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Found 3 results

  1. (PvE & PvP) LVL 15 ✶✶ We decided to create a Guild that actually has a active Guild and committed members. We know this'll be hard to find within this server, so we're willing to do what we can and try to bring in the active players in the game, create a nice, well, set up discord, and create something that can be very memorable. The Guild is not just all about Elsword, we want it to expand outside of the game for many people to come and enjoy. We can create something big together and we're willing to bring everyone, new, old, anyone is welcome! DISCORD: "" @Ryakkusu "" "" "" @Explosion "-" --- "" === DISCORD MANAGER: Useful Things In The Discord We even have roles you can choose from on your own so you won't have to ask ~! === GUILD in-game 1. Please do not put useless items in the Guild Bank. We want to have things useful for everyone ~ 2. Do not take a whole stack of items from the guild bank, it is there for everyone to share 3. Only 3 of your characters can join the Guild (unless its for temporary purposes to add more than 3) Example: Taking advantage of the Guild's EXP passive to level your character 4. Please be nice to everyone, if you have any issues with anyone, just simply let me know! 5. Please refrain from asking for a higher rank, you have to earn it (everyone starts off as a Member of course) Enjoy! === When are the events hosted? We Host events every so often and due to that, we make sure everyone who's willing to come, will join into the events ~ How do we do you handle your events? Well, we make sure to let everyone know ahead of time when the event will happen. It's all in the Discord as well. What if something randomly occurs if one of the guild members can't come on the said date? Depending on the event, they would either choose to have to not participate in the event, or we can simply extend it as well ~ Are there rewards for everyone who participate? Yes! We make sure everyone has their fair share of rewards due to participating ~ 1st, 2nd and 3rd places WILL have different rewards compared to everyone else === (Guild Master) (Admins) (Officers) (Veterans) (Members} WE MAKE SURE THAT THE GUILD MEMBERS KNOW THAT WE DO GUILD EXPEDITIONS EVERY TIME IT RESETS! WE ALSO MAKE SURE PLANTS ARE PLANTED WHEN POSSIBLE WARNINGS ARE SET IN THE DISCORD IF A GUILD MEMBER GOES AGAINST THE RULES! ONLY ADMINS AND GUILD MASTER CAN SEE IT! If you are kicked, we will provide you with the evidence as to why you were kicked from 3 warning points. We make sure to treat everyone fairly. If you'd like to join simply type in this format: Note: you can put 3 or 2 of your characters here if you'd like! IGN(s): Main or Alt?: Age(optional): Reason to join: About me(optional): If i'm not online, simply apply from the Guild Ad once I approve you here in this thread!
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