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Found 21 results

  1. Let's Make Naeun Great again So we all know that Naeun got really ''revamped'' years ago, with that I don't mean only few things like this few accessories or little ED changes. With this Suggestion I want to make Naeun great for Newbies and Endgame Player usefull Before I start! Changelog: You guys can also tell me your opinion on it or also few changes or Ideas cuz I run out of ma ideas.. Consumes We all Know that she don't have such ''great'' potion beside this Battle elixir or something like this so let me explain: 1. We Reduce the cost of -Summon Cards from 2,000,000 ED to 500,000 ED because they are pretty useless at endgame and only good for leveling so a reduce would be good for newbies and for the quest they have 2. We put some new potions on consume but why ? well its easy to say, because they are good and I think many ppl don't want to pay over 250,000 ED for one of this Halloween Basket and it would be also usefull for endgamer and newbies Exchange Well I want to make the Apink cards more usefull because atm they don't have such good options I mean.. i have so much of this cuz I can't finde any good options to exchange this or craft something from this.. So Let's start ! Page 1 Page 2 Crafting 1. 50 Card + 15 Jewels + 35,000,000 ED 2. or 30 Cards + 30,000,000 ED 3. 40 Cards + 25,000,000 ED Important: This contains the Full Set Changes 1. Change the costs from 5,000,000 ED to 2,000,000 ED 2. Change the Costs from 2,000,000 to 500,000 ED 3. From 30 Cards + 500,000 ED to 8 Cards + 400,000 ED 4. From 30 Cards + 750,000 ED to 8 Cards + 150,000 ED 5. Now this thing.. it costs 5,000,000 ED and 12 Cards + You get a Random skill clip I suggest the costs should be arround 15,000,0000 ED + a option where we can choose the skill clip 6. So.. I'm pretty sure that none use this since 3rd job or even Trans Update they are worthless and not even strong, even the starter cube is stronger. so change the price or delete it 7. We get this one from Starter cubes and I think 10,000,000 ED + 30 Cards is a BIT to much for this 10 cards. They are not each 1,000,000 worth.. So change it to 1,000,000 + 30 Cards 8. So let's think.. you get one of this Jewels if you buy a Super Star Cube and they cost 3,500,000 one jewels would be something like 3,000,000 or 3,500,000 worth for example I mean 8 x 3 = we spend atm for 1 wise stone around 24m.. so change the amount from 8 Naeun's Jewels to 1 for 2 Wise stones or Warped also change the amount from 15 Jewels to 10 Jewels for a +8 Amulet 9. Put this Chibi accessories from crafting to exchange for 13 or 12 Cards 10. Change the Price for "Seed From El's Tree" from 2 DeT + 100,000 ED to 5 Cards + 30,000 ED Change the Price for "Fruit from El's Tree" from 4 DeT + 200,000 ED to 10 Cards + 75,000 ED New stuff to add 1. Seals Since nobody want to spend 40 cards + 6m for a Yellow~Gold seal what is also random I put this idea from @Rika into this suggestion cuz this would be better for everyone who is selling costumes or stuff that needs a seal Let's start: Yellow seal for 5 Cards White seal for 15 Cards Violet seal for 30 Cards Gold seal for 60 Cards IMPORTANT: Make sure that these seals are: NOT Tradeable Cuz of reselling etc and we don't want to breake the marked with tons of seals 2. Let's bring this Computer Motion thing back cuz last time it was on a Xmas event on 2016 available let's start: I have no Idea how to make the mats for this but I was thinking of some similar to the Movie motion BUT not so high like it. Something around 15 Cards + 5 Jewels + 15,000,000 ED 3. Magical Girl Costumes Well now some ppl thing ''Why tf this set ??'' Its easy to explain. Because It's not strong and a good starter costume Well I was thinking about this 40 Cards + 20 Jewels + 25m It's totally enough for a set that's limited to Ara I will also add the accessories later in exchanges 4. Some People will remember the old X-mas event in 2016 where you got the Perkisas accessories How about to bring these things back at naeun? Perkisas' Achilles Wings Stigma of Fire Flame Bonds Since you can't get this accessories anymore and they look really cool tbh A price of maybe some Cards would be enough at exchange something around 50 ~ 100 Cards for each in exchange New Naeun Quest Dance till your dead A Quest like this was suggested by @Theetis Many ppl don't like to go out of every dungeon only because to complete the quest and get for 1 run only 1 card so this quest will make ur runs more easier. For each 10 runs you get from this quest 10 cards! Jewel Exchange Coming soon Beside Things This One like the SD entrys for 1,000 ED Anyways.. Keep in mind that I want to make Naeun good for Newbies and Endgame Players also its still WIP so I would be glad if you guys have any improvements on it, cuz I can edit it any time for more stuff, you guys only need to tell me ur Ideas so.. Lets Make Naeun GREAT again! Important= I only got this Idea from @LordGostone Suggestion And @Dominator Suggestion You guys inspired me to make a suggestion like this and beside.. I don't want to copy your work! I only want that the Staff sees that we want a Naeun Revamp So tell me ur Opinion on this !
