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Found 18 results

  1. <enter caption> 4/14/2019 Vashh and QueenEveII's Wedding 6/9/2019 ~~~Current Guild Level : 14~~~ Hello there freshmens ! Welcome to Hogw-Aequinoctium ! We are your regular easygoing guild ! The greater part of our individuals are doing PvE however we do have some PvP mains as well! So we're essentially a hybrid guild. We're as yet a small guild that needs to develop, yet we're encountered enough to support you anything For PvE : For Guild Expedition - PvP - Ereda : HeadMaster : It’s the GM role Instructor ( Admin ) : It’s given to the people who have the trust of the GM. In the case of our guild, they have the same authority as the GM. Seniors ( Officer ) : Given to guild members who are actives/helpful/friendly ! Sophomore ( Veteran ) : Given to guildies who joined the Discord server, this role makes you able to take things out of the Guild chest. Freshmen ( Member ) : Role given when you join the guild Howdy! I'm the GM. Everyone call me Dad or Ael here, feel free to call me however you like. The main thing I do are raids and harvesting heavenly melons in the guild farm. I'm always open to any question/help, game related or not, as long as I'm not busy. And don't take everything I say seriously, as I sometimes like to tell random stupid stuff. Oy!! My name is Kimchi, you can call me Kim. I main Ara, specifically Devi. You'll see me frequently running dungeons when I'm online. I do PVP and PVE but more on doing PVE- I can afk 6-8 hrs. I'm a timid person and a calm one, however I can be loud as hell when I'm OK with conversing with you. I'm available to be requested help with doing runs, just not ED matters. I'm likewise down and out. Thank you so much luvs Hello there! I'm known mostly as Hayley, Hay for short. I main Aisha! and by Aisha i mean all of of her class! Aether Sage - ShatteredHay saturday Oz Sorcerer - FriedHay friday Metamorphy - Selnia (gonna change this soon to "ThirstHay" thursday) my IGN is a pun and a combination of my name and something else x'd I'm often seen on Feita Village staring at Pane's Thic- cough nothing, just standing very still in there, afk. I usually don't talk much unless you're a known friend, but feel free to talk to me or dm me if you need some help. I'll try my best to be useful~ black bird out. drops mic Allo~ my name is Lytia but you can call me Lyn~, im an Apsara main My IGN is YaeLi , i usually stay in feita server 5 with Hay, well... im lazy, so mostly Im just having fun chatting and chilling together with others, ofc I grind too when I need it, u might see me there so don't hesitate to chat and say hi~ , dw I won't bite, unless u mess with my hay :> . Thankies~ Hello i’m Ramnes i don’t like to introduce myself so please don’t mind me. I have to put 50 words for this introduction so i’m gonna fill it with this sentence, no need to read the rest please do something else it’s meaningless. Finally 50 words so now goods bye Hi there! My name is Jessie, or you can call me Seichii, whichever feels more natural to you. I main Ara. specifically Apsara! You'll see me often running dungeons whenever I'm online. I tend to focus more on running dungeons than doing nothing at resting places. I'm a shy guy and a quiet one, but I can be noisy as heck when I'm comfortable with talking to you. I'm open to be asked for help with doing runs, just not ED matters. I'm also broke :( p.s. Nisha is love, and life. :GWcmeisterPeepoLove: Hi! My name is Mary! (no I'm not God's mother surprise surprise). I'm your typical Greek girl (not really, no I don't worship Zeus σ. σ). I main Eve , specifically Code: Ultimate (used to main Code: Esencia). I'm quite timid around new people, but if i get used to you around I'll quickly become loud and energetic. Also I like joking around... so try to not be offended by my awful sense of humor. Heeyo! My name is Ian ,you can call me Ahmia ..Ahm for short kek . I main Elesis , Specifically Bloo- i- i mean EmpireSword .. You'll see me chilling at the Altera if im afk or drawing something(Altera BG music is good as heck) . hmm ..soo , im both talkative and shy , If your need a help or wanting to talk with , just ping me at discord on anytime you want exept gmt+8 evenings >:3 .. (i give random stuffs secretly if i drop something Expensive) uwu.. English only : As we are on a worldwide server and the vast majority of our individuals don't talk a similar language, the utilization of English is compulsory for us to see every others. Respect and Drama : Nobody should feel assaulted/disregarded. We likewise comprehend that occasionally battles can happen inside the guild, yet please either report to an administrator or solve it in private to not make the guild environment toxic. Hacking/Scamming/Defamation : Zero resilience about this. if we ever get saw of somebody hacking/scamming, he will be instantly get kicked and be reported to the Game Masters. Swearing : Try not to utilize any hostile racial slurs or oppress any ethnicities/religions. Besides, keep away from extreme swearing in guild chat. Strike System : You'll get strike if you ever defy the guidelines cited previously. It can simply be a notice, yet in addition can prompt a kick contingent upon the circumstance. " Punishment " will be offered up to the administrators' judgment. ''Respect Begets Respect'' -ctto P.S. Follow Official Void Rules It is really important to join, if you want your experience in this guild to be enjoyable at 100% because we’re not always playing Elsword. Some of us play other games that you might enjoy as well. Plus, we’re posting news and updates about the game every week which allow you to stay updated. Or course, this is also where we mostly trade our knowledge about different subjects. If you want to join please, fill the form below ! Name/Nickname : IGN ( precise main and alts ) : Class : Timezone* : About you * : Why do you want to join : *- optional info
