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Found 127 results

  1. Have you been thinking of a theme one of our many official Void events could use? If so, you've come to the perfect place. Previously suggested by [Structure], this thread was created for that sole purpose. There won't be an official prize for this. However; if your theme is chosen, your forum name will be in the event thread. We felt this would be a nice way to allow the community to have some input in contests as well. If you wish to suggest a theme, I ask that you follow the below format: *Contest: (Which one of the current contests?) *Theme: (The name of the theme you're suggesting) Description: (Explain your theme in detail if possible) Additional Details: (Anything else about your theme?) If you agree with a suggested theme, give that post a like. This helps prevent quote spam and "+1" posts. Please keep off-topic discussion to a minimum as this thread is a submissions thread, if you wish to discuss the events please use [This] thread.
  2. Okay, so Tresure Chest can be really profitable when you got luck + drops a lot of nice items. However not all of those items are useful anymore. Some of them are outdated and it should be changed. I think TC gonna need that update from time to time, but I'd like to suggest one now, since I was opening them from a beginning (when they used to be Void Hell Monster) Please, if you not agree with some of my changes, post your idea below, so I can update this suggestion later! Removing Quick Slot Expansion Ring Of Fury Magic Necklece Mana Concentration Necklace Stamina Fortifier Necklace Berserker's Ring Agile Ring Acceleration Ring Refined Time and Space Crystal - suggested by @Riricho-Shirakiin Magic Amulet Lv.7 - suggested by @Dream Explanation: Players already get all 6 quick slots with new created char. Magic Necklece and Ring of Fury are useless, since TC already got Mysterious version of those - which got infinite sealing. Mana Concentration and Stamina Fortifier Necklace are exactly the same as Mana Intensification Necklace & Spirit Overload Necklace which are in TC also. Berserker's, Agile and Acceleration rings are in chests which drops from a dungs. And they're kinda useless, so I don't see sense of keeping them here. Adding *[VoidEls] Mounts & Pet Exchange Coupon CoBo Transportation Service VIP Ticket (30 days) Partner Ring *Formal Attitude Costumes Cube (all versions) *Eternal Wedding Costume Cube (black version) *Eternal Wedding Black Wings *Eternal Wedding Black Heavenly Aura Demon Realm Energy (x5/x15/x25) *Energy Shard (x15/x25/x50/x100) *Purple/Blue/Red Powder Fragment (x25/x50/x100) * lower chance with higher amount; chance for 100 energy shards should be really low *They should have low chance to obtain, same as +9 Magic Amulet *Note: It's last exchange at Naeun NPC, perm pets/mounts Explanation: CoBo Ticket used to be in old Void Monster Souls as a part of Miss Elios cube. I think it would be fair to see it again. Partner Ring also was a part of old Void chests. About Energdy shards and powder - I think it would be nice update comparing to new content on Elsword When it comes to TH and Alchemist items - they might be useful as well, but I'm not sure if that suggestion can move on, so it's up to your opinion Changes Blue Sword (sealed already) Green Sword (sealed already) El's Blessing (White) (sealed already) Vestige of 1000 days (tradeable, sellable) Poison Protection Ring (sealed already) Trinity Force (lower chance to obtain) Undying Fighting Spirit (lower chance to obtain) Lord of Dawn (lower chance to obtain) Lord of Coldness (lower chance to obtain) CoBo's Special Monster Mask Cube (lower chance to obtain) suggested by @Rika Magic Amulet Lv.8 (higher chance to obtain) Magic Amulet Lv.9 (slightly higher chance to obtain) Pet Pick Up Item Aura (higher chance to obtain) Blessed Time and Space Scroll (higher chance to obtain) Inventory Expansion Card (all types) (slightly higher chance to obtain) All characters Transformation Tool (making a cube with them to obtain one random Tool, stackable up to 999) Sales Agent Certificate (VIP, 3 days) (change into: Sales Agent Certificate VVIP, 10 days) IB recolor TC rotation sets suggestion So we all know that there's a lot of recolor sets which were in past not used or vice versa - used even twice as main IB set in Treasure Chest. Problem is, a lot of those sets doesn't have all character recolors. Another thing is those sets are chose by staff, so people doesn't have a lot to say about their decision. So my thought is kinda connected to the old recolor IB contest. As I know files cannot be open anymore so there's no way to make recolor as it was