  2. Recent PvP changes from the official Elsword servers made their way to Void, and they are great ! For event items, APs or glory alot of people are now running into PvP and having decent fun in both 1v1 and team PvP. But eventually, the most hardcore players (or those just farming NPCs but we'll get to that later) are going to rise to the top and face one problem : What are we even doing in Arena now ? Because indeed, even tho new PvP is pretty cool, alot of hardcore players and even random players miss some things from the official server : Recognition and Incentive - And they can't get it because of reasons i'll be developing in this thread. 1 - The Ranking Board First subject and surely the most obvious one. The ranking board has been bugged for a long time now, not ranking anyone apart from Henir competitors. It doesn't look like such a big deal but it actually is for multiple reasons : - As i said earlier, recognition is essential in every PvP mode of any games in existence. It create competition, it create admiration in some cases or salt in others. People don't queue up in League of Legend games just for the sake of it. They queue up and want their rank to go up, but with how easy it now is to be S and above ranks are escalating way too fast and it often lead to confusion : When and how are you really at the top ? And this question won't be answered anytime soon simply because no leaderboard = no way to know who is at the top and to create competition for this spot. - Second reason for this to be a big deal is the new Guild PvP rank system. It is basically useless. This tool has been created as and only as a way to measure each guild's PvP overall "level" but it is completely useless otherwise. The leaderboard doesn't display those ranking, thus making the system pointless and give even less incentives to create PvP guilds or to try and take a spot on the board. 2 - The Season Rewards Leaving the leaderboard like this is totally unfair to the PvP community that, believe it or not, actually exist and just want as much support from Void than the PvE community enjoying their Henir Leaderboard ranking, because starting from 2.3 Star Rank Rewards were added and as a part of the game right now are non-existent since leaderboard doesn't exist. Sure we might get the season rewards from all the ranks but the competition for Star Rank is rendered useless once again. Again, the solution is here to try and fix the ranked board so it still exist. Plus there is also a case to be made around player's suggestion in order to improve those ranked rewards on Void Elsword. 3 - A PvP for everyone -> Debuting PvP Almost everybody is starting A rank, that's how it is and i doubt you can change much things to it so no need to explain why it is wrong (Maybe you could just make everyone start E like earlier in the game I guess), but it becomes a real problem once people like the person in the picture shown above are ranked in the same bracket than people that just started the game and want to try out PvP. The damage difference is basically too heavy to be handled by newer players and they will get steamrolled in a second, thinking that PvP is just that : A f**king mess with geared people beating his ass with no effort. Gear should be required to get to the top, no doubt on that, otherwise it would any incentives on PvE for hardcore PvP players, but it should be limiting the entry of new players into this area of the game. So my idea basically of following an event from the main server and giving every new player a chance to compete with an usable gear but ONLY for PvP : Giving every player, once they hit 99 and not before, the ability to get those +10 sparring gear for free along with some Attack Speed and Critical magic stones. Giving them a starter that isn't much ofc but can be really useful to not get destroyed when you don't have any gear and this will also not perturb PvE since the gear is only usable in PvP. IMO, the stats should also be going up a bit cause it's a bit underwhelming but that's only my opinion so it doesn't count here. This +10 sparring gear will go along the PvP essential items which are things like magic necklace and ring of fury that you get for free already in the levelling cubes. 