  2. To put it simply, we're just a small PvE-Focused comumunity with a calming environment, mature, helpful and caring members 14/05/2018 Edition 23/05/2018 Edition 05/06/2018 Edition 16/06/2018 Edition 22/06/2018 Edition 04/07/2018 Edition 17/07/2018 Edition 10/08/2018 Edition 30/10/2018 Edition 15/11/2018 Edition We strive to keep our community's environment positive and healthy So this guild is intended for people who wants to enjoy PvE Contents with friends without worries, nor having to come across conflicts with other players. Therefore, the rules and requirements will be strict in those regards We don't focus on being extremely social, but ofcourse we talk, share ideas, discuss all sort of things; be it real life stuff, anime, or simply joking around and so on. We focus more on trying to achieve individual's goals (Gamewise), when we take breaks, we would talk at random too! We’re not aiming to be anything grand, we’re simply looking for like-minded people to play VoidEls with As a GM, I hope to make this guild a place where people feel like it's a place they belong to, my happiness is seeing members be friends, spend time, enjoy their time, laugh together "healthily and positively" ofcourse! Life is too short to waste on dwelling in negativity As much as we want to have good times with each other, we do not tolerate those with the attitudes that can potentially ruin our [Reunion]'s mood and environment, we're here to enjoy our time together after all! I am well aware that not everyone has such a good life to be free of negative emotions, but that does not mean it is alright to take it out on the others or drag others down with you If you're one of the below, don't bother applying, this place is not suitable for you, you will end up wasting your time 1. Arrogant 2. Unappreciative 3. Victim card 4. Drama queen 5. Hacker 6. Scammer 7. Racist 8. Edgelord If you cannot abide with these rules, this simply isn’t the place for you, simple as that 1. Following VoidEls’ rules If you get banned/suspended/warning points from breaking them, we cannot help you 2. Language - English only Communicating in other languages is not allowed, take it to PM 3. Attitude - First impression is always important! While we don’t expect/force you to show respect to anyone at first, we do expect you not to be hostile/disrespectful toward anyone Avoid being negative and sarcastic, these attitude should only be shown in PM with those who you are close with or people who may be able to help you, most of the time, it discourages others to talking as well as making others around uncomfortable 4. Harsh Jokes - Who doesn't make jokes nowadays? Keep it to moderate, know when to stop 5. Begging As helpful as we want to be, we expect you not to beg or do something that might bother others This also applies to forcing others to give you freebies through actions (Making others feel bad for not doing so) 6. Being Competitive Competition comes as all form, be it gameplay (PvE/PvP), or even sharing opinions It's a good thing, but do not turn it into negative activity, keep it healthy and civil, be open-minded about it Use it to help each other improve, not just so you could feel superior over the others 7. Activity - 7 days limit We're not running a dead guild. However, if you have a good reason to be inactive, you'll have a 10 days grace period instead. You may re-join if kicked once you're active again! However, you'll be given "Guest" role on Discord for the time being 8. Loophole You are not allowed to log in once in a while just to keep yourself from getting expelled from guild, while we understand that everyone has things to take care of, good reasons are not going to cut it 9. Punishment Break a rule and you'll be warned or kicked depending on the severity Chances you'll be given depend on many factors 10. Have fun! Does this need explaination? Gnosis : Active A lot of valuable things (Mainly items that can be sold for good amount of ED) are not allowed to be put in Guild Storage as we do not wish to encourage raiders and selfish people to take advantage of our guild However, there's a limit to how much you can put certain items in the Storage so it wouldn't end up becoming a place for people to dump what they don't need Most items that are not whitelisted will most likely be Confiscate taken out, not all because some items might actually be a good idea to be put in Storage You may go ahead and refill the goodies, but please avoid exceeding the limit Whitelist of Allowed Items - (Number) = Limit Per Item (Will be updated) Guild Master - The one in charge of the guild and community, has the final say in everything Admin - Qualified as an Officer; highly interactive, trustworthy, reliable and responsible; has the right mindset and outlook Officer - Qualified as a Veteran, has the right attitude; being active both in-game and Discord Veteran - Given to those who have shown commitment to guild and have been in guild for a while Member - Given upon joining Initiate - Used for meme, inactivity permission How to rank up? Ranks from Veteran to Admin are given out based on members' characteristics such as trustworthiness, reliability, responsibility, interactive, outlook (Being positive), activity and so on. Therefore, being close to our staff (Including me), at most will only speed up our observation phase Guild Master @Yuris IGNs : Lit, Ristia, Distance (And more but too many to mention) "hi, i'm known as Yuris, nothing to interesting about me i'm neither nice or mean i suppose, although people often told me i'm rather hard to approach at times, probably because i'm not very talkative aside from coffee (that i love), i enjoy helping people, not spoiling them, teach the man how to fish so it will last him his entire life, basically as a player, i'm an old player that's attempting to be able to perform well at all classes if I don't respond, i'm pretty much afk or passed out napping looking forward to spending time with you all" - Yuris Admin @Hikatokage IGNs : Hikato (And other ES's) "Greetings! My name is Hikato, an individual that adores to help others whenever I have spare time. People know me as being someone that dislikes drama between members - while also being the one who has too many Empire Swords, although I personally don't think it's enough. If you need any advice, or someone to talk to; go ahead and speak to me if you see me around! I'm not one to start conversations, but I'm a very good listener with words of wisdom urging to escape my mouth" - Hika Discord, while we do encourage members to join our guild server, we don't force anyone to join! However, Discord does indeed serve as an important role especially for communicating and so on If you ever decide to join our server, just let me or an Admin know, if we're not online at the time, my Discord tag is at the bottom Apply on Guild Ad In-Game or fill the format below IGN/Class/Level : Member/Guest : About me : Why I decided to join : Confirmation quote : (Applications can be submitted through PM) Don't forget to let me know who you are! My Discord - "Yuris#4171" Important :
  3. [DreamingHearts] -The guild that does it all.- "Welcome to the guild of dreams!~" DreamingHearts a guild that has been led by numerous guild owners as well as co-owners, ranging from both a young and old generations that have kept it together for a long time and a much longer time to come. Including a lot of events, pvp matches/tournaments and tons of giveaways!~ DreamingHearts is a guild focused on activity, with activity in both discord and in-game, we'll be able to achieve and gain everything we desire; ranging from goals, to items all the way up to records and title collections. DreamingHearts will offer all of its resources, time and attention to each and every guild mate, that's a promise we have every intention to keep! With activity as our core motivation we are doing both PvP and PvE to offer a wide range of varieties of in-game experience to not only make you love the game more but the way you play it with others! We have daily sessions in the voice channels going from talk about in-game related topics to casual small talk to amazing funny moments, so don't be afraid to let your voice be heard!~ The guild is lvl 12 and is advancing quite fast, also you know what they say: "If you can't beat them join them!" *wink* *wink* -Our discord is meant for guildmates only.- We're a very anti-hack guild no matter your position in the guild, you will get reported. We have zero tolerance policy against those who do not follow the (Void) given rules. Other rules such as the amounts taken from storage will be available in the guild discord. Note: Currently we're working on getting everyone gear, we'll start with actives then move over to those who need it the most and finally get to everyone. Now a little about the driving force behind the guild: Owner: JetsetNW - I am a very resourceful and helpful person, kind but firm, I love people who are hard workers and people that give it their best shot. "We are hentai approved!" Admin(s): BloodyButler - I give what I can give and help in what I can help, don't expect any more and don't expect any less. "The myth, the legend, the one and only." I3utterfly - I'm a chibi 0w0 very friendly and kind "If we stand together we can achieve anything together!" NOW if you were sold on all of the above, you can apply now (Forums and Discord)! Fill in the following application and you'll be reviewed. IGN: Main class+lvl: What made you decide to join: What you'll bring with you: How many hours a week will you be able to play: And we that all settled, we will meet soon! Discord: BloodyButler#8806 Jetsetradio#4515
