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Found 160 results

  1. Title says it all. MMOByte did a video on this game, and it sounded like it was right up my alley. I know NOTHING about this game, though, besides the sheer number of class choices. Hope to see one of you out there!
  2. So hello everyone, I never actually created an introduction topic at all since I've been on this server, and I've been here since late October/early November 2014. I kinda just dived right in without introducing myself to anyone! So if you hadn't known I'm BaraLover™ and I hope y'all are having fun farming seashells for all the event items you want! As you can see from my name I'm an absolute die-hard fan of bara. I randomly found it one day while browsing yaoi sites and I've been in love with it ever since. Never really liked Yaoi/Bishies so I found my calling in this. Pretty weird to call bara a calling I know but it's the truth, those muscles MMMMMM- getting off track lord help me. Some of you may have known me as BaraGoddess but before that I used to be NaimiYuhi (A weird name I know but it kinda got stuck on me from NA but finally had the gall to change it). I've switch mains faster than a speeding car changes lanes when escaping from cops, started Void as a MM because I wanted to try him on NA but got banned before I could, then Base Elesis, then CrA, then back to GA, so on and so forth. I'm hoping some people see me as a nice person, I tried my hardest not to make myself seem hostile because that's not how I am unless provoked. Now for the actual farwell, it's...been a long time coming I suppose. Every update I've played for a shorter and shorter amount of time. My attention is no longer held for the same amount of time on here than it used to a couple years back. In fact I haven't played Void in a little over a few months due to laptop being a total ass as well as my growing lack of interest. It was a great time though, I met a wonderful guild my first few months here and I had stayed with them ever since. Even with the constant disbandings I still remained loyal, it felt like betrayal if someone asked me to join their guild, I could never find the heart to do it. I also met wonderful people on the forums who were really nice to me. There hasn't been one person I've extremely disliked while being here and I love you all for it. Continue chasing your Elsword dreams; whether it's finally getting that Type-Void weapon you're trying to get (Good lord my first Void weapon took forever), getting your weapon to +10/+11, farming the dream gear on your main, or just plain having fun with whatever you're doing. Thanks for being such a great community, and I wish you all good luck! Edit: Because I'm master edit, yes I know those are some chunky-ass paragraphs but DEALWITHIT Edit2: I probably might log onto the forums from time to time so don't start parading around just yet :^( (Very sparingly though, I wont be active daily or maybe even weekly)
  3. Hello and hey, i recently joined this private server due to an instagram follower reconmending it to me. I haven't been playing elsword for a long time however... (i believe 3 months back in 2015 ish and 2 months now) Mostly just play eve as of now. So yeah, nice to meet you
  4. Heya! Nielxeno here, from the Pearl of the Orient, Philippines. I've been playing different MMORPGs and out of the new "high end" games, lately I've become interested in old games such as ELSWORD. Enough with the introduction, lets get to business: 1. I am a NEWBIE to VOID, or Elsword in general, so guides to at least survive primarily in the game will be much appreciated. 2. CLASSES, oh my ever dilemma, which class to play first. Everyone looks cool, baddass, cute etc, but which class is NEWBIE friendly. 3. GUILDS, oh I do hope there are Pinoy guilds here or if none, a NEWBIE friendly guild will be a great help. THANKS A LOT, and I do hope I have a blast in playing VOID ELSWORD!! PS: Forum Masters, I'm sorry if this seems to be in the wrong section. Since its supposed to be all about typical HI/HELLOs, but do forgive this post. Thank You!
  5. I'm only new to the voidels forums, not the game voidels! I hope we can get along!
  6. Hi I'm returning to Elsword after a long hiatus and I was rec'd to join this server~ I like mobages, animanga and utaites. Pleased to meet you!
  7. Hello to everyone in this community! I hope we will get along! ^~^ Also, kindly tell me if my profile or cover photo is breaking any law/rule, so that I can change it right away >.< I do not intend to steal the work of others and want to credit them for it. Let's all have fun and get along!
  8. (I don't know if this is in the right topic so if it's not then i apologize) hi, i'm kinda new to elsword (i have played before but just a little bit) and this is the first time i want to play seriously, but i'm struggling a little because i don't know where to startso if anyone could give me an advice, i'll be very grateful
  9. Hi there! I was very bored and today I started my holidays so I was looking for something to play, and I found Void. I know Elsword but I have never played before. I was gonna try the NA server but I read that is very expensive and grindy so I decided to give Void a shot. What are your tips for a newcomer to the Elsword universe? (And server?) Thank you!
  10. Hello Void Players, my name is kuitsu ever since i saw the laby character trailer and got tired of NA's Pay To Win ways i decided to join void in hopes of a better game life. I hope to make friends and join guild, Currently downloading void with kbs wifi wish me luck~Kuitsu
  11. Hello! I'm rather new to this forum as you can see. But I have been playing VoidEl many months ago. I stopped playing Elsword in general after a bit but decided to come back, today I decided to make an account and communicate with you lovely people!
  12. Hi, nice to meet all of you. I'm kinda new in the void(the game and the forum)but i hope, we can get along. I'm 15 years old and you all can call me Shiro/Shiii-chan, you choose:3 my fav character are Aisha and Chung♡ but i play as Rena on game. My IGN are KuroAkarii(and im kinda a laggers. Sorry:'D) nice to meet all of you
  13. Ohayo Void Player. My IGN is OzMakeUp, I started the game this week and I'm a level 99 Oz Sorcerer. I want to be a really good player, and a trusted EC Seller. I'm a french player, and I'm actually looking for a Guild. I don't have nothing more to say.. So Nice To Meet You =D
  14. Hi, I'm Trixie Mattel, UNHhhhh. No but hi, am new to the forums but not in-game. I decided to make a forum account to become more connected to the community. If you love drama, drag queens and death drops hello death drop into my dms. Am v friendly and open, made a new character in-game it's ign is DeviMattel. I could use some fellow gays to talk/play with. I also have discord if that's any good.
