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Found 20 results

  1. Honestly I didn't think I'd bother making a new suggestion for a while longer but I liked this small idea that I came up with so here goes: We get too many Magic Stones that we do not know what to do with so I thought about coming up with a system that allows us to upgrade them to... Sage Stones. 50x + 15x + 5x + 300k ED -> 1x Twisted or Regular Sage's Magic Stone (tradeable?). In addition, I think it'd be cool to add a Wise Stone <-> Warped Wise Stone Exchange System. You will only be able to trade the tradeable ones for untradeable ones (exchanging untradeable stones may be done too it's just that there are probably many different versions involved and it could complicate things so I decided to include only tradeable ones as exchange materials), this is so the exchange is only used for personal utility and not messing with the economy (though it will still mess with it a bit but the point is to make the stones have equal worth). 1x Twisted Sage's Magic Stone (tradeable) -> 1x Regular Sage's Magic Stone (untradeable) 1x Regular Sage's Magic Stone (tradeable) -> 1x Twisted Sage's Magic Stone (untradeable) The NPC involved could be Elrianode's Alchemist I guess, let me know what you think. Extra There was some concern about locking this craft behind the Elrianode Weekly quest so I came up with this addition as well but I am not 100% sure about it (you can buy the stones from the board to speed up the crafting process too so...). 50x -> 30x / 30x / 5x (Random) -> chance is 30% for first, 50% for 2nd 20% for 3rd? x30 -> 15x / 5x (Random) -> chance 70% for 1st, 30% for 2nd? If Void is capable of making the Upgrade RNG system work (like how you upgrade the latest SD stones to Luminous variants) then instead I'd like an upgrade system for the Stones: 3x -> 60% chance to upgrade to 1x 15x -> 50% chance to upgrade to 1x (values up for debate) About IB Stones If such an upgrade system can work, why not involve those useless stones that are dropped from IBs as well? (I'll post this only for one of these but it should apply for every one of them). 1x Add. Dmg +6% -> 70% chance for 1x Add. Dmg +7% 1x Add. Dmg +7% -> 60% chance for 1x Add. Dmg +8% If Void cannot make this work then it can instead go like this I guess: 2x Add. Dmg +6% -> 1x Add. Dmg +7% 2x Add. Dmg +7% -> 1x Add. Dmg +8% (don't think involving an RNG exchange similar to the one above is necessary for these) These 8% Stones are still unattractive and Void has the Unappraised Ore item connecting the 9% value stones up to the 12% ones, so I came up with this: 1x Add. Dmg +8% + 1x Critical +8% + 1x Attack Speed +8% + 1x Damage Reduction +8% + 1x Maximize +8% + 1x HP +8% -> 2x Unappraised Ore
  2. To preface this suggestion, I don't mean to bring these back because I think there is any CP benefit to having them back. I want to bring them back for collect-ability purposes. I also fully understand that this idea may not be possible in any of the way described. Had to make it nice and big to make sure people see that first. Just recently I had a thought: yes, we may no longer have the old Perk raid (and never mind the fact we never actually got MKII Eltrion) and ways of getting the weapon nor upgrading it, but the weapon still exists in the system, as does the horns and breath. Or at least, supposedly the horns do too. I'm still finding new breaths to discard on my old characters, so I know those still exist. But I thought that while we can't get them anymore from their original source, that doesn't mean we can't get them from a new source. I've very quickly thought up (read as; will probably need feedback for a more balanced approach) ways to get the weapons. And yes, I do mean to include Eltrion's. His accessories might also be included, but they kinda would either not be used, or fuck with the meta a bit. The first way this could work would look as such: Perkisas Rusty Weapon/Eltrion: Fighting Spirit Equipment - Sold at Glave for 1,000 ED. Perkisas's Horn Fragment: Barrier Fragment x 30 = 3 horn fragments. This means you would need 3,000 fragments for the first stage, 4,000 for the second, and 5,000 for the third, making a grand total of 12,000 fragments needed. (will be mild discrepancy due to 4/5 thousand not working to a whole number) Eltrion MKII's Nasod Piece: Barrier Fragment x 20 = 6 nasod pieces. This means the first stage of Eltrion would need 2000 fragments, 4,000 for the second, and 6,000 for the third, making it 12,000 fragments as well. Both of these exchanges above would be at Glave. Perkisas's Breath: If at all possible, in the IM for 0 EC, alternatively, sold at Glave as well for 1 ED. Another alternative, exchangeable at Naeun for an Apink card. It's hard to adjust horn fragment costs to make this done by the same method and wind up being the same fragment cost as the Eltrion weapon. The crafts could be re-added to Glave by Void. The reason I chose Barrier Fragments for them is these are level 85 weapons, so making the mats to exchange them for crafts be in the same range just seems like the go-to idea for me. The second way I thought of: / Perkisas's / Eltrion's Strength: Sold at Ariel for 1,000,000 ED / + 2 Heroic Souls + 10,000,000 ED = / Perkisas's / Eltrion's Wisdom / + 4 Heroic Souls + 39,000,000 ED = / Perkisas's / Eltrion's Courage This method would use ED and Souls. In exchange for 3 days of Heroic Dailies (Or a daily and a weekly) as well as exactly 50 million ED total, you skip the long grind of crafting that the first idea proposes. Third way I thought of: x 1,000 + x 4 = / Perkisas's / Eltrion's Courage A craft at Glave again essentially. No ED cost as the soonest you can make one would be 4 days. Above method will become useless soon, best to ignore it, as I'm too lazy to actually remove it, and haven't come up with a viable replacement.