  4. ABOUT Tragic is a Guild made up of lot's of amazing & friendly people! we're currently recruiting & have plenty of room for some new recruits. Our main goal as a Guild is for us to all get along & look forward to what Void has in store for us. If that goal doesn't stretch too far away from yours, then this is the perfect Guild for you! | Additional information. ★ The Guild is currently level 15 & continues to grow. ★ Yes, we do have a Discord! only available to those who have joined. ★ Our aim is for Hybrid, information for our skills are within the Discord. ★ We're just a huge group of dorks honestly, so don't be afraid to talk with us! ★ Rules & more information can all be found within the Discord. ABOUT As you know, the staff play a huge role in Guild to help keep it all together. Thus, here is a little sneak peak about the current staff! Guild Master IGN: Emi Goal: My goal as the Guild Master is to create a place where everyone can get along & feel welcomed. To make this Guild feel welcoming & fun. I try my absolute best to always make sure everyone is feeling their best & having a good time, I just want everyone to get along & feel as though they're in a place where they can just be themselves & have fun. About: Hello my name's Emily, although I usually just go by "Emi" & if it wasn't obvious enough, I'm the Guild Master! I'm a pretty big dork not gonna lie, I enjoy just spending time with everyone & having fun. I'm usually really energetic & positive to be around, & I literally cry over everything. Probably the hugest Lu enthusiast on Void and there isn't a day that goes by where I'm not sexually harassing my best friend Mir. Don't worry- I swear it's consensual! ★ Forum Account: Admin IGN: Ailyanilla Goal: To keep any drama out of Emi's Guild & helping her out to keep this place friendly & active! I plan to achieve this by talking to people if they have a problem & help them solve it. About: I absolutely adore animals, my favorite being a cat. I enjoy listening to music & hanging out with all my friends, dressing up my Aisha in game. I use to be really shy before I met Emi & everyone else, I've come a long way & I'm really proud! & no- it's isn't consensual Emi >_> Forum Account: Admin IGN: Skynion Goal: I want to make the guild a friendly & fun environment to be in. I always try to make everyone laugh by MEMEING & I'm always down to help someone in need! About: I'm a guy who just likes A E S T H E T I C things whether it be graphic art, video edits and such. I love helping people and making people laugh and I do just that with everyone I meet &talk too. Also I play Smash Bros competitively and plEASE SUB TO MY TWITCH I NEED $$$$$$ Forum Account: Admin IGN: xAnonx Goal: To get people active in both the discord and in-game. About: I'm just a friendly black guy that plays PC & PS4 games, with a tendency to meme A LOT. I will try to help my Guildies to the best of my ability, no messing with my beloved friends though that's for damn sure. Forum Account: Admin IGN: Dislinked Goal: Don't really know if this can be considered a goal however, I'd like the guild members to be able to accept anyone who comes into it or such like that. Other than that, for them to have fun in the guild! ♥ About: Don't feel afraid to approach me at anytime I'm online, if that may be to help, talk or just anything I'll be there! you will learn more things about me in the guild as you join. ♥ Forum Account: Admin IGN: Adric Goal: To keep the Guild an active, drama-free & friendly place. About: I'm not really that well-versed with anything relating to Elsword, but I'll help in any way I can. I'm a huge dork that makes stupid jokes 24/7. I'm the biggest weeb, I'll splurge about my waifu at the drop of a hat. & I'd say I'm a pretty nice guy, I hope we can get along well. SPEaKing OF WAIfu's E M I L Y IS NUMBeR oNE. Forum Account: Wanna join? here's how! please follow the format giving below. ★ IGN: ★ Timezone: ★ About yourself: ★ Why you'd like to join us: ★ That's it for now, we'll be sure to add anything else if need be. We hope to see you in game! ★ (if you need to contact me, my Discord is "emi#9569") Huge thanks to @Skynion for the amazing edits. All art belongs to respected owners!
  5. Archaic


    As of 11/02/17, [Archaic] is officially disbanded. if you're feeling suicidal, you've come to the right place 「 table of contents 」 • about • • information • • rules • • skills • • staff • • miscellaneous • • allies • • apply •
  6. 『 VanillaCafe 』 is a newly established guild that is looking for active and friendly members to join us~ We won't force you to do henir and secret dungeon everyday because we don't want to stress you unless you're dedicated enough to do that! We also have a discord server! We hope to recruit more members to make the server active and lively~ And if any members are bothering you,you can talk about it to the higher ranks! no worries i had that problem too with a certain guild's members >.> rude,telling me to shut up when im trying to make a conversation. we also need more dank memes because one of the admins(me) is too anxious and depressed to find someone even though she is aspiring to become a memelord ➤ ➤ ➤ ʀᴏʟᴇs ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅɪsᴄᴏʀᴅ sᴇʀᴠᴇʀ ➤ Desserts - Admin ➤ Vanilla Tea - Officer ➤ Pastries - Members ➤ Customers - Allies ➤ Recruits - In-coming members just in case when you join our server you dont know what desserts,pastries,vanilla tea is. ➤ Please be respectful and friendly towards members,especially the higher ranks! ➤ Please speak English when you join our server or when you talk in the guild chat! We do not want anyone to feel left out! ➤ Our discord server is restricted to guild members and in-coming guild members only,so please don't ask for the invite to our discord if you don't apply.If you do I will find you and break you. Just kidding! ➤ If you're going to be absent for a week and more,please inform the higher ranks! If you do not,you will be kicked after being inactive. s➤ Please don't put useless stuff in the guild chest unless you need to give something to a guild member! And don't be greedy while taking the items in the chest,make sure to not take a whole stack of the item unless you really need it with a confirmation from the higher ranks! If you'd like to ally with us please message me~ Ign : Age [Optional] : Timezone Main/Alt : Aboutyourself : Why would you like to join this guild? : Do you sell dank memes? : just in case you didnt know,the previous GM left and the old thread is still here but please don't confuse the old one with this one ;A; thank you
