules include: • Costumes (IB/IM, Etc.) are allowed. They may only have speed sockets. • The only allowed Gear is Spar Gear. The only sockets allowed on the Spar Gear are speed sockets. No attributes on the weapon either. +7 spar gear only. • Some accessories (Like NoH/Double ring stacking, etc.) are not allowed. If you have a question on which are allowed and which are not, please ask Kyle, the host for this event! • Mana break is allowed. • If your Internet is bad, please do not bother signing up. This is to save time, as we have had rather bad incidents in the past. • Hyper active is NOT allowed. • Speed titles like Lightspeed, Supersonic, and Speedaholic, etc. are allowed, other titles are NOT allowed. • This rule is very important. If you are not accountable for when it is your turn to fight in the tourney, you will be disqualified. You will be pinged and given five minutes to get to your designated area before disqualification. • Force Change mod skills are allowed. Regular force passives, etc, are not allowed. • Have fun! Please note: *There is no entry fee to this event. *There will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Ofc that should influence you to join. *If there is too much hate, salt, or disrespect of any kind the tourney will be cancelled. Don't ruin it for others and get a grip on your hot head please and thanks. Additional Edit: • ERP will be disabled. • We will be going by spar mode, not arena mode. • You may be wondering how we plan to keep track of if people are using speed sockets or not. People will most likely go by a trust code. Aka they’ll use speed sockets if they follow directions. If you feel that the opponent has other sockets, you can ask for their stats to be publicly posted at any time. If the first match ends, and their damage seems to be oddly higher than average, you can request to see your opponent’s stats yet again. As many times as you want. If their damage is too crazy and they’re doing some sort of cheat where they switch their gear, they will be disqualified. Gear will be heavily monitored as best as we can. • If you are suspect of cheating, a public vote will be held by pandemic members and stream viewers as to whether they believe you are legitimate or not. —— To enter, add Kyle#7761 on discord and message him your IGN and class, and swing by our discord as well to be there for the commentary! Ask Kyle any questions you may have as well.
  12. Especially now, due to the event, having to exit dungeon after every single run to get the Apples is pretty annoying, it’d be a great help if this were made possible. Don’t mention technical difficulties nonsense, I am perfectly aware of those and will let the staff (if they will ever bother to reply) ascertain that. If this is impossible I suggest adding a new quest which requires 5 or 10 dungeon runs instead of 1 to allow some grind at least instead of leaving after every run (with the proper amount of reward of course, in this case 5 or 10 Apples). This suggestion will probably end up ignored like many others but am giving this a try as well.
  13. So finally I decided to open this Thread cuz ED Situation. This is not long a Compensation anymore, it'll be a Support, that maybe will help us to start again. People who is lazy will get nothing or less otherwise People who is hard-working would be a reward. I think it's fair "[14 Days] Refund Event" Quests: Rewards: + [Refund Ice Burner ] Available in 1, 5, 10, 15 Note: Voidsoul and Refund Ice Burner are not tradable BUT the Items which you get from the IB is possible to trade When opening Refund Ice Burner, the characters will have a chance to get 1 rare costume piece from these sets: #1 (All) - * #2 (All) - * #3 (All) - * I am not sure cuz the voting means nothing if GM do not accept this. That why i'll leave the IB Rotation open. Let's get Buff and More: Bonus: Remember that you have also a Void Service Buff (30 Days) for 0 EC via the item mall in the Usable tab which includes the following: 300% Drop Rate 200% AP Rate 100% Quest Drop Rate Unlimited Stamina Craftable, Tradable and IM Sale: Naeun's Crafts: • Magic Armulet +8 : Materials Needed: 45x VoidSoul Crafting Price: 5.000.000 ED • Magic Armulet +9 : Materials Needed: 100x VoidSoul Crafting Price: 25.000.000 ED Note: this is not possible to trade Option 1: Option 2: Naeun's Exchanges: 1x VoidSoul (Select): 3x Mana Elixir, Hard Boiled Egg, Ancient Fossil Pill 8x VoidSoul (Select): 2x Maigic wise Stone, Warped Maigic wise Stone 25x VoidSoul (Random): 65x VoidSoul (Select) : S+ Stone Note: this is not possible to trade 15x VoidSoul (Select): Red Spirit Eyes (All) 35x VoidSoul (Select): Mode Pose (All) 35x VoidSoul (Select): Snuggle & Tickle Meow (All) 45x VoidSoul (Select): Bear Snuggle & Bear Cuddle (All) Let's me know your idea and opinion // Also share this with your Friends
