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Found 135 results

  1. Bonjour, Ma guilde recrute tout joueurs qui veulent s'amusez, faire des expéditions, Mini jeux, Farming. Nous avons un serveur discord a disposition l'ambiance est assez sympa. PVE? PVP? la guilde fais les deux. En Guild Skill nous avons: -Alchemist Spécialist lv5 -Hand of Midas lv5 -Trace of Teasure lv5 En buff sur le drapeau Nous avons commencer a mettre de l'ED. Si vous êtes intéresser vous pouvez m'ajouter en amis sur Helyanna
  2. (I don't know if this is in the right topic so if it's not then i apologize) hi, i'm kinda new to elsword (i have played before but just a little bit) and this is the first time i want to play seriously, but i'm struggling a little because i don't know where to startso if anyone could give me an advice, i'll be very grateful
  3. Well, its been a year, so I'm back home from school for vacation. My main account long time ago...a year ago was banned and I appealed for a ban removal i dont know how so...I'm here as a fresh player while I'm still waiting for GMs to help my account. I'm hoping for anyone to be my buddy? Just for some questions i have ingame. Someone who's willing to help an Aisha. Thank you and God bless. Add me ingame: Epexegesis Thanks again! :D
  4. Hello everyone, recently a friend of mine has disappeared off the face of Void Elsword, including Discord. (his discord happens to be deleted for some odd reason) Me and other friends are wondering what had happened. His name is Ros or Jao, he also has an eve that user is unknown, or my friends are just dumb. We heard he scammed someone on void, dont know if this is true but if you have any idea wtf happened please reply. (other useless facts) -hes italian -jao is an elboy, ros is an add -dated Rosallie once or twice
  5. My first try of recording a pvp Match As Y'all can see,my FPS are pretty low Is there any other method to record Void els without dropping your FPS from 80->20? Thank you~
  6. This post is going to be written in French since the guild is for French-speaking people. ♥ *Bannière non finie* [BreakFree] De la Banane dans le caleçon ♥ Guilde lvl 10 créée le 27 octobre 2014 par Akurima repris par Moi Nekya. - Tout d'abord je me présente QueenNekya sur le Forum, Kiche ou Nekya IG (In game, dans le jeu, JSAIS PAS SI VOUS SAVEZ OK DONC JE MET ><). Comme vous pouvez le voir je suis folle, mais pas que je suis aussi gérante du Discord (Mon Discord @Nekya#0360 JAI BESOIN D'AMIS, JE VOCAL PAS ET JSUIS GERANTE OUIOUI LOL) et aussi admin Cheffe dans la guilde et je m'occupe de recruter et de poster l'annonce de guilde. Je travaille trop vous me direz. ET VOUS AVEZ RAISON. :'( - Mais bon sa vaut le coup c'est une bonne guilde >w< - Pourquoi rejoindre notre guilde ? Très bonne question. ... ... Quoi ? Jsuis censé dire pourquoi ? Okay >.< - Nous sommes une guilde active Hybride donc PvP et PvE. Nous sommes en phase de recrutement d'admins donc pour l'instant il y a Que moi en Cheffe. Les admins arriveront par la suite Et ce n'est que les admins, le reste des membres seront à découvrir par vous même ♥. Et il y a moi Nekya ou Kiche qui est très active sur le discord en tchat, ainsi que sur le jeu et sur le forum, je suis très à l'aise en anglais - je main surtout les Aishas et les Renas mais je touche a tout - et je suis très hybride. Jme suis déjà présenté dans mes fonctions au dessus donc bon je n'en rajouterai pas........... RICHE GRANDE... - Okay je me calme - Comme vous pouvez le voir rien qu'avec nos admins nous sommes très diversifiés d'un point de vue liberté et gameplay dans la guilde. Si vous voulez avoir une guilde agréable avec des gens qui n'hésitent pas à parler et des admins ouverts à la discussion et jouer avec des gens qui ne se prennent pas la tête; BreakFree existe et recrute ^-^. - DE PLUS : Nous possédons un Discord qui est OBLIGATOIRE afin que vous puissiez voir les règles, instauré récemment les règles sont mises à jour plus souvent dans le discord qui vous sera communiqué une fois que vous aurez rejoint la guilde qui est très fortement recommandé. Nos compétences de guilde : Cette guilde vous intéresse ? Mais comment rejoindre la guilde vous vous dites ? C'est très simple appellez le 01-NEKYA-C-UNE-KICHE ................... TSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS QUI C'EST QU'A MIS SA DANS MON SCRIPT ? MOI ?! Ah oui c'est vrai >< Plus sérieusement pour rejoindre la guilde il existe plusieurs façon de faire : IMPORTANT : Règles, A LIRE OUI CEST LONG OUI CEST A LIRE OUI CEST OBLIGATOIRE STOP ETRE FEIGNANT BANDE DE KICHES Les règles peuvent être modifiées ultérieurement, et d'autres règles seront ajoutées. Modifiées aujourd’hui le 11/03/17. Events prévu : Pour l'instant rien. Updates d'édition du post ou autre : 10/02/2017 : Création du post non finalisé 11/02/2017 : Règles ajoutées 02/03/2017 : Up des règles et des Pseudos, travail à finaliser. 11/03/2017 : Up global du post, des règles. 18/03/2017 : Reprise du lead il y a deux jours par Nekya, Forum de Guilde, Up rapide.