before. But I do think that if staff is able to make their own recolors, they would be able to share the files of the sets to the player base who is interested in recoloring But, there's one thing which I'd change. Instead of giving players alll sets to make a random recolor, I'd rather ask them to recolor one, chosen by staff or players in pull set. There would be one winner or three, but only first place set could be the one which staff would implement into a game. That can sound badly, but imagine seeing 4th recolor of the same set in a game. We had this situation before. Also comparing work of players which made the same set can definitely make it easier to judge Another thing: I'd like to see old recolors in TC again , e.g Spring Fairy which wasn't in them for a long time (and is definitely worth opening) That's all <3 Hope you gonna like some of those ideas
  3. Perhaps you've already have had this idea, but for the next event, it would be great to have an ELSTAR Event. I was thinking something like Void Café Event, where you can have different drops (for example you can get Trinity Ace's Glow Stick from Bethma, Altera and Velder SD, or Mega Cake's Glow Stick from Add Fusion Theory) for various items, clothes, accessories and the new idle motion. Hope there will be a similar event :3
  4. Hello everyone~ I am here to make a suggestion about the stuff lock system. As we all know now, you can lock your items for safety. BUT (yes there's a but) While I'm with a +9 Elrianode set, I want to up to +10 BUT I CAN'T because when an Item is LOCK you CANNOT upgrade it, you can change the magic stones, eldrit etc .. but you can't upgrade it, isn't it kind of sad ? (I want to upgrade my stuff but it's lock for 365 days, so I can't up it until next year....) So my suggestion is this : How about adding to Naeun (or any other NPC) an unlock option? Of course you'll have to pay the fee you paid for lock AND a cost of 5mil ED per 100 days ? OR How about letting us upgrade the stuff even when locked? So, what do you think about it ? (Feedbacks are appreciated~) (Special Thanks to Laby1Kenobi and Chapitre for the feedbacks about the lock system) s/o to" Card "guild
  5. In light of recent events that I believe don't need to be mentioned here and now, I would like to propose the implementation of a new staff/community role: CR a.k.a. Community Representative People with this role would offer to represent the playerbase in general and be voted into the position by players to become a bridge between Staff and players. Their tasks would mainly consist of going through the worries, complaints and suggestions of the playerbase, reach the most agreeable solution based on all the input, and communicate it to Staff members in an orderly way. They would have no actual moderation rights either on forums or ingame, but would instead merely do what the role name states: represent us players and the general opinions and concerns regarding certain issues. For example: Let's say a particular, very well-known player is banned from the game based on something that doesn't contradict any of the specified, written rules established for the community to follow. This is followed by uproar from players, both for and against the Staff's position, which merely creates chaos on the forums and ends up with massive amounts of locked threads. In such a situation, it would be the CR's role to assess general feelings about the issue from the playerbase, find out which way most opinions are swayed and mediate between Staff and members pacifically, in an attempt to reach the most agreeable measures to be taken by the Staff based on this input. The Staff would not be bound to do what players at large want, of course, as ultimately what happens in the server should be their call to make. But this would make things easier to manage for both sides in my opinion. If one of the elected CRs takes notice of controversy brewing within the community, it would be their role to create a semi-official thread collecting all player input on this (possibly including polls for certain cases) so that the staff has a clear, definitive way to be in touch with what players hope/want for the server. Continuing with the example given in the above paragraph, the presence of a CR would imply a single thread would be made to discuss the events. The CR would manage the thread, keep it from derailing (requesting that a Mod intervene if necessary) and ultimately identify the root of the issue from players' point of view, in this case whether the players are correct to be upset about the events or if they are merely creating unnecessary drama merely because the player implied in the situation was