  14. For the christmas event instead of getting amulets can we get fluorites ? If not then it doesn't matter just wanna suggest
  15. Hello! Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening, everyone! I was thinking about some things about the Void server and decided to leave my suggestion. Well, I noticed that in ElsVoid, a staff goes more PVE, small part goes PVP and Ereda, and so each time getting more abandoned, getting sadly "dead." I love going PVP and Ereda, however, I was frustrated to see those queues in "Expected Unknown". That is why I propose to all of you to help me revive these platforms, I would like to leave my ideas, and I would also like your opinion. My opinion as a suggestion: One of the things I think would be interesting to relive, that's Rank in Board, PVP and Ereda, so it would revive the competitive side. The other would be to do more events in which the amount of rewards obtained were more received in Ereda / PVP (+ in 2v2 and 3v3), or even some event especially for these two platforms. Anyway, they are suggestions that I think we can change this current situation. Thank you kindly if you have read so far. Have a great day !.
  16. Well ... because of the nonconformity of the people with regard to the event, especially because of the boring and the time it takes to finish, being a player with average equipment. So the suggestion is to reduce the time as much as possible, this is to help the average players, not the +11, they do not count. 1. One way to do it is to create a mission that completes 10 runs, and give the 10 rewards at end, something useful for the "retry" button. Avoiding entering the dungeon again and again, that tires you a lot. 2.No is suggestion, but it is a tip that can help us. Let's forget the chocolate orb, only mana potions. When playing the dungeon, we will simply miss the dance commands, alone until he have 11 life in bar, we will hit and we will have the "fever" effect. In this way we will always kill the ghosts of the first stage who are weaker. The boss always has to give him skills of 300, in addition to boost our attacks with skills of enhancer, and always on awakening. Share your time in dungeon, for example with my CBS I take (equipment +8): 3:35 on average. PD: Sorry for my terrible english.
  17. Sorry for you but I wont help a server that bans you with no reasons and for those who say: "You are hacker" I made a new account get level 94 legit in 2 days and got banned with the same reason so, I WON'T HELP A SERVER THAT IGNORES PLAYERS AND THEIR SUGGESTIONS LIKE THEY DID RIGHT NOW WITH THE HALLOWEEN EVENT, HAVE A GOOD TIME PLAYING THAT MOSHROOM BORING EVENT.
  18. This Event its a suggestion that will be a Christmas+Happy New Year+Winter Holidays everything can be changed and adjusted. Starting on 15 December until 15 January BOTH INCLUDED. And a lot of things are not related to winter because on Christmas you don't get winter related presents only, you can get stuff that can be used all year, a console, a game, a jacket, etc. VOID has only 2 events per year, Summer & Winter, meaning we don't get other kind event items, then lets make this 2 events with items that are not Season Related. The quantity of snowflakes its matched to the 1 month event farm, THIS ITS NOT THE SUMMER EVENT TO FARM LITERALLY EVERYTHING IN A DAY. PLAY EACH DAY TO GET STUFF. If you couldn't get enough materials for the end of the event, bad luck, sell/buy them before event ends. Lots of people wanted a refund event to overcome the last ED errase from the server, including in this: +10's, Free Full IB's and lots of items that make economy seriously damaged so the purpose of this event its making fair farming worth and slow down of HACK. If MAILBOX ITS STILL FUCKING BUGGED, then use a quest system. NEW THREAD REFORMED
