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Found 3 results

  1. Can we just make it so it's considered necroing if the content is old and no longer relevant? There really have been quite a few posts that really had no reason to get locked even tho nobody responded to them for a while. They were just remade again within a day. Most recently, the "Rate and Share your stats" post.
  2. Just add another checkmark here that asks whether you wanna allow people to change their vote. Would be especially useful with often edited suggestions.
  3. Hello! As we all know and love this forum, I've got one issue with it and that's, to get right to it, the line height between sentences. (Which's value is 1.6 currently). If you don't know web dev/design at all then you might not know what I'm talking about, but I'll get to it right away. Sure it may just be a minor detail but ultimately it makes threads look a lot bigger than they have to be, and (In my opinion, less organized). I started to notice this as I was writing my second Raven guide (Blade Master specifically if you have to know). What I mean by this is the distance between two sentences ^ as you can see right here. It just looks silly and messy if you're writing large walls of text. I checked the values in Inspect just to make sure I wasn't just seeing things. I'll get right to the point with a few examples, before the line-height used to be of the value 1.25, which looks like this: This example is from my Reckless Fist guide: This example is from my W.I.P Blade Master guide: I'm not the only one who sees that right? Now to the Inspect part where I noticed what exactly was going on, cause I wasn't going to make this suggestion without knowing that obviously. Value 1.6 as demonstrated below: Value 1.25 as demonstrated below: (1.25 can also be filled in as " Attribute { line-height: normal; } " as it has the same effect, it's the standard value. First things first, yes I did try to fix this with BBCode, no it did not work because BBCode doesn't have the option. And no the "Code" option in the chat box isn't for actually changing the text, it's just a code-box that highlights code as you write it, it doesn't actually alter anything. Trying to format text through Microsoft Office Word or any other such program doesn't work either. Probably a weird example but GS Lilu's profile has this lower Value as well, although I find it pretty curious how it hasn't automatically changed to 1.6 on either my guide or his profile. My question to @VoidCM and @VoidEls was to throw this down to "Normal" or perhaps 1.3 again (Normal is the equivalent of that), as I know this is possible in IPS. (I've looked for it on google and tested it out myself), If this isn't possible (For whatever technical reason?) or simply not willed, sure I can live with that. Update! Alternative Temporary Solution: I've figured out a very silly way to manipulate the Forum Post Textbox and that is through simply quoting a place where the Value's are different like this example: Copy-Pasting that on the thread itself it'll look something like this: It's quite strange how that works, but it works. It might be a lot of hassle to do it on every single post but if anyone likes it better you could always do it like that for Guides or Suggestion posts as not to make them look abnormally long, simply quote a message that has a different value. If you want to test it yourself, I'll paste a piece of it down here and you can just quote this thread. (Note that you HAVE to quote and copy the quote over to a new text-box for it to work, you can do this by clicking the top bar of the quote and pressing CTRL+C to Copy and CTRL+V to Paste) Valkyrie Javelin is a lot better but it's a good skill, the fireball can actually push enemies away as long as they're not locked in place. (A lot of people don't actually know this), making this very useful in grouping up mobs or pushing them out of the way, this would actually be the main use of the skill as it's damage is not spectacular compared to what RF gets on his hands later on. The actual value of this piece of text is "Line-Height: Normal" which I've checked in Inspect Page Element.