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Found 154 results

  1. Fateful

    [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    ☆ We carry within ourselves the direction our lives will take. Within ourselves burn the timeless, fateful stars. - Antal Szerb - ☆ [Fateful] | Level 20 PvE Guild ☆ Thank you to all of our guildies for the hard work put into completing stage 200 of the Expedition each reset! Fateful was founded in October 2015 as a PvE guild with a strong focus on raid. We're a friendly group of misfits that call Fateful home. We're always striving to improve ourselves and our guild, both upfront and behind the scenes! Join us while we do dailies, including Henir, SDs, Heroics, DraBaki/Crimson raids, and Expeditions. We're looking for active, fun, and talkative players who can help us achieve our goals. To promote activity, we do expect you to aggressively strive to cap your character as soon as possible. We'll help! We also accept alts! It's not uncommon for users to have multiple alts so long as they are all active. 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 Guild Rules The interpretation of the rules are ultimately up to Hail and Connor! Their decisions are final. Don't Rock Hail's Boat Under no circumstances should any member try to cause unrest in the guild. Rebellion will not be tolerated. Be Active The inactivity limit is six days, but you can be kicked at five if we need space. If you will be gone longer, leave a message in #absent on Discord. You will still be kicked, but you will retain your rank when we re-add you! Otherwise, we can still re-add you, but you go back to Member. Keep Drama to a Minimum If you have issues with a member in the guild (or Discord), contact an admin. That's what we're here for! Be Respectful Treat every member with respect and dignity. Yes, we horse around a lot and poke fun at each other, but when someone says stop, you stop. Contribute Contribute to your new guild, be it in the form of donating materials, organizing parties for dailies, or helping out other guildies! Begging is not acceptable and after the first offense will be met with Strikes (Discord) and Initiate ranking. Miscellaneous All members may recruit freely. Habitual guild hopping will not be tolerated. Discord Rules The more detailed version can be found in our #rules channel, which you should read upon joining, as they all apply! Flame Wars & Respecting Staff Do not try to incite any kind of argument or drama or you will be warned. Take all warnings by staff, be it an admin or mod, seriously. If it persists, appropriate action will be taken. Voice & Text Channel Regulations Do not join voice chats just to "troll" or eat your microphone, as you may end up with strikes and a ban from voice altogether. Keep posts in their appropriate channels! Spamming images in #general-text and advertising your own server without Hail's permission is forbidden. Muting your microphone in general chats isn't accepted. Strike System The gist of it is: three strikes and you’re out. You get a strike by breaking our Discord rules and once you hit three, you’re kicked from the server. However, there are some offenses that will get you immediately banned from the Discord, which are malicious hacking and scamming. Guild Bank The guild bank is for everyone. Please keep junk out! Withdrawal Permissions and Regulations Junk includes most anything that isn't listed below. If you deposited any, it will be removed. Do not take things to sell for personal profit! Do not take more than your share! If you withdraw too much, you will be demoted to Initiate and asked to return the excess. If you fail to comply, or don't pay in ED the total value of what you took, you will be kicked from the guild. - Guild Master | Eternity - Have a name based on precipitation, capture a Feebas in generations three, four, and five, climb atop Mt. Coronet without a single Pokeball, fire type, or winter coat, drink seven pints of Drabaki blood, kill Karis 850 times, becomes infamous across the server, and pay ConnorGWYF a generous sum of 7b ED. - Admins | Celestials - Hand picked from exemplary Officers, by the guild master, to govern and moderate the guild. Basically, you need to be über dedicated. Discord is required. - Officers | Watchers - For Veterans. Continuous contribution and effort is expected. Discord is required. - Veterans | Time-Keepers - Awarded for being in the guild for roughly 10 days with activity and contribution. Must be capped. - Members | Heroes - Received immediately upon joining - Initiates - Used as a punishment. Hail & Stephy Forehead Supreme “Send pics.” The myth. The legend. The man himself. Hail. He’s our forehead on the forefront. Oh yeah, he’s also a GM or whatever. The best Reindhardt to ever live, blocking over 9000 damage with his forehead alone. Also, don’t forget to blame him for everything wrong in the guild, such as your waifu’s death and the end of the entire universe. He’s responsible of taking care of any drama and making decisions in this house. Warning for Discord users: Be aware of his obsession with gardening. Poor Soul, pun intended, fell victim to this deadly virus. ConnorGWYF & Pinguu & LeekSpin Calamity Connor Von “Gimme your shoes.” Our faithful head admin. To put simply, his job is to oversee other admins and take the wheel when Hail breaks his computer or is too busy chasing Eves. He runs Void on potato frames; however, he still feels the need to spar everything that moves. To make a long story short he’s essentially active on several games including Void, Overwatch, and Pokémon Showdown. Expect him to be moderately reliable in most forms of gaming. The exception being his trash Roadhog. Glory & Health & Robin Alleyway Surgeon “Skin the meat.” Grey’s still one of our most forthcoming admins and makes a living as the guild’s secretary. His sternness is known far and wide across our discord. Yes, he’s as serious as he looks, but don’t let that dissuade you from carrying on with your daily life. Unless, of course, his sights are set on you, in which case, pray you have some fruit snacks on hand. Ew Rich Man's Poor Girl “But I'm pooo00oooo0oorrr!” Soft is the greediest person you’ll meet. She once stole her boyfriend’s entire sense of self-worth and wore it on her sleeve. Press “F” to pay respects. Her avarice has led to the attainment of outlandishly high stats and fortune on Void. She’s very cute and innocent on the outside but a devil inside. Don’t be afraid of her, though, once you get to know her she doesn't bite. IQ & Beg God Himself “R u a grill” Envy is the self-proclaimed Master of the Planets and the Universe and strives to be grandmaster in Overwatch even though he is centuries away from gold. Although Envy strives to be popular, he is approachable and friendly to everyone. However, it doesn't hide his prankster nature. Envy’s in love with Umaru-chan (i-it’s not a phase mom!) and his passion is only outmatched by his scouting capabilities. Entschlossen Our Lord and Savior “Lost 10b and still no +11.” Our sauerkraut has been taught humility and duty from the Fatherland itself. Even the most determined dungeoneers on Void will be hard-pressed to surpass his level of dedication and effort in queue and parties. Although Enty is a formidable Void player, he’s known to be unlucky, hence why he’s spent 10b with no success at attaining his +11 Void weapon. Even so, Enty remains as the most reliable nerd Fateful has to offer. Diabolic The Worst of the Best “xd” Ghost is literally a troll. He will annoy you by saying shit that makes no sense and spamming “lul xd." Overall he’s pretty chill and you can always go to him for help. For the exchange of 50b he will enlighten you with all of his knowledge. That’s a pretty good deal! He’s there to keep Soft under control but most of the time that doesn’t go very well and he suffers injuries for attempting to. Cloudy Cat Lover “Why be alive when you can just sleep for eternity.” Lulu is our newest admin. Although new, he contributes to the guild through his in-game services and has become one of our strongest nerds. He is an avid cat lover and will do absolutely anything for them. Matched with his hot looks in real life, Lulu and cats are a match made in heaven. However... he is the sassiest person you’ll ever meet in Fateful, so watch out for his sassy remarks… or else you’ll get sassed. ZenWistalia Fateful's Pianist “exhales” The Good Child of Fateful. Zenyatta is one of the newest yet most kind-hearted among our staff members. This pure-hearted guy will listen to whatever qualms you may have and try to help you in any way he can. His services also include playing piano for Fateful in voice chat and sending pictures of scrumptious food that is sure to make your mouth water. Be prepared to gain 10 pounds by just looking at his photos. aSieghart & Dystopiac & LunaScribe The British Lass “Spinning is winning.” Sieg is one of the most experienced players in the guild. Her knowledge of the game is incredibly well-versed and is backed up by her skills in-game. Her abilities don't only pertain to Elsword, however; she’s known to be a Pokémon master in Showdown as well. Even though she has a loving personality with angelic looks and a wonderful British voice, she should not be taken lightly… or else she will steal your bread and pastries. Cancerous Who the Fuck is This “KE isn’t even that broken dawg” The one and only DMX that you know and love from the Mega Wars has come to roost here in Fateful. Among the staff, Jovian’s knowledge and experience of Elsword is one of the best. He’s able to discuss matters of the game without letting his personal feelings get in the way. Even so, Jovian remains as one of the more quiet admins who prefers to keep himself until his services are required. Tisiphony & Persephony Haiku Goddess “Hi! ^^” Our beautiful guild mom who actually hasn’t changed much. She’s amongst the most amicable admins so feel free to whisper her anytime you see her online. By the way, she does bite. When she’s not trying to get you to sell your soul for favors, she enjoys surfing, tacos, paradoxes, Zen, and anxiety driven sprints along the beach. Wage Code: Emergency Murder System “INHALES” Ems is one of our most experienced Void players, but also our youngest in staff. Don’t let that fool you; her short stature and her +11 spear make Ems a force to be reckoned with (cough PvP rapist,) despite her constant denials of being OP. She also typically gets jealous of Zen for the food pics he sends and bullies him for exhaling and making bad puns using her name. However, Ems is friendly so feel free to approach her about anything. Masturbates The Hellion “Whatever flexes your meat, bro.” This lazy and mischievous degenerate is one of our strongest dungeoneers. He’s taken it upon himself to get his hands dirty by taking care of “cleanup duty” when our activity wanes. Most of the time, he’s playing all different kinds of games on the PC, PS4, and Nintendo consoles instead of playing Void like he should. He also likes to make fun of everybody because he can. > Surprise Movies and Anime! < Hosted by whichever admins or mods are able to at the time. Sometimes a poll is opened for members to decide on what to watch, and others it's picked by the host themselves. Everyone is welcome to join them in! > Guildie Ideas! < In the past we've had multiple guildie co-hosted events, ranging from a PvP Tournament to trivia all the way to the Fateful Olympics! Any guildie is welcomed to present an event idea to Fateful's staff for us to discuss and review. Please keep in mind staff will moderate the event and work closely with them to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. > Other Games! < Occasionally staff discusses possible interest in hosting events in other games, such as Cards Against Humanity, for example. Please let us know if you're interested in these and what suggestions you have, as the more people that display interest and a willingness to participate the more often we'll do it. Guests are welcome to join as well, and encouraged! Fateful's Discord is its primary information hub. Here we host sign-ups for events, events themselves, have the most activity and discussion, and more people to interact with. Guests are welcomed! Please answer the introductory bot upon joining. { Click Here to Join } IGN: Level/Class: Main or Alt: Previous Guild: Timezone: Reason for wanting to join: Preferred time for recruitment: [Victory] – PvE ☆ GM Boobies Special Thanks Headers, dividers, front logo, and old staff images made by Edendless. Current staff images made by Zen and Rose. Trailer directed and edited by Zen. Discord server logo (also used at the end of the trailer) by Marumi. All other graphics in the trailer made by Pichi (SushiCakes.) Songs used for the trailer: Trattoria, Imprinting. Credit given to the rest of [Fateful] staff for their participation in recording for the trailer and giving feedback as needed.
  2. [Acuity] was made on September 30th, 2018. Our goal is to not only build a community, but to sustain it together with everyone. We don't intend to make this a huge guild; a small, active community is all we really want. Our GM role is purely representative. Both ingame and on our Discord server, Staff and the GM have equal rights in decision making. There is no difference in authority between GM and staff, with the exception of editing this guild thread~ But that's not all there is to it! [Acuity] strives to shape itself after its members' wishes - from guild skills to who gets to be in staff, the decision lies within our members rather than staff alone. Together, we can achieve a guild where nobody has to feel left out or like their opinion is meaningless. We know that many people have great ideas despite not being good at managing a server - that does not mean your ideas have to go to waste! Your role cannot define you here - but you can define your role! Why [Acuity] and not another guild? tl;dr: - Steady leveling - Buffs are either permanent or can be activated on request - PvE Skills (Perm. Gnosis) - Free El Tears + helpful Consumables - Carries & game advice on pretty much everything - Actually for everyone, not just strong/famous people - Free Oxygen Updates: "Hi there! I'm Lina, creator of [Acuity] and this thread. I'm currently the one holding the Guild Master role on my IGN 'Heartsie', previously 'Archangel'. I share my responsibilities with everyone in staff, but most notably my hubby Cloud, as we share the same timezone. I do my best to be nice to everyone, though even I have no tolerance for people that don't behave. I'm into a lot of aspects of the game (I do both PvP and PvE, and even some Ereda at times), but am here for the community more than anything else. I firmly believe in any problem being able to be solved as long as people talk it out, so feel free to approach me about anything you like!" "Hey there, my IGN's Xhed but you may call me Cloud. I'm a chill and casual video game player, but always ready to help someone that needs it. I'm a veteran Elsword player, so if you have any questions about the game you can always ask me and I'll be more than glad to help. I mostly play PvE but I also spar with guildies and friends on occasion. My ideal for this guild is equality; I treat everyone the same. I like honesty and loyalty - I don't do well with liars or those that use others for their own benefit. I'm currently what passes for a Chung/Raven main but I also play a handful of other characters to keep myself interested in the game." Wassup Void Peeps, I'm MiraiAkari! I LOVE Music, am a big gamer, Anime nerd and call myself the most fashioned Rena player in Void Elsword. I'm a loving and caring person that likes to help motivate other players to do their best on this game, and i always help players as much as possible even outside of our guild. I believe that hard work gives more satisfaction and happiness than pure money~ I PvE only, and don't tolerate childish and mean behaviour - so everyone be kind to each other; no hate all love! I don't bite so feel free to talk to me, I'm a dork once you get to know me better~ Hey i'm Ken! No not Kappa, that's Ken. I'm THAT Ken. The IGN 'White' Ken. As any of my friends would tell you - especially in this guild - I apparently have a good amount of charisma to be a joy to hang out with. I'm brilliant in PvP if I do say so myself and a decent asset in PvE! Simple rule of thumb really, treat each other the way you want to be treated. Don't twist it, as no one accepts negative behaviour. Then we'll get along! Join our Discord to apply, for a list of our rules, current members, information and more! Guests allowed! Want to apply, but don't use Discord? Fill out this form and you're good to go! IGN/Class: Age/Gender: Previous Guild (if any): About you:
  3. DabiTenshi

    [ProjectMysticz] Change of an era~

    Loading... Introduction.exe Welcome Agents, to the new and reformed page of [ProjectMysticz], a multigame Circle/Guild/Clan. We are a bunch of people with one mission: create a better working and gaming atmosphere for the all of us! First let us introduce yourselves and the Community itself, shall we? First on our list are the introduction of the Leader and his operating Admins~ To grow as a community and stay operating, there is a certain set of rules that we all need to follow next to the general rules that are running this game. Our personal Rulebook looks like as follows: 1. Be active! Only if you are active we can grow as a whole! 2. Be polite and helpful to another. Dont flame or do something that could affect the Community in a negative way. 3. Act your age. Its not hard to be nice to one another and act like a grown up even though we are in a game. 4.We dont tolerate rasicm, homophobia, etc. Every action in this direction can cause you to get kicked out of the Community. 5. If you have to take your time out of Void Elsword or one of the other Games (informations about the other Games in our Discord) please make sure to tell either the Leader, the Co-Leader or one of the Admins/Moderators for the section that you are gone for a while or post it into our discord server. If we dont get informed about it and you stay away more than 15 days you'll get kicked out. Now you may ask: why should I join this Community? Good Question! Let me show you the possabilities that awaits for joining us. We offer you: -a (futurely) wide range of Games that you can all together enjoy playing as a community~ -a well organized and lead Discord server who is constantly changing in the direction all of you want it to go~ -active staff that will help you with your problems and help you grow in Level and Knowledge about the games we offer~ -futurely planned events and giveaways including Ingame and Reallife prices~ We may can offer you this but also we are searching for something. That would be: -nice and active members that are interested in growing together as a Community~ To make sure to be part of the Community, be sure to: a) Apply to one of us Ingame. Just ask if you can join and we will invite you. b) Write an application under this thread or with an Direct Message to @DabiTenshi. Just tells us something about yourself: Name: Character you play: Level: Small informationtext about yourself: Please consider to Join our Discord server to get informations about all the games we are currently in, to trade with other members and get Informed about Guild Updates, game updates, Contests we will organize with prices and many many more. Link: SIDENOTE: DO NOT JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER TO JUST FILL ONE PLACE OF A SERVER ON YOUR DISCORD. AS LONG AS YOU DONT HAVE THE INTENTION OF BEING A MEMBER INGAME AND ON DISCORD WE WONT DO ANY INTERVIEW WITH YOU, YOU WONT GET THE NECESSARY RANKS TO COMMUNICATE WITH US AND DONT BE ABLE TO SEE ANY CONTENT AT ALL!!
  4. A time ago, Void made Ancient Silver/Gold Coins cannot to be sold at NPCs due to hackers, but now Server is more safe and cleaned of hackers so my suggestion it's the following one: So many PvE players (me incluided) have +20 stacks of those coins, and they are just there making space on our inventory without any worth (I know we have that Mysterious El Sphere for use that coins, but what it's the point to use that coins when it give you more coins?? and the fee is 100.000 ED) and this isn't the only reason, the big and important reason to make this suggestion to work are ''Mithrils prices'' Now let's check board for mithrils prices: 2.000.000-3.000.000 ED for x1 Mithril piece? wtf? x1 stack= 2-3 billion ED. NO THANKS. Here we go, now with Void's New Enhancement System everyone will say ''No, cuz getting +10 is so easy'', no my friend, that's not true, first of all you need to level your Blacksmith and that take a lot of ED, materials (Mithrils) and time and RNG still working and getting +10 isn't that easy not everyone can get +10 via Blacksmith bc wasting x1 stack of mithrils pieces and no +10, bc is still RNG, btw my BS is lv.10 as all we saw, Void economy related to enhancement via Blacksmith is getting worse and worse, Mithrils drop aren't that good, with lv.10 Treasure Hunter + True Treasure title you even get mithrils pieces drop, if you are lucky you might get x3 pieces on 3-4 dungeons and that's make mithrils prices to increase as hell, so why not to make PvE and Treasure Hunter Ancient Coins more useful so everyone can have a chance for level their Blacksmith using their TH coins and mithrils economy will get balanced. Now with the new TH update (21/09/2018), Ancient Diamonds price rised up to 500k-1m per piece and mithrils price still high (2-3m per piece) and the TH Coins exchange wasn't that good as we expected bc selling coins and diamonds you will get more profit than exchange them for useless things or for RNG things, and most of players are complaining about it and the marketplace it's unbalanced with mithrils economy and getting +10 it's IMPOSSIBLE everyone it's complaining about +10 bc there are no way getting +10 with 2-3m mithrils and shit RNG and this made this community to suggest a craftable +10 Amulet, you think this is normal?? Ofc not can the Staff just think a bit about it and at least put the ''Exchangable part'' it really will end this struggle for getting +10 and will end this stupid mithrils prices tbh. 1. Make them to be exchangable for Treasure Hunter items: Mithrils, Elixirs, Medals... I don't know how it will be the quantity of the exchange yet but something normalized like: 15 Silver Coins= x1 mithril stone/ x3 weak elixir 30 Silver Coins= x1 mithril piece/ x3 medium elixir 45 Silver Coins= x1 mithril crystal/ x3 strong elixir 10 Gold Coins= x1 mithril stone/ x5 weak elixir 20 Gold Coins= x1 mithril piece/ x5 medium elixir 30 Gold Coins= x1 mithril crystal/ x5 strong elixir 1 Ancient Diamond= x5 mithril stone/ x30 weak elixir 5 Ancient Diamond= x5 mithril piece/ x30 medium elixir 10 Ancient Diamond= x5 mithril crystal/ x30 strong elixir Medal of Profiency Cube = x100 Silver Coins + x100 Gold Coins Medal of Greed Cube = x150 Silver Coins + x150 Gold Coins Golden Accessories = x150 Silver Coins + x150 Gold Coins + x150 Ancient Diamonds True Treasure Hunter Title = x300 Silver Coins + x300 Gold Coins + x300 Ancient Diamonds 2. Make them selleable at NPCs I'm sure that suggestion won't satisfy PvE players and Server, bc how it's actually with Mithrils prices will be better to can exchange TH coins for mithrils/elixirs, but well let's try it too. 3. Add Golden Accessories & True Treasure title for craft (credits to @LordGostone) Another way to make those coins to be more useful it's to use them as a ''materiales'' + ED for craft : -Golden Accessories since the drop it's so low and rare. -True Treasure title drop on El Sphere it's so low and rare, and with this title we will be able to get more % of drop, so it will help this suggestion and ''Mithrils'' economy. ''For make it more balanced and not easier for craft, only TH lv.10 users are allowed to craft them.'' 4. Make some changes on The Mysterious El Sphere (credits to @IronDefender) The Mysterious El Sphere is a device that can only be accessed by Treasure Hunters. Players with this profession are able to consume one Ancient Silver Coin, Ancient Gold Coin, or Ancient Diamond to obtain one random item. Each consumption will cost 100,000 ED, regardless of the material consumed. Diamonds have the highest chance of obtaining rare items while Silver Coins have the lowest. Let’s do a little math here: 1 stack of Ancient Silver Coins = 999 x 100,000 ED = 99,900,000 ED YIKES! Knowing RNGesus you will probably get a stack of Whole Grain Flour, not really worth it. Well let’s tweak that price! Here is my proposition to tweak the Mysterious El Sphere price (up for debate): Ancient Silver Coin: 10,000 ED Ancient Gold Coin: 50,000 ED Ancient Diamond: 100,000 ED I imagine it looking like this: 5. Make the exchangable & craftable items ''untradables'' I'm not agree with this option and players either cuz the point of this suggestion it's make balance on ''Mithrils'' prices, and if there are hackers still alive, they just can gamble on El Sphere and get everything from there, and the proof that hackers are dead, are mithril prices on board and the low quantity of them so we can assume it's safe bc Void's Staff is doing a great job taking rid of them. 6. Make something useful with them, if someone have a better suggestion, say it please. I'm sure this will make the Server more active, more balanced and more affordable to everyone than how it's right now, thanks for reading o/.
  5. zetas

    [128] • Lv. 17 • Discord

    Level: 17. Type: PvE. Established: 12.12.2018 • In-Game Rules • 1. Be active. Inactivity Limit: 10 days. 2. Maximum 1 main, 1 alt. This is to keep open space for new members to join the guild. The GM, Admins, and Officers are allowed an extra alt to be added into the guild. 3. Follow the basic rules of the game. Pretty straightforward. No hacking, scamming or defamation. 4. No guild hopping. If you leave, join another guild, and ask to come back you will be denied or put on trial. We respect loyal players. • Discord Rules • 1. English Only. You must be fluent in English, broken English creates communication issues when attempting to resolve problems. 2. Strike System. Punishment on breaking any rules will go as followed: You are allowed 3 strikes before you are ultimately banned from the server/guild. Each rule you break counts as one strike and will be dealt with by a staff member. We are not very strict when it comes to playing around. However, there is a line that should never be crossed in certain situations. 3. Respect & Drama. Everyone needs to respect each other. Nobody should feel isolated or attacked. Drama won't be tolerated in any form. If you are found constantly creating situations which cause any guild members to feel uncomfortable, rulebreaker status may be assigned. Further offense will lead to a kick or ban. 4. Inactivity. Active members are vital to the server/guild. In order to become a growing community, we must be active. Inactivity limits will be decided and/or changed at any time due to certain circumstances. Please inform a staff member of your absences, for we can keep track of things. 5. Hacking/Scamming/Defamation/Greed. This is pretty self explanatory. Zero tolerance. As for greed, do not be a beggar, It's very annoying when it comes to funds, favors, etc. 6. Language. We do not mind if you swear in the chat. However, this is a friendly server. DO NOT use offensive racial slurs or discriminate against any ethnicity/religion. 7. Confidentiality. We're all in this group together. Please do not bring anything said inside this server, outside. Everything said here is private and should not be shared with any strangers. What happens in this server, stays in the server. [Updated: 1.10.19] • In-Game Ranks • Initiate This rank is a placeholder. You'll be given it for a leave of absence or a punishment. Member The automatic role everyone receives when first joining the guild. Veteran Anyone can earn this rank by proving to be loyal to the guild by staying for given number of days. Officer The GM or an Admin will give you this rank if they see you as fit and trustworthy. You must be active, helpful, trustworthy and in the Guild's Discord to earn the rank. Administrator Either you will be hand picked by the GM and Admins and asked to become one if you've been thought of as capable to handle the position, or you may apply when the GM is looking for new admins. Name: Dian Name: Lucas IGN: Ardian IGN: Carbos Position: Guild Master Position: Server Owner/Administrator Name: Tyler Name: Josh IGN: Foenem IGN: Gear Position: Administrator Position: Administrator Name: Dave Name: Amy IGN: Sheriff IGN: Blimey Position: Administrator Position: Administrator Name: Ray Name: Maddi IGN: Xr4y IGN: Zetas Position: Administrator Position: Administrator [OFFICERS] Naoki Name/Nickname:IGN:Gender (Optional): Age (Optional): Discord (Optional): Additional Information:
  6. LadyEve

    MaruLovers PVE Guild Recruiting

    Join MaruLovers it is like home and we also have a discord. I am willing to help people level if they need it and willing to play heroic dungeon's. This guild is being reborn because of low level the guild level it is. It is a level 3 Guild. We can make it stronger if you would join us and like i said i am willing to help anyone who needs it. Also our discord is full of fun bots! If you would like to join just leave me a message on here and will give you the discord link and add you to the guild. Thank you and have a nice day!
  7. To put it simply, we're just a small PvE-Focused comumunity with a calming environment, mature, helpful and caring members 14/05/2018 Edition 23/05/2018 Edition 05/06/2018 Edition 16/06/2018 Edition 22/06/2018 Edition 04/07/2018 Edition 17/07/2018 Edition 10/08/2018 Edition 30/10/2018 Edition 15/11/2018 Edition We strive to keep our community's environment positive and healthy So this guild is intended for people who wants to enjoy PvE Contents with friends without worries, nor having to come across conflicts with other players. Therefore, the rules and requirements will be strict in those regards We don't focus on being extremely social, but ofcourse we talk, share ideas, discuss all sort of things; be it real life stuff, anime, or simply joking around and so on. We focus more on trying to achieve individual's goals (Gamewise), when we take breaks, we would talk at random too! We’re not aiming to be anything grand, we’re simply looking for like-minded people to play VoidEls with As a GM, I hope to make this guild a place where people feel like it's a place they belong to, my happiness is seeing members be friends, spend time, enjoy their time, laugh together "healthily and positively" ofcourse! Life is too short to waste on dwelling in negativity As much as we want to have good times with each other, we do not tolerate those with the attitudes that can potentially ruin our [Reunion]'s mood and environment, we're here to enjoy our time together after all! I am well aware that not everyone has such a good life to be free of negative emotions, but that does not mean it is alright to take it out on the others or drag others down with you If you're one of the below, don't bother applying, this place is not suitable for you, you will end up wasting your time 1. Arrogant 2. Unappreciative 3. Victim card 4. Drama queen 5. Hacker 6. Scammer 7. Racist 8. Edgelord If you cannot abide with these rules, this simply isn’t the place for you, simple as that 1. Following VoidEls’ rules If you get banned/suspended/warning points from breaking them, we cannot help you 2. Language - English only Communicating in other languages is not allowed, take it to PM 3. Attitude - First impression is always important! While we don’t expect/force you to show respect to anyone at first, we do expect you not to be hostile/disrespectful toward anyone Avoid being negative and sarcastic, these attitude should only be shown in PM with those who you are close with or people who may be able to help you, most of the time, it discourages others to talking as well as making others around uncomfortable 4. Harsh Jokes - Who doesn't make jokes nowadays? Keep it to moderate, know when to stop 5. Begging As helpful as we want to be, we expect you not to beg or do something that might bother others This also applies to forcing others to give you freebies through actions (Making others feel bad for not doing so) 6. Being Competitive Competition comes as all form, be it gameplay (PvE/PvP), or even sharing opinions It's a good thing, but do not turn it into negative activity, keep it healthy and civil, be open-minded about it Use it to help each other improve, not just so you could feel superior over the others 7. Activity - 7 days limit We're not running a dead guild. However, if you have a good reason to be inactive, you'll have a 10 days grace period instead. You may re-join if kicked once you're active again! However, you'll be given "Guest" role on Discord for the time being 8. Loophole You are not allowed to log in once in a while just to keep yourself from getting expelled from guild, while we understand that everyone has things to take care of, good reasons are not going to cut it 9. Punishment Break a rule and you'll be warned or kicked depending on the severity Chances you'll be given depend on many factors 10. Have fun! Does this need explaination? Gnosis : Active A lot of valuable things (Mainly items that can be sold for good amount of ED) are not allowed to be put in Guild Storage as we do not wish to encourage raiders and selfish people to take advantage of our guild However, there's a limit to how much you can put certain items in the Storage so it wouldn't end up becoming a place for people to dump what they don't need Most items that are not whitelisted will most likely be Confiscate taken out, not all because some items might actually be a good idea to be put in Storage You may go ahead and refill the goodies, but please avoid exceeding the limit Whitelist of Allowed Items - (Number) = Limit Per Item (Will be updated) Guild Master - The one in charge of the guild and community, has the final say in everything Admin - Qualified as an Officer; highly interactive, trustworthy, reliable and responsible; has the right mindset and outlook Officer - Qualified as a Veteran, has the right attitude; being active both in-game and Discord Veteran - Given to those who have shown commitment to guild and have been in guild for a while Member - Given upon joining Initiate - Used for meme, inactivity permission How to rank up? Ranks from Veteran to Admin are given out based on members' characteristics such as trustworthiness, reliability, responsibility, interactive, outlook (Being positive), activity and so on. Therefore, being close to our staff (Including me), at most will only speed up our observation phase Guild Master @Yuris IGNs : Lit, Ristia, Distance (And more but too many to mention) "hi, i'm known as Yuris, nothing to interesting about me i'm neither nice or mean i suppose, although people often told me i'm rather hard to approach at times, probably because i'm not very talkative aside from coffee (that i love), i enjoy helping people, not spoiling them, teach the man how to fish so it will last him his entire life, basically as a player, i'm an old player that's attempting to be able to perform well at all classes if I don't respond, i'm pretty much afk or passed out napping looking forward to spending time with you all" - Yuris Admin @Hikatokage IGNs : Hikato (And other ES's) "Greetings! My name is Hikato, an individual that adores to help others whenever I have spare time. People know me as being someone that dislikes drama between members - while also being the one who has too many Empire Swords, although I personally don't think it's enough. If you need any advice, or someone to talk to; go ahead and speak to me if you see me around! I'm not one to start conversations, but I'm a very good listener with words of wisdom urging to escape my mouth" - Hika Discord, while we do encourage members to join our guild server, we don't force anyone to join! However, Discord does indeed serve as an important role especially for communicating and so on If you ever decide to join our server, just let me or an Admin know, if we're not online at the time, my Discord tag is at the bottom Apply on Guild Ad In-Game or fill the format below IGN/Class/Level : Member/Guest : About me : Why I decided to join : Confirmation quote : (Applications can be submitted through PM) Don't forget to let me know who you are! My Discord - "Yuris#4171" Important :
  8. Welcome to the Guild Thread of Hangover. We are focused on PvE as well as on PvP so we can be classified as a "Hybrid" Guild. We are open to meet people and make new friends who would like to join our community with the goal of having a lot of fun and enjoying the game as much as we do. If you need any help just feel free to ask us, we are glad to help out and hope to see you soon! Guild Master ~ HaremRitter Created on ~ 2016/07/25 Current Level ~ 20 Current Members ~ 239/250 Hangout ~ Guildbase Join our Discord now! • First and foremost: Respect each other! • Follow the Official Rules of Void Elsword. We do not support any kind of hacking and scamming! • Behave appropriately and don't insult anyone. Even if meant in a joking manner. • We are a Guild that means we want to involve all players so the chat activity plays an important role and serves as basis for a promotion. If a person is not interested in the guild chat then that the wrong Guild for you. • If you need have questions or need help feel free to ask in the Discord or Guildchat but consider that we're an guild and not a support group we can't help people all the time. So if nobody has time for Dungeons or PvP you have to accept it we have daily people and groups which are asking for Dungeons / SDs / Henir / Debrian Laboratory so feel free to ask or join too. • Everyone may have a maximum of 2 characters in the Guild, as long as both characters are actively played. • If you have problems with an Member we ask you to talk to an Admin or the Guildmaster. • Also, it should be clear that staying inactive (7 days/ people which are not capped 3 days) will get you kicked out of the guild. If you are facing problems that keep you from coming online, you could tell that to a Admin / Guildmaster or in our discord #abscence channel so you won't be kicked. Otherwise you can always rejoin the Guild per request and get your rank back! • Once you decide to put something in the Guildbank it doesn't belong to you anymore, its free for everyone to take it out. • Also please do not put trash into the Guildbank (i.e. drops like ingredients). If you keep putting trash into it after a warning you will be degraded of your rank. • As you may know, you have a 7 day limitation where you can not take anything from the Guild Storage. If u need something, ask any of the higher ranks if they could get it for you. • Everyone who leaves the Guild and wants to come back has to give a reason why he or she wants to come back and why the person left. • Also Officers can activate the Guild buffs GM>Admin>Officer but keep in mind that people who wants to use the Guild buff should hand in their Guild Coins too. We won't let other people have to fund the buffs for everyone. Admin ~ They are choosen by our Guild Master Officer ~ Trusted Players who have been in our Guild for a while. Veteran ~ Been in Guild for 1-2 weeks depends on your activity. Member ~ It is given once you joined us. „I am a kind-hearted person who is always there for everyone but also often afk in Game. I hate PvE and mostly just chill or play PvP. I am glad to help out if needed. I would be happy to see you around our Guild soon!” „Hia! I am L0YAL. Do not be afraid to approach me in game if you need a hand getting through a dungeon or just need advice. I am here to help!” „Hey - I'm also known as Jaqi. I'm a kind and indulgent Person if you're the same to me. Also I like to draw a lot but mostly just chill around in rooms or either farm the shit out of Events. I'm glad to make new friends to chat and farm with. I hope to see you around soon!” In Game Name: Age (optional): Gender: Country/Timezone: Previous Guild (optional): About yourself: Artworks made by Marumi ~ Ty for the awesome work!
  9. Joako

    Forces Skill Craftings

    Welcome to another suggestion regarding the same dead meme we all love but it doesn't drop (because drop rates are gross) Also: why do people vote no to the pvp one but yes to the pve one? wtf =( and what's the most perfect chance that since the last uptade we had (as of [7/20/18]) was focused on PvP (too much time for this one if you ask me lmao) Now let's first give some initial talk : PvP Income: Improved overall, needs a bit more of tweaking but it's good...mostly 09/12/18 What are PvP Craftings? : And! yep, that's all. now let's talk about how these give players some income Crafting for Refined Magic Gem is 37.5m (medals cost included), 30 Brawler Medals and 10 Salt (which is, fine?) BUT THEY SELL FOR 60-70m SO NOPE (you can make them and use them which is cheap tho!) Next is: Radiant Nexus just a +9 Void...where you can get a +9 just from smashing the enhancement thing at the town blacksmith smh. Craft for that is : 75 Brawler Medals (18m), 15 Flames (get 1 per day on a quest) ,75 Salt and 50m. kinda....outdated i guess, since that was on old days and that was fine since it was only Henir and PvP, but now with all the enhancements it's just kinda toilet paper (quote Zenith , love you guys) What's the Sugesstion to "make PvP Great Again" you may ask? Warning: if you're a serious pve player that has good RNG or a good meme that doesn't care about others, the following texts may trigger you hard. Let SOME Force Skills be crafted from PvP while keeping the PvE Forces there for them. Quote about Unique Force Skills. "" Things are: some forces work for PvP more than they do on PvE , but we really need a way to fix these rates while both making active PvP (and ereda, just keep reading) do we fix this? Good Question little Timmy! by sweeping a bit the old dusty and unfair Crafting system that the communist got hands off in the first place. Craft them BUD Let's give a use to these Salt , Medals and these Flames (that only the nexus use lmao) to work! (and maybe the Ereda mats) Let me show you some examples of the Forces that should be let into crafting only to keep it fair and square. (This is to improve the Elite version as of Rare already exists a lot) Classic ones like Obtenebration Haunting Spirit Indomintable Will Lightning Chain And Illipia's Aura (5 for PvP) (Forces like Head Hunter , Drain , Hyper Acceleration and Soul Harvest should not be here but on the PvE Crafting Section.) I'll give 2 ways of crafting these (I really like the second one) Check Spoilers! Alternative Crafting Some Ideas I made up while talking with some friends, you see, Ereda is as well kinda dead (queue when) so we though adding their fair and square part of the deal would be nice for both of PvP and Ereda players this is by adding the Ereda daily materials and their medals as well for the crafting. Check Spoiler! PvE Crafts if PvP get's their share then so would PvE right? we don't really wanna let you guys left out. Check Spoilers! Upon crafting all of the Forces, you're gonna be left out with the materials with no usage, that is why, we have come up to this solution. 1 Item of Each Would Equal to 7 Extractors. / = x7 / = x7 / = x7 (May get Expanded Later on) - "Each force skill craft will be designated to a specific one (e.g. Rare HH for Elite HH and Elite HH for Unique HH, can't use any other Force Skill than HH to acquire a higher-tier HH)." Last Statement, should these forces (as well as Legendaries) be bankshareable? End of Suggestion. Edit as of 07/22/18 : Added new craftings and more, remade the poll since it's better this way so you guys can vote which you preffer. Another Edit as of 07/23/18 : Removed the Rare force craftings, people would still pick them from board, we don't have to make them more we? (prevents HH meme for example) Super Edit Brothers as of 07/25/18 : Buffed Elite Craftings , Added Daily Crafts as well for PvP and PvP + Ereda Crafting, Unique Crafting Nerfed and Adjusted Costs Wonderful Edit as of : 09/04/18 : Moved Hyper Acceleration to PvE Section and Chain Lighting to PvP section, Reasoning? : Too much One Sided Forces that don't work outside their actual gamemode. Sonic Forces you to Edit this thread as of: 9/11/18 : Made Quests Weekly upon thinking it twice, statement is that no one has almost that much time per day, Changed Craft Requirements to fit this weekly quest, deleted 11-1 and 11-6 from PvE Craft Section , Statement for this is that once 2.4 hits, we may come something around for Legendaries Forces. Praetor! Another Edit as of 9/12/18! : Added Rank Requeriment to PvP Quests: This being [SSS] , Changed Ereda Quest Part Completion from Play to Clear
  10. Hihi, peeps, and welcome to my thread for my guild, [SolarSparks] Introduction! This guild was created on November 29, 2017 with the sole purpose of meeting new people and having a larger community to hang out with. I was going to make this guild into a hybrid type since I love to PvE, yet I am starting to slowly get into PvP. The guild is currently level 1 with a guild rank of E (as of 5/23/18). However, since the creation of the guild, I've had trouble recruiting peeps for the guild. However, I won't let that stop me from making this little guild into something great!~ Guild Skills! (To Be Included!) Guild Rules! As always, please follow the Void server's official rules and regulations~ For Void's official rules: Do follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Please be respectful to not only your fellow guildmates and guests, but everyone playing Void! If a problem arises or if someone is being a bad apple, don't hesitate to let the GM or admins know!~ Regarding the Guild Bank, please only take what's needed...and not the entire bank! And also keep from having random items being dropped in the storage. If you have any questions as to what can and can't go in the storage, please contact the GM or the Admins! The maximum amount of days you are allowed to be offline on your main character is 7 days! For the alternate characters, the maximum will be at 14 days! Unless you notify me of your absence in our absence channel in the discord or to PM me via mailbox in-game or through the forums, your character will be removed from the guild to save space for new members, but fear not! You can always join back if you have been removed!~ ^^ When we have an event or a friendly sparring session, please remember that this is all just for fun. There's no need for salt towards another friendly player or guildie. As the phrase goes, "Don't hate the player; Hate the Game!" If you have any questions or concerns, please don't be afraid to let the GM or Admins know! We are always open to your suggestions and ideas!~ Guild Ranks! Guild Master (GM): The captain of the Solar Sparks! GM will lead our guild into the future, holding the flag of the guild high in the air with pride and confidence!~ Administrators (Admins): The trailblazers of the Solar Sparks! In the GM's absence, the Admins take charge of the guild to ensure order is In place!~ (To Be Included Soon!) Veterans: The passionate followers of the Solar Sparks! The veterans are long time members of the guild who've made a positive impact in the community!~ Officers: The experienced followers of the Solar Sparks! The officers are the members of the guild who have resided for at least 2 weeks into the guild!~ Member: The beginning followers of the Solar Sparks! This rank will be used for the members who have just started residing in the guild! We always open our doors to them!~ Initiates : The sidelined followers of the Solar Sparks! This rank will be used for members who have announced their inactive state!~ Guild Staff! Guild Master! Eugeo! Hi, nice to meet you, my name's Eugeo, but many of my friends call me Eugi. Even though I've played this server since late 2016, I still consider myself a bit of a n00b when It comes to many things regarding the game, but I do hope that you do join our guild and that we get along just fine! I usually play with my Chungie and my Aisha, but I'm not afraid to try new characters. I am also an EC seller with a fantastic rate of 8:100, so if I ever have any EC, and you need some EC for something for yourself, or someone special to ya, feel free to ask me! I hope I get to see you in-game! Also, if you have a discord, please feel free to add me at Eugeo~#4398 *salutes!~* Administrators! (To Be Included Soon!) Alliances! Sadly, there is no alliance at the moment, but I would be more than happy to form alliances with other guilds to host big events and competitions!~ ^^ Recruitment! Looking to join this lovely guild? That's great! We're happy to have you aboard! Just leave this format of your request here!~ Name/Nickname: Favorite Character/Class: IGN: About Yourself (Optional): Discord (Optional): Important question...Milk and Cookies or Candy and Soda? '^': Conclusion! Nothing else can be said other than thanks for visiting this thread for my guild. If you ever want to at least join the discord server (work in progress) as just a guest, please feel free to let me know. Hopefully as a guest, I can convince you to become a proud guildie! But if, unfortunately, I couldn't persuade you, then I do thank you for at least taking a peek into this lovely place. I want to thank you again for stopping by this lovely guild thread, and I hope you join our ranks and help build this awesome family together with me. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask me via this thread, forum's PM, or my Discord listed at my introduction. I hope you have an amazing day, and thank you for stopping by!~
  11. AVISO: GUILD BORRADA!! Introducción de la Guild ♥ Bienvenidos sean todos a nuestra pequeña guild dentro del mundo de VoidEls ♥ Esta guild fue establecida el 01/11/2017 y somos actualmente de Nivel 13. Somos activos en el juego y además tenemos un servidor de Discord donde pasamos la mayoría del tiempo. En la fecha, 14/09/2018, el nombre de la Guild 『PapasFritas』se cambió y pasó a ser 『CherryBlossoms』 Nota: Para entrar a nuestro servidor de Discord deberás consultar a los Administradores o el GM dentro del juego. Enfoque de la Guild Como somos un gremio enfocado en PvE, estas son nuestras skills activas: Nota: Siempre tenemos activo el Servicio de Greater Gnosis Blessing (15 días) Reglas y Regulaciones de la Guild Nos regimos en base a las reglas de VoidEls que puedes leer en este enlace. Además, tenemos ciertas reglas para mantener el orden y buenos comportamientos dentro de ésta: — Límite de días de inactividad se ha definido a 15 días máximos — La cantidad de personajes por persona se ha limitado a 3 — Los rangos serán asignados por los administradores o el GM de acuerdo a reglas dentro de la Administración. — Cualquier hecho que ocurra dentro de la guild y alguien notifique que fue en contra suya, se llevará a cabo una reunión con dichas personas Nota: El servidor de Discord tiene sus propias reglas que están estipuladas en el servidor mismo. Miembros partes de la Administración Actualmente estos son los miembros administrativos: — Bugambilia : Guild Master y la Jefesita del lugar, te ayudará siempre que pueda en lo que necesites del juego. (PJ: Aisha ~ Metamorphy) — Anna624 : Administrador, no le gusta el PvP pero siempre ayudará en PvE. (PJ: Rose ~ Prime Operator) Reclutamiento Si quieres ser partícipe de nuestro gremio te pedimos que respondas el post o mandes por mensaje privado los siguientes datos: — IGN: — Clase: — Lenguaje(s): — Zona Horaria o País*: — Edad*: — Por qué me gustaría unirme: * Estos datos son opcionales para el ingreso a nuestra guild. Actualizaciones 01/11/2017 : Guild Establecida. 09/08/2018 : Publicado Post en el Foro. 13/09/2018 : Limpieza completa de Guild y se cambió el nombre de PapasFritas a CherryBlossoms. 14/09/2018 : Actualización del post. 04/01/2019 : Actualización del post. Guild borrada.
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    [Comfy] PvE

    [Comfy] Social & Active PvE (LV 7) New guild but looking for people to help it grow We’re looking for active players & mains! Come join us! w/m to join. IGN: Tournamental
  13. "The freedom is in our hands" Welcome to our guild! LAWLESS is a guild with history going beyond servers. We started on KR server in 2014 under the name [OverPower]. I always wanted to have a guild on my own so that was my start point. We've been through a lot since then, met many people and made friends. Friends that we carried along to a new server. One year passed and we arrived on Void in 2015 under the same name. But then i decided to change. We didn't want to be the same guild anymore. So i've choosen to rename it to LAWLESS, since it's no longer tied to an "official" server. We are free now. The guild was originally a PvE latin guild back on KR, but we started to recruit people from different places as well, since KR had a big diversity of players from all the places. The same thing happened on Void, but then i just said "Why not make it an international guild then?", and so it was set. We are now an international guild opened to anyone who wants to join. We've been changed into hybrid guild for some time but recently we decided to be an entirely PvE oriented guild. But you're welcome if you do pvp too! So why not give it a try? OBS: Our guild has no relation to the one on TW server. We did not plagiarize them either. We have a whole different base and purpose on this name. Our guild is mainly PvE oriented focused on farming and leveling. We have strong and active players who will give you support when available. We also are constantly farming on Elrianode dungeons mostly for EXP and El Tears so you can count on us for parties. Our current Guild Level is: 20 (max) Guild Skills and Service: We offer free EXP Buff Service for several hours in a daily basis. To receive it, all you have to do is enter the Guild Base. The Guild Master or Admin will always notify on guild chat whenever the buff is activated, so don't miss it! It's encouraged to contribute with Guild Coins so this service will always be available for everyone~ Guild Rules: -Although we are an international guild, please try to keep the chat in English so it'll be understandable for everyone. -Be respectful to everyone, inside and outside of the guild. Do not treat people the way you wouldn't like to be treated. Harmony is essential to a guild. - Follow all Void Elsword's official rules, you can read them here. - We have no tolerance for hackers and scammers, those are not welcome here. - Don't beg for items or other things excessively, it can be annoying sometimes. Please understand that we are not always available to help you. -The limit of inactivity is 7 days, meaning you'll be kicked if you become inactive for longer than that. - The character limit on the guild is currently 2, meaning you can have a maximum of 2 of your characters here. However, be aware that the inactivity rule will apply to each character separatedly. - The Guild Bank is currently restricted to Admins only. If you want something from it, please ask the Admins to take it for you. -Everyone will be given Member rank upon joining. Veteran, Officer and Administrators are GM's choices only, do not beg for promotions. Guild Discord: The Guild Discord is currently only available to guild members. Once you join, you'll be able to access our server. OBS: We have a small verification once you join. Guild Master: Guild Admin: Guild Officer: - Planeptune PvE Guild Guild Master: Natsukie - Pandemic Hybrid Guild Guild Master: Displaced Wanna become an ally too? Send me a message and we can talk about. c: IGN: Character/Class: Level: Age (optional): Activity (how active are you): Your country and timezone: Discord (if you have it): A little about you: Current Guild Space: 167/200
  14. “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, ... And live like it's heaven on earth.” [Apex] | Level 3 PvE Guild Apex was founded in May 2018 with the intention to create a place where people could be themselves and enjoy the game. Right now we may be small but the current members work towards making this place a home for casual players. We are recruit active, and talkative players who are willing to help us grow into a nice and fun community. To help encourage activity, we urge you to cap characters as soon as possible and to log on to do daily dungeon runs! Guild Rules 1. Communication, respect, and trustworthiness are important! Respect your guildmates and communicate to the best of your ability if you need help or want to help others. Do not lie, cheat, or steal. 2. Only English in guild chat please. This is an INT guild and it is important for everyone to understand what is being said. You are allowed to speak in a different language in party or whisper chat, just not in guild chat. 3.Before taking anything of value out of the guild chest, contact me, an admin, or the person who put it in the guild chest before taking it. (Things easy to get like magic stones, enhancement stones, and common accesories are okay to get. If no one is around and you want something uncommon, just trade something with the same value.) 4. Most importantly! This is a guild of growth and learning. Do not be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Just be sure to do so in a respectful manner. Rank Promotions Before reading the below, please be aware that no matter what rank you are, you will not be able to withdraw or deposit things into the guild storage for 7 days after joining. This is a new system implemented. To become a member rank - please approach me or an admin and answer the questions we ask you or be active for three days. You need member rank to be able to receive the benefits of guild skills. You may only deposit guild coins and cannot withdraw. To become veteran rank - prove your trustworthiness by your actions and communication with the guild and others. You may withdraw/deposit things five times per day. To become officer or admin rank - Will be either personally selected Miko or nominated by admins or both. If you are active, helpful, and trustworthy, You may be promote you to this level. Rule Breaking 1st offense - Any violation of the four rules above will result in a warning. 2nd offense - The second violation of the same rule violated before will result in a demotion to initiate until you earn it back. 3rd offense - The third violation of the same rule will result in expulsion. The rules are simple. They are not hard to follow. Depending on the severity and intent, your punishments will be harsher or lighter, but please do your best to follow these rules. Inactivity Being inactive for 10 days without a reason will result in an automatic kick. If you will be inactive for a time longer than 10 days but wish to stay in the guild, tell me or an admin your reason and you will not be kicked. If you leave the guild by your own will or because of inactiveness or etc. You are welcome to come back. Just let an admin or me know and try to remain active to a degree. Those who become overly inactive in Discord after being kicked due to inactivity from the game will be kicked from the Discord as well. The only thing we ask of you is to follow these rules.~ Guild Master Given to the founder of our guild. Must possess all the qualities of a guild master and also have the rights of this guild given by the current GM, otherwise an unobtainable role. Current GM is Mikouru. Administrator Hand picked and nominated by current admins as well trusted members of the community who have shown exemplary service in guild discord and in game alike. Current Admins are Yume and Len. Officers Trusted members who have been in the guild and active long enough to be selected by our GM as an officer. A stepping stone to becoming an Admin. Veterans Members who have been apart of the guild for at least 10 days or more and active. Members For those who join after being apart of the guild for 24 hours or more. Initiate For those who first join the guild they receive this role. Joining the Guild You can apply via Board in game or here on the thread~ Format for thread: Name: IGN: Character/Class: Level: Timezone: Age(optional): Discord(If you have it): Or message Lily#3912 on discord for an invite~
  15. This is just a list of the most skilled and/or geared players I've either seen or heard of in game/forums/discord. [Don't derail/get triggered if you don't like the idea of this list or you're not on it. Simply move onto another thread. :^)] Elsword: Knight Emperor - @Kazemaki Rune Master - @Apollonir Immortal - @ElDabMaster Aisha: Aether Sage - @Rawrrr Oz Sorcerer - @Glomper Metamorphy - @LordGostone Rena: Anemos - ? Daybreaker: IGN: Zutos Twilight: ? Raven: Furious Blade: ? Rage Hearts: ? Nova Imperator: @Gurei Eve: Code: Ultimate: ? Code: Esencia: ? Code: Sariel: IGN: Itadankimasu Chung: Comet Crusader: ? Fatal Phantom: ? Centurion: ? Ara: Apsara: ? Devi: @Radrael Shakti: IGN: Mayru Elesis: Empire Sword: @Gimm Flame Lord: IGN: Unrelated Bloody Queen: @MimoChan Add: Doom Bringer: ? Dominator: IGN: RandomGuy Mad Paradox: ? Luciel: Catastrophe: @sachiko123 Innocent: @Creepypasta Diangelion: ? Rose: Tempest Burster: @Blair Black Massacre: ? Minerva: ? Prime Operator: ? Ain: Richter: ? Bluhen: IGN: Sheriff Herrscher: @Radrael Feel free to correct me or fill in the blanks. If you want your name removed or are annoyed by the pings then tell me.
  16. Hyrora

    [Pursuit] Friendly PvE Guild~

    In [Pursuit] of the El~ PvE Guild Since 03/03/2015 Currently recruiting All are welcome here in [Pursuit], keep your common sense and stay respectful. Preferred language is English. If you're wondering how to join here are your options... 1. Leave your IGN here 2. Apply in game 3. Contact GM or an Admin 4. Join the discord server! About us We are predominantly a PvE guild, although, of this doesn't we don't sometimes have fun in spar! Our main goal as a small guild is to have a fun time and help eachother out. Whether this means carrying, making new characters together, or just farming (whatever that might be). As a whole we like to boost one another up, not bring eachother down, and thats what we want more of in our guild. Now this doesn't mean we are going to force you to dungeon 24/7, or well force you to do anything for that matter. None of us except anyone to no-life anything, whether that is PvE or otherwise. Discord Link: Rules! No begging/pestering other members for ED/IBs/etc. (No means no, we do not want tension within the guild) Be Active We fully understand you have school/work/a life. We do as well, so we are not super strict on it. Inactivity longer than 7 days results in a kick. If you know you will be gone longer than 7 days, please notify GM/Admin or post in the discord channel regarding this matter. Or you can talk directly to guild staff. Be respectful, this should be common sense. Guild Skills Gnosis Blessing: ON (Always active) Guild level is currently 12. If guildies see an issue with the guild skills/would like a different skill in effect they can contact a guild admin and it will be brought to the Guild Master's attention for suggestions and a guild vote will be initiated! Guild Master (GM) Quarantine (CE) Admins Matt (RH)
  17. Domain is a lvl 19 hybrid guild created on August 3th 2014 previously known as CandyMafia and made by our previous Guildmaster Mysticz. We like to adres ourself as a Family/Social guild because keeping a family like relationship with our guildmembers and making the guild feel like you are coming home is one of our main goals. We are always looking for new active players to do dailies with and pvp! Domain holds a lot of events hosted by Rainless and Page, like for example: PvP, quizes, treasure hunter events, mini games, etc. We have an active chat in our guild Discord, if you are willing to join just PM the GM or one of our admins! Our guild hang out spot is Besma ch2 or the guild house of course, you are free to be in any town you want but you'll find most of us here! Introduction Guildmasters Hi! Our names are Dave (Rainless) and Lynn (Page). We have been playing Elsword since NA and we've started playing void since the day it got released. We've became the second GM together of the guild, formerly known as CandyMafia. We are here to help everyone in the guild and keep the guild alive, by throwing events and keeping the family feeling in the guild like we have. We both love to dungeon and do dailies and Dave is very skilful in PvP too, he is always up for a match so ask him whenever you would like! ♥ Guild Administrators Hello! My name is Markus, people mostly call me "Momo", it's easier Hiya loves, Sammy here also known as Mysticz. I enjoy if you call me that too. I'm pretty social, also a pretty sarcastic person. playing IWhackShit, IMainKite and SIE SIND DAS ESSEN (I'm never serious) Swedish fella here too, so i don't mind any IKEA jokes Uneoiwejwoeiwjojfwpowejpweojewpojewpofejwp thrown at me. Also, if you've any trouble with PvP/PvE content and need help, tell me when i'm available, i'll sure help you out! Hi, I'm Blaze. playing IWhackShit, IMainKite and SIE SIND DAS ESSEN Hi. I'm Avenge, I play Crimson Avenger aka a bloodsucker plHey guys, I'm Denis and i play SisterFister. I've been with hieee, I survive on memes and cringe pickup lines. Greetz o/ this guild for a while now. I'm the guy that is always in for a joke but can als10/10 would banged to. I'm very soial ekoee joke but can also be very serious if needed to. I'm very social so if you see me online don't forget to say hi. Looking forward so if you see me online don't forget to say hi. Looking forward to you guys and help you out with problems So to you guys and help you out with problems My name is Luna, aka IMainHanzo and I am quite the Greetings! Banri here, you can freely call me "Ban". devil of the Adminside. By that it means I am quite I might be the less social one of the admins, 'cuz I don't mean/harsh but a memester as well as you can see by name. really talk much, but I greatly enjoy jokes and memes. I offer I am german so it's understandable. Yet I CAN be a nice a free pve service (BFHS) that you should take when I'm available. person. If you need any help I'll try to help! I'm trying my best to be more active! I also enjoy socialising Herro am Stebuns! The guild napper! I commonly love to do pves with Hiya loves, Sammy here also known as Mysticz. I enjoy others so hmu when possible or if you guys need any help I'll be willing to do so. playing IWhackShit, IMainKite and SIE SIND DAS ESSEN I hope everyone gets along~ <3 Uneoiwejwoeiwjojfwpowejpweojewpojewpofejwp Skills We like to change our skills every now and then because we want to hear the opinions from our members as well what they would like to see and have! Rules • Respect your guild members. • Try to help each other out. • No scamming or hacking. • No drama or suicidal bs, take that to pms. • If there are any issues between members ALWAYS tell a GM or admin. • Inactive for longer than 14 days (without giving us a notice) means a kick. • If you know you will be inactive for awhile please let a GM or an admin know through PM or mail. Application IGN: Level: Main/Alt: Why you decided to join: Age(optional): About you(optional): Discord(optional): Our guild thread will be updated every once in awhile! P.S. See next posts for our events and more privileges for our guild members.
  18. Kojiro

    VoidEls PvE Service

    VOIDELS PVE SERVICE VoidEls Discord Server focused on PvE. Helping you find Dungeon Parties and Class Support. What this server has to offer: Class Roles Ping a specific class if you wish to recieve tips and information! Lord Knight Elemental Master Grand Archer etc. PvE Support Roles Ping a specific PvE role to request help on dungeons! Leveling Support Story Quest Support Field Training Support Title Farming Support Secret Dungeon Support Heroic Dungeon Support Henir's Time and Space Support Eltear Farming Support PvP Request Roles Ping a specific PvP role to request arena matches! Spar Request Match Queuing Request Ereda Island Queuing Request [redacted]
  19. BlackHand

    R> Mochilicious

    New guild, but slowly growing. If interested in joining, please throw in your ign or sign up for the application ^^ Really hope to meet you soon~ ♥
  20. Hebi


    [Hebi] | Level 10 PvE Guild Hebi was founded on June 6, 2017 Though we are relatively new, we are still growing at a very rapid pace. Join us in Levling, SDs, Henir, and Heroics. | Who | We're looking for fun, active players to join our lovely guild. We're always willing to help you guys cap and reach your goals. Alts are always welcome if we have enough room. | Skills | 1/5 4/5 5/5 5/5 | Rules | 1. Be respectful. We do joke around a lot and almost nothing should be taken seriously unless specified but try not to go overboard. There is a line between joking around and offending someone. 2. You are allowed 7 days for inactivity. If you are consistently inactive, I will kick before the 7 day limit. It is up to my discretion. Inactivity includes logging on AND NOT socializing with guild mates (unless you socialize in Discord). If you contribute nothing to the guild, do not expect the guild to contribute to you. If you plan on going on vacation or something has come up in life and it exceeds the 7 day limit, message me and I will be sure not to let admins kick you from guild. 3. If a member is annoying or bothering you, try and understand each other. Sometimes, misunderstandings/issues/drama come up. We get it. We’re human. Try and be civil with one another. If the issues become serious and can’t be resolved, contact an Admin or GM and we’ll settle it. 4. The guild bank is NOT your storage. Do not put in useless items. Any items deposited are up for grabs. Please don't take the entire stack though. Max of an item you can take is 20. Everyone deserves the fair share of the item deposited. Failure to comply will result in multiple warnings and a potential kick from the guild. 5. Please don't ask for a Rank. Everyone will remain an member unless they have shown that they deserve to have a rank. Ranks will be strictly merit based. 6. If you leave or are kicked, you will NOT get a re-invite. Obviously, there are certain exceptions. If you do have a reasonable excuse, let me know beforehand and I will re-invite. This is another case-by-case scenario. If you leave without any notice and do not have a good enough reason, you will not get re-invited. | Staff | GM Admins | Discord & Discord Rules | Please send a DM or add our Server Advisor for an invite. Her discord name is: Ezla#8594 Her forum name is: Ezla Rules Guild rules still apply to Discord. You must abide to all Elsword Void Private server rules. 1. Do not ping everyone unless there is an important issue or news regarding the guild and/or the game. 2. Any misbehavior toward other members will be punished accordingly. 3. Suspected guild hoppers will be expelled and banned immediately and will be blacklisted. Punishable Rules - members will be punished accordingly depending on the offense. Please refer below: 1st offense - 1 hour mute 2nd offense - 24 hour mute 3rd offense - Kick/ban appeal | Application | IGN: Level/Class: Main or Alt: Timezone you are in (ex. PDT, GMT, etc...): Reason for wanting to join: Preferred date and time for recruitment: Thank you for taking the time to read and we hope that you apply~
  21. Welcome to [BakaArmy] We are still a little group Of People that have fun in VoidEls together and farm a lot of Dungeons. Our Army is a mix of Germans and Soldiers all around the world, that needs to expand their forces. We planing to do lots of Events and help our Members to Level Up and Farming set with them so that they can have fun here too. Our Team General of the Army KucaMento (CBS) Generals Zainova (VC) Garesis (BH) Levu (EM) YukiYumeji (CrA) Chief Medic/Discord Admin Nirvaxstiel (DiE) We are A LvL 5 PvE guild and we are looking Forward to work with you together. You can join our Discord Server here See you on The Battlefield ( owo)7
  22. I know coding might be hard, but i was wondering if staff could buff Perfect storm to recover 5% instead of 2% and Airelinna to 1% instead of .3%. I ask becuase i believe that both skills deal less damage then Blatt blume and heal far less then Blatt bloom. More specifically, Blatt Blume heals and recovers more mp and hp then Perfect storm and (i am under the impression) deals more damage then perfect storm. This makes perfect storm way less powerful then Blatt blume. I am not asking you to nerf Blat Blume, it is a stationary skill, and 300 mana to cast and requires setup to use Blat blume truth of nature, however i would like For similure skills to be closer in power. Nearly half the power for 1/3 less mana. I Ask for Perfect Storm to recover just a bit more in pve, if it affects the balance of the game it can be reverted. [Enhanced] Perfect Storm can deal 3,927% (1,407% in PvP) Magical Damage. With Empowered, it can deal 4,712.4% (1,688.4% in PvP) Magical Damage. Blatt Blume can deal up to 4,900% (1,955% in PvP) Magical Damage. With Mut, it can deal up to 5,235.5% (2,087% in PvP) Magical Damage. With Empowered, it can deal up to 5,880% (2,346% in PvP) Magical Damage. With Mut, it can deal up to 6,282.6% (2,504.4% in PvP) Magical Damage. Now For airelinna, It increases damage by 20%, and speed by 20% and heals .3% for 30 seconds. Blatt Blume out damages it and with blatt blume will of penatration, makes it so mobs take 50% more damage, so the damage buff will of penetration does, is more then twice that of Airelinna. Blat blume truth of nature also out heals Airelinna (6% compared to .3%) and does not make the user or anyone effected by Airelinna gain mp. I Was hoping for a buff that makes it heal 1% every second in pve. (it currently does no healing in pvp, lol) I DO not think Blatt Blume needs a nerf what so ever.
  23. 【 Table Of Contents 】 ★ Announcements || ✕ ✕ ✕ ✕ ↓ ★ About Us || ✕ ✕ ✕ ✕ ↓ ■ Menu ■ Establishment ■ Purpose ■ Social Media ■ Branches ■ Roles ■ Skills ★ Higher Ups || ✕ ✕ ✕ ✕ ↓ ■ Manager ■ Baristas ■ Chefs ★ Special Meals || ✕ ✕ ✕ ✕ ↓ ★ Pictures || ✕ ✕ ✕ ✕ ↓ ★ Application || ✕ ✕ ✕ ✕ ↓ 11/02/17: [Mocha] now has a burning soul worker branch! 10/27/17: [Mocha]’s Designer Event! 9/16/17: “Guess The Music” First Discord Event! 8/25/17: [Mocha] has reached level 5! 8/25/17: [Mocha] maxed alchemy skill! 『Official Rules』 •Respect everyone's opinions. Everyone has different opinions. Do not make a big deal out of them. •We accept everyone, but our main language is English. •Please follow the official Void Rules as well which includes rules about hacking, scamming, etc. •Absence Limit - 7 day limit of absence unless you have notified us beforehand. •Guild Bank is up for grabs to everyone. Please refrain from taking a whole bunch of them at once. For things that hold more value such as upgrade scrolls, accessories, etc, we ask that you ask an Admin or the person who deposited permission. 《Allowed Items》 -Drugs -Magic Stones (Not PvP kind) -Upgrade Scrolls -Fluorites -Pots -Lvl.85 SD/ Lvl. 90 Heroic gear •We only allow your main or most active alt to help us not become a dead guild and to not occupy space. •Do not openly recruit anyone as we are a slightly private guild and will only accept people by our members' recommendations through Staff approval and Guild Thread. •Openly insulting or flaming any other guilds or people are not allowed as we would like to keep a clean slate, but we do allow ranting about them in Guild Chat! •Keep drama to a minimum. [Mocha] has originally started out as [Eveporium] - a discord server dedicated to the goddess eve. After gathering members - Eve mains and non Eve mains alike, we had decided to become a full fledged guild called [Mocha] on august 8, 2017! While barely being open, we have found members from all around void and we’re happy to be such a big and great guild! Our purpose as a guild is to create a comfortable environment for players of all sorts to hang out. As a cafe-theme guild, we have a variety of personalities as there are a variety of drinks and treats at a cafe and we hope to keep on improving and gaining more amazing people! Discord is our main communication app! We also have a shop thread: Link Shop Thread coming soon We accept guests too! PM or comment to ask for an invite! We have no allied guilds as of now. If you would like to become one, please PM @Feu or @Alyss! Initiate: Only given to people who have broken the rules. Member: Given to upon entering the guild. Officer: Can be given to you after a month if asked and approved. Veteran: Given only to loyal members the staff has decided. Administrator: Chosen by staff after Admin applications. Alchemy 5/5 Harmonious Spirit 5/5 Credits to salem [Art Thread] for the banners! Ruu, the fabulous GM. Always up and bouncing around. One of the most hyper in the staff with a strict kick to her personality! Originally the owner of the small [Eveporium] server and now the GM of a large guild! With pride in her work and the guild, she stands as the face of [Mocha]! This is our co-guild master, lil Reina! She’s been helping out the guild the most since the guild master is always busy in school. She manages the guild outside of the game, such as forums and discord. She is also in charge of the market thread. She will give out cats to anyone who joins in the guild! Box, our amazing and crazy discord mod. The main manager of the awesome events that are hosted in [Mocha]! With jokes to last a lifetime, any member would enjoy being around in her presence. Let her glowing aura of happiness continue to welcome many! Literally the most active admin in the game, she gets along with literally every member with a smile on her face. Most of the time, she MOCHADABS around in spar, along with Ruu sometimes. But in times of crisis, she is of course, there to help. There will be admin applications soon after this thread is posted. [9/16/17] - “Guess The Music” (Discord Event) [10/27/17 - 11/3/17] - [Mocha]’s Designer Event IGN: Nickname: Timezone: Gender (Optional): Why did you choose [Mocha]: About you (Optional): We look forward to seeing you in the guild!
  24. Surreal

    [Soft] The Softest Guild!

    Small Update about Soft's Activity: Soft was a rather active guild, but my activity died out due to computer issues. Because of that, I told my staff (who are equally busy) to consider it a hiatus. I had taken a break from Void to keep my computer from crashing frequently, and luckily the issue seems to have been resolved. With that, I'll be looking forward to bringing Soft back to the vibrant Guild it once was. Welcome to the [Soft] Guild Thread! I find it that long threads don't really affect how well the Guild goes, so I'm going to keep this minimalist! Who Are We? We are a Level 5 PVE Guild, created a couple months ago but our activity went down after a loss of interest in Void. Since then, I returned to being active during the winter event and took the leadership position of the Guild. The goal is the same: a guild meant for people to make friends and play with each other! Our Guild Skills Since we are only level 8, we currently have 2 skills maxed out for PVE: Alchemy Specialist 5/5 Comrade's Cheer 5/5 Critical Counter 5/5 We will have Gnosis Blessing active at all times! Rules We don't have a list of rules that one must need to follow, it's a simple matter of common sense and kindness to others. If we see you acting against the wishes of our simple rules you will be kicked from our Guild. Having fun is fine, but once your intent becomes malicious keep it to yourself or leave! Want to join [Soft] yet? Then apply! Provide the IGN of the character you want invited on this thread, or apply on board! If you want the fastest results informing us on this thread is your best bet. While you're at it, you might as well join our Discord! Guests are currently allowed to join without joining the Guild but this is subject to change. - We wish to keep things simple from here on out, so we hope you are convinced to join us the beginning of the softest experience on Void.
  25. DabiTenshi

    R> Lock

    Danke das du dir die Zeit genommen hast, unsere Gildenpage zu besuchen, Kweh! Willkommen bei der [ChocoboElite], einer deutschen PvE Gilde, die im Moment lvl 10 ist. Wir sind eine Nette und Chataktive Gilde, die sich gegenseitig unterstützt, wo sie nur kann. Jeder ist bei uns Willkommen, solange er akitv und nett ist. Natürlich werden wir viele Events und Verlosungen durchführen, wenn wir eine bestimmte Anzahl aktiver Member aufweisen können. Mehr dazu weiter unten, Kweh! Ebenso haben wir kompetente Perkisas Spieler, Kweh! Da wir ne bestimmte Struktur in die Gilde bringen wollen, werden Ränge bei uns wie folgt eingeteilt, Kweh! Gildenmeister: Gildenmeister behält unser Leiter der die Gilde voranbringen wird. Dieser Rang ist ausschließlich für Ihn gedacht! Gildenverwalter: Dieser Rang geht nur an die vertrauenvollsten Unserer Member und wird nur verteilt, wenn wir Nachschub in unserem Team benötigen werden. Gildenverwalter werden vom aktuellem Team in Absprache mit dem Gildenmeister ernannt aus den zu den Zeitpunkt bestehenden Veteranen, Kweh! Veteran: Dieser Rang wird den Spielern anerkannt, die aktiv in der Gilde sind und positiv auffallen mit zB: -Helfen kleinerer Spieler (zB Leveln, Farmen etc) -Sprachaktiv und kommunikationsfähig sind -Offen für neues sind -Helfen beim zB Member verwalten (Bei Streit diesen schlichten etc) ...Und vieles mehr, Kweh! Elite: Wird automatisch nach Einladung in die Gilde von einem Gildenverwalter oder dem Gildenmeister persönlich zugeteilt. Member: Ist der Rang der automatisch enthalten ist. Neuling: Ist ein Strafrang, der denen zugeteilt wird, die gegen die Regeln der Gilden verstößt. 1. Verstoß: 1 Woche Neuling 2. Verstoß: 1 Monat Neuling 3. Verstoß: Entlassung aus der Gilde Unser Gildenmeister,der mit eiserner Faust regiert und immer für seine Member da ist. Mit ihm wird Chocobo aufleben! Unser Schreiberchocobo und die Rechte Hand von Fapulouz. Er bearbeitet alle Bewerbungen und kümmert sich um die Beziehungen der Bundgilden und Verwaltet Events, Infos und Regeln. Unser Lagerverwalter, Er regelt die Items, die im Lager sein dürfen und verpasst Schönheitsops an Regelverstößer, kweh! Unser Verwalterchocobo, der sich um die Kapazität der Gilde kümmert. Inaktive Member, die sich nicht abmelden, werden innerhalb von 7 Tage gekickt sobald Platz benötigt wird Unser Aushilfschocobo, der unser Team verstärken soll. Aufgrund seines hohen und umfangreichen Wissens über Elsword und Co kann er so einige Fragen beantworten und steht euch bei Schwierigkeiten und Sorgen zur Seite. Fragt ihn einfach, Kweh! 1. Kein Scammen oder Hacken. Wenn ein GV oder der GM das erfährt gibt es ein Instakick ohne Warnung! 2. Wenn ihr wisst, dass ihr für eine weile inaktiv seit, teilt es dies dem GM oder ein Admin durch PM oder Mail mit oder schreibt es in eure Gildennachricht. 3. Respektiert eure Gildenmitglieder. (Wenn ihr irgendwelche Probleme mit einen eurer Mitgliedern habt, gebt es immer dem GM/Admin bescheid) 4. Versucht euch gegenseitig zu helfen. 5. Wir akzeptieren KEIN Rassismus! Egal ob Spaß oder nicht. Da wir Spieler sind, die gerne neue Kontakte knüpfen und knüpfen wollen, haben wir beschlossen, Bündnisse mit deutschen Gilden zu bilden um die deutsche Community in void zu stärken. Wenn Ihr eine deutsche Gilde seid und ebenso denkt wie wir und Interesse an einem Bündniss habt, schreibt einen Kommentar hier unter den Thread oder kontaktiert YatoTenshi privat, kweh! Bitte nur als Verwalter oder Meister der Gilde melden! Wenn Ihr Interesse an unserer Gilde gefunden habt dann bitten wir euch folgendes Formular auszufüllen und einfach unter diesen Thread hier zu posten (CopyPaste), Kweh! Charactername: Klasse: Level: Alter: PvE oder PvP: Warum möchtest du uns beitretten?: Über Mich (optional): Die Bewerbungen werden schnellstmöglich bearbeitet und euch wird bescheidgegeben, Kweh! Anmeldungssuche: EIN Kapazität: 53/100 Derzeit keine Skype/Whatsapp gruppe aktiv! Bei Neueröffnung wird dies hier gepostet! Keine Events gerade geplant, kweh!