  19. Has for a long time...................
  20. Halloween Event 2017 Event duration: October 6, 2017 - November 3 or 4 (server maintenance?), 2017 Disclaimer: Not sure if Ain character will get Sit motion or Dab motion, at least I tried. But you can get the accessories and pet, you know that right? First off, how to obtain the Halloween Zombie Disks ? Material will be used for exchange and craft is (Halloween Zombie Disks) by completing below quests: [Void Els] Delicious Tears ( 10 kills in PvP) : x 2 [Void Els] Fight for Glory! ( Clear Ereda Island 5 times) : x 1 [Void Els] Apink! ( Complete 1 dungeon runs around your level): x 1 [Void Els] Flames of Victory (3 wins in PvP): x 1 [Void Els] Knight's Endeavor ( Clear Ereda Island 5 times) : x 1 [Void Els] Job to Restore the Secret Barrier ( Clear Secret Dungeon 2 times) ( Idea was suggested by a player [ I forgot the name, lmk if you were the one who suggested to have event material in the SDs Daily quest] ): x 1 [Void Els] Start of Time and Space (Clear "Henir's Time and Space 'Normal' 1 time): x 1 [Void Els] Heroic Challenge (Clear Heroic Dungeon 'Normal' 3 times): x 1 Reward for Exchange and Craft-able items Dancing King Motion Cube ( Dabbing Motion) x 40 + 35 million ED for crafting fee to exchange for Dancing King motion Spooky Corrupt Soul Accessories Spooky Symbol of Corruption x 20 + 10 million ED for crafting fee to exchange for Spooky Symbol of Corruption Spooky Corrupted Spirit Fire x 20 + 10 million ED for crafting fee to exchange for Spooky Corrupted Spirit Fire Spooky Corrupted Wing Helm x 20 + 10 million ED for crafting fee to exchange for Spooky Corrupted Wing Helm Spooky Corrupted Mask x 20 + 10 million ED for crafting fee to exchange for Spooky Corrupted Mask Spooky Corrupted Wings x 20 + 10 million ED for crafting fee to exchange for Spooky Corrupted Wings Spooky Corrupted Bracelet x 20 + 10 million ED for crafting fee to exchange for Spooky Corrupted Bracelet Spooky Corrupted Wingshoe x 20 + 10 million ED for crafting fee to exchange for Spooky Corrupted Wingshoe Pet Black Pumpkin Rabbit / White Pumpkin Rabbit OR x 50 + 75 million ED for crafting fee to exchange for Black Pumpkin Rabbit Sit Motions Sit: Fantasy Halloween x 50 + 50 million ED for crafting fee to exchange for Sit: Fantasy Halloween Sit: Sticky Halloween x 50 + 50 million ED for crafting fee to exchange for Sit: Sticky Halloween Mount Scared Fox- Yellow Spirit x 50 + 75 million ED for crafting fee to exchange for Scared Fox - Yellow Spirit Exchangeable Items These items can be exchanged at Naeun, it will be random OR OR OR Dancing King Mike Potion Zombie Cure Potion Zombie Jr. Crystal Ball Dancing King Mike's Wig Cube x 1 Halloween Zombie Disks exchange at Naeun. All of these stuffs will be exchangeable, craft-able at Naeun. I will add for more stuffs when people give me your opinions. Thanks!