4 - A PvP for everyone -> Encouraging PvP Along with the limited entry of PvP due to gear that discourage people from engaging in it, another problem with Void's PvP is that it serves no purpose for people that don't care about recognition because there is no fix rewards. It's always depends on events (like the one we actually got). So the solution here is to encourage PvP with clear and useful rewards ! Actually here is what we can gain from PvP : So starting with the basics : PvP Coins are completely useless and should purely and simply be removed from the game and the rewards we can get from them should be moved to one of the lower tier of salt exchange. Then we must change the salt exchange so it's a little bit more actual and serves a purpose even for people outside of PvP, motivating them to go into this mode (This portion of the suggestion has been inspired by this thread - "Making the salt system less salt inducing" - that you should probably go check out for more reasoning on this) : x 2 = (Normal) / (Warped) x 10 = / x 20 = x4 / x2 / x5 / x2 x 30 = / / / x 50 (Randomly) = / x 75 (Randomly) = Hennon Outfit / Harmony Festival Outfit/ Qipao (ver. Lotus) x 100 = 10x [Cobo] Red/Blue/Purple Elrianode Equipment Fragment [Unique Top/Bottom/Gloves/Shoes Piece] x 200 + 30 PvP Flames (Randomly) = / / / Obviously, all of those ideas are only suggestions and I'm ready to listen anyone that can think about something better as long as it is used to make PvP more encouraging even for people that don't like the mode that much in the first place. TL;DR : - Fix the PvP Ranking Board ( For individuals and Guild) - Add some seasons reward for Void Server specifically - Make entering PvP less of a chore for new players by giving them freebies to survive a bit and be able to test the game mode more than 2 sec. - Make entering PvP more encouraging for everyone just like everybody is forced into PvE. - Maybe try to limit the NPC abuse by reducing their contribution in the % of rank-ups. This suggestion is subject to changes, depending on things I'm thinking about or things you can make me think about. So share your opinion on this with me please, so we can make the PvP community grow and/or survive on Void !
  3. So I’ve read: And they all suggest some new exchange system for the Ancient Silver and Gold Coins since we have stacks upon stacks of them collecting dust. Well here is my suggestion on the topic – let’s use the current exchange system! Copied from El Wiki: The Mysterious El Sphere is a device that can only be accessed by Treasure Hunters. Players with this profession are able to consume one Ancient Silver Coin, Ancient Gold Coin, or Ancient Diamond to obtain one random item. Each consumption will cost 100,000 ED, regardless of the material consumed. Diamonds have the highest chance of obtaining rare items while Silver Coins have the lowest. Let’s do a little math here: 1 stack of Ancient Silver Coins = 999 x 100,000 ED = 99,900,000 ED YIKES! Knowing RNGesus you will probably get a stack of Whole Grain Flour, not really worth it. Well let’s tweak that price! Here is my proposition to tweak the Mysterious El Sphere price (up for debate): Ancient Silver Coin: 10,000 ED Ancient Gold Coin: 50,000 ED Ancient Diamond: 100,000 ED I imagine it looking like this:
  4. Thread Note: All calculated values will be in bold for those that do not like reading through the math, although I do recommend you read it. They provide context to the suggestions below. Sorry for the wall, and enjoy. Thread Note #2: Please keep in mind that, while this suggestion is technically no longer a WIP, I will monitor all feedback and update accordingly. Thank you. Upon its release, the salt system quickly became a defining feature for void, but in recent times, it has been nothing but a minor asset for players. At best, you would receive a minor compensation for your time spent in the arena, but nothing that actually rewards you. For example, the current top tier reward is a Naho at 100 salt. With Naho's current board price at around 150m (this value decreases every event Naho is included, by the way - the longer the issue is ignored, the worse it becomes), and it requiring 100 salt, we can assume that: -1 salt has a value of 1.5m ED right now. Using the average length of a PvP match, which is approximately 2 and a half minutes (150 seconds), and assuming an average winrate of 50%, it takes (150 x 20) seconds for 1 salt. This means that it takes 3000 seconds, or 50 minutes, for a single salt which has a value of 1.5m. This is without factoring in the increased que times of the new season, which are approximately 1 minute. This increases the time for one salt to 70 minutes, or 1 hour & 10 minutes. Value of 1 salt: 1.5m Time required: 1 hour 10 minutes A single mithril piece, which you can literally get in the first room of a dungeon, is worth 1.7m, 200k more than a salt. Obviously, 1.7m in 30 seconds is a bit more valuable than 1.5m in over an hour. Value of 1 mithril piece: 1.7m Time required: RNG, estimated 15 seconds minimum to 10 minutes maximum. Note: These can be acquired while doing any other form of PvE and are additive with their respective rewards. In addition, every run of Debrian Laboratory gives approximately 2m ED, and runs of these take about 4-5 minutes with a proper party. Both the mithril pieces and the raw ED from running a single Elrianode dungeon are worth more than a salt, and this is without including the facts that a), they can happen simutaneously, and b), the fact that you can also drop other things like el tears that can be worth hundreds of millions. Value of 1 Debrian Laboratory run: Approx. 