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Found 18 results

  1. Let's Make Naeun Great again So we all know that Naeun got really ''revamped'' years ago, with that I don't mean only few things like this few accessories or little ED changes. With this Suggestion I want to make Naeun great for Newbies and Endgame Player usefull Before I start! Changelog: You guys can also tell me your opinion on it or also few changes or Ideas cuz I run out of ma ideas.. Consumes We all Know that she don't have such ''great'' potion beside this Battle elixir or something like this so let me explain: 1. We Reduce the cost of -Summon Cards from 2,000,000 ED to 500,000 ED because they are pretty useless at endgame and only good for leveling so a reduce would be good for newbies and for the quest they have 2. We put some new potions on consume but why ? well its easy to say, because they are good and I think many ppl don't want to pay over 250,000 ED for one of this Halloween Basket and it would be also usefull for endgamer and newbies Exchange Well I want to make the Apink cards more usefull because atm they don't have such good options I mean.. i have so much of this cuz I can't finde any good options to exchange this or craft something from this.. So Let's start ! Page 1 Page 2 Crafting 1. 50 Card + 15 Jewels + 35,000,000 ED 2. or 30 Cards + 30,000,000 ED 3. 40 Cards + 25,000,000 ED Important: This contains the Full Set Changes 1. Change the costs from 5,000,000 ED to 2,000,000 ED 2. Change the Costs from 2,000,000 to 500,000 ED 3. From 30 Cards + 500,000 ED to 8 Cards + 400,000 ED 4. From 30 Cards + 750,000 ED to 8 Cards + 150,000 ED 5. Now this thing.. it costs 5,000,000 ED and 12 Cards + You get a Random skill clip I suggest the costs should be arround 15,000,0000 ED + a option where we can choose the skill clip 6. So.. I'm pretty sure that none use this since 3rd job or even Trans Update they are worthless and not even strong, even the starter cube is stronger. so change the price or delete it 7. We get this one from Starter cubes and I think 10,000,000 ED + 30 Cards is a BIT to much for this 10 cards. They are not each 1,000,000 worth.. So change it to 1,000,000 + 30 Cards 8. So let's think.. you get one of this Jewels if you buy a Super Star Cube and they cost 3,500,000 one jewels would be something like 3,000,000 or 3,500,000 worth for example I mean 8 x 3 = we spend atm for 1 wise stone around 24m.. so change the amount from 8 Naeun's Jewels to 1 for 2 Wise stones or Warped also change the amount from 15 Jewels to 10 Jewels for a +8 Amulet 9. Put this Chibi accessories from crafting to exchange for 13 or 12 Cards 10. Change the Price for "Seed From El's Tree" from 2 DeT + 100,000 ED to 5 Cards + 30,000 ED Change the Price for "Fruit from El's Tree" from 4 DeT + 200,000 ED to 10 Cards + 75,000 ED New stuff to add 1. Seals Since nobody want to spend 40 cards + 6m for a Yellow~Gold seal what is also random I put this idea from @Rika into this suggestion cuz this would be better for everyone who is selling costumes or stuff that needs a seal Let's start: Yellow seal for 5 Cards White seal for 15 Cards Violet seal for 30 Cards Gold seal for 60 Cards IMPORTANT: Make sure that these seals are: NOT Tradeable Cuz of reselling etc and we don't want to breake the marked with tons of seals 2. Let's bring this Computer Motion thing back cuz last time it was on a Xmas event on 2016 available let's start: I have no Idea how to make the mats for this but I was thinking of some similar to the Movie motion BUT not so high like it. Something around 15 Cards + 5 Jewels + 15,000,000 ED 3. Magical Girl Costumes Well now some ppl thing ''Why tf this set ??'' Its easy to explain. Because It's not strong and a good starter costume Well I was thinking about this 40 Cards + 20 Jewels + 25m It's totally enough for a set that's limited to Ara I will also add the accessories later in exchanges 4. Some People will remember the old X-mas event in 2016 where you got the Perkisas accessories How about to bring these things back at naeun? Perkisas' Achilles Wings Stigma of Fire Flame Bonds Since you can't get this accessories anymore and they look really cool tbh A price of maybe some Cards would be enough at exchange something around 50 ~ 100 Cards for each in exchange New Naeun Quest Dance till your dead A Quest like this was suggested by @Theetis Many ppl don't like to go out of every dungeon only because to complete the quest and get for 1 run only 1 card so this quest will make ur runs more easier. For each 10 runs you get from this quest 10 cards! Jewel Exchange Coming soon Beside Things This One like the SD entrys for 1,000 ED Anyways.. Keep in mind that I want to make Naeun good for Newbies and Endgame Players also its still WIP so I would be glad if you guys have any improvements on it, cuz I can edit it any time for more stuff, you guys only need to tell me ur Ideas so.. Lets Make Naeun GREAT again! Important= I only got this Idea from @LordGostone Suggestion And @Dominator Suggestion You guys inspired me to make a suggestion like this and beside.. I don't want to copy your work! I only want that the Staff sees that we want a Naeun Revamp So tell me ur Opinion on this !