  3. We all know about the repeatable quest that gives us 1 Naeun Card for doing a dungeon of our level but we end up knowing soon enough that these cards are pretty useless so we end up ignoring these quest after a while. This thread is about giving some decent use to these cards as well as improve the Naeun NPC overall. 0. Some info The change from 6 Naeun Cards of different colors to a universal one was suggested by me and implemented a couple of months after from what I recall. The problem was that before the Naeun Quests would give you 3 randomized cards, I meant in the suggestion for the quests to give you 3 universal cards at a time, not one. This ended up making a lot, if not everything, in Naeun overpriced. I want to fix that mess with this suggestion as well. 1. Naeun's Shop Not that many things to talk about here, the Special Category is fine. When we go to Consumables, however, we see Elesis and Add Summon Cards for 2.5m ED each. That is a waste of ED and I am pretty sure no one has used these for a long time, as long as they are not a player trying things out of curiosity and never bothering with them again. I suggest the cost be nerfed to around 250-500k ED, and even then the cards' usefulness is questioned. If there are other character summon cards they should be included here as well. Now besides that, I've noticed Void has been implementing new custom potions a lot. I feel Naeun's Consumable Slot is a good place to put some of them. Just one thing though, the prices. Complete Recovery-like potions should not cost above 100k ED, 50% Recovery ones not above 50-60k ED etc. Even if a potion may have some extra effect, like something from apples, people will not be willing to pay more if the Apple equivalent is cheaper. Please take this into account when it comes to Event potions as well, especially in Events the potions should be cheap, even bargains, what's the point of Event potions if we end up sticking to our same old potions even then? 2. Naeun's Crafts Let's start with the Weapon tab, it just has Pepero Weapons from Elsword to Elesis and then an Add's Pumpkin Weapon. First off reduce the Naeun cards required from 18 to 10 or 15. Next, I think a new weapon should be found to be added here that includes every character unless KOG implemented Pepero/Pumpkin weapons for newer characters as well, then these should be added here as well. Now, the Consumable Tab. Wonder how many people remember about the Incomplete Apocalypse Consumable. It costs 5,000,000 ED to craft as well as 6 Naeun cards. It is actually a decent consumable but the price makes it not worth it. I suggest nerfing the price to 500,000~1,000,000 ED and 3 Naeun Cards. Next, move the Infinity Sword, Dimension Witch, Night Watcher, Tactical Trooper, Veteran Commander and Code Battle Seraph cards to Naeun's Consumable Shop, include other job cards if there are any as stated before. Make their price the same as the one suggested for the Elesis and Add cards. Afterward, we have Vitality Potion. Considering how easy these are to get from a GoD exchange, this makes this 200,000 ED price tag along with 18 Naeun Cards way too high. I suggest either the removal of this potion from here or have its price reduced to 20,000-30,000 ED and 1 Naeun Card. Lastly, a Battle Elixir and a Blue Bull, costing 500,000 and 750,000 ED and 30 Naeun Cards respectively. I do not need to tell you how ridiculously high this is. Battle Elixirs cost 250-400k ED depending on how fresh the rotation is from the ED Burners and Blue Bulls are simply Complete Recovery potions with double the CD but with the benefit of charging all our Awakening Beads, something that is already achieved with other much cheaper methods (+ Blue Bulls are dropped from ED burners as well). I suggest that the Battle Elixir price be reduced to 150,000-200,000 ED and 10 Naeun Cards and the Blue Bull Price to 100,000 ED and 10 Naeun Cards. An extra note, as I said for Naeun's Consumable Shop, custom potions could be added here with the right price tag, maybe normal potions at the shop and potions with extra special effects here. Moving on to the large Other Tab. Items I do not bother to mention seem decently priced to me, I'd just like to change the 6 card costs to 5, 6 is a weird number (it ended up being 6 because there used to be 6 Naeun Cards of different colors and the craft required 1 card of each kind), as well as 12 to 10 etc. Increase the amount of Resurrections Stones in the Resurrection Stone Cube from 15 to 50, change Naeun Cards required from 6 to 5 or 10, think the ED price is OK as it is, maybe reduce it to 250,000 ED. Split Naeun's Good vs Evil Cube to Holy and Dark Angel full Costume Cubes, increase the price from 30 cards and 3,000,000 ED to 50 cards and 10,000,000~15,000,000 ED. Now let's get to the good part, +9 crafts. +9 Amulets have really lost their value lately, I believe this calls for some decreases in their crafting fees. PvP version: 15 PvP flames + 75 Salts + 75 Brawler's Medals + 50,000,000 ED -> 10 PvP Flames + 50 Salts + 50 Brawler's Medals + 40,000,000 ED, PvE version: 180 barriers + 15 Henir Coins + 400 Time and Space Crystals + 75,000,000 ED -> 300 barriers (180 barriers fee is pretty low) + 10 Henir Coins + 600 Time and Space Crystals (again the amount required was a little low) + 65,000,000 ED and Ereda version: 15 Knight's Crystals + 200 Medals + 100,000,000 ED -> 10 Knight's Crystals + 25 Brawler's Medals (you can acquire AP from Ereda) + 100 Medals + 27,500,000 ED. Next, change Coupon for Poru seals from 40 cards and 6,000,000 ED to 30 cards and 5,000,000 ED and Mounts & Pets Exchange Coupon from 60 cards and 10,000,000 ED to 50 cards and 10,000,000 ED. Epic NPCs are pretty bad summon cards now, making the price of all of them (10 total) for 30 cards and 10,000,000 ED too high when looking that their board prices that range between 50,000-100,000 ED each. Reduce the price to 10 cards and 1,000,000 ED. Next up, Unappraised Ores had their value lowered due to the Arena Cube as well, change the fee from 4 El Rewards + 120 Barriers + 15,000,000 ED to 4 El Rewards + 150 Barriers + 10,000,000 ED. The following gear cubes should change from 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 90, 102 and 120 cards and 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 80 and 100m to 5 , 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 60 cards and 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15m and 25m ED. (though honestly, I do not think anyone really cares about these gears anymore). Next, we have Naeun's Superstar Gamble Cube. After a while this Cube lost most of its worth and then it was implemented to IBs, it felt like it was forced in there so that they end up being used. However, their board price soon fell much lower than their actual crafting, proving how little worth it has now. Reference: If the cube is to remain similar to how it is now, then I believe the price should be decreased from 6 cards and 3,500,000 ED to 5 cards and 1,500,000~2,000,000 ED. There's also a decent suggestion by @Dominator tackling their improvement here: And lastly, we have the Pet Food crafts. First off, if they are to include GoD tickets, they are better suited to be moved to Echo. Next, no need to point how that 100,000 ED + 2 tickets, 200,000 ED + 4 tickets and 500,000 ED + 10 tickets for El Tree Seed, Fruit and Dark El Seed respectively are overpriced. Change them to 30,000 ED + 2 tickets, 50,000 ED + 4 tickets and 5,000 ED + 5 tickets respectively. An extra idea is to add the personality candies from the last event here, at the price of 2,000,000 ED and 10 GoD tickets or something, though I think it is not bad to make them event exclusive either. 3. Naeun's Exchanges Like before, if I do not mention an exchange I find it fine the way it is. Add Mana Eater, all Moby and Oberon Mounts (excluding maybe the white one because it is easily acquired from Hero Coins), and if there are any (think there's a red one), all the other Scorpion Mounts as well. Revamp the Jewel Exchange. The thread I posted above about the Superstar Gamble Cubes suggests an exchange improvement of their own so I will leave that thread to speak for itself. Add Naeun Card Exchange System. I recommend the following (this is to give the cards some use to people that do not care to craft anything with them, if you have any a little higher tier things to suggest I am all ears, I'd like 1 or 2 more exchanges that do not involve potions but I did not find something suitable yet): 5 cards -> 5x Valentine's Day Love Chocolate (Recovers 14% HP, 214 MP, removes status effects, burning, poison and curse, CD: 30 sec) OR 5x Special Cinnamon Roll (Recovers 30% HP & MP, CD: 30 sec) 10 cards -> 5x Hidden Emergency Food (Recovers 50% HP & MP, CD: 30 sec) OR 3x Highly Concentrated Recovery Potion (Recovers 75% HP & MP, CD: 30 sec) 25 cards -> 5x Sweet Love Potion (Recovers 100% HP & MP, CD: 30 sec) OR 5x Sweet Chocolate (Recovers 100% HP & MP, CD: 30 sec) 4. Conclusion That's it for this thread for now. I've tried to "make up" for my previous Naeun suggestion for a while now. Let me know your thoughts, cast your votes etc.