2m (not including drops, which are outliers for the sake of simple math.) Time required: Approximately 4-5 minutes Now that we have times and values, we can see how worthwhile PvP is in comparison to PvE. A Naho, at 100 salt, would require (70 x 100) minutes, which is 7000 minutes, or 117 hours. These sell for approximately 150m. Value of 1 Naho: 150m Time required: 117 hours In PvE, assuming you run Debrian Laboratory, it would take you (150/2) runs to get 150m, which is 75 runs. However, if we assume you drop 1 mithril piece every run, then this value shrinks to (150/3.7), which is 41 runs. Therefore, the time required in minutes is (4.5 x 43) = 193.5, or 3 hours and 15 minutes. For those that aren't treasure hunters, (4.5 x 75) = 337.5, or 5 hours and 36 minutes. Overall value: 150m Time required (w/ mithrils): 3 hours 15 minutes Time required (w/o mithrils): 5 hours 36 minutes If it hasn't yet become obvious, PvP is currently not even remotely rewarding, and there is almost no reason to be doing it. However, I believe through my suggestions, we can restore the salt exchange to its former glory. Perhaps, with the added suggestions and criticisms of the community, we can even cause it to exceed what it once was and create a greater environment for all who enjoy PvP. ------------------------------ Suggestion #1: This is the smaller portion, but I believe that adding an untradable Unique Purple El Tear Fragment into the consistent quest completion rewards would give much more incentive for people to even begin to go for salt-based rewards. It makes it a little bit easier to have your gear comparable to your opponents, which will overall improve the health of arena and bolster the amount of people who partake in it. It is also not very intrusive on the PvE economy, as they are untradable, and they are strictly purple ones (which are already the least expensive, and therefore, would be impacted less by an increase in the amount of them). ---------------------------------- Suggestion #2: This is the big one. I believe that an entire overhaul on the rewards you can exchange salt for is necessary for PvP to ever be worthwhile. If you have any ideas for additions, please comment them and I will consider adding them in. A note to the void staff if they are in fact reading this; any specific costumes or etc. that void cannot actually add (tech difficulties, etc) can be replaced, and I can research to find something else if you let me know. #Update: June 26, 2018: Due to the new major patch update, I have seen that the time required to obtain a salt is reduced. This will increase the salt prices for all exchanges, and therefore possibly open doorways to new exchanges. In addition, I have come to believe that the daily PvP flames should be replaced with a new item, or wiped, to prevent people from stockpiling them for the items and crafts suggested in this thread. 1 Salt Tier (choose one): 2x Magic Stone of the Wise, 2x Warped Magic Stone of the Wise This one is rather self explanatory. We already have this exchange, but for 5 salt, which as shown above is ridiculously time inefficient. Technically, this is still time inefficient, but it puts more sages into the game from something that isn't an ED burner, which is healthy. 8 Salt Tier (choose one): 6x Elrianode Defense Requests, 500x Sparring Enhancement Fragments This replaces the old 5-salt tier of 2x sage stones, but continues the niche of the low tier being small little goodies that serve as utilities, rather than big rewards. This is because it is supposed to urge you towards pushing to the high-end rewards, without actually wasting the time of those who do not. 15 Salt Tier (choose one): Kumiho Earrings, Mana Necklace, Mana-Mint Bubble Gum These are some useful items for PvP, and if one was to enter the arena without them, they would be able to obtain them with the proper amount of work put in, thus making future arena grinding much more fun and a lot easier. 20 Salt Tier (choose one): [Cobo] Golden Poru Seal, [Cobo] Blessed Fluorite Ore x10 A utility tier which is useful for more or less everybody at all times. Having seals is useful for marketing and having fluorites gives you chances to increase your gear, enhancement something relevant in PvP and PvE. 40 Salt Tier (choose one): Heroes of Speed Ring, Further Improved Hero Ring. Everybody wants these. Doing more damage is the entire point of Elsword. However, the only ways to obtain them are through ED burning. This introduces a form of real profit for PvP players, and allows people who may not have them yet to obtain them. 70 Salt Tier (choose one): Eternal Wedding Sitting Pose (Single), Eternal Wedding Sitting Pose (Duet), Snuggle Meow, Tickle Meow, Sweet Valentine, Romantic Valentine Now that we're getting higher up into the tiers, we can visit rare items that were locked behind limited events. Many of the items in these sales are still highly wanted, but it is unlikely that they will return, and therefore the demand will indefinitely outweigh the supply. I've decided to focus in on sitting poses, because these are something that all players enjoy to have - dress up is a large part of Elsword without doubt, and having a sit that matches your outfit is absolutely wonderful for aesthetic. 