  2. As we all know, here on Void we can get on every character that is above lv. 10 a cube with some goodies, thanks to the custom quest reward. Pets are great, mounts are excellent, but IB costumes... Don't you think they are quite outdated? Like, we have some really wonderful IB costumes available: Mariposa Requiem, Lord of Other World, Elpheus, Servius, Salvatore Rosso, Chess Arena... It'll be nice to wear it, even if they were temporary. Because, let's say, the "outdated" ones are not so aesthetic. I know, new IB costumes have wonderful effects, but that's not the point, I can take it nerfed a lot. You take them for the look, not for the stats, tho. I like creating new characters and choosing Celestial Master (or sometimes Maid set or Grace fairy) everytime is boring.
  3. hello i just realize that naeun s+ stone hasnt been updated, its still has the spec a/b stone. so why dont change the spec a/b stone into mp gain attacking/attacked , and add the other stats stones such as hp, move speed, jump, speed, p.atk increase , m.atk increase, p.def increase, m.def increase
  4. Hello, cuz its still offline i kinda think some small improvement for naeun. first, about adding new magic stone of crit & maxi cuz maxi & spec a/b stone (luminous transendence magic stone) is useless now, also crit & exp mag stone cuz exp & item recovery mag stone (dual magic stone of growth) dont mean much when we already have guild skill for increasing item recovery effect. second, adding food and drinks to naeun store, so we dont waste time buying material from naeun and go to some other alchemist to craft it. well i think thats all for now. thank you. ^ ^
  5. Hello guys, its my first time making a suggestion please forgive me if i make any mistake. We all know after the last update the spec a&b stats are removed right!? and there is this magic stone sold in naeun called "Luminous magic stone of transcendence" which increase maxi and spec a or b right!? How about change the effect into increase crit and maxi?. Because there is magic stone which increase crit and add dmg, crit and speed, crit and hp but there is no magic stone increase crit and maxi. if we cant change the effect how about create a new one with this effect. and maybe how about magic stone which can increase the new stats(adaptability). I think thats all i wanna suggest. Thank you for your attention. Please dont bully me. ^ ^
  6. We all know about the repeatable quest that gives us 1 Naeun Card for doing a dungeon of our level but we end up knowing soon enough that these cards are pretty useless so we end up ignoring these quest after a while. This thread is about giving some decent use to these cards as well as improve the Naeun NPC overall. 0. Some info The change from 6 Naeun Cards of different colors to a universal one was suggested by me and implemented a couple of months after from what I recall. The problem was that before the Naeun Quests would give you 3 randomized cards, I meant in the suggestion for the quests to give you 3 universal cards at a time, not one. This ended up making a lot, if not everything, in Naeun overpriced. I want to fix that mess with this suggestion as well. 1. Naeun's Shop Not that many things to talk about here, the Special Category is fine. When we go to Consumables, however, we see Elesis and Add Summon Cards for 2.5m ED each. That is a waste of ED and I am pretty sure no one has used these for a long time, as long as they are not a player trying things out of curiosity and never bothering with them again. I suggest the cost be nerfed to around 250-500k ED, and even then the cards' usefulness is questioned. If there are other character summon cards they should be included here as well. Now besides that, I've noticed Void has been implementing new custom potions a lot. I feel Naeun's Consumable Slot is a good place to put some of them. Just one thing though, the prices. Complete Recovery-like potions should not cost above 100k ED, 50% Recovery ones not above 50-60k ED etc. Even if a potion may have some extra effect, like something from apples, people will not be willing to pay more if the Apple equivalent is cheaper. Please take this into account when it comes to Event potions as well, especially in Events the potions should be cheap, even bargains, what's the point of Event potions if we end up