  7. [MidnightBlade] was established on the 14.08.2015. when I first joined void, but due to private reason had to go on a hiatus and since i recently came back i decided to revive this little guild of mine, meet new people and try make a little how would we call a guild, oh ye a family. Supporting each other and helping in needs, enjoying the game while playing together is what a guild is all about. Having fun is what we want . We got active skype group, and discord chat~ And Currently the guild is lvl 10. But we plan to change that soon enough > First of all be nice to all fellow guild mates < > Argues are not welcome, if some occur pls try not to cause a drama, and if u can't resolve it alone, talk to the GM or a GA so we can resolve any unneeded argues inside the guild walls < > Hackers are not welcome to the guild, and wont be supported, meaning, they will be reported and naturally kicked out of the guild < > Allowed inactivity for now is 12 days, above that leads to kicking out of the guild (except u have a valid reason u told the GM or GAs) < > Regarding the guild bank: Take what u need, but don't be greedy, you are not alone in the guild < > And the most important rule of all is: HAVE FUN! < > Guild ranks: all members who join will be appointed as "Veteran". If u are talkative and interact with your fellow guild mates, help them and support them, soon enough the rank will change to "Officer". But that all depends on how u behave inside our little guild walls. As for the "Admin" places, they are chosen from the Guild Master, depending how long are u in the guild, and how much u help < (LunarDemise:Coordinator of the guilds discord group / Forum acc: NegaSans ) I didn't describe myself (the GM) or any of the Admins for 1 reason, i would say my opinion, but some people won't think the same, that is why u should create your own opinion, when u meet us all ;D > LunarSpectrum (GM: Ascard/ forum: [Astral|Zephyr] ) > Relentless (GM: Demonology/ forum: Demon) > LoveDrops (GM: Tifaa/forum: Tifaa-Chan) (We are friendly, we don't bite so talk to us if u want alliance :3) (current capacity: 95/100) U are interested in joining but u don't know how? Well let us tell ya, its easy. Either apply on board or fill this in and leave in a post below (or just contact the GM or any of the Admins in game)~ IGN: (Things below are optional, but we wanna know more about our fellow future members) Time zone: Age: What should we call ya in guild: Languages u speak: > 2v2 Guild PvP tournament in planing~ Updates:
  8. Well,first off hello,my name is Slato, and i dont know if is a bit late for an introduction but here i am. Tbh i walked arround all the elswords servers since the beta was released,so i can help if any of you need! But now speaking about me, i love AMMORPG games and ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(<ok...). I would like to meet the people of this community , their thoughts , the stuffs they like to do and more! Well pretty much it,i hope im not too late and lets be friends IGNs:Cristine,CristineChan,CristineSama,CristineSan,Slato,SlatoBlader,lSlatoKnight,SlatoKiller,SlatoKun,SlatoRipper,SlatoReaper. (Actually playing with my CBS CristineSan). See you in game !
  9. Cyberus


    First of all, I'd like to invite you to our discord server. I'll post a link to it at the bottom of this post here. We take all comers, and are a hybrid guild of PVP and PVE. We focus on bringing new elsword players into the fold, and rekindling the love older players had for the game. We are NOT a neo-nazi regime. We refuse to trash other guilds or take part in drama between guilds, and drama WITHIN this guild will be dealt with quickly and sternly. Trolls are treated all the same. We are adults, and we will conduct ourselves as such, and we expect the same from our members. The voice chat is open and free. We have multiple rooms as well as a place for streamers and youtubers to look for partners and fellow players to stream with or collab with. We also play other games, as AeonZero Entertainment isn't just a guild here in elsword, but a guild in practically everything and anything we can dip our hands into! We've previously hosted guilds in the original Elsword NA server, Grand chase, Grand chase Reborn, Combat arms, and Dynasty Warriors Online (Before it closed.) Now, we also recruit Paladins: Champions of the realm players, Overwatch players, League of legends players, Battleborn players, And essentially ANYTHING that supports competition level play. We also specialize in media creation! From music, to entertainment videos, at Aeon Zero, we want to create a COMMUNITY, not just a guild tag.So please, if you plan to join Aeon Zero Entertainment, keep in mind that we expect only the best from you in manners. We want to make it a safe place for new players to learn and grow, and for professional players to keep their cool~ The rules are simple. Don't scream at your fellow players, and don't be a douchebag~ Think you can keep up with that? Great! So come on in and join us! What are you waiting for?!