75 Salt Tier (random): Hennon Outfit, Harmony Festival Outfit, Qipao (ver. Lotus) Note: The Formal Attire concept had to be removed due to unseen complications. Its possible they will return. Again revisiting the idea of event-locked aesthetics, these costumes and how popular they are allow for an extremely good salt sinker. The random aspect creates economic stimulation, which is always good. 100 Salt Tier (choose one): It's a bit long, so I put it in a spoiler. Rather self explanatory, it was just in the previous event and WOW did it succeed in making sure people never stopped grinding. Removed purples because you'll be getting a lot of them from the salt quest. Overall, great for profit and great for people who want to upgrade from purple to something else. (New!) 125 Salt Tier (choose one): Dororo, Keroro, Kururu, Giroro, Tamama Remember these? Something tells me that people will still want them. Dororo, often the most targeted because of it's power, is sure to be a key selling point, but collectors are often willing to pay a pretty penny for rare things like these. Plus, a more up-to-date pet in the salt exchange is an ode to our old friend Naho. 250 Salt Tier + 30 PvP flames (random): Berserker, Sacrifice, Race! Go!, Transcendent Key Code -> mechanic: craft an item for 150 salts + 30 pvp flames -> exchange this item for random title -> purpose of pvp flame addition + salt requirement increase (100 --> 150) = cannot powerfarm it, forces consistent pvp gameplay (therefore healthier ques) This is the ultimate goal that most people will likely want to go for - the busted titles. Keeping it random makes sure that there is not too much supply for one specific title, and again increases economic stimulation as well as arena activity. All results possible are highly sought after, but each person will always have one they want the most, which enhances the random's effectiveness at keeping people playing arena. Keeping high end rewards such as these behind the insane time barrier will definitely cause an increase in the activity of the arena. additional dev notes -> wipe pvp flames or change the item required to prevent stockpiling before the patch (if it were to ever occur). top priority because holy hell this would be gamebreaking -> make sure daily items remain unbanksharable. they currently are, but this is just kinda important to remind -> remove the exchange for 1 competitor's coin -> 1 daily item -> possibly wipe salt or change the item as well in the same fashion as the daily items, but if this route is also accepted it would be wise to warn players beforehand (preventing mass backlash) ------------------------------------- added march 12/2018 Suggestion #3: Revamping the Arena Cubes. Right now, the arena cubes are "mini pvp burners" that have a bunch of junk making them entirely unworthy to open. With a change of the content they can provide, the AP you are forced to dump into opening them may further increase PvP activity. In addition, to promote a competitive environment, my concept is to have a secondary arena cube, which is strictly better - in both RNG rates and in content - for the star ranks only. Assuming that the PvP boards would be fixed to function properly alongside the large revamps in this thread, having star rank players have a finite advantage when opening arena cubes would even further create a diverse, competitive environment with lively queues. Also, change the ED cost of these cubes to 1. They're meant to sink AP, not your wallet. Credits to @Joako for inspiring a lot of the items the normal arena cube and encouraging me to finish it. NORMAL ARENA CUBE CONTENTS S tier (the good, really low droprate stuff) A tier (the average) F tier (the commons) STAR TIER ARENA BOX -> cost: 7500 AP. (subject to change) SSS tier (extremely low chance to get) S tier (same rates as other S tier) A tier ----------- These are my suggestions for improving the PvP scene. Before criticizing that the rewards are 'too good' and things of the such, please remember that all of these rewards are scaled to make sure that spending time on PvP is not a futile effort for anybody willing to make money. All rewards are a step in the direction of bridging this gap and creating economic equality for players of all types, and therefore, a better and more healthy Void. Thank you for your time. Note: There is no neutral option in the poll because this is an extremely large scale revamp for the long-term health of Arena. If you do not care about what happens to the PvP scene, it would be better to not leave a vote, and rather just comment your feelings on the suggestions. This allows the poll to show more accurate data, so that I can fine tune it to be the best it can be. Thank you!