sticking to our same old potions even then? 2. Naeun's Crafts Let's start with the Weapon tab, it just has Pepero Weapons from Elsword to Elesis and then an Add's Pumpkin Weapon. First off reduce the Naeun cards required from 18 to 10 or 15. Next, I think a new weapon should be found to be added here that includes every character unless KOG implemented Pepero/Pumpkin weapons for newer characters as well, then these should be added here as well. Now, the Consumable Tab. Wonder how many people remember about the Incomplete Apocalypse Consumable. It costs 5,000,000 ED to craft as well as 6 Naeun cards. It is actually a decent consumable but the price makes it not worth it. I suggest nerfing the price to 500,000~1,000,000 ED and 3 Naeun Cards. Next, move the Infinity Sword, Dimension Witch, Night Watcher, Tactical Trooper, Veteran Commander and Code Battle Seraph cards to Naeun's Consumable Shop, include other job cards if there are any as stated before. Make their price the same as the one suggested for the Elesis and Add cards. Afterward, we have Vitality Potion. Considering how easy these are to get from a GoD exchange, this makes this 200,000 ED price tag along with 18 Naeun Cards way too high. I suggest either the removal of this potion from here or have its price reduced to 20,000-30,000 ED and 1 Naeun Card. Lastly, a Battle Elixir and a Blue Bull, costing 500,000 and 750,000 ED and 30 Naeun Cards respectively. I do not need to tell you how ridiculously high this is. Battle Elixirs cost 250-400k ED depending on how fresh the rotation is from the ED Burners and Blue Bulls are simply Complete Recovery potions with double the CD but with the benefit of charging all our Awakening Beads, something that is already achieved with other much cheaper methods (+ Blue Bulls are dropped from ED burners as well). I suggest that the Battle Elixir price be reduced to 150,000-200,000 ED and 10 Naeun Cards and the Blue Bull Price to 100,000 ED and 10 Naeun Cards. An extra note, as I said for Naeun's Consumable Shop, custom potions could be added here with the right price tag, maybe normal potions at the shop and potions with extra special effects here. Moving on to the large Other Tab. Items I do not bother to mention seem decently priced to me, I'd just like to change the 6 card costs to 5, 6 is a weird number (it ended up being 6 because there used to be 6 Naeun Cards of different colors and the craft required 1 card of each kind), as well as 12 to 10 etc. Increase the amount of Resurrections Stones in the Resurrection Stone Cube from 15 to 50, change Naeun Cards required from 6 to 5 or 10, think the ED price is OK as it is, maybe reduce it to 250,000 ED. Split Naeun's Good vs Evil Cube to Holy and Dark Angel full Costume Cubes, increase the price from 30 cards and 3,000,000 ED to 50 cards and 10,000,000~15,000,000 ED. Now let's get to the good part, +9 crafts. +9 Amulets have really lost their value lately, I believe this calls for some decreases in their crafting fees. PvP version: 15 PvP flames + 75 Salts + 75 Brawler's Medals + 50,000,000 ED -> 10 PvP Flames + 50 Salts + 50 Brawler's Medals + 40,000,000 ED, PvE version: 180 barriers + 15 Henir Coins + 400 Time and Space Crystals + 75,000,000 ED -> 300 barriers (180 barriers fee is pretty low) + 10 Henir Coins + 600 Time and Space Crystals (again the amount required was a little low) + 65,000,000 ED and Ereda version: 15 Knight's Crystals + 200 Medals + 100,000,000 ED -> 10 Knight's Crystals + 25 Brawler's Medals (you can acquire AP from Ereda) + 100 Medals + 27,500,000 ED. Next, change Coupon for Poru seals from 40 cards and 6,000,000 ED to 30 cards and 5,000,000 ED and Mounts & Pets Exchange Coupon from 60 cards and 10,000,000 ED to 50 cards and 10,000,000 ED. Epic NPCs are pretty bad summon cards now, making the price of all of them (10 total) for 30 cards and 10,000,000 ED too high when looking that their board prices that range between 50,000-100,000 ED each. Reduce the price to 10 cards and 1,000,000 ED. Next up, Unappraised Ores had their value lowered due to the Arena Cube as well, change the fee from 4 El Rewards + 120 Barriers + 15,000,000 ED to 4 El Rewards + 150 Barriers + 10,000,000 ED. The following gear cubes should change from 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 90, 102 and 120 cards and 