  4. In Heroic Mode untradeable heroic pieces called Heroic Weapon Fragments are acquired in order to craft Heroic Gear. So I thought, since some of us may have already got the Heroic Gear we want (or Elrianode for that matter), of how to make these pieces more useful (not to mention that crafting is heavily RNG based and Heroic mode has pretty much lost its touch as everyone is grinding Elrianode dungeons now). How about an exchange system where we can get various thingies, this would give players an incentive to grind Heroics. Note: Suggestion has been implemented in March 16th 2018, from here on out this thread serves as a place to suggest changes and improvements to the currently established exchange system. I am grateful to the staff for their hard work. The Heroic Pieces Exchange x5 (choose 1) -> x7 Lanox Drink Supply (Recovers 120 MP, CD: 60 secs.) x7 Lanox Food Supply (Recovers 30% HP, CD: 60 secs.) Note: These potions are quite low tier, I'd rather use Intermediate MP potions or Teas than the MP one (100 MP but 30 sec CD, 2 of them definitely beat 1 Lanox Drink Supply, not to mention both can be much more easily acquired) and Harmony Festival Cake/Dumpling that heals 100% HP instead of the HP one. While their cost was nerfed from 25 pieces to 15, I still feel they are overpriced. I didn't want to include them in the suggestion at all but since they have been added they should definitely require a lower amount of pieces. Also it looks like the Drink Supply (maybe Food one too) has an issue with sharing CD with a lot of valuable potions making this exchange even less worthwhile (thanks to @KaminariNeko for noticing this). It'd be nice if CD share was removed from these potions I guess, same goes for the following suggested replacement. If I could completely change this exchange, I'd replace it with this (even though these potions might also share CD with other valuable potions they are at least superior to the average Mana Potion and Tea): x10 (choose 1) -> x5 Star Fruit Juice (Recovers 150 MP, CD: 30 secs.) x5 Lady's Water (Recovers 150 MP, CD: 30 secs.) After the April 19th KR Patch this exchange will become even more worthless as regular Alchemist potions got buffed. On another note, the Lanox potions will have 30 sec CD as well. x25 (choose 1) -> x5 Hidden Emergency Food (Recovers 50% HP, 50% MP, CD: 30 secs) x5 William's Apple Crate Note: I believe 50 pieces is too high for a 50% Complete Recovery Potion, you gain around 8-10 Heroic Pieces per run and with the current rate the potion is worth 10 pieces ea -> 1 Heroic run gives 1 50% Complete Recovery. In the same run you'd spend a significantly higher amount of potions than that. Yes, gear drops give more pieces etc but you don't always drop them, I still believe it shouldn't require as many as 50 pieces. Heroics are not meant to be intensively grinded as the real end-game grind area is Elrianode. There's no point in grinding Heroics when you can grind Elrianode as it's far more profitable, this suggestion is meant to make Heroics rewarding by giving you supplies etc. This is not achieved when everything demands too much. Cost was changed from 50 pieces to 30 which is alright, keeping x5 William's Apple Crate as a decent alternative to x5 Hidden Emergency Food, if it's deemed too high then maybe x3 Crates. x50 (choose 1) -> x5 Complete Recovery Potion x5 Ancient Fossil Pill Note: Same reasoning as above, since event items are a dangerous territory I added Ancient Fossil Pill instead as an alternative for variety. Cost has been changed from 80 pieces to 50 as requested, still keeping Ancient Fossil Pill for variety (the staff is free to add any other Complete Recovery Potion they like as long as they don't share CD with each other). x75 -> x5 Liquid Medicine of Fighting Spirit (Increased character size & damage, Duration: 2 min, CD: 30 secs.) Note: I decided that a consumable item is not fit to be included in the Heroic Souls Exchange and is more suitable here where it's more accessible. The demand for this item is quite high and an exchange like this would be worthwhile, be it for gaining profit from the pieces or keeping them for personal use, having it hide behind Heroic Souls that require more than a day to farm (excluding the x100 pieces exchange) will barely have any significance. x100 (random) -> x1 Heroic Soul x10 Heroic Invitation Note: I believe Heroic Soul items are a bit too limited in their availability. I doubt the staff will be willing to make them bankshareable, but making them only possible to acquire from quests is a bit too much, especially considering most of the decent rewards of the suggestion have been moved there. This exchange still makes them a bit rare but maybe without making it too much. You either risk wasting some pieces for some invitations through which runs you may get them back if you are lucky (however since you'll have to utilise potions etc overall it'll be a loss unless you drop good gear, overall you'd gain around 100~200 pieces through 30 tickets which would be 300 pieces spent, overall loss 100~200 pieces) or you can gain Souls. On 1 hand this may be making Souls quite cheap pieces wise, however it has to be noted that Heroic runs take time. RNG should be 50/50 imo, maybe a little in the favor of Invitations, but don't make it too cancer as it'd defeat the point of it. After the April 19th KR update however Heroic Dungeons will require 2 tickets per entry, that will make the Heroic Invitations obtained from here worth 5 runs from which an average gain of pieces would be around 50~100. Implemented as requested. The Heroic Souls Exchange As of March 16th 2018 Heroic Equipment Storage from the Heroic Quests has been removed and replaced with Heroic Souls, custom items for the exchange (can't trade/resell/bankshare). I suggest that the amount gained from Hell Mode quest be increased to x3 simply because Normal Mode will be deleted in 2.3. Now that 2.3 has come out Heroic Normal Mode quest still exists, however, it is impossible to clear while the Hell Mode quest has been revamped and functions properly. That way Heroic Soul gain on daily basis has decreased to 2, it is more needed now than before to buff the Soul Gain to x3 and delete the Normal Mode Quest. x1 -> x1 Heroic Equipment Storage Note: Makes things simpler compared to x3 for x3 Storages, easier access to them pretty much. x3 -> x40 Guild Coins / x40 Guild Coins (post 2.4) Note: Guild Coins are becoming quite a necessity lately due to ERP farming becoming a more common occurrence, and yet there are not that many decent ways of acquiring them. Achievements only reward you once and the guild quest gain is too little (and the rest of the guild quests are bugged so that you do not gain anything from them). You are forced to buy the majority of them and they can become really overpriced at times. I believe there should be a better degree of accessibility to them and this is a chance to do that (another idea is to add them to an improved Pin Code Coin or Hero Coin Exchange but I am too lazy to suggest that for now). 