  5. I do not know about you but I'm tired of buying SGC and Royal Robe come. The easiest way to get a +8 is by SGC, so I buy several cubes. In addition to this set being very ugly and it does not have all the characters, nobody buys it on the board, so you have to keep the inventory full of this set until someone buys. I can't throw away 3.5m. The other sets that are in the cube gamble are even cool (Navy and Yukata), do not need to change. I think I think some sets are out of the question, so I wanted them to get into the new ED Burner. I'll give you some suggestions for exchange, I hope you'll agree with me and vote on some to replace the Royal Robe set. If Possible. OBS: It does not have the image of all the characters, but the written character has the set OBS2: If you do not like some and have another in mind tell me that I add OBS3: Some are cooler than necessary, so no use just wanting to have to be fair. OBS4: Accessories not included Bad Guys (Elsword - Ain) Fantasy Academy (Elsword - Ain) Animal Cosplay (Elsword - Ain) No problems adding this in the new ED Burner Ninja (Elsword - Chung) Mahou Tensei/Shoujo (Elword - Ara) Twice OOH-AHH (Elword - Rose) Gloomy Night (Elsword - Ain) Adding (Edits) Demon Hunter By Seikoya (Elsword - Add)
  6. 1. Blessed Time & Space's Scroll Lv.8,9 with EKKO 2. Refined Time and Space Crystals WHITELISTED in bank share, i exchanged them all with one char. 3. SD stones useless? 4. Power Stone Fragments useless? 5. Old sd materials (like hot dragons scale) useless? Someone pls tag staff people, thanks.
  7. Will the recolors IB get their stats revamp like the original ones? also will they get extra accessories? (CaT wingclips, SC glasses, Verglas fairy,...)
  8. A starter cube revamp for level 85, please. We need it.
  9. When the lvl 85 SD sets will come out, will we be able to exchange our current SD sets for the lvl 85 unique versions and then upgrade further to maximised ( or without exchanging, just upgrade to maximised, from 80 unique to 85 max )....or do we need to start over from scratch, getting the elite (purple) one first? I'm really curious. I recently started gathering materials for the set, but I don't know if I should craft them now, or wait for the lvl 85 patch.
  10. I have 3 of them lingering in my inventory. Are these things still usable in some sort of way? Is there anyway that I can trade them? Or are they completely useless now?
  11. Anyone one have trouble with the models? The characters are not showing and it crashes after a few mintues
  12. so im pretty sure that this question has been asked many times but since i don't know the answer either or haven't seen it, is void going to get the revamps after NA voidels is finished with its revamps? they're already on the last stage so im just assuming. another thought is will we get the english voices for the elgang on void? i know we got the Japanese voices but again, just curious.
  13. uhhhhh so she can fly to the sky and no one can kill her.
  14. I read though the update notes but didn't see anything about title revamp ;c It's not coming in this update yet? I want my OoR buff @¬@
  15. Now, I've been hearing about a supposed Secret Dungeon Revamp that KR has, if any of you would be so kind as to what this Revamp entails? Do we earn more ED per run? Are the Bosses harder? Are the dungeons themselves shorter, or longer? If someone could kindly explain what this Revamp does the the SD's, please, leave a comment below...I don't bite.
