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Found 3 results

  1. DISCLAIMER: If you intend on posting in this thread, be prepared to debate with facts and experience. Having an idea is fine, but logic/facts/experience take priority over ideas. And yes, standard forum rules still apply [Here] This tier list is based on standard 1v1 tournament rules. (Sparring Channel/Sparring Gear/Arena Mode/No RoF/No Items/0% ERP/No Weapon Attributes/Etc.) What is a Tier List? Terms Tier Criteria: Tier Placement: VoidEls Represenatives*Under Construction* We have updated the Official VoidEls Tier List. Current Tier List as of 5/27/2018 [Current Update] Everything is always subject to change the more we lab/test/learn. Some updates in Void v2.3 not included in the above link include: DoomBringer's Enhanced Plasma passive duration increased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds. Equipment/ERP Options Class Tier Reasonings: *CURRENTLY OUTDATTED: Need to update to 3rd jobs* Elsword: Aisha: Rena: Raven: Eve: Chung: Ara: Elesis: Add: LuCiel: Rose: Ain Previous Tier Lists - 5/18/2017 - 3/17/2017 - 2/18/2017 - 9/29/2016 - 9/20/2016 - 9/9/2016 - 5/1/2016 - 4/26/2016 Changelog 5/18/2017 3/17/2017 2/18/2017 9/29/2016 9/20/16 9/9/2016 5/1/2016 4/26/2016
  2. My tier list may change from time to time.
  3. Original Post: I figured I'd try and do something since I was already going to end up doing it for the most part... I've compiled the name (not abbreviated), total stats (including effects), and set/accessory effects of every IB currently listed on Elwiki. I figured that you could just look at the site for the individual piece effects, at least until I get around to updating this again, if the need arises. I tried to make the format as friendly as possible, but I'm going to have to revamp the appearance of this list and this post later. If anyone knows a nice program for this or anything I happen to be doing within it, please do tell! I figure that it's likely someone has already done this, and if so, I'll bow out in regards to more than likely a better organized and formatted list, but just in case they haven't, I wanted to share this with all of you. Anyways, as much as I'd like to go on about this and apologize in advance if this ends up another trash-fodder thread, my rambling won't get this post over with any time soon. (And as a side note, I wasn't sure if this was the right topic to put this thread to anyone who I've offended or annoyed with this thread, and in any chance it requires being moved, I apologize to all peoples involved.) Here's what I've been working on, and I hope it helps you out: [Last updated 11/3/14] Ice Burner Stat List This thread's taken on life, so here are some resources from some other posters: Komari's ListWise's List Sone's List So! I started working on this to see if I could be -somehow- useful to the life of this thread: More Accurate IB Stat Chart Things in the chart aren't guaranteed to be 100% accurate, as again, all the info is from Elwiki, but this is putting it in a way that it becomes easier to change and document. I'd love if we could get a few messages of some sort rolling in to know who's in for the long-term life and format of this lovely little chart, whoever's document is the base (Money's on Komari's format , that was beautiful). [Tag Cloud (Empty)]