well-known. In extreme cases, it could even lead to a review of certain rules and how they are enforced, the creation of new rules (that would take effect only after their publishing, without retroactive effects on players) or the retirement / changing of current rules always with the betterment of the community in mind. I know implementing such a role would not completely get rid of the influx of threads about the same subject that are bound to happen in "scandal" situations. My intent is that these representatives could manage an open discussion on a single organized semi-official thread so that players can still voice their opinions where in other situations they would be unable to because threads made by others or by themselves without full compliance with the rules would get locked, leaving community members without an outlet because the threads made are not compliant with forum regulations. Here's what I think the qualifications for this role should be: Active ingame and on the forums Familiar with VoidEls's rules for the game and for forums Volunteered for the position, elected by players in an official poll once volunteering period ended Skilled at balancing different opinions in an unbiased manner Trusted by BOTH Staff and playerbase (has never been banned on either forums or game, or these bans have been lifted after justified appeal, has no history of severe and/or intentional rulebreaking) Willing to convey opinions manifested to them regardless of their own take on things This suggestion is open to suggestions! To everyone who reads this thread, please give your input. If you think something should be added, removed or changed from this original post, please let me and everyone else interested in the creation of this role know. If you are against it, I'd also like to know why you think this is useless or harmful for the community. Here comes the edits train: There could be some kind of reward for the people playing this role, as suggested originally by Lalatte and implied by Tillypuff when comparing this to the old GS role. Edited the "trust" requirement bullet point to be a bit more specific on what I meant with it, considering how vague it was
  6. Let's make the Christmas Carol Speaker permanent, crafting it with the winter core (If don't need the winter core it would be better), it would be great to have it permanent
  7. Instead of every other event where you get items from dungeons and PVP and such and trade them, I suggest there be multiple items. What I mean by this is there should be fragments. Let’s say was put into the game for the event, and a scroll fragment were to drop, with enough of those you could craft an upgrade scroll. Just a shitty suggestion I thought of in the shower
  8. Because sometimes you need to delete a character and this isn't possible for the fee... Or down it because its very expensive PLEASE!
  9. Okay, so I decided to make a thread with few suggestions. There's a few things which bother me everyday and probably some people too. Most of them are details in game. (1) Yellow Seals Most of the time, yellow seals are useless on Void server. I basically used it for myself just for one of items from ED burner which needs it. I know they're also usefull for Magical Girl set or whatever it is called. However, you still can obtain those seals randomly from this: As I mentioned before, those seals are usefull occasionally. So I want to suggest exchange which will make that item craft more usefull and in the same dipose people to maybe use Naeun crafts more Okay so: 1 Poru Seal (yellow) ---- > 1 Poru Seal (white) 3 Poru Seals (yellow) ---- > 1 Poru Seal (violet) 10 Poru Seals (yellow) ---- > 1 Poru Seal (gold) Explanation why this amount and not other: (2) ED burner items So there's a few items which cannot be even sold on board and it's pretty annoying for people who opens ED burners in high amounts Vestige of 100 Days Mana Mint Bubble Gum [VoidEls] Coexistence Cake Vitality Potion PS. This Mana Mint is old version which dropped in ED burners long time ago and I'm not sure if it still dropping. You cannot sell it, resell or even dismantle. I suggest to make Vestige Ring/Mana Mint resell price (for NPC) up to 3,5m/each or make them all (including potions) just tradeable and sellable on board
  10. "You can just cobo your way out from the hot spring and get to the Mailbox, Lazy ass." It is just a suggestion. Sometimes, I found it irritating having to wait for the buff counter to check on my mailbox, or resetting it for the mailbox just to wait for another buff. It's not a big deal, I know and this is just a suggestion for everyone's convenient. We have board on Hot spring, why not mailbox, maybe?
  11. Okay and hello that I'm still new :D. Today I want to suggest an idea to this forum so tell me what do you think and you can add your reasons or additional idea. I will explain for people who still confused. I will take example from some costumes that available for Elsword - Chung only, it's only available for them but such as Lu Ciel, Rose, and Ain can't have one (and even can't open the cube). I think it's just like "Why Elsword (da official) didn't try to make the older costume for some newer characters so every character have equal amount of costume that they can get / why keep updating new theme when sometime you can use the older theme then restock?". The benefit, you can say... Every character can have the older costume or older couple costumes (especially for people who like costumes), also maybe affect on price on board and amount of costumes that can be sold on increased. This idea just pop out suddenly because I played Ain and as you can see that not all costume cube can be opened in Ain (or even Lu Ciel and Rose, three of them are always have some 'can't be opened cube'..). But if this idea accepted, that's mean there must be designers (or whatever you call for making costume in-game) that have to create it (can be volunteers maybe) and maybe this become another trouble. So what did you think? Did my explanation is good enough?
  12. Thread Note: All calculated values will be in bold for those that do not like reading through the math, although I do recommend you read it. They provide context to the suggestions below. Sorry for the wall, and enjoy. Thread Note #2: Please keep in mind that, while this suggestion is technically no longer a WIP, I will monitor all feedback and update accordingly. Thank you. Upon its release, the salt system quickly became a defining feature for void, but in recent times, it has been nothing but a minor asset for players. At best, you would receive a minor compensation for your time spent in the arena, but nothing that actually rewards you. For example, the current top tier reward is a Naho at 100 salt. With Naho's current board price at around 150m (this value decreases every event Naho is included, by the way - the longer the issue is ignored, the worse it becomes), and it requiring 100 salt, we can assume that: -1 salt has a value of 1.5m ED right now. Using the average length of a PvP match, which is approximately 2 and a half minutes (150 seconds), and assuming an average winrate of 50%, it takes (150 x 20) seconds for 1 salt. This means that it takes 3000 seconds, or 50 minutes, for a single salt which has a value of 1.5m. This is without factoring in the increased que times of the new season, which are approximately 1 minute. This increases the time for one salt to 70 minutes, or 1 hour & 10 minutes. Value of 1 salt: 1.5m Time required: 1 hour 10 minutes A single mithril piece, which you can literally get in the first room of a dungeon, is worth 1.7m, 200k more than a salt. Obviously, 1.7m in 30 seconds is a bit more valuable than 1.5m in over an hour. Value of 1 mithril piece: 1.7m Time required: RNG, estimated 15 seconds minimum to 10 minutes maximum. Note: These can be acquired while doing any other form of PvE and are additive with their respective rewards. In addition, every run of Debrian Laboratory gives approximately 2m ED, and runs of these take about 4-5 minutes with a proper party. Both the mithril pieces and the raw ED from running a single Elrianode dungeon are worth more than a salt, and this is without including the facts that a), they can happen simutaneously, and b), the fact that you can also drop other things like el tears that can be worth hundreds of millions. Value of 1 Debrian Laboratory run: Approx. 2m (not including drops, which are outliers for the sake of simple math.) Time required: Approximately 4-5 minutes Now that we have times and values, we can see how worthwhile PvP is in comparison to PvE. A Naho, at 100 salt, would require (70 x 100) minutes, which is 7000 minutes, or 117 hours. These sell for approximately 150m. Value of 1 Naho: 150m Time required: 117 hours In PvE, assuming you run Debrian Laboratory, it would take you (150/2) runs to get 150m, which is 75 runs. However, if we assume you drop 1 mithril piece every run, then this value shrinks to (150/3.7), which is 41 runs. Therefore, the time required in minutes is (4.5 x 43) = 193.5, or 3 hours and 15 minutes. For those that aren't treasure hunters, (4.5 x 75) = 337.5, or 5 hours and 36 minutes. Overall value: 150m Time required (w/ mithrils): 3 hours 15 minutes Time required (w/o mithrils): 5 hours 36 minutes If it hasn't yet become obvious, PvP is currently not even remotely rewarding, and there is almost no reason to be doing it. However, I believe through my suggestions, we can restore the salt exchange to its former glory. Perhaps, with the added suggestions and criticisms of the community, we can even cause it to exceed what it once was and create a greater environment for all who enjoy PvP. ------------------------------ Suggestion #1: This is the smaller portion, but I believe that adding an untradable Unique Purple El Tear Fragment into the consistent quest completion rewards would give much more incentive for people to even begin to go for salt-based rewards. It makes it a little bit easier to have your gear comparable to your opponents, which will overall improve the health of arena and bolster the amount of people who partake in it. It is also not very intrusive on the PvE economy, as they are untradable, and they are strictly purple ones (which are already the least expensive, and therefore, would be impacted less by an increase in the amount of them). ---------------------------------- Suggestion #2: This is the big one. I believe that an entire overhaul on the rewards you can exchange salt for is necessary for PvP to ever be worthwhile. If you have any ideas for additions, please comment them and I will consider adding them in. A note to the void staff if they are in fact reading this; any specific costumes or etc. that void cannot actually add (tech difficulties, etc) can be replaced, and I can research to find something else if you let me know. #Update: June 26, 2018: Due to the new major patch update, I have seen that the time required to obtain a salt is reduced. This will increase the salt prices for all exchanges, and therefore possibly open doorways to new exchanges. In addition, I have come to believe that the daily PvP flames should be replaced with a new item, or wiped, to prevent people from stockpiling them for the items and crafts suggested in this thread. 1 Salt Tier (choose one): 2x Magic Stone of the Wise, 2x Warped Magic Stone of the Wise This one is rather self explanatory. We already have this exchange, but for 5 salt, which as shown above is ridiculously time inefficient. Technically, this is still time inefficient, but it puts more sages into the game from something that isn't an ED burner, which is healthy. 8 Salt Tier (choose one): 6x Elrianode Defense Requests, 500x Sparring Enhancement Fragments This replaces the old 5-salt tier of 2x sage stones, but continues the niche of the low tier being small little goodies that serve as utilities, rather than big rewards. This is because it is supposed to urge you towards pushing to the high-end rewards, without actually wasting the time of those who do not. 15 Salt Tier (choose one): Kumiho Earrings, Mana Necklace, Mana-Mint Bubble Gum These are some useful items for PvP, and if one was to enter the arena without them, they would be able to obtain them with the proper amount of work put in, thus making future arena grinding much more fun and a lot easier. 20 Salt Tier (choose one): [Cobo] Golden Poru Seal, [Cobo] Blessed Fluorite Ore x10 A utility tier which is useful for more or less everybody at all times. Having seals is useful for marketing and having fluorites gives you chances to increase your gear, enhancement something relevant in PvP and PvE. 40 Salt Tier (choose one): Heroes of Speed Ring, Further Improved Hero Ring. Everybody wants these. Doing more damage is the entire point of Elsword. However, the only ways to obtain them are through ED burning. This introduces a form of real profit for PvP players, and allows people who may not have them yet to obtain them. 70 Salt Tier (choose one): Eternal Wedding Sitting Pose (Single), Eternal Wedding Sitting Pose (Duet), Snuggle Meow, Tickle Meow, Sweet Valentine, Romantic Valentine Now that we're getting higher up into the tiers, we can visit rare items that were locked behind limited events. Many of the items in these sales are still highly wanted, but it is unlikely that they will return, and therefore the demand will indefinitely outweigh the supply. I've decided to focus in on sitting poses, because these are something that all players enjoy to have - dress up is a large part of Elsword without doubt, and having a sit that matches your outfit is absolutely wonderful for aesthetic. 75 Salt Tier (random): Hennon Outfit, Harmony Festival Outfit, Qipao (ver. Lotus) Note: The Formal Attire concept had to be removed due to unseen complications. Its possible they will return. Again revisiting the idea of event-locked aesthetics, these costumes and how popular they are allow for an extremely good salt sinker. The random aspect creates economic stimulation, which is always good. 100 Salt Tier (choose one): It's a bit long, so I put it in a spoiler. Rather self explanatory, it was just in the previous event and WOW did it succeed in making sure people never stopped grinding. Removed purples because you'll be getting a lot of them from the salt quest. Overall, great for profit and great for people who want to upgrade from purple to something else. (New!) 125 Salt Tier (choose one): Dororo, Keroro, Kururu, Giroro, Tamama Remember these? Something tells me that people will still want them. Dororo, often the most targeted because of it's power, is sure to be a key selling point, but collectors are often willing to pay a pretty penny for rare things like these. Plus, a more up-to-date pet in the salt exchange is an ode to our old friend Naho. 250 Salt Tier + 30 PvP flames (random): Berserker, Sacrifice, Race! Go!, Transcendent Key Code -> mechanic: craft an item for 150 salts + 30 pvp flames -> exchange this item for random title -> purpose of pvp flame addition + salt requirement increase (100 --> 150) = cannot powerfarm it, forces consistent pvp gameplay (therefore healthier ques) This is the ultimate goal that most people will likely want to go for - the busted titles. Keeping it random makes sure that there is not too much supply for one specific title, and again increases economic stimulation as well as arena activity. All results possible are highly sought after, but each person will always have one they want the most, which enhances the random's effectiveness at keeping people playing arena. Keeping high end rewards such as these behind the insane time barrier will definitely cause an increase in the activity of the arena. additional dev notes -> wipe pvp flames or change the item required to prevent stockpiling before the patch (if it were to ever occur). top priority because holy hell this would be gamebreaking -> make sure daily items remain unbanksharable. they currently are, but this is just kinda important to remind -> remove the exchange for 1 competitor's coin -> 1 daily item -> possibly wipe salt or change the item as well in the same fashion as the daily items, but if this route is also accepted it would be wise to warn players beforehand (preventing mass backlash) ------------------------------------- added march 12/2018 Suggestion #3: Revamping the Arena Cubes. Right now, the arena cubes are "mini pvp burners" that have a bunch of junk making them entirely unworthy to open. With a change of the content they can provide, the AP you are forced to dump into opening them may further increase PvP activity. In addition, to promote a competitive environment, my concept is to have a secondary arena cube, which is strictly better - in both RNG rates and in content - for the star ranks only. Assuming that the PvP boards would be fixed to function properly alongside the large revamps in this thread, having star rank players have a finite advantage when opening arena cubes would even further create a diverse, competitive environment with lively queues. Also, change the ED cost of these cubes to 1. They're meant to sink AP, not your wallet. Credits to @Joako for inspiring a lot of the items the normal arena cube and encouraging me to finish it. NORMAL ARENA CUBE CONTENTS S tier (the good, really low droprate stuff) A tier (the average) F tier (the commons) STAR TIER ARENA BOX -> cost: 7500 AP. (subject to change) SSS tier (extremely low chance to get) S tier (same rates as other S tier) A tier ----------- These are my suggestions for improving the PvP scene. Before criticizing that the rewards are 'too good' and things of the such, please remember that all of these rewards are scaled to make sure that spending time on PvP is not a futile effort for anybody willing to make money. All rewards are a step in the direction of bridging this gap and creating economic equality for players of all types, and therefore, a better and more healthy Void. Thank you for your time. Note: There is no neutral option in the poll because this is an extremely large scale revamp for the long-term health of Arena. If you do not care about what happens to the PvP scene, it would be better to not leave a vote, and rather just comment your feelings on the suggestions. This allows the poll to show more accurate data, so that I can fine tune it to be the best it can be. Thank you!
  13. 1.The morning Toast (Should be in the Item Mall) 2.Warm Mini