3 souls are (or should be when/if the quest reward is increased) gained daily, I think it's the right amount, 40 coins are worth 2 Training Time Contracts. x5 (choose 1) -> x1 Profession EXP Boost Medal (20%) (1 Day) x1 [Cobo] A Medal of 100% EXP point (1 Day) Note: My main reason for nerfing this is you can acquire the 100% EXP medal through 5 El Rewards which can be acquired through SD quests, ED burners and barrier fragments, it doesn't make sense for it to be more difficult to acquire through Heroics which are considered a tier above SDs. x10 (choose 1) -> x1 Elria's Blessing (7 Days) (+5 ERP for the duration, stacks up to 30 days) x10 Magic Stones of the Wise x10 Warped Magic Stones of the Wise Note: Nerfed the Wise Stones a bit because there's a significant amount of them being acquired through IBs and EBs (ED Burners) already. I decided to double their amount too actually, they are not that much rare now, staff is free to maybe decrease the amount a little but a nerf is needed, no one will be willing to spend 12 souls for 5 wise stones when they cost about 1.5m each on board. x15 (choose 1) -> Harmony Festival EXP Cube (3 Days) (+200% EXP) x1 Harmony Festival Drop Rate Medal (100%) (3 Days) Note: When I first suggested the Harmony stuff I was told they were not functional but later on they were implemented in an event, well just the EXP Cube. I am guessing they can make the 100% Drop Rate Medal work as well (can be mistaken). Since Heroics can be considered a tier above Secret Dungeons they should provide better buff items than Secret Dungeons (which give 100% EXP medal). If staff deems this too OP, they can add 150% EXP Medal and 50% Drop Rate Medal instead (an example of both in the PS section), I've noticed official servers have a variety of them at this point so Void is free to test some of them if they cannot make medals of their own (not sure if the 300% medal that was given during 2.3's release was an original medal or it was used in officials). If they can add custom stuff I guess the EXP Medal and Drop Rate Medal could be named "Hero's Medal of Experience" and "Hero's Medal of Greed" respectively. x30 -> x1 Harmony Festival Costume Package Cube (15 days) -> Includes Hair (crit +2%, maxi +1%, skill & crit dmg +5%) and Costume Suit (crit +3%, maxi +1%, skill & crit dmg +10%). Note: OP set worthy of requiring a significant amount of Souls, not permanent because it's a bit too powerful for that. Keeping such a strong costume set temporary would ensure Heroics' survival as people would keep grinding them if they wanted to abuse it. Its duration is 15 days and the average soul gain weekly is 26 (55 souls in 15 days), so players will be able to keep 25 souls for the other exchanges if they keep clearing the quests on a daily basis. We only got the nerfed Permanent version in the Spring Event. The Heroic Medal Craft x1000 + x50 + 100m ED -> x1 Heroic Medal -> Custom item which rewards a custom achievement worth of 50 points + Add-on Title (Physical/Magical Attack +5%, All Elemental Resistance +150) (permanent). Note: The craft is pretty much worth doing only once, the medal itself is worthless (can't sell/dismantle/trade etc), it merely contributes as the requirement to acquiring the achievement (the title comes from the achievement as well). I don't know if Void can make the Add-on thing work, it'd be nice if they could. A similar title was added to the 2016 Xmas Event (see here), but I don't know if it can be implemented in such a way. This is not a title per se, it's more-so a buff, like the Spring buff etc. Also, considering the stats of the title were modified in that event as well as its effectiveness being limited in specific areas, maybe it'd be better to make it apply only in PvE and change the Elemental Resistances to something more useful, like +50% EXP gain or something. I feel this exchange would give an entirely new meaning to Heroic dungeons and is worth looking into, I tried my best to find something permanent and powerful to add here that wouldn't mess with the economy, KR players acquire this buff merely by logging in through a PC Cafe. Overall the current version of Heroic Souls Exchange is heavily lacking, same goes for the Heroic Pieces. While the potion exchanges were improved (the lowest tier one still not being worth it at all) I doubt that many people utilize them, adding the Battle Elixirs will make it considerably better, as for Heroic Souls it is currently not worth considering at all unless you really want those extra 5 ERPs (gear cubes were already there so I do not count them). Some higher tier items and requirement adjustments are needed. About blue pieces -> pink pieces: Pink pieces (named Heroic Gear Pieces) are pretty useless now and will become even more useless in the future when Normal mode will be gone and merged with Hell one, with only Hell mode rewards remaining. x2 -> x1 Implemented as: x5 -> x1 Better than nothing. Gear Crafts x50 + Wrath / Vision / Intelligence Shoes (Elite) + 500k ED -> Heroic: Wrath / Vision / Intelligence Shoes (Unique) x55 + Wrath / Vision / Intelligence/Gloves (Elite) + 550k ED -> Heroic: Wrath / Vision / Intelligence Gloves (Unique) x60 + Wrath / Vision / Intelligence Bottom (Elite) + 600k ED -> Heroic: Wrath / Vision / Intelligence Bottom (Unique) x65 + Wrath / Vision / Intelligence Top (Elite) + 650k ED -> Heroic: Wrath / Vision / Intelligence Top (Unique) x100 + Wrath / Vision / Intelligence Weapon (Elite) + 1m ED -> Heroic: Wrath / Vision / Intelligence Weapon (Unique) The suggested crafting requirements were greatly nerfed because Elsword KR got the exchanges revamped so that only Unique pieces can be acquired through the regular crafting from Glave, thus rendering the suggested crafts here only have a point of existing for the sake of turning the random Elite drops which you can now only acquire from dungeon runs and cubes into Unique pieces as well as having a say on what kind of gear you want (which however