  15. So I've been playing on the official servers for a few years now (2-3) and I really never knew this server existed until recently, but I've played a few hours on it and It seems like a cool place to be, what with all the stuff this place has that the official servers don't, I'm usually an Ain/Add player but here I can be whatever I want I guess. So I'm just here to say hi and yea. But really thought, I look forward to meeting people, (i'm not sure how likely that is) and uhhhh, try some characters I've never played, like Rose or Ara, they look interesting. -Vass
  16. Hi ~ I'm Zacf and i'm just starting this game, i played elsword before in official server from my country but it's dissappear due to lack of player i guess (?) So here i am after like 4 or 5 years and want to play elsword again. My main char back then is aisha but i wanna try luciel cuz she/he seems fun to play. Please give me all the tips and help regards from, Zacf
  17. Hi, My name's Haris Luta and I'm in my 20s (early though). I'm a college student (computer science), gamer and blabla other stuff. I'm generally a lazy person so I don't really want to write something about myself that you won't even probably bother to read. I'm just a guy into anime, games (MMOs especially) and novels (I've been into Chinese webnovels and Korean novels this past years. I gotta recommend them, they're really good!) Anyways, I joined this server yesterday and immediately got hooked; Elsword that isn't p2w is after all something amazing. So hi all again, be seeing you in the game I guess.
  18. Um, hello there! My Ign is Jeconiah and the character is a um, the messenger person. "Ain" I think. I'm still new but um, howdy! Uh, this is my second time playing Elsword before it got shutdown in my country(I was still a newbie then before it got removed from our county's Garena client) I was wondering if the cash or in-game K-ching currency is top-up or is it capable of being earned in-game? I was excited when I got to download the game but um, I thought the game would handout freebies like free-perma costumes and stuff. But so far the game is fun and I am having a fine playthrough becuase of the giftboxes. Um, also, are there costumes and cosmetics that can be earned in-game?
  19. Hello I created this "Introduction" forum, cause I was bored and had nothing to do with my life. So.., my name is Loli, I've been playing Elsword for a couple of years on the NA shit server. Yeah, my life was miserable there, don't even ask. I have actually played on this Elsword server too, but I quit like 2 years ago, cause I got bored, and etc. But, I'm back and proud,(proud because I have food right next to me), and can't wait to start over again. My favorite character in Elsword: I haven't decided yet, cause they're all shit honestly. Favorite Foods: I can't decide (Daily Life Problems). Hobbies: idk, living my life. (posting memes of course , I'm a legend bish- ok nvm gotta keep this appropriate, even though I just cursed like 2 times already in this forum, this makes it 3 times) And yeah, hope I can get along with someone in Elsword for once, because everyone's so (bleep) salty. (Wow I managed not to curse for once) -Loli
  20. Hey guys ~ I'm new at this Forum and just want to introduce myself. I'm living in Germany and I'm maining Asura (named: Blushey) and my sub main is a Nightwatcher (named: PollyPocket / Don't ask me why she has this name.. xD) and yeaa. I'm pleased to meet u guys and I'm hoping for a good and nice time here on Void c: ♥
  21. Hello everyone!!! sorry for the late introduction my taken name is synthescyzer and i hope we can i can get along with all of you Signing out!!! ^__^
  22. POOF A WILD HOOD APPEARS! It hits you with unknown attack You take 200 and get a Spear hold effect You:"What the ****!" You say "What the ****!" because you haven't even taken out your Pokemon yet You get a poke-ball from your pocket and think "I'll knock this Pokemon out of the park with pikachu" But the Hood isn't on that bull**** and knocks it away with with it's sword You:"Alright then can you at least let me use the pokedex on you?" It nods in agreement You whip out your pokedex and find out this pokemon is the **** "This pokemon was genetically made to wipe out all the memelords by KOG,and that's what it pretended to do for 5 years,but secretly it worked with the memelords to bring the memes we have today,like the recent ones of "De Wae" and "Somebody touch my spaghet" to bring down the Kognald Trumpets and get revenge on them for creating such an edgelord,btw this pokemon is strong as ****,said once you encounter this pokemon you might as well give up on your life" Th pokemon now looks at you with a creepy grin after you put down your pokedex And it says "i'm gonna **** you up" Nice to meet you all,sadly this is me,Rawr! have a good day!
  23. Hello everyone, I have decided to start again in Void, (after so many centuries lmao) I would like to meet new people, and all that ^^ I play almost always on channel 1, I hope to be able to meet you and be friends. I am main eve, she is simply beautiful *~*. And I guess that's all, Nice to meet you all ^^ cya x.x
  24. sooo yea .... used to play "TOO MUCH" elsword , i have quit the game 2 years ago , mostly because the guild i was extremely attached to is basically...ded. it was literally the only thing that keept me from quiting at the time . i have achived almost everything in the game at that time .... BUT NOW IM BACK, and i only have a few questions..... is it ...worth it ? how is the population in VOID at the momment ? the market get ....a bit "better" or nah ? And my favorite part of the game pvp .... : is the PVP still ....laggy af (i can deal with cancerous classes but not LAG)
  25. Hello! I'm Sala Silvers! I'm one of the people playing on server 5! Hope we could be friends!