  16. As a topic title says. For what title I should aim for my LK and GrM after the titles revamp will come to void? There are those one about what I'm thinking to get: Reaper (After 8-6Released) Clear 8-6 Very Hard and achieve all the following (0/10): Take under 1 hitAchieve SS RankDefeat the following in 8-6Very Hard: Any Demon mobs (0/30,000) Any Trock mobs (0/15,000) Karis' True Form (0/800) Behemoth Terminator Achieve Lv 70 Clear 8-6 Very Hard and achieve all the following (0/10): Take under 1 hitAchieve SS RankDefeat the following in 8-6Very Hard: Any Demon mobs (0/1,000) Any Trock mobs (0/500) Karis' True Form (0/200) Physical Attack +3% Magical Attack +3% Critical Hit Rate +3% Awakening Charge Speed +5% Awakening Time +7.5% Through the Flames!! Clear 9-1 on Very Hard with SS rank Clear 9-2 on Very Hard with SS rank Kill 100 Dryad Kenta Kill 200 Iron Anvil Sdeing 3% chance of casting Meteor Strike when attacking Critical Hit Rate +3% Additional Damage +2% Attack Speed +2% Passion Pay Clear 9-3 on Very Hard Clear 9-4 on Very Hard Clear 9-3 (0/200) Clear 9-4 (0/100) Physical Attack +1000 Magical Attack +1000 Clear 9-5 on Very Hard Clear 9-5 on Very Hard (0/150) Dancing Flame Weapon (After Lanox Titles Revamped) 1.5% chance of casting Meteor Grenadewhen attacking 1.5% chance of casting Meteor Strikewhen attacking 1.5% chance of casting Firestorm when attacking 1.5% chance of inflicting Burn for 7 seconds when attacking 1.5% chance of casting Fireworks when attacking 1.5% chance of casting Strong Flamewhen attacking But. . . maybe something different from those ones could be better for them? Tell me pls Your opinions about it.
  17. ► ■ Elsword Revamp on Void ■ ◄ ■ What's about [?] ■ It's mean on title , Elsword System Revamp. I don't mean Revamp at all ;w; I hope revamp something. I thought Void could revamp some system to funny game. And What do you want to add reason my topic can comment at all. (Sorry for my english .... I'm not good English) ■ List Item [!] ■ [VoidEls] Level Boost Cube [VoidEls] A Millennium Fox Ears [VoidEls] Fox' Tail Chimes [VoidEls] Dark Blood [VoidEls] Sealed Bloody Queen [VoidEls] Sealed Time Code [Don't have imange] [VoidEls] Diabolic Armor [VoidEls] Soul of God [VoidEls] Soul of Darkness [VoidEls] Secret Ticket (Tradeable) [VoidEls] Secret Darkness Soul (Untradeable) [VoidEls] Secret Lightness Soul (Untradeable) ■ Leveling Help [!] ■ You can get '[VoidEls] Level Boost Cube' on level 15 by Online 15 minute. [1 time] [VoidEls] Level Booster Cube ( Exp booster 15% 1 Each / 7 Days ) ( Exp booster 30% 1 Each / 3 Days ) ( 100% accessory weapon 1 each / 1 Days ) ■ Gate of Darkness (Revamp) [!] ■ (Add Item) [VoidEls] Soul of God 1 Each / Round (Tradeable) [VoidEls] Soul of Darkness 1 Each / Round (Untradeable) A:How to can get [VoidEls] Soul of God and [VoidEls] Soul of Darkness ? B:Play in Gate of Darkness and clear you can got [VoidEls] Soul of Darkness,[VoidEls] Soul of God,2 [VoidEls] Compress Darkness , ETC (Add Craft on Ekko) ORIGINAL STATUS ALL [VoidEls] A Millennium Fox Ears (Untradeable) Use [VoidEls] Soul of Darkness 15 Each [VoidEls] Soul of God 3 Each [VoidEls] Fox' Tail Chimes (Untradeable) Use [VoidEls] Soul of Darkness 30 Each [VoidEls] Soul of God 5 Each [VoidEls] Dark Blood (Untradeable) Use [VoidEls] Soul of Darkness 15 Each [VoidEls] Soul of God 3 Each [VoidEls] Sealed Bloody Queen (Untradeable) Use [VoidEls] Soul of Darkness 30 Each [VoidEls] Soul of God 5 Each [VoidEls] Sealed Time Code (Untradeable) Use [VoidEls] Soul of Darkness 15 Each [VoidEls] Soul of God 3 Each [Don't have imange] [VoidEls] Diabolic Armor (Untradeable) Use [VoidEls] Soul of Darkness 30 Each [VoidEls] Soul of God 5 Each [VoidEls] Upgrade Scroll Level 7 (Untradeable) Use [VoidEls] Soul of God 7 Each ■ Secret Dungeon Quest (Revamp) [!] ■ (Add Item reward on normal quest) 1 [VoidEls] Secret Darkness Soul (Untradeable) 1 [VoidEls] Secret Lightness Soul (Untradeable) (Add Craft on Ekko) 1 [VoidEls] Exchange Secret Ticket (untradeable) Use 2,500,000 ED 5 [VoidEls] Secret Lightness Soul 5 [VoidEls] Secret Darkness Soul (Exchange on Ekko) [VoidEls] Exchange Secret Ticket [Random] 1 [VoidEls] Upgrade Scroll Lv.7 (Tradeable) (Easy) 1 [VoidEls] Exchange Fluorite Ticket (Can change all level Fluorite Lv.1-6] (Untradeable) (Easy) 1 [VoidEls] Purple Secret Equipment Random Cube (Random 1 piece Purple Equipment (Top,Bottom,Glove,Shoes) (2X,3X,4X,6X,7X) (Untradeable) (Normal) 1 [VoidEls] Upgrade Scroll Lv.8 (Untradeable) (Hard) ■ Star Rank (Revamp) [!] ■ (As soon if possible can got it) Star Rank can got by AP+100(on pvp 1-1) and Top 100 ■ Event on Season [!] ■ Sample . if on Summer , Could have Summer Event ,
  18. (WARNING! PLEASE READ) Please, do take note that these are just SUGGESTIONS! Opinions and suggestions are welcome in replies. (WARNING! PLEASE READ) I understand the Profession System has just recently released, but as a whole, it's somewhat lacking, and pretty difficult for many to use efficiently. Void Profession Revamp - Up EXP Gain for Alchemist and Blacksmith. - Alchemist Profession can craft better recovery items using multiple units of weaker recovery items. -(?) Alchemist Profession can craft Boss Monster Cards using certain types of regular monster cards. (They are frequently dropped and rarely get used/are not useful.) - Alchemist Profession can craft Magic Stones easier. (Add special option with Alchemy Profession Level Restriction. Lowered costs all around, use of elixir required.) -(?) Alchemist Profession can acquire Elixirs easier. As level rises, more elixirs and higher level elixirs drop. (Slight Increase) -(?) Blacksmith Profession can dismantle to acquire Void Fragments from the Fragment System. Small amount, requires higher level. ((4+?) Equipment must be Elite Grade or higher to get fragments) -(?) Blacksmith Profession can Grendize Secret Dungeon Set WEAPON easier. ((Lower cost of coins slightly.) Available at town weapon shop as separate option, requiring Blacksmith job of minimum level of 4+?) -(?) Blacksmith Profession can acquire Mithril easier. As level rises, more mithril and higher level mithril drop. (Slight Increase) - Alchemist can craft "Sapphire Accessories" from recent NA release. (Will Link) - Treasure Hunter can find Rare Rings in Treasure Chests. (Level 5+?) - Treasure Hunter can find "Silver/Gold/Diamond Nugget" (Very Rare) at 8+ Job level. Sells for 100K/500K/1M respectively. - Treasure Hunter can find Seals (Very Low Rate) at +5. Rate does not adjust. Seal is random. (Never includes white.) ------------------------------------------------------------ Please reply with your thoughts, support, or lack there-of! ( 'w')/
  19. I was very happy to see this idea being taken into consideration but truth to be told I was lazy to update it despite people providing amazing support to it. I was also reading this suggestion here and I thought it adequate to suggest a revamp to the consumable ingredients idea So without further ado here's how it would look like at the end result :3 Elder Bethma Altera Feita Velder Hamel Sander Not much changed here though, granny Vapor gets a second page with the remaining consumable ingredients Status Progress: 100%
  20. okay first of all, im still newbie in this forum, and i just wanna say that, many other official server like ID / PH / UK etc. already have revamp update, but not Void. so im just suggest to update the revamp, no offence but i feels kinda out dated for no reason.. well thats what i think.. so ... Update Revamp
  21. So I was thinking about it and the 07/11 notes for void are missing something.... There we go, she was missing the yellow seals. (the reward type was also revised in this suggestion btw ) What do you guys think?