  21. Hey guys, it's my first time posting a thread on suggestion section so please bear with me. I have this sudden idea of an event, last year we've been asked about a summer event suggestion thread, and that was great since the community had suggested good things, we had so many crafting/exchanges available and it somewhat worked as an ED sink on craftables (maybe or that's what I thought). Let's face it, Spring 2017 event was mediocre one. I'm really sorry. So, with this upcoming summer season I wanted to make the community speak out what they like to see in an upcoming summer event. Feel free to suggest anything that would/could make the event better! Quests: Crafting Material: [Crystal Water Tears] Quest Option 1: Old Naeun Quest + Crafting Materials Reward Quest Option 2: Custom Dungeon + Event Quest (Cannot be implemented due to technical difficulties: see staff's reply below) Craftables/IM Mall Sale: Like any other event before, one costume set color will be added as craftable and one is placed on the item mall. For this event, I have thought of the Swimwear Set. I know you all want it one way or another. Swimwear Set: (one color can work as a limited IM sale, prices apply to what staffs has decided.) Amount of Quest Materials Needed: 30 Crafting Price: 35,000,000/cube Swimwear Accessory: Natural/Ocean Glasses, Emerald/Blue Splash Accessories Purchasable in Item Mall/Can be crafted (one color) Materials Needed: 15 (glasses)/ 30 (Splash Accs) Crafting Fee: 10,000,000/ea Swimwear Skill Cut in Purchasable in Item Mall/Can be crafted Crafting Materials Needed: 35 Crafting Fee: 25,000,000/ea. Swimwear Sit Pose (Craftable) Can be purchased in the Item Mall Materials Needed: 50 Crafting Fee: 30,000,000 Mounts: Jet Ski E77-DX Materials Needed: 75 Crafting Fee: 100,000,000 ELS Spring Rain (Elsword - Ain) Materials Required: 30 Crafting Fee: 25,000,000/cube Checkered Summer Look (Elsword - Rose) Materials Needed: 25 Crafting Fee: 15,000,000/cube In behalf of those who we're not present last summer, and for newbies! SUMMER CRAFTABLE RETURNEES! ELS Summer (Elsword - LuCiel) (2 Colors) Materials Needed: 20 Crafting Fee: 20,000,000 Swimming School Avatar (2 Colors) (Elsword - Rose) Crafting Materials Needed: 25 Crafting Fee: 20,000,000 ELS Beach Look (Elsword to Rose) (2 Colors) Materials Needed: 25 Crafting Fee: 20,000,000 Beach Party (Elsword - Rose) Materials Needed: 25 Crafting Fee: 15,000,000 Beach Cruiser Set (Elsword - Rose) Materials Needed: 25 Crafting Fee: 20,000,000 Red Spirit Eyes/Deep Blue Eyes Customization Amount of Materials Needed: 25 Crafting amount: 20,000,000 ea. Firefox Shiho Amount of Materials Needed: 75 Crafting amount: 50,000,000 ea. Pet Pick Up Item Aura Amount of Materials Needed: 25 Crafting amount: 20,000,000 ea. Exchanges: 1 Crystal Water Tear (Select) = 3 Soft Ice Creams, 3 Hard Boiled Egg, 3 Bingsu Dessert, 3 Summer Harmony Festival Ice Cream 10 Crystal Water Tear (Select) = Vacation Safety Tube, Vacation Sunglasses, Black Sunglasses, Dreamwind - Air Pocket, Watermelon Slice 15 Crystal Water Tear (Select) = 3 Crystal Ball Buff (Tactical Field, Seal of Time, Acceleration Aura), Salvation Army Gamble Cube, Black Office Gamble Cube 30 Crystal Water Tear (Select) = Ring of Rosso, Ring of Gaia, Ring of Denif, Ring of Solace 40 Crystal Water Tear (Select) = Birth Crystal Fire Young Wyvern, Millenium Fox (Adult), Ancient Hellfire Phoru, Ancient Evil Phoru -still open to changes- Ring of Rosso/Gaia/Denif/Solace Stats: Change Log: (05/28/17) Previous summer event costume cubes could be added back too for people who missed it/new players if the community wants it. Might add some of it. Pets can also be added as well as other craftables like +8 Scroll. (05/29/17) Added poll, fixed missing Rena photos. (05/30/17) Added Crafting Material, Quest Options, fixed errors (grammars and images) (05/31/17) Added few exchanges, adjusted the Old quest option 1 amount of materials, added +8 Scroll to crafting, added monster in Quest Option 2. (06/02/17) Huge Update: Added Swimwear Sit Pose, Summer Casual Set (Elsword to Ain), Checkered Summer Look (Elsword to Rose), ELS Summer (Elsword to Rose), Beach Cruiser (Elsword - Rose), Old Craftable Costumes (Swimming School, ELS Beach Look, Beach Party, Beach Cruiser.) (06/02/17) Removed Summer Casual Set (replaced with ELS Spring Rain), added photo to Swimwear Sit Pose (06/04/17) Reduced crafting prices and materials. (06/09/17) Added buffs, Firefox Shiho to crafting, Red Spirit/Deep Blue Customization, some exchanges, and timer box. (06/17/17) Added additional crafts (Pet Pick Up Aura), fixed images, added event box contents, adjusted crafting materials and fees. Finished but still open to changes. (06/18/17) Removed buff and timer box due to technical difficulties, increased Shiho crafting fee, Rose's sets confirmed on some Costume Sets (added but missing images). (06/19/17) Fixed Missing Images. Suggestion is done and accepted. (06/22/17) Fixed crafting materials and prices in line with the implemented event.