  10. Due to the fact that no one is willing to stick join a level one guild, I have resolved to say, "Forget it" and level the guild up by myself. I will not be doing any recruitment, nor will I actively look for people to join. This thread will not be bumped or edited, and anyone who DOES join in game will only be given the member rank. Guild Master: Cauterize Lvl 80 SSS Rank (Retired) Focus: SDs, Raid, And Henir Admins: None Yet. Officers: None Yet. Allied/Sponsor Guilds {Elysian} GM: Stephy {Planeptune} GM: Natsukye Please, Join us today, and help me grow and raise this guild to heights unknown!
  11. Hi, welcome to [instinct]'s recruitment thread! Disclaimer: I'm actually one of the admins. I just volunteered to make the forum. Overview: Guild Type: Hybrid Guild Level: 9 Our Skills: Members of [instinct] Guild Master Administrators
  12. Welcome to the official opening of TheKitsuneClan Guild. I am Yuuchan(my friends call me that) and I'm the guildmaster of this guild(or clan in this case) To be frank i'm an honest clutz and i make many mistakes(like buying ramiel haha....)and other weird things. I used to be in many guilds and honestly many were amazing. The guild i'm closest to would be the time guardians and i really loved it there...but it also motivated me to create a home for kitsunes. So let me explain everything. Kitsune=Fox Do i need you to play as Ara? No, i don't require such things, be free and choose your path as you are all cute kitsunes with an awesome path ahead What about a fox mount? Neither, though i have my own. I really love foxes and honestly Ara attracted me with her ears and tails(bait). It's a lovely game and i get many don't have money or access to support this game. I would love to support this guild of course so i'll do my absolute best to make it an excellent guild to be proud of as home. Must you be strong? Nope, not in the least for i am not as strong as you think. I don't pvp at all(e rank mind you) i don't really shine in anything but i do think strength comes from people you trust. My believe if trust is strength, relying on others is no weakness and helping others is not wasteful in the least. Any tests to get in? Honestly i would love to say no all the way but this test is very different. It would be a test of trust, loyalty and honesty. It's not something you can accomplish normally and i hope we can clear things up as soon as possible that i really love the players here and i don't intent to harm anyone, so i hope you do the same. For those who feel that you've done something wrong, maybe lied or cheated here and there, this guild is also for you. If you feel regret you are human and if you know that you've done something wrong whether you continue or not i leave it up to you but should you join this guild i will see to it you will find a brighter side of yourself. Nationality, language barriers. I get that many guilds will use a certain language and there will always be barrier(even and maybe especially if we use google translate) but i think that those matters aside i'm sure we have other forms of communication(particularly weapons and stuff) Time differences are fine, because honestly if you are online who needs to worry. Got school? say so. Work? Go ahead. Sleep? Have a nice rest. Seriously i don't think i want to restrict anything by that either. Concerns of these kind you may tell me personally or anyone at that, i'm sure we can mutually understand each other in future. Finally rules Rule 1 Be nice Rule 2 Help each other Rule 3 Don't cheat or lie to each other Rule 4 If you do the above 3 normally without needing to think you can forget all the rules. Tl:DR? hahaha for those reading this summary warning it's still nothing short. Basically this guild has few limits, and i hope it's culture continues in the un-forseeable future where i hope we all stand in. EDIT:Stupid me, i forgot to place how you can apply. I already placed up a guild ad on the board but for those seeing this post pleast just tell me your IGNs regardless. I want to know where my members come from(e.g. social media like fb) I am in the void voidels private groups on facebook and such so it's fine if you use that too, i would like to create an easy way of communication regardless of location, whether offline or online. Thanks! Guild System(buddy system? Quadruple maybe....)(trial runs, need to work out some trial teams soon) Basically this system will group 2-4 Users into one group where we work together to beat dungeons do pvp and whatever activities. I'm not saying we must be stiff and stick to it. I think a group member rotation system will be added in future when we have enough members and administers. The group system is to ensure we get to know each other better and still work with new members after being long time veterans even. Something like you get used to working with new people every now and then. This should help prevent anyone from getting the idea only long time members will get better treatment, rather we just work together and have some fun. Level differences may cause friction in teams and we may reconsider the teams for specific runs like 9-6(title runs) leveling and carries(support to lower leveled players) In addition to that i think team members should be able to freely join another should their present members not need them or the other teams require another member. But in no case should this allow anyone to feel left out. Modes of communication Facebook Skype(sort of, inherited from Eraloth) Here? not exactly the best place Void(well no duh Yu, why must i mention this) And if you have another suggestion which is more internationally used than suggest some, thanks! And thus I hereby open this grand guild for all my cute kitsunes(members of these guild) Your hopeful new Guildmaster Yukari IGN: Yukari124(Asura class, Ara)