depends on the Elite parts that are used). Overall a Unique set from Elite parts requires 330 pieces + 3.3m ED. In order to make this custom crafting have more of a point of existing after we get the improved official crafting system I decided to add back Gear Exchanges where pieces are traded for an Elite piece of your choosing (pretty much the point of crafting will be being able to choose what kind of gear piece you want on top of having the ability to make it unique compared to the official one where you get a random unique piece). Void implemented the crafts and they are fine for now, but, I question how worthwhile they will be when revamped official Heroic Crafts arrive (only Uniques will be obtained). We end up paying quite a bit more ED and on top of that spend Heroic Souls (instead of the Elite counterparts I suggested) for the sake of choosing what kind of gear out of 3 we want, or we spend more Heroic Pieces for Uniques of random kind. It's kind of messy, I think a small nerf will be required in the future but it's fine for now and not urgent. Gear Exchanges x25 -> Wrath / Vision / Intelligence Shoes (Elite) x30 -> Wrath / Vision / Intelligence/Gloves (Elite) x35 -> Wrath / Vision / Intelligence Bottom (Elite) x40 -> Wrath / Vision / Intelligence Top (Elite) x60 -> Wrath / Vision / Intelligence Weapon (Elite) So overall a complete Unique Heroic set from nothing will cost 520 pieces + 3.3m ED (with Elite one being worth 190 pieces) compared to the official one which is worth 620 pieces + 1.118m but with randomized kind. Note: If Void deems this unnecessary (I can certainly see why after the KR update) they are free to exclude this from implementation and focus more on improving the Heroic Soul and Weapon Fragment exchanges. Void added Heroic Souls instead of Elite Heroic Gear as a requirement to crafting Unique tier gear so as long as it stays that way Gear Exchanges are pointless and will probably be deleted. What do you think of this? Any suggestions/changes welcome to be discussed. PS. Any part of this exchange is debatable, rather than instantly pressing No please state your opinions/problems in the comments below. PPS. Items that may work and thus be added to the exchanges or other events/suggestions post 2.3 update: Haunting Ghost (7 days) -> Haunting Zombie (7 days) -> Haunting Mummy (7 days) -> Blessed Star (Support Unit) (7 days) -> x5 Giant Head Potion (Greatly increases head size, Duration: 3 min, CD: 250 secs.) x5 Tiny Head Potion (Greatly reduces head size, heal +10000 HP per sec, Duration: 3 min, CD: 250 secs.) x5 Big Hands Potion (Greatly increases weapon size, Duration: 3 min, CD: 250 secs.) x5 Big Feet Potion (Greatly increases Jump Speed, Duration: 3 min, CD: 250 secs.) April Fool's Elixir Demonstration x1 [Cobo] Witch's EXP Boost Medal (1 Day) -> +150% EXP. x1 [Cobo] Witch's Luck Medal (1 Day) -> +50% Drop Rate.
  5. Do you remember these little things? [Darkness Exchange Ticket] Sadly they are not that great right now. You got a lot of them (in the past), but you can 'only' (keep in mind that it is already a pleasure we can exchange them for that) exchange them for these: So, what is my suggestion about? I would simply add these to Eccho [EDIT 5->3]: || 3 x Recovery Potion [Untradeable] | 3 y Mana Elixir [Untrad.] | 5 x Elympics Sport Drinks [Untrad.] || 1x Treeknight (normal) / Blossom / Maple / Polar || 1 x Pet Toy ________________________________________________________ Dragon Priest Costume [not dismantable] EDIT 75 -> 50, 50 -> 20, 20 -> 10 Hair Weapon Top Bottom Gloves Shoes _________________________________________________________ || 5 x Fire/Water/Poison/Light/Dark/Wind Orb orbs or shards, show what you want with the poll! || 5 x Fire/Water/Poison/Light/Dark/Wind Shards Gate of Darkness was always something worth to do (fast xp, a few drops you can exchange, a buff for 30 min), but I simply miss something exchangeable I really need. So I would say Recovery Potions, Mana Elixirs and Sport Drinks (a small amount because you get like 35 mats from one run [since it is so easy, you can only get aprox. 5 per run and because of that, I changed some things], to craft these compressed darkness cubes and every of them contains one ticket) so you simply have more consumeables (I have the feeling nobody really uses the ED Burners..) and not have to pay like 90-120 k each Recovery Potion. You simply can farm them with GoD (which appears even at title farming like GoD) and use them in hero hell, may Sd's and especially since we have Elrianode, we need them. There is a lack of them and honestly, no one has enough ED for 100 k per potion. It would be 99,900,000 (99.9 mil) for ONE of your (probably) six slots and now look at the best mana elixirs, 30 mil per 999 stack. In case you are using five of each (if you are a god player with a +13) in El Defense Tower, you can run the dungeon 199.8 times and have to pay, lets say 400 mil for your pots. You won't get that ED back as fast you throw it away, so why not help your players? No one takes damage and I cannot imagine someone complaining about help. [Amount suggested by @Husbando ] But why only these 3? Just to let something in the ED burner, so you won't be that mad if you get consumeables out of them. Orbs are already available at Naeun for unknown eldrits, it is unnecessary to have them here - It is necessary. I gained the experience that analysing the unknown is better than change them into orbs, but that occurs like nearly only to me, because I play every chlasschange, so I need in general 12 times 2 attributes (Naeun is already a great help) for the end weapons and 10 times 3 attributes for the end armor, so there is no shard I could use for the orbs. Also I want orbs to be exchanged, not the bags, because you cannot trade them this way and it is only useful for you. Or we could add the shards directly, leave the unknown eldrits for orbs. You have to choose between these two, because booth available would make the unknown kind of useful and we still want a new way to exchange the tickets, not destroying another item function. [Shards suggested by @DRAGONxNOGARD ] In general I am a fan of untradeable things. Hackers cannot make any profit of them (they don't need them and they can't even sell them / give them away) and you need a few tickets to get the items, so farming or buying, your decision. You beat thousand of these scaled bosses down there in GoD? You gathered a lot of tickets and don't only want the Queen of Darkness or KoG Warts Set? Then you are worth