  22. Hl0 Im Luzi 'v' but you know it already... Im coming with an suggestion about Dragon Year Event as title says. list: 1. What is Dragon Year event? 2. quests 3. Naeun 4. Special costume 5. Special Dungeon 1. What is Dragon Year Event (in short - DYE)? So at the start This event should be a kind of late summer event (at the start or middle of July should be started). As you know (or not) in China there's zodiac years... surprise - this event is NOT connected to those :^) BUT Its based on China. DYE is focusing on everything that we can say is kinda connected with China. 2. Quests There will be 3 basic quests AND 2 more. "Whad do you mean with this two more?" I mean there will be specific quests. One of them needs special dungeon (which I'll talk about at no.7) and 2nd one needs determination. So lets start. Basic Quests: Apink: 1 dungeon > 1~3 apink card boxes pvp: 10 kills > 1 salt pvp flames: 3 wins (?) > 1 flame DYE basic quests: Apink: 1 dungeon > 1~3 apink card boxes and 1 dragon flame pvp: 10 kills > 1 salt and 2 dragon flame pvp flames: 3 wins (?) > 1 pvp flame and 3 dragon flames DYE special quests: [The special dungeon one] Revenge of The Dragon! : 3x special dungeon = soul of the dragon OR 3x Dragon flame [normal one] Brave flames : 3x Hero dungeon AND 3x any SD > 5x soul of the dragon or 15 dragon flame What is 'dragon flame'? Dragon flame is special item. You can craft with this special reward.. .also exchanges that will be mentioned in Naeun section Dragon flames - cant be bank shared and also traded Why you cant trade/bank it? because It wil be 2 easy to craft special rewards~ What is 'Soul of the dragon'? Soul of the dragon is a special item. Like Dragon flames can be exchanged for something etc. Same as Dragon flame - cant be bank shared and traded Why Soul of the dragon is 'more valuable' than Dragon Flame? because with this one you can craft better items. 3. Naeun So as I mentioned before those dragon things they can be exchanged for rewards. <Ofc because Ain doesn't have some of these avats etc I added special things for him... also same with Rose> So lets start with exchange Consumable/throws: 3x dragon flame > 10x fire orbs 5x dragon flame > 3x perkisas orbs (I dunno maybe some of you remember those) accs: 1x dragon flame > red fireworks 10x dragon flames > perkisas release accesory (wings) 5x dragon flames > mini balista (arm acc) 9x dragon flames > mini balista dragon watcher (arm acc) 20x dragon flames > Evil dragon accs: wings, tail or horns (choose) avatars: 20x dragon flame > red playbunny costume (note// these costumes are actually ONLY Els to Rose) 30x dragon flame > black bunny with sunglasses (els to Ain) 30x dragon flame > white bunny with sunglasses (els to Ain) Misc: 50x dragon flame > Perkisas Leading Guild (title) 60 days stats of the title: Perkisas Leading Guild 60 Day Title Critical Damage 3% Additional Damage 3% Damage Reduction 3% Attack Speed 3% Awakening Charging Speed 3% Awakening Duration Increases 10.5% Evil dragon accs: Crafting: mounts/pets: 35x soul of the dragon and 75m > Ascalon or Drakion (both perm, choose one) 50x soul of the dragon + 20x dragon flame and 100m > Perkisas (perm) 35x dragon flame + 10x soul of the dragon and 45m > Red holy fox 15x soul of the dragon + 10x dragon flame and 20m > red kumiho avatars: 60x soul of the dragon + 60x dragon flame + 70m > red quipao (els to lu/ciel <dunno If Rose/Ain have this>) 40x souls of the dragon + 70m > red yaksha mask misc: 50x soul of the dragon + 100m > +9 scroll 1000 souls of the dragon > +10 scroll 4. Special Costume Its still WIP, If you have suggestion Which recolor set you want here contact me 5. Special Dungeon I guess most of you waited for this one... So lets start! The dungeon will be named "Dragon's revenge". The stage will be from Perki phase 1 OR If It cant be implemented then Night Bethma pvp map. Opponents: Characters in Quipao (els~Add) and after killing 70 of them theres boss: Dragon from Bethma Secret dungeon which has 30 HP bars note// you have only 4 minutes to clear the dungeon! note2// If Its impossible to implement a boss then you need to kill 200 of summons in 3(!) mins to win please keep in mind everything is still WIP etc so If you have any suggestion to improve this please contact me~ thanks for support o3o alsosorryforbadenglish
