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Found 6 results

  1. Can We just have a Vaporwave themed pose or dance with Macintosh Plus , thankies, here is the link to the song
  2. Keroro Gunsou Suit & Pet : Idle Motion: Selfie 101! :
  3. this set and pose is truly truly cute and im wondering if void could add it to the new update aswell? limited maybe? its so adorable.
  4. Jemiel

    Job Specific Poses

    Don't know if this makes sense but to me it does... LOL. As the name suggests, if it's possible to add to IM/Naeun the job poses of characters (much like the skill cut-in sold at Naeun, it's not the job of your char but you can use it.) Let's be honest some poses just look nicer/cuter/better than the one it's meant for. I for one love BtM's pose for Aisha, it'd be nice to have it used for her other jobs... or Sheath Knight's pose for Elboy, among others. LOL It just adds a bit more variety to some other poses IMO. You can make it for IM or just put it on Aranka/Naeun for some Ed. I mean Ara's Eun Hair and Raven's Nasod Arm was made possible, this might be too. So yeah... LOL
  5. Inlan

    Hm, what about this?

    I am so unsure if there's already a thread about this, but if there is, feel free to merge or lock it. But all I want to suggest is to somewhat implement or even consider adding win or lose poses in Elrios Studio. Using a special command, like for example, /win or /lose (sample), then the character will do a random winning or losing pose. I don't know if ready pose is also included but probably not. If you would like an example, here is a video of one. Idon'twanttogotodgnsjustforposes So what do you think? Would you want it or no?
  6. Imari

    Implement EM old idle pose

    Just like the title says, i think her old Idle Pose looks much better (and cute) than her current pose. Here's a pic and sorry for my bad english qq Edit: here's her old pose but it MUST be edited, since its her data from S1,if anyone knows how to edit let me know please.