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Found 2 results

  1. I want to know so i can't lose to you guys >:3 (im going to do double of you guys doing!)
  2. I've started to climb the long and arduous hill which is the Reaper title, and thus I would like some people to do runs with to help me stay focused/enjoy it a little more. I'm NOT looking for just CBS/CrA/Asura, +13.5, Omega Oberon mount, super-duper-perfectly-optimized, 5,000m crit, 2min clear time people. That's not to say those people aren't allowed to join me, they are. EVERYONE may join me. Even if it's just a level 67 character with no late game gear you want to level, I will party with you. My reason for this is if I try to just rush through it, I'm going to give up part of the way through, I know this. so I'm not looking to rush through it, I'm looking to have a good time while I'm doing it. That's what'll keep me going. So, now that I've made that clear, DETAILS: I'll be running as much as I can on Fridays and Saturdays, and I may be online Sunday-Thursday. I may not, because I don't want to burn myself out. Time zone is +8GMT. If people are interested in joining me, I'll keep a list here of people's igns (with their permission; some people may not want their ign here I guess, i dunno), so that everyone can reference it. I would also prefer to have people on my in game friend's list, so that I can just log in and see who is online. My IGN: TheBretay Try and whisper to me, send in game mail, or reply here. If you simply must see my stats, here they are (someone plz teach me how to make the expandable/spoiler windows >.>): I usually get around 8 mins per run.