  13. -Noiz-


  14. ●▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬● ​​​ "It takes nothing to stand in a crowd, yet it takes everything to stand alone." ●▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬● Hi, welcome to [Instinct]'s recruitment thread! Disclaimer: I'm actually one of the admins. I just volunteered to make the forum. ●▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬● Table of Contents: ★1: Guild Events, Overview, and Members★ ★2: Rules and Punishments★ ★3: Roles and Ranks★ ★4: Application Format, Group Chats, and Contact Information★ ●▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬● Guild Event and News: ♥Inenma, an admin, is going on hiatus♥ ●▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬● Overview: ☆Guild Type: Hybrid and Social☆ ☆Guild Honor Level: Level 7☆ ☆Guild Skills:☆ ●▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬● Members of [Instinct]: Guild Master: ●▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬● Administrators: ●▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬●
  15. Rising, Falling, and Revival. On June 6th, 2014: I created my first guild, EVER in this game. It goes by the name [Judgement]. As most of you already know. The guild was very lively/happy/friendly. It wasn't as "infamous" as it is now, but after all of the things I've done wrong, I want to ask the community for help on what they'd like most. Being known as the “mean guild” is what I want to change. And it WILL change. This guild fell under the following ways, I've speculated and seen: Unbelievably rude members coming in and out of the guild. Admins that weren't there or weren't active. (We've fixed that, somewhat.) ME not watching what happened in the guild and focusing on my own things while stuff were happening. (Not paying attention or ignoring when someone needed help from me, an admin, or a fellow guild member. I've fixed that as well.) Gold diggers, misinterpretations, misunderstandings, drama, DRAMA, AND MORE DRAMA. I REFUSE to let it end this way. I won't stand for it. Seeing as how all of this brought my guild down, something that used to be a wonderful thing, it hurt very VERY much seeing something I made crumble before my eyes as the days went on and on and on. With that being said, I apologize greatly to those that entered my guild and left while during that time because of those problems listed. It was a terrible way to lead a guild. Guild Type: Hybrid and Social Hangout Spot/Ch: Camp/Pongo Tribe's Hideout. (Channel 4) Guild Level: 15 Guild Skills There will ALWAYS be a blessing activated. About the guild skills, through recommendations from members inside of the guild, the skill 'Heroic Sacrifice' will be constantly changed throughout the Gnosis Blessings. Going from either Sacrifice to Infinite Stamina, or Sacrifice to Riposte. Guild Rules 1) RESPECT your fellow guild mates. Being disrespectful or throwing any shade at a fellow guild mate will result in a warning and a demotion to a Rookie (meaning you can't use the guild skills), if given a second warning, i'll have no problem at all kicking you. Disrespect is something we don't tolerate at [Judgement]. 2) Scammers, Hackers, Gold-diggers, etc. Will not be tolerated. Don't EVER scam guild mates. If there's any scamming in the guild, and if we find out it's you, you will be kicked without warning. 3) Keep this an English-only guild, please. We don't want any misunderstandings with those who have another language. 4) You are only allowed ONE main and ONE alt inside of the guild. Too many alts = Less room for talkative, active members. The first character you add to the guild must be your main. 5) NO DRAMA. NO DRAMA. NO DRAMA. The #1 thing that brought this guild down was a bunch of drama. The last thing we need is the revamped guild having the same failure because of the same reason. Being dramatic or causing any drama will cause in a warning, the next time will be a kick from the guild. 6) Guild Hoppers will not be tolerated in the slightest. If you decide to join this guild and leave because you feel like this isn't the one for you, that is understandable. If you leave for something unreasonable (ex: "They didn't give me the admin position I wanted!" or, "She won't spoil me with IBs!") and decide to come back, we will only allow to you rejoin a maximum of 2 times (this does not include switching out one alt for a another. ex: "Hey, can you kick my SD and invite my BM?"). Any more than that, and it's quite clear that this guild isn't the one for you. (Courtesy of Rambutan.) Note: No, this statement is not promoting this type of behavior, so please refrain from doing said above. 