  7. I need a guild for my LP I don't mind if its a social or a family guild but I would prefer a family guild because a guild that is quiet 24/7 is boring as hell. I dont really care for the level, as long as it has good stats then I'm sold. Any chance of Fateful taking me back? No? Ok....
  8. So yeah, hello there! I'm new to the server, tho I'm not new to this game... but it's really confusing to me cuz as a new player I don't have anyone to teach me stuff or to play with ;-; I just want to make some friends :'/ xD But srsly, if there's anyone out there willing to introduce me to the server I'd be very thankful! Have a nice day
  9. This is not really a suggestion, more a question, but why did Void only implement ERP in a nerfed version? And will they buff it? (Means adding the missing traits in Support)
  10. So since I havent heard about it yet, is void concidering to implement Adds energy fusion theory? I mean, the only really strong weapons at the moment are the heroic ones, 4th dimeonsion and Perkisas. And since you cant get Perki anymore, and Eltrion wasnt a thing either, I'd really appreciate knowing, thanks! @VoidEls @VoidCM
  11. OKAY so I know this probably got asked a lot of times but I just want to be sure, to unlock the reaper title, do I only have to do 800 runs? Because many people say doing the 10 SS runs with no hits doesn't work. Pleaaaase I finally need a good title q.q
  12. hello, please help me choose a new main since i'm really bored after 2 years of maining the same character to consider: - gonna fund her so - is Rena or Aisha harder to fund? - i only pve - mainly heroic dungeons and henir honestly, i kinda like GA more because of her range - i'm really squishy in heroics, happen to die a lil bit too fast but EM could be more worth it? thanks in advance
  13. I don't know if it's a stupid question but... How do you save up for an expensive IB set you really want without loading EC? I am really interested in CM for Eve, but i bet it will cost me over 3b if it comes... And you only have 1 month until next rotation. I have the feeling saving up ED takes forever. /grinding SD's for A-S stones atm. How do you keep up with it? Do you struggle atm like me to earn ED for next rotation? Is there any set you are really interested in getting and hoping to come tomorrow? Share with me your experiences. c:
  14. I have the same old heroic weap but when I try to apply an attribute it's locked to three slots. H E L P
  15. So, I'm a newb to all these sets, and I want to know which SD set is best for all Aishas, GA, and a SaDev. (before investing in heroic sets). Or: Do people just go straight to a heroic dungeon without a SD set(with the given voidEls set), or do they grind for a SD set then go head on into a heroic set?
  16. well i tried every character but i still cant chose my main plz can u give me any choices ?
  17. So, some of you guys have may seen my thread where I want to sell my Acc. maybe. Now we have one but BIG problem! Email adress e.e The Email Adress on my Account is my main Email, which I am using for Microsoft/Phone/Console and some other business things Like Paypal/Facebook/Paysafe Ik that I or YOU can not change it. But is there a .."Trick" where the Staff can change it? Let's say...I made another email adress and want to use that for my Game Account...Since my Main Acc is...for anything else. It would be very nice if you or best the Staff would comment.! Thank You.
  18. Can someone please explain to me the following? - Point System and What does it mean? - The number of dots under your title? - At what number of posts/points does your title/dots change? My profile may say I've been on these forums since 2016, but I never really used them, so I'm confused about a lot of things. Any extra info would also be appreciated. ~Nya!~ >.<
  19. So, I said that I want to quit eve? yes But now...after thinking alot...I came to the conclusion that I am just bored of CN. I am just a PvP Player but...CN got boring, These are my stats now: Yep...Not the best but k So, whcih class for Eve? CBS or CEm? or Is CN still good?
  20. Hello, I just started playing and I really enjoy the game but theres some things google just isn't enough for me so plz help. I'm level 50 (I played all day today don't judge) and I got to an Asura class for my Ara. My question is, how the heck do I change her outfit? I still have the starting one and nothing I google is what I am looking for :// I asked one girl but she didn't really speak English and just said I needed a blue box? pls help I want the Asura outfit so bad : ( thank you to anyone who replies.
  21. Hello Dear Community Even tough i´m Playing some while, I still don´t know much about the differences between void and the normal servers. So there is one thing I want to ask. If you want to upgrade your Weapo to +10 do i only need the fluor ? Does it break ? If so where are the scrolls to repair it didn´t saw them in the Cash Shop. Well this is my only question for now... if there is anything you can tell me I would be very thankful for any information about the diffrences from void and the other servers.
  22. So yeah, since the only fairly easy obtainable weapon which i wouldnt have to pay money for is the eltrion weapon, when is the raid coming? Did I miss anything or didnt void tell us?
  23. ~ Hey Void-Community ~ What for a Heroic Rank Presence is the best ~ What has i to choose from the Heroic for GrandArcher ~ Wrath / Wisdom or smthg like that Can anyone explain me the Heroic Rank Presence nearly pls. What should i buy for an equipment with my GrandArcher lvl 99 for the best PvP Dmg Output What i have to socket in my Equipment Need help v-v Kind regards, ~ Kiyoshie ~
  24. hi, I am having troubles with the game download. im open to suggestion on how you guys downloaded the game. -Thanks in advance Void -Mes