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Found 3 results

  1. Job Specific Poses

    Don't know if this makes sense but to me it does... LOL. As the name suggests, if it's possible to add to IM/Naeun the job poses of characters (much like the skill cut-in sold at Naeun, it's not the job of your char but you can use it.) Let's be honest some poses just look nicer/cuter/better than the one it's meant for. I for one love BtM's pose for Aisha, it'd be nice to have it used for her other jobs... or Sheath Knight's pose for Elboy, among others. LOL It just adds a bit more variety to some other poses IMO. You can make it for IM or just put it on Aranka/Naeun for some Ed. I mean Ara's Eun Hair and Raven's Nasod Arm was made possible, this might be too. So yeah... LOL
  2. Hm, what about this?

    I am so unsure if there's already a thread about this, but if there is, feel free to merge or lock it. But all I want to suggest is to somewhat implement or even consider adding win or lose poses in Elrios Studio. Using a special command, like for example, /win or /lose (sample), then the character will do a random winning or losing pose. I don't know if ready pose is also included but probably not. If you would like an example, here is a video of one. Idon'twanttogotodgnsjustforposes So what do you think? Would you want it or no?
  3. Implement EM old idle pose

    Just like the title says, i think her old Idle Pose looks much better (and cute) than her current pose. Here's a pic and sorry for my bad english qq Edit: here's her old pose but it MUST be edited, since its her data from S1,if anyone knows how to edit let me know please.