a set for your hard work: Dragon Priest. Show them you beat all these monsters in GoD! With the relic fragment exchange removed, where to get a pet toy? It is annoying to raise them without one, so let's give one for doing GoD. Now something to craft [Suggested by @Husbando and me] : || || || 1x Vincent / Marionette / Thanato || 999- >700 Darkenss Exchange Tickets + 30 Piece of Scales from the demon dragon + 6 Hessonite + 100 mil (- 125 mil) || || 1 x Medusa / Eltrion Jr. || 666->400 Darkness Exchange Tickets + 1 Chrysoberyl of Darkness + 15 Soul of Darkness + 75 mil (- 100 mil) || 1 x Name it whatever you want (crystal of the frog queen or whatever it is called) + + 150 mil || 999-> 700 x Darkness Exch. Tickets + 1 Chrysoberyl + 15 Souls + 30 Scales + 6 Hessonit + 150 mil (-200 mil) || || || || || 1 x Keroro/ Dororo / Giroro / Doruru / Tamama || || || 1 x Nightmare / Optimus Prime / Bumblebee || 666 Darkness Exchange Tickets + 1 Chrysoberyl of Darkness + 15 Soul of Darkness + 30 Piece of Scales from the demon dragon + 6 Hessonite + 50 mil (- 95 mil) || Dark Chaser + + 150 mil || 999 Darkness Exch. T. + 30 Cgrysoberyl + 200 Souls + 100 Scales + 24 Hessonit + 150 mil (- 250 mil) Why are they so expensive? They are really good, rare (some not even available atm) and so you need a while to farm them. Also they are way too rare. I saw may three of all together in the past year. EDIT Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Dark Chaser won't change, they are not even implemented (as far as I know)yet, but when the time comes, they should be kinda rare at all and for Nightmare, it is implemented, but a cool & rare mount, so having it shouldn't be that easy at all (but making it farmable is still a good idea, since actually no one uses fossil analyser). Keroro and his friends appeared in Elios, but not only at the KR side, they are in void as well! Go an get one of this little froggtastic companions! [Suggested by @Noireth ] To cut a longs story short: If you want something to be added/ changed or just discuss about it, feel free to do so in this thread, I am open to every of your ideas and please act without being rude. if someone has an idea you disagree with, write it in a polite way.
  6. So this is something I thought of suggesting after noticing that while the Perkisas Horns exchange had the exchange for 10 horns where you could get ID scrolls, seals and fluorites, the Eltrion equivalent doesn't. So basically this is about improving the Eltrion exchange. Since this is not a permanent feature of the game I do not think we should go far with this but I do feel it can be improved, not to mention considering how slow Void is with raid updates we will be stuck with Eltrion for a while (if we get him at all that is). In addition to that people that have no need for the currently available crafts/exchanges will now have a reason to participate in the raid. We are pretty much not getting this raid but Ran did say she can add a different way of acquiring the required materials/accessories. I'd like this suggestion to involve that as well. For starters I thought of something like this: Acquiring Materials I'd like to hear what the community has to say about this but I think most agree this should be done with Add's Energy Fusion Theory shards. Maybe some sort of an exchange, I haven't really thought up of an exact system. @Kazemaki suggested a long-term temporary event approach: Another possible way is adding the pieces to the ED burner. Glave Exchange 150 Nasod Pieces -> White Seal / Purple Seal / Gold Seal / Blessed Time and Space Scroll / 3 Fluorites (random, untradeable) (pretty much the 10 horns equivalent except there will be 3 new fluorites instead of a ticket for old ones). 1000 Nasod Pieces -> Ariel's +8 / +9 scroll (random) (RNG for +8 66.7% and +9 33.3% or something similar). Glave Crafts 1000 Nasod Pieces + 30m ED -> Eltrion Jr. Pet. Changes/suggestions welcome to be discussed.
  7. Do you remember these little things? [Darkness Exchange Ticket] Sadly they are not that great right now. You'll get a lot of them, but you can 'only' (keep in mind that it is already a pleasure we can exchange them for that) dxchange them for hese: So, what is my suggestion about? I would simply add these to Eccho: || 1 x Recovery Potion [Untradeable] | 1 y Mana Elixir [Untradeablte] | 2 x Elympics Sport Drinks [Untradeble] || 5 x Enhanced Magic Stones | 10 x Magic Stones || 5 x Fire/Water/Poison/Light/Dark/Wind Orb Gate of Darkness was always something worth to do (fast xp, a few drops you can exchange, a buff for 30 min), but I simply miss something exchangeable I really need. So I would say Recovery Potions, Mana Elixirs and Sport Drinks (a small amount because you get like 35 mats from one run, to craft hese compressed darkness cubes and every of them contains one ticket) so you simply have more consumeables (I have the feeling nobody really uses the ED Burners..) and not have to pay like 80-120 k each Recovery Potion. You simply can farm them with GoD (which appears even at title farming like GoD) and use them in hero hell or even Sds (in the future Elrianode etc.). But why only these 3? Just to let something in the ED burner, so you won't be that mad if you get consumeables out of them. Aren't magic stones useless? - No, not at all. You need a few to craft a random 'blessed' version at alchemists and that is for new voidlings (who cannot get S+ or sagestones easily) supportive. Orbs are already available at Naeun for unknown eldrits, it is unnecessary to have them here - It is. I gained the experience that analysing the unknown is better than change them into orbs, but that occurs like nearly only to me, because I play every chlasschange, so I need in general 12 times 2 attributes (Naeun is already a great help) for the end weapons and 10 times 3 attributes for the end armor, so there is no shard I could use for the orbs. Also I want orbs to be exchanged, not the bags, because you cannot trade them this way and it is only useful for you. In general I am a fan of untradeable things. Hackers cannot make any profit of them (they don't need them and they can't even sell them / give them away) and you need a few tickets to get the items, so farming or buying, your decision. To cut a longs story short: If you want something to be added/ changed or just discuss about it, feel free to do so in this thread, I am open to every of your ideas and please act without being rude. if someone has an idea you disagree with, write it in a polite way.