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 80 and 100m to 5 , 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 60 cards and 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15m and 25m ED. (though honestly, I do not think anyone really cares about these gears anymore). Next, we have Naeun's Superstar Gamble Cube. After a while this Cube lost most of its worth and then it was implemented to IBs, it felt like it was forced in there so that they end up being used. However, their board price soon fell much lower than their actual crafting, proving how little worth it has now. Reference: If the cube is to remain similar to how it is now, then I believe the price should be decreased from 6 cards and 3,500,000 ED to 5 cards and 1,500,000~2,000,000 ED. There's also a decent suggestion by @Dominator tackling their improvement here: And lastly, we have the Pet Food crafts. First off, if they are to include GoD tickets, they are better suited to be moved to Echo. Next, no need to point how that 100,000 ED + 2 tickets, 200,000 ED + 4 tickets and 500,000 ED + 10 tickets for El Tree Seed, Fruit and Dark El Seed respectively are overpriced. Change them to 30,000 ED + 2 tickets, 50,000 ED + 4 tickets and 5,000 ED + 5 tickets respectively. An extra idea is to add the personality candies from the last event here, at the price of 2,000,000 ED and 10 GoD tickets or something, though I think it is not bad to make them event exclusive either. 3. Naeun's Exchanges Like before, if I do not mention an exchange I find it fine the way it is. Add Mana Eater, all Moby and Oberon Mounts (excluding maybe the white one because it is easily acquired from Hero Coins), and if there are any (think there's a red one), all the other Scorpion Mounts as well. Revamp the Jewel Exchange. The thread I posted above about the Superstar Gamble Cubes suggests an exchange improvement of their own so I will leave that thread to speak for itself. Add Naeun Card Exchange System. I recommend the following (this is to give the cards some use to people that do not care to craft anything with them, if you have any a little higher tier things to suggest I am all ears, I'd like 1 or 2 more exchanges that do not involve potions but I did not find something suitable yet): 5 cards -> 5x Valentine's Day Love Chocolate (Recovers 14% HP, 214 MP, removes status effects, burning, poison and curse, CD: 30 sec) OR 5x Special Cinnamon Roll (Recovers 30% HP & MP, CD: 30 sec) 10 cards -> 5x Hidden Emergency Food (Recovers 50% HP & MP, CD: 30 sec) OR 3x Highly Concentrated Recovery Potion (Recovers 75% HP & MP, CD: 30 sec) 25 cards -> 5x Sweet Love Potion (Recovers 100% HP & MP, CD: 30 sec) OR 5x Sweet Chocolate (Recovers 100% HP & MP, CD: 30 sec) 4. Conclusion That's it for this thread for now. I've tried to "make up" for my previous Naeun suggestion for a while now. Let me know your thoughts, cast your votes etc.
  7. will be really nice if void transfer 2nd job change promo from item mall to naeun exchange for like 300 apink cards we have base and 1st one for 30 apink cards so why not have 2nd one too for bit higher apink card price guess nobody buying it for EC so please make it possible
  8. Especially now, due to the event, having to exit dungeon after every single run to get the Apples is pretty annoying, it’d be a great help if this were made possible. Don’t mention technical difficulties nonsense, I am perfectly aware of those and will let the staff (if they will ever bother to reply) ascertain that. If this is impossible I suggest adding a new quest which requires 5 or 10 dungeon runs instead of 1 to allow some grind at least instead of leaving after every run (with the proper amount of reward of course, in this case 5 or 10 Apples). This suggestion will probably end up ignored like many others but am giving this a try as well.
  9. This suggestion involves Heroic invitations. It is really annoying that you cannot purchase the Heroic invitations from Naeun anymore so you are forced to spam other dungeons to drop them and then spam heroic with the few tickets you got (not to mention their prices on the board...). So I suggest that the invitations be added back to Naeun. EDIT: Just wanna add that after Void's custom buff was added the drop rate of invitations remains abysmal. Also, I refuse to spend my PvP rewards to get them...
