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Found 1 result

  1. To preface this suggestion, I don't mean to bring these back because I think there is any CP benefit to having them back. I want to bring them back for collect-ability purposes. I also fully understand that this idea may not be possible in any of the way described. Had to make it nice and big to make sure people see that first. Just recently I had a thought: yes, we may no longer have the old Perk raid (and never mind the fact we never actually got MKII Eltrion) and ways of getting the weapon nor upgrading it, but the weapon still exists in the system, as does the horns and breath. Or at least, supposedly the horns do too. I'm still finding new breaths to discard on my old characters, so I know those still exist. But I thought that while we can't get them anymore from their original source, that doesn't mean we can't get them from a new source. I've very quickly thought up (read as; will probably need feedback for a more balanced approach) ways to get the weapons. And yes, I do mean to include Eltrion's. His accessories might also be included, but they kinda would either not be used, or fuck with the meta a bit. The first way this could work would look as such: Perkisas Rusty Weapon/Eltrion: Fighting Spirit Equipment - Sold at Glave for 1,000 ED. Perkisas's Horn Fragment: Barrier Fragment x 30 = 3 horn fragments. This means you would need 3,000 fragments for the first stage, 4,000 for the second, and 5,000 for the third, making a grand total of 12,000 fragments needed. (will be mild discrepancy due to 4/5 thousand not working to a whole number) Eltrion MKII's Nasod Piece: Barrier Fragment x 20 = 6 nasod pieces. This means the first stage of Eltrion would need 2000 fragments, 4,000 for the second, and 6,000 for the third, making it 12,000 fragments as well. Both of these exchanges above would be at Glave. Perkisas's Breath: If at all possible, in the IM for 0 EC, alternatively, sold at Glave as well for 1 ED. Another alternative, exchangeable at Naeun for an Apink card. It's hard to adjust horn fragment costs to make this done by the same method and wind up being the same fragment cost as the Eltrion weapon. The crafts could be re-added to Glave by Void. The reason I chose Barrier Fragments for them is these are level 85 weapons, so making the mats to exchange them for crafts be in the same range just seems like the go-to idea for me. The second way I thought of: / Perkisas's / Eltrion's Strength: Sold at Ariel for 1,000,000 ED / + 2 Heroic Souls + 10,000,000 ED = / Perkisas's / Eltrion's Wisdom / + 4 Heroic Souls + 39,000,000 ED = / Perkisas's / Eltrion's Courage This method would use ED and Souls. In exchange for 3 days of Heroic Dailies (Or a daily and a weekly) as well as exactly 50 million ED total, you skip the long grind of crafting that the first idea proposes. Third way I thought of: x 1,000 + x 4 = / Perkisas's / Eltrion's Courage A craft at Glave again essentially. No ED cost as the soonest you can make one would be 4 days. Above method will become useless soon, best to ignore it, as I'm too lazy to actually remove it, and haven't come up with a viable replacement.