  8. Pretty self-explanatory. I don't want to waste an hour or more to open 4 stacks of it
  9. So this is a pretty simple suggestion which I've been wanting to suggest for a while. The idea is basically to add a new exchange at Naeun with which u can exchange 1 card for any other card or exchange 2 cards for 1 other. This suggestion could help solve cases like mine where u get way too many cards of 1 kind and way less of 1 other. EDIT: For the universal card idea my suggestion is to add a new card (with all 6 colours maybe?) which can be obtained from any card via exchange 1 for 1. The amount of universal cards required for crafts etc will be adjusted accordingly, e.g. 5 of each card will become 30 universal cards. Of course the Naeun cubes will from now on only drop 1 universal card ea.
  10. For someone with E rank luck, 40 XMAS IB but I only gain 15 horns. FeelsBadMan With that in mind, I suggest this idea: exchange Tree toppers for horns. The ratio is decent already, and the farming is much more rewarding than getting shitty pulls from the IB.
  11. Maybe it's just me but the only thing we can craft now are +9s (Didn't we originally have +8s too?) We could always buy them from the board...right? Ok maybe not...That leaves us with IBs and chance at Aranka and from what I can tell IBs are the only reason any +8s are on the board. People are better off saving for a +9 instead (Or even just crafting one) since Aranka giving a +8 scroll is basically a myth. "But what about the other things Aranka gives?" I'm glad you asked! On top of all that the megas you get from this aren't even server-wide so it kinda of defeats the purpose of having them. Also, I kind of doubt people ever use this to get hp/mp pots. There's also other ways these can be obtained but really, only one of them is worth while. Let's begin shall we? To open one box that gives fifteen Relic Fragments costs eight-hundred thousand. Which isn't much at first thought but it adds up; one-thousand five hundred divided by fifteen equals one-hundred. One-hundred multiplied by eight-hundred thousand equals eighty million, nearly the same price as the board. Next: Based on the above pictures it's not too difficult why there's such a large difference in the needed quantity of Victory Medals. It implies you have a FAR higher chance of getting a +6 then any other scroll. The second listing cost five times more then the first and the only thing that was removed was a measly +6 scroll. Once again the order implies you're more likely to get a +7 then anything else but the amount of victory medals it costs would be a waste considering they could be used for other things. Lastly the only sensible option; While it may take 10 day to acquire it's a far cry from the potential waste of attempting to get a +8 scroll by other means. Seemingly the only fatal flaw, economy wise, is that this scroll is untradeable. My suggestion is; What if, instead of crafting, we were able to get +8 for a specific amount of Heroic Coins? Not chance, not "RANDOM" but a flat fee to acquire said item in the form of, you guessed it, heroic coins. Now that amount I'm not entirely sure on but I think 35 coins would be a fair price. You can't get the amount over night but it's not too expensive. Leave some feedback and vote whether you are for or against said proposal.
  12. Hey how do I exchange the master symbols?
  13. Rinehart

    R> Lock

    Apparently it's not doable since EU doesn't have gear exchange (even though I thought that Void didn't need to take their files from EU). Welp, it was a good run :< As everyone knows, we've been debating heavily about whether or not Void should have a gear exchange. Here is a very haphazard summary of both sides: Pro: People who have very good gear got it through lots of hard work and many times, lots of real money. They don't want to see all of that go to waste especially since many of them had to make the difficult choice of crafting the gear now and risk losing relevance, or crafting the gear later and risk BEING irrelevant (especially when Reaper parties or whatever called for certain enhancement levels) Con: It will destroy the little end-game content that Elsword has. No one will be running Secrets or Henir anymore because they don't need to. It will also destroy Grendizing or Mold services. My event idea: For a week, Void has a timer event. If a player stays logged in for an hour, they will receive an Exchange Ticket. What can you get with the Exchange Ticket? You can bring it to specific NPCs to craft certain level 70 gear into level 80 gear. The timer event will be account locked meaning that each account can only receive ONE Exchange Ticket. Needless to say, it will also be UNTRADABLE to prevent anyone from making a new account and then transferring the ticket over to their main account. Furthermore, the timer will only show up if your character is at level 80. For example, if you want the new Mechanized MK-4 gear, you will go to Ekko. In her crafting tab, she will have the new MK-4 gear available to craft in ways other than with SD coins. Having it be craftable this way can also allow people to exchange any current SD gear for any new SD gear. So Dragon Era -> MK-4 is available to craft. All NPCs who will have the new craft (give or take): Elder - Velder (minus Peita) Blacksmiths: any old SD gear -> new SD gear Glaive: any old Henir gear -> new Henir gear (depending on the rank, so you can't craft a Bethma mold and expect that to be exchangable for a 4-Dimensional weapon) Nauen: lvl 70 Raid weapon -> lvl 80 Raid weapon Things that can change depending on community view: Upgrading the gear will NOT keep level enhancement, attributes, or sockets. However, another craft is available to keep it. You can pay a certain amount of ED to keep your enhancements (100-200m is what I had in mind but that is obviously still nothing compared to the cost of +10 amulets). I had originally thought this event out to be account based, but it can be character based instead so that people with multiple characters on an account can exchange a single piece of gear per character. This event idea is to sort of fall in the middle of both sides of the argument. You will be able to exchange a SINGLE piece of gear, be it weapon or armor. This event will allow people to keep their hard-earned equipment but will not prevent them from running Secret Dungeons or Henir or whatever because even with this event, they will not be fully geared. Suggestions From Others: Kaad: Absolute Henir gear -> D2 gear instead of D4 ShadowMan: Allow SD/Henir gear to be exchanged for untradeable scrolls instead of their new counterparts
  14. Proposing that an exchange at Aranka be added to exchange SD coins for the Venture the Void quest reward. A lot of the exchange items that need VtV tickets need high amounts of them (e.g. El Lord Premium accessories that need 60 per piece). Introducing this exchange will make these items more accessible. Base and 1st job costumes/hair cubes need VtV tickets. Introducing this exchange will make these more accessible and circulate more of these as well. This exchange will also be beneficial for grend service sellers for managing their coins and redistributing them, as having both an SD coin->VtV and VtV->SD coin exchange will allow redistributing coins, as well as save up on inventory space. As an example, say I grind all SDs daily for 30 days, gathering a total of 120 coins for each dungeon. I sell four 3-x weapons, leaving me with zero 3-x coins. With this exchange I can exchange all my remaining coins into VtV tokens and redistribute them into SD coins, enough to sell another weapon or even a 4/4.