  10. Make the quest so that it is similar to Heroic Weekly Quest, or PvP Salt Quest. In addition to the retry option after a dungeon end, I don't want to quit the dungeon, end the quest, and then re-enter it. It would be more efficient for people who grinds a lot and make it a tad faster. Sorry for not elaborating my idea. The name and content will be the same, but instead, make it 10 runs, and the reward is 10 naeun ticket. Edited: Add picture
  11. So this is a pretty simple suggestion which I've been wanting to suggest for a while. The idea is basically to add a new exchange at Naeun with which u can exchange 1 card for any other card or exchange 2 cards for 1 other. This suggestion could help solve cases like mine where u get way too many cards of 1 kind and way less of 1 other. EDIT: For the universal card idea my suggestion is to add a new card (with all 6 colours maybe?) which can be obtained from any card via exchange 1 for 1. The amount of universal cards required for crafts etc will be adjusted accordingly, e.g. 5 of each card will become 30 universal cards. Of course the Naeun cubes will from now on only drop 1 universal card ea.
  12. How to get costumes?? And where to get Naeun's costumes??
  13. Ooh-Aah is currently the most chosen IM set! Strawberry milk is in the lead as the current most chosen one piece! Ok, first suggestion I've ever happen to have made. Kinda nervous this would be a bad suggestion, but here I go. I am terrible at this kind of thing, so don't be surprised if it does suck butt ( Criticism and constructive criticism are highly encouraged ) My suggestion is that you may add currently un-obtainable (and the most chosen IM set and one piece set) dance sets, (such as HUSH, Dancing queen, Big bang, ect) to be craftable Naeun. Seeing how Naeun is pretty much based off Apink Idol Son Naeun it would seem like a kinda agreeable thing right? An idol selling dance sets, somewhat gives Naeun a personality. God I am terrible at making suggestions, but oh well. If not every dance set could be implemented what about a selected few huh? I am trying to think of a decent thing we could use to craft these sets or whatever. For now I'll be currently working with apink cards, will change eventually but I am not sure. I'll start with some examples of shet. The strawberry milk one piece. I'd say about, Currently updating the requirments Price could be, say about 50 mil? The TWICE OOH-AHH set (Both hair styles pls--) I'd say about, updating requirments about 30-40 mil for the cube with the entire set, (both hair styles included please ;u;.) I'll add more once I get some feedback on some of the craftables or prices, so I can know what would be a reasonable price or amount of material needed that would make /some/ people happy. I am open to all suggestions you people got. Be sure to give your honest opinion on this idea/suggestion. Even if it's something like, "it f00ken suks u shud kys 4 this dumb id uh". *hides* also, the cubes don't have be fancy or somethin' we could use this simple cube *u*
  14. is that thing still exist here? i've open ~500 box but the damn sword never come out
  15. There should be a button in Naeun that stops the music, sometimes can be annoying xD
  16. So,i didn't see a lot of "[VoidEls]PlayBunny Coin" and "[VoidEls]Kumiho's Spirit" just today and looks like no one's gonna sell it,so,why don't add it to the Sell tier in Naeun ?idk how much it can be but i think 10mil/10kk can be affordable for all,in total after crafting the cube it can be like 45mil.i know everyone need it and looks like it's hard to get,so,Pls Void,it's a great idea or no ?
  17. Everyone knows Naeun is that NPC where we dump those Apink Cards for some beneficial items and a source of ED burning. But it seems those are all she has. Some of her items such as those titles are somewhat not worth getting because they give almost the same stats. And the hush hush hush thingy or whatever it is called on her seems to be getting old and boring as time goes by.
  18. So, I hope I'm not the only one who thinks Naeun's NPC cards cost a ridiculous amount of money. Example: Example 2: I understand that they're supposed to be extremely powerful cards, but why buy them when it's such a huge waste of ED? The only card that might be worth it would be Apocalypse. It's still a whopping 5million ED. It's still too expensive to be useful though. The problem: You run your HoB, SD, Henir, whatever. It costs ~3 HoB runs to buy one Elesis/Add card. What. Why would you do that. The solution: a) Make the epic npc cards cards cheaper. [see poll above] b )Add different weaker cards (such as Ruben - Hamel monster cards for 10k-150k each, depending on their rarity and usefulness). b)2) Or NPCs like NA had like Ariel being a WS that spammed WS's moves and Airelinna. During an event a while back on NA you could buy Ariel cards for like 100k. Disclaimer: I know that these cards are supposed to be collectible through killing the monsters in each respected dungeon. But honestly, who WANTS to grind a dungeon they can only have a CHANCE of getting certain monster cards from just for monster cards? That's not fun. The monster card system is in need of a revamp from KoG anyway...