7) Asking for help from your guild mates or the Guild Master. Seeing as there is a lot of ED flowing around Void, and it's easy to get money on Void, that does not mean that everyone else will have a lot of money to just "giveaway" or "loan". Asking constantly for someone to buy you something constantly and spamming the guild chat for something will result in a warning, maybe a demotion. 8) This is an ACTIVE and TALKATIVE guild. Meaning that if you ask for help such as leveling or loaning, your message might not be heard due to the constant activity going on in the chat. If this is a problem for you, and you leave the guild because of it, it's not our fault because you think we "don't listen", it's your fault for not being patient enough for an answer. We're NEVER going to ignore you. We just simply didn't see your message. 9) Keep mega-usage under control. This guild use to be known for spamming megas constantly. This also goes for the PvPers inside of the guild. If you lose against a "hacker, spammer, item user", don't use a mega to flame that person for what they did. It causes the guild to have a bad reputation. PLEASE tell us ahead of time if you're going to be away for the limit of time you can be away from the guild. 6 days off will result in a kick if you haven't told us ahead of time. Members/Staff~ Guild Master Administrators We're LOOKING for administrators. We have 1 spot. For more information, look at the Administrator application below. Requirements/Application There honestly shouldn't be that much requirements in order to be in this guild other than being active and talkative. Because trust me: THIS: Is a LOT better than THIS: Application could be summed up as such: ♣ IGN | Level | Class ♣ Experience in the game? ♣ Expectations upon joining us? ♣ Timezone? ♣ Something about yourself (Optional) ♣ If you have a Skype, state it there. Pretty simple, no? Administrator Application: ♣ IGN | Level | Class ♣ Experience in the game? ♣ Timezone? ♣ Have you had any experience as an admin? ♣ A few things about yourself that we need to know. ♣ Why do you think we should make you administrator? ♣ Why do you want to be administrator? ♣ If you have a Skype, state it there. Want to join our Skype group? Add 'sario5188', 'drake,dracula', or 'zac.steel7' on Skype and we'll all assist you! If you're shy or don't want to speak in calls, just be aware that you're not required to talk in our Skype calls. But a simple "hello" in the chat is always nice. We'd like to keep the Skype chat as active as possible for new members who want to get to know the entire gyst of the guild. Our Allies! PvE guild, [Ambition] | GM: Wise Visit [Ambition]'s guild thread here. Hybrid guild, [Eloquence] | GM: Rambutan Visit [Eloquence]'s guild thread here. PvP guild, [Music] | GM: Kryptonite Visit [Music]'s guild thread when Ben makes it. -stares-.. Hybrid guild, [Division] | GM: Yamazuki Visit [Division]'s guild thread here.
  16. 「 Marshmallow 」 Marshmallow is a guild formed by Cecelia around June 26th 2014. It was a pretty active PvP guild by the time I joined but eventually everyone slowly start getting offline due to the game getting boring and it eventually died. I left when it died but came back and decided to revive it along with my buddy from a long time ago, ForsakenLust. Now we're hoping to become(yet again) an active, social, and chill Hybrid Guild. Future Things To Do: -Daily Sparring Rooms -Tournaments -Skype Group -Daily HoB Runs -Giveaways -Secret Dungeon Runs -Henir Challenge(or Normal) Runs Rules: -Respect your peers and everyone around you. -Create a friendly atmosphere in the guild, not a bad one. -Treat others the way you wish to be treated. -Don't whine because you didn't get what you wanted. -Do. Not. Beg. You'll find out that nothing will come from it. -If you have beef with another guildie. Take it to a private window. -Have fun and enjoy yourself; It is a game after all. Basic Guild Information: Level 13 Amount of Members: 50+/100 Type of Guild: PvP Guild Skills: Balance of the Body 5/5 Focussing 5/5 Aggression 1/5 Heroic Sacrifice 5/5 ​Infinite Stamina 2/5 About the Leaders: editing still Entry Requirement: Post your IGN and I'll add you in when I check the thread or just w/ Kotouu Also LF>Admins PM Me if you'd like to apply.
  17. Though the title sounds misleading, this is how it goes, every character you make has a rating, sorta like in the forums there is a like system, why not implement it in game c:? A 5-star system, if you are nice, supportive in pve, skilful in pvp, and overall a nice guy, people will rate you 5 stars If you are an asshole, rude, stupid, whiner, leecher, arrogant, chat spammer, bad-mouthed and overall a dick meanie, you get 1 star :c that way it's easy to invite people into dungeons , and stuff like field grinding , you see someone with 2 star rating and someone with a 3 star rating, you'll invite the 3 star one and he/she will probably be a nicer person than the 2 star one ^^ or make a pvp room with "3+star only, be nice :o" For star whores, beggars, people who kept asking for stars ,just rate them one star , tht will teach them owo)b I know there will be boosting(lolwhyyouwannaboostrating) and such, but i think this makes it easy to find less salt among the community ^^ ps: i dont know how this will be implemented though u.u