  15. NOTE: Before anything else, this is just an idea that came abruptly to my mind. With that in matter, the idea I'm proposing to you might be a little half-cooked. So today, a new Ice burner set was released - The Ice Dragon. The Ice Dragon Set is a recolor of the Ignition Caligo Set. It's more or less the same stats. So I came up with an Idea: What if I have an IgC and wants that Ice Dragon? Will I burn all over again? QwQ Or is it possible I could trade my IgC to Ice Dragon??? So an example would be is RM to RMr change using an Ice Burner and ED at Aranka's. Also: If this will ever be implemented, then all recolor IBs, not just Ice Dragon, will be affected. If possible, all the reform IBs as well. With that I end my suggestion~ You guys can add/point out things that can improved this suggestion of mine Suggestions made by other Forumers: Yozoro Sorunos
  16. Not it's time to put an event that currency exchange of class? It is very annoying already, have the character and having to create another only to test another class. Is it time for a temporary event with this right? I can't stand it any more-hopping character until the 70 only to test the class Just a day to test the classes does not kill..
  17. A friend of mine (Kumura) believes my verbal spin on her suggestion is more suited to being posted, so here it is. It is not mine, and I claim no ownership of these ideas. If anything goes well, the credit is hers. I'm not going to take a stand on this, but will defend it to the death from the injustice of lacking reason when someone rejects it. If you dislike or disapprove of it, please give a reason. If you give no reasons, nothing can ever grow, not even something simple. "I'd like to suggest an Orb Exchange System. We all know and love those orbs that drop from dungeons and crafting throughout the game, right? We all know how useful they are, and how abundant they are? But we all also know the pain of having those orbs a friend JUST needs to get for a specific dungeon, or orbs we use often but can't seem to acquire enough of? The pain of dropping an orb you would use on another alt that will cause it to never see the light of day? What if we could craft the orbs backwards? Put the orbs back in the bag? I'd like to suggest adding a crafting recipe to the alchemists of the same design...or perhaps an exchange to fill up their empty exchange windows (not Echo). A certain number of an Orb could be reverse-crafted back into a bag that can be moved, traded, and opened by someone else. The crafting cost will be slightly higher though! Alchemists don't appreciate being bothered for something as simple as putting things back inside of a bag. They're just orbs, too! No major economic chaos here to steer this away from its designated course! Something minor, true, but something both minor and appreciable." Comic Sans because this is the font I feel her talking in >.>
  18. Hello, I'd like to propose a way to exchange fossil shards for useful items in a similar manner to Ice crystals. Now first and foremost I'd like to say Given that the Full set for IC's is controversial and mixed opinion in the community I'm not suggesting a big ticket item exchange for tons of F.Shards. what I am suggesting is similar to the IC's exchange for old dual stones and Elemental rings so the fossil shards would have some use. My suggestions would be, 1st: Make fossil shards exchange able for the old GoD potions/elixers. Given that unlike IC's exchange for Dual stones which are perm till re-socketed id say GoD pots should be exchanged for 3 - 5 frags. (Low cost since they are consumable and have limited time usage.) GoD old potions are extremely useful and would be a huge help for end game/secrets. Given their usefulness I can see them being easily marketable and given their low frag cost they'd likely remain affordable on market. 2nd: Make fossil shards exchange able for Dual element shards. For this they'd need to be semi-costly given how powerful they are as an item. Further, to prevent abuse of them or them effecting shards economy I propose that it be a random exchange so people cant pick what dual element they get. Weather the dual shards should be tradable or not I'll leave to up for debate. as for cost? I was thinking somewhere in the range of 50 - 125 frags, given how useful they are it needs to be high but at the same time since its random it needs to be manageable. 3rd: Big ticket item exchange? IF and I do mean this as a BIG IF. players would be for having a big ticket item I'd say that unlike the IC's for IB set deal, this be a lower frag requirement to prevent everyone only trading for frags and having the cube requiring a large ED amount to open. Maybe a 200-350 frag requirement, and a 25-50 mil ED req to open cube? as for what the "big ticket" item would be likely just choice of guaranteed mount or choice of adult pet w/ fetch or something to that effect. (maybe alternate color mount or special pets like uniring, special phorus, mystics etc? Not stuff like Miho but pets that are only slightly better than vanilla ones/exact same just different color/effects.) Completely open for suggestions/changes/ideas for different exchange deals etc. Thank you for reading. -Faye
  19. So I looked through the last 10 pages or so of this section and I've seen many suggestions for class changes. Here are a few: Make them giftable Make them purchasable with EDMake them exchangeable with Soul Pearl of Bad ThoughtsMake exchangeable with VtV tickets Each one had some problem. It cannot be gifted because it's activated upon purchase. Too easy.Suggested amounts were too low. Too easy.Same as above. There were some more suggestions I think. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see a suggestion like this: Make them exchangeable through a giftable item bought with EC. A job coupon! Buy it or gift it to someone. Take the coupon to Ariel I'm still not calling her that other name and exchange it for your desired class. It will activate upon exchanging it. It doesn't hurt Void's profits, it solves the problem of it being activated upon purchase, and it also allows non-cashers like me to get their hands on one. Everyone's happy! ;o To make it more fair since this is something completely exclusive to cashers, there are two things that can be done. Lower the cost of the current non-giftable class changes and give the giftable coupons their current price. (1700[?] EC/ 2300 EC)Keep the prices on the current class changes and give the giftable coupons a higher price. (2300 EC/3000 EC[?]) Just make a new character. I'm not gonna lie, I used to say the same thing. I realized that it just won't work. Once you get far on a character with gear, pets, expansions, and everything, you really don't want to go and fund a new one from scratch. Also, if you look at the price of the class changes, only people that are well-established would get this. Not just anyone can, or will get one. I just hope it's possible that they can make it exchangeable that way. If there's absolutely no way to do it, forget it. Feedback is appreciated and don't forget to vote ;o
  20. So I was wondering if it'd be possible to make it where you can re-exchange your GoD items for half the tickets it'd normally cost. Examples: Strengthened Demon Dragon accessories = 20 tickets. Re-Exchange = 10 tickets Reasons: Basically once your GoD item(s) is of no use anymore you can exchange it back and get at least half of what it's worth in tickets to exchange for other items you may want to sell or to provide for other characters. (I'll revise this more later, it's currently 4 AM.)