  23. Im sorry if i will be a bit rude, but yea... Me, my guild, friends and every other players was waiting for any event for so long, to have anything to do. Well, we get event, at least, but... Seriously? -> Way of getting NUTZ is fine, -> Rewards are useless. It's just like another ED Burner, but with more crappy rewards, seriously, most of those things are useless accesories, -> Only week also, really? It's a really short period of time to at least get anything from the event, if we have more than 1 character not the whole day, -> Prices of those things. Those things are a bit too expensive. I understand we may sell those NUTZ, but prices of those are goin down, down... -> RNG from new ED Cubes is a joke! Seriously, i opened a lot of those, and get nothing usefull, also many others Void players. I know it may be just unlucky, but everyone is unlucky? My suggestions are... -> Make some better rewards, maybe ANY good costume, like any qipao, or something? More pets, and at least one more avatar from IS, but looking at least mediocre, cuz star academia is... Bleh. Also fix those new ED burners, im serious. Maybe any mount also for craft? -> Make it longer, at least month, cuz week is like no time, since most of us may have school or work, also we need a lot of those NUTZ, -> Do something with prices... Im suure better rewards will fix the prices of NUTZ, so, -> RNG, FIX RNG, IT'S NOT EVEN RNG, MORE LIKELY UNLUCKYrandomCRAP. That's all, thanks. Something for those rich peps; Not every player has 1000B actually, to buy tones of those boxes, like u, not every player has money for shop, to sell codes etc, like u, new players also would love to get something from event, but new players are poor, stop looking at everything only with ur rich eyes, and start thinking about others players, those who don't have tons of avatars, bilions of ED, and can't afford even single RNG cube, CUZ IT'S FOR 2,5M, WHILE HE EVEN CAN'T SELL NUTZ, CUZ HE NEEDS THEM FOR DAMN CUBE, GODDAMIT. Start thinking about others, rich people..
  24. Here's a thing that I never noticed with Void's Events. In comparison to official's events, there are some events that gives mobs in current dungeons/fields, and they drop various materials that either are craftable or exchangeable. An example is from NA's Easter Event last year: Another example is this Fox Bandit Event. (giving this as it does not have to be mobs, even chests can do as well!) Once you kill a mob, they can or cannot drop an event material which can be exchanged or crafted to various items at either Ariel or Naeun. This can go with any event, depending on the theme. It does not have to be Easter themed. If there are certain circumstances such as technical difficulties with its coding, then it is understandable. If it is already suggested, then it would be best to redirect the original suggestion here. Thank You for at least reading this.
  25. Hiya everyone ~ Thanks for being interested in our Fashionista event. This event will be open until midnight server time 28 December. This event will be based on creating an outfit with either personal items or items in the item mall. (Owning anything will not give you a bonus). The only rule is to create an outfit that matches the theme, you may join with 1 female character and 1 male character. However in the end you'll only win for one gender. There will be a total of 2 winners, 1 for the female look and 1 for the male look. Prizes: 4k EC per winner. Theme: Glam If you have any questions please let me know, however I will be busy with in game events so I might respond a little late. You can contact either @Sallymander™ @Tazero or myself. There is no correct outfit, the winner will be the one with the outfit that suits the theme most. Submissions are allowed to be changed until the thread has been locked, as we will judge once the thread is locked. - - - - We are also hosting an Ice Crystal Raffle! If you want a chance to win at least 300 Ice Crystal's sign up for our raffle in our discord server. The raffle will be open until 28 December 9pm Server time. Link to our server: - - - - For further information regarding our other events please click the link below: