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Found 10 results

  1. ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ Lord Hennon created his safe dwelling back in 1/19/2018. It was first just a simple guild looking to welcome any-and-everyone home and help those, who were freshly starting out, boost their levels and power. It has been reborn now with new additions to its discord and its members that are striving to be active. We grind SDs, Elrianode, Guild Expeditions, and Henir's Time and Space. Our focus is towards PvE while keeping it Social. We goof off a lot and become great friends through it all. We’re very social when we’re all comfortable, so don’t be afraid/shy to include yourself in the conversations. Ranking: Guild Master - Hennon Owner Guild Administrator - Priests Given to those who passed the Admin application Officer - Servers Those who reach/are level 99 Veteran - Slaves Those who are level 70 Member - Sacrifice Role given upon invite Initiate Given to those who are not worthy for Lord Hennon! ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Follow all official VoidEls rules 2. Be respectful to everyone. We do not tolerate harassment. If you are caught, two warnings will be given before a permanent ban. 3 . English is our primary language for most of us. So please keep all conversations in the English language. 4. NSFW is strictly prohibited. We acknowledge that there are new and younger audiences to Void Elsword. You are a representative of this communities’ first impression. Always. 5. Begging and greed is very annoying. We will all try to help you with whatever it is you’re trying to earn, but please acknowledge that you can’t get help all the time. 6. Ask before taking items from the guild. Remember: you are given back more when you put effort into the guild. 7. Don’t be intolerable. Know where people’s boundaries are. Accept your punishments like an adult and move on. There’s no need to start drama. 8. There’s no limit to how many characters you put in the guild whether it’s main or alt, just make sure to log in and be active on them to avoid guild kick. 9. If you are inactive for more than 8 days. You will be demoted to guest in the discord and kicked from the guild itself. You are allowed to come back, but try to be more active. If you need more than 8 days because something came up, explain your reasoning in #absences. [Discord rules notification will be sent to you upon joining] ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ IGN/s: Character/s: Class/es: Level/s: [Discord Introduction format will be different and MUST be filled upon joining] ------------------------------------------------------------ Hennon's church Just fill out the introduction and rules and you're all set! ------------------------------------------------------------
  2. FattoFattoGirudo [FattoFattoGirudo] - We are recruiting some Friendly and Active members! ^^ For invite, just message/send a friendship request to SleepyAshinx ~~ Guild name: FattoFattoGirudo Created: 17.08.2018 Discord: Guild level: 5 (71%) Members: 27/70 ~Guild skills~ Alchemy specialist 5/5 (Increases the effect of potions, food and dungeon recovery items by 25%) Comrade’s cheer 5/5 (Increases Dungeon EXP by 15%) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Inactivity of 10 days will end up with you being kicked out of the guild. If you intend to be inactive over 10days, make sure to contact the Guild Master * Be respectful... You should treat others the way you want them to treat you! * You can have up to 2 characters in the guild. * Everyone is welcome.. Newbie or an experienced player, that does not matter to us ^^ * Guild Size: Right now, we can only have up to 70members. * Intent: Our main focus is providing a helpful, active family in which both experienced and new individuals can feel welcome. * Activites: Right now at the moment we do not do any events.. But we hope that we can do some in the future ^^ Other than events, we plan to do on daily basis pretty much any dungeon (SD, Henir, Tear farming and so on) ~ All that we ask is that you represent us (when and if you’re willing of course!) That in mind.. Please do not join for the sole purpose of doing events, taking things from guild bank and so, and afterwards going back to representing another guild. Some additional questions/info/whatevaaa: ~Can some friends of mine join as well? Uhm ... after much consideration ... n-... well, duh! Just have them PM me or send me their names as well and I'll contact them in game. ~Who are you again? Devi player, and still have not decided if I should main Vishnu or Devi... lol But anyway! Me as in the Guild Master of this guild, and the one who is writing this annoying and not-oh-so-flashy post? I am Ashinx.. (Yessssss, just Ashinx.. I have given up hope of using some catchy, distinguishable, semi- epic handle or pseudonym due to the fact that many people just adress me by that...) But it would be appreciated if you would adress me as "Shin" ^^ if you do end up joining, you'lllll most likely end up knowing me pretty well ... or at least more so than you may have expected lol . We shall see ^_~
  3. Hello everyone. I'm looking for social people to join my guild. I need administrators to help me and people who speak english and are willing to voice chat on Discord. Any level allowed. Any character. PVP players and PVE. I'm willing to add any guild passives that the members desire. I have a lot of plans for the guild. Such as PVE, PVP, guild sparring, recording videos together ect. Lots of fun. I'm online every day taking care of the guild, but still need admins to help me. I also have a video summarizing the post.
  4. Aвσυт [Fateful] is a level 15 Raid/PvE guild established in October 2015. Our main purpose is to attain the highest rank in Raid. In between phases we are mainly a PvE guild although most of us PvP as well. The sole purpose of each and every guild member is to Raid for points or support those that score points. Ɯнσ We are looking for active, fun, and semi-talkative players who can help us attain our goal. We don't have a level requirement but we do expect you to aggressively strive to cap your character as quickly as possible upon joining. Don't worry, we'll help! We accept alts. It is not uncommon for members to have several alts in the guild as long as they contribute to Raid and are active. Ѕκιlls Aɗмιηѕ Rυlєѕ 1) Everyone Raids! If you don't want to Raid for points, Raid as a buffer to help those going for points. Everyone Raids! No exceptions! 2) Be Active We have a six (6) day inactivity kick. This applies to everyone. If you are kicked and can be active again, we're happy to re-add you. Please note: If you leave a message in #Absences on the guild Discord stating your reason for inactivity, you will have priority add and retain your rank as soon as space is available. 3) Keep the drama to a minimum. If you have an issue with someone or something, contact an admin! That's what we're here for. 4) Be respectful! Don't harass! Treat every member with respect and dignity. Harassment will not be tolerated. 5) Guild Storage The Guild Bank is for everyone. Limit what you store to necessary items. Some examples are Wonder Drugs, Recovery Potions, Elixirs, Seraphs, Mithril, etc... No Event Accessories! Don't horde from the Guild Bank. These items are to help the Guild. If you see 100 Recovery Potions in the Guild Bank, DON'T TAKE THEM ALL! Take what you need and leave the rest for your new family. If you do need an excessive amount of items ask first before taking them all. Guild Storage abuse can result in being kicked. 6) Contribute! Contribute to your new family. Be it in the form of materials or time spent helping a low level cap. Organize SD parties when not in Raid. Organize Raid parties! Buff during Raid parties. We notice and we're always appreciative! 7) Only GM is allowed to kick Admins and their alts from the guild, under any circumstances. Admins are no longer allowed to kick the alts of other admins. 8) Nobody may recruit or be recruited during the last week of any raid phase. It helps to prevent leechers. Aρρlιcαтιση We are now accepting applications from this thread. Please submit the following: IGN: Level/Class: Main or Alt: Previous Guild: Time zone you are in (ie PDT, GMT, etc...): Reason for wanting to join other than Raid: Cake or Cookies: A llιєѕ [Benevolence] - Fateful extended guild [Axalon] - Fateful extended guild [ISeeStars] [MillenniumVacui] [Siren] [Starbucks] Ƈσηтαcт You can also reach us on: Discord Skype
  5. Welcome to our guild! Our goal is to help build a guild full of active and friendly members to make friends, build bonds, as well as help others. We hope that you join us to help achieve our goal and create good vibes year round! We also have a Discord server to keep everyone in touch! For more info refer to the 'Guild Hangouts' page below Current Members: 18/50 | Lvl. 3 Guild The Guild Master The Admins Hope to see you in the guild~
  6. Recruit Gild TombOFNazarick for people indoesian
  7. At the current moment we aren't recruiting because we are already full Even small changes are important. You don't see 'em but you feel 'em. - YNS Everyone has their own dreams! Let's make them all come true. A small (i guess more like) middle guild based on family relationships. We are on Void since 2015-08-25 and we are the "daughter" of the original YumeNoSekai guild which was on the german server like three years ago. We are friendly, we don't bite... okay maybe if you will be a cookie then maaaybe someone would like to take a bite. Guild main symbols are friendship and cookies. Oh yeah we so love cookies so why don't you join and take a part of our guild to get free cookies? (Lythan will give you cookies once you join ♪) Let's enjoy our time in the guild together! This guild originally started on the german server. As you can imagine, there were guild full of arogant people and guilds that were pretty much dead. That's why the previous guild master made his own english guild for those who couldn't stand it and create a real "Dream world". And was a success! Although we were small, we enjoyed the game together, always talked about random stuff, be it the 3rd job path that could come (We talked about this like a year ago before they actually made a 3rd path and we were really close with our guesses LOL) or for example school, food and so on. It was really fun to be in the guild and everyone was friendly to each other. You could say being a small guild is far better than being a big one where everyone is doing their stuff. However, this didn't last long as one day, our GM's cousin got on his account and hacked there. Obviously, our GM got banned because of the cousin and there started the guild fall apart. We went to different guilds and that was the end. Although, later on we kinda found ourselves in the same guild again. But... there sure weren't nice people, trust me. After some time we went to Void but there were no really active guilds here. With this, we Rei&Ly decided to make a guild with the same thought in mind as YNS on the german server since... y'know, big guilds are dead here? After a small reunion with old members from YNS we got some new members. Current relationships here are really nice, people are chatting each other, have fun together. We are crazy community sometimes it's too easy to lost in chat. If it's not about els it's about anime, manga, games or just something random. It's like in one sec guild is talking about DL's skills and next sec we are chatting about weather. Also the tricky way how to cofuse new people: RP aka role play... Yeee especially Rei is doing this. In the end all what I can say is: main goal is fulfilled we aren't one of the 100 member quiet guild WE LIVE ♪ Our dream is simple. All what we want is to make this guild active where is no awkward silence like in many guilds. That's the main reason why guild staff is trying to do not expand guild into big sizes where players can feel lonely when none answers to his/her questions or even greet. We were in several big guilds and everywhere was the same silence or a circle of people that don't care about newbies. In short DON'T be afraid to ask about something or help we are always here. PS: okay not always we need sleep or afk :/ Show me your moves! - canceled Guild masters After a debation we decided make it like this sice we are both leading guild at the same time. GMT +1 Aoros Heya peeps! I'm something-like-the-GM-of-this-guild-but-more-like-semi-GM!♪ I'm a freaking Chung lover and my LK is awesome too~ Well, awesome looking at least? Anyway, I'm a former member of YNS and I bet it was somewhere mentioned so why am I saying this LOL. All I want is to make a good community of people that aren't flaming each other and enjoying the game together as... well, you know what the community is like. I like PVE a lot (NOPE TO 6-x and 7-6! + henir) and sometimes PvP (Yes, I'm an M since I PvP on void LOL) but only rarely or when I'm trying to buy PvP acc. Tbh, I'm extremely lazy otherwise and I stay in my beloved Feita all da day! Btw, can someone make me food? GMT +1 Lapua Hey~ I'm Yuki but I'm fine with Rei aswell just don't try call me boss (ranks doesn't play role but our personality). I am sub GM of this guild which have good community and we are here like a family. Well true we are kinda small but we are happy and having fun together. I love our guildies no matter how crazy they are ♥ You can see me running some dungs or getting salt in pvp. I found that I kinda like pvp with my Chungs... but still I prefer more pve. I like to help my friends in guild (everyone is my friend o3o) no matter if it's pve or pvp. Just one think... I kinda hate SDs so I can't do them everyday. Also I can appear in guild in early hours and just chill then disappear. Yes watching on any of my Chung makes me feel a lot better ♥ The last info about me I am known in guild as TheOneWhoIsBuyingMoreThanEnoughCostumes for my Chungs. I literally use only one on each Chung I really don't know why I do this. I just like to dress up my Chungies ♥ Administrators Cryshella One of the guys who made YNS on the german server. Got any questions, wanna talk about dugeons/updates/PvP/That your freaking sister stole another piece of cake? Don't worry and just talk him. He is currently bussy with job. GMT +8/ GMT +9 xlAzukalx I've been asked by our GMs to become their Admin so here I am. First I thought i'm gonna be arrested I swear they were kinda weird more than usually. Well i got nickname in guild "Shiro" people here call me like that or just Azu. I'm pure PvE player I did PvP back on JP server but its deep past now I am here to break all PvE ladders, muhaha! You can see me run SD or henir everyday so feel free to ask me and I'll join. If i can mention Rei and Ly are devils! They breaks my pointy stick everytime when I talk about it... And the last one... it's... a warning! We keep scary monster in our guild house to be exact in the lower part so if you don't wanna be eaten do no go there! Bork! Elite: given to alts in guild Veteran: given to mains in guild Admin: after some period spend in guild being nice, friendly etc. the guild staff would talk together and will decided if that person will get admin rank or not=democracy There is main 10 rules of our guild ♪ 1. Do not flame your fellow members in the guild. 2. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT... actually I got bored at the 2nd rule but whatever... Just don't be scared to talk, there's always someone going to reply you if the people aren't afk. 3. Do not be scared to talk about random stuff, be it food, the game itself or that your freaking sister ate the last piece of cake and you want to murder her. ♪ 4. Respect each other, duh. 5. Don't beg for anything. 6. Don't be scared to ask for help, we're not going to bite your rod off, if you know what I mean. ♪ 7. Do I even have to mention hackers and scammers are the worst so no one is allowed to do so? 8. Even though we're like a family... please, don't make babies with anyone in the guild. As the father, you won't get away! 9. Make sure to talk a with someone of the staff if you can't be online too much for some reason. If you don't, it'll look like you won't play anymore and can get kicked. 10. Phew, 10th already? Damn! Well, the last is pretty simple. Enjoy your stay here! ♪ I am joking there is already 11th! Put anything into guild bank at your own risk. If you want anything from there try 1st ask owner. active, talktive and nice members which also speak english (as heading says) PS: if you are shy it don't mind just you should over do your shyness PPS: nobody will blame you if your english isn't perfect (mine isn't also lol) just enjoy your stay Oh if you really end here that means you are able to all previous wishes of our guild and also you are interested in joinig us, right? Well then application is below x3 fill up * lines *IGN | Class: *Age: *Timezone: *Reason you want to join: *How often do you play: *Fluency in English: *Expectations on joining us: Tell us something special about you: Note to age: it's just information for us, to know how old members are, i mean prohibited pervert topic etc. > hey everyone sometimes have pervert mood just we shouldn't mess up kids moral no? p-p Like after 10 days of inactivity we kick if you don't let staff know why you can't play if it's your alt we can close eye but seriously joining with more chars=play with them all Example of Application: *IGN | Class: xlAzukalx | Dreadlord *Age: 22 *Timezone:GMT +8/GMT +9 *Reason you want to join: i wanted to join a guild that mainly focused on pve plus i was kinda lonely from playing alone all the time *How often do you play: everyday *Fluency in English: its my second language i might get the spellings wrong from time to time well most of the time ok all the time im weak at spelling (sob) *Expectations on joining us: mainly pve, active and taltive Tell us something special about you: well i am Japanese/Filipino or Filipino/Japanese same thing i think (i honestly don't have a clue if there the same or not) i like reading manga not so much watching anime Male gender and i really love cute stuffs its one of my many many weakness If you really don't want apply on forum for any reason you can /w someone from guild staff and there will be a short talk about this.
  8. [Pursuit] PvE Guild Since 03/03/2015 Welcome to [Pursuit]'s recruitment thread! We are a PvE guild, currently level 11. We are looking for: Active/Talkative members & Respectful people We prefer only English speaking players, please.~ ________________________________________________ A little about us: We are mainly PvE and we are wanting to revive our guild and run a happy family of members that are active and willing to help eachother and have fun togeather! We love to farm SD's, Henir, titles, and ED. We also are more than happy to help new members cap so that we can have a stronger PvE guild for dungeon runs togeather. ~We do not expect you to no-life dungeons~ Dungeoning all the time is not required, nor are we forceful. We just don't want quiet afkers 24/7 in spar. We understand that going into spar is a nice break from dungeoning, a good way to blow off some steam or release some salt, and a way of selling things. ________________________________________________ ~Rules~ No Scamming Try to help eachother If you are inactive for 7 days without informing anyone, you will be kicked (if you know you will be gone longer than 7 days, please notify the GM or an Admin) No begging/pestering other members for ED/IBs/etc. (No means no, we do not want tension within the guild) Be Active (We fully understand you have school/work/a life. We do as well, so we are not super strict on it.) ________________________________________________ ~Guild Skills~ Gnosis Blessing: ON (We tend to keep the Gnosis in effect 24/7) If guildies see an issue with the guild skills/would like a different skill in effect they can contact a guild admin and it will be brought to the Guild Master's attention for suggestions and a guild vote will be initiated~ ________________________________________________ ~Guild Master~ Krim ~Admins~ Dominant Industry ThatOneRaven __________________________________________ If you wish to join, please contact the GM or one of the Admins in-game. You may also leave your IGN here in the replys~ Thank you and we look foreward to adding you to the family!~
  9. "A place where the idols gathered" No, it's not team rocket. Introduction Rindou-ji is a school name taken from a Light Novel called "Date A Live" which can be translated as "Gentian flower". PvE oriented, the guild was first created by IGN MikuIzayoi (Me). The purpose of the guild was to bring 'joy' to its members, however the plan failed because I'm shy as heck. Now that I have the courage to make this guild operate properly, I'll start an audition for new members~ The audition is actually very simple~ IGN: Class Name: Age (Optional): Nationality: Timezone: Reason why do you want to join this guild: Do you have all it takes to be an idol? I'll let you know whether you are accepted or not~ 1. First and foremost, respect each other. 2. Respect other people outside the guild. 3. Please speak English. 4. Scammer isn't allowed to join/stay in the guild. (Report to me or the admins if you find one.) 5. Only 1 character and 1 alt is allowed to join. 6. Inactive limit is 9 days, unless you explain the reason to us. (either through mail or forum) 7. Have fun together~(Let me sing you a song, and let's sing along) 8. People who don't follow the 1 and 2 will be warned 3 times.(The punishment varied from demotion to perma-kick) 9. Number 9 is actually my favorite number so, yaay. -TBA- -TBA- -TBA-
  10. We are CrimsonKnights, a growing Hybrid, English-speaking guild with daily SD, Henir and HoB runs and A TON of talking via chat/skype group ^^ Current level: 9 Created: 30.04.2015 Members: 85 Guild Master is AsuraTheFoxy (Jordan) always up for loli Admins are Duwan (Suki) so kawaii ^*^ helps with leveling and is very nice to everyone also thinks RF is sexy AF skukkk (sku) sexy beast Auvic (Matt) casual grinder GUILD RULES (written by Jordan): 1. Don't be a jerk to anyone. If you and someone else are joking between each other, make sure it's known. 2. Be friendly to your guild members. They want friends who will do stuff with them. Be that friend. 3. No begging for anything. This includes equipment, ED, EC, higher guild rank. 4. No spamming. If you're having a conversation with someone, that's fine. But don't keep saying the same thing over and over. 5. Inactivity level is 7 days. If you've read through these rules, enter the password in the application form: hui If you can follow these rules and get along with everyone, then welcome to the Crimson Knights and we hope you enjoy being with us. Joining [CrimsonKnights] Application form 1. IGN (In-game name): 2. Level and class: 3. Reason to join: 4. Your type of person (chill/burning, shy/open etc.): 5. Password: Hope to see you in our guild soon!