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Found 2 results

  1. Title Actually it'd be great if you could make the El hammer you get from Blacksmith's Red anvil rewards be a cube instead because it being 7-day only is a overkill and some people has a preference of using all the hammers in one enhance (if you get what I mean) instead of using it everytime they get it (Like me) If this is actually not possible, maybe making a Exchange to transform 7-Day El Hammer into that said cube. Poll's up.
  2. So I did a research and the last time we had those two cuties was a year ago. I rarely see Corgi at all and Maru is temporary when you exchange her at Naeun. Raincoat cats haven't been in void since middle ages! Would be ideal to add them back in the next treasure chest revamp or Item mall. How can you say no to them LOOK AT THEM Credit goes to void staff Some Videos of them: Maru Corgi Credit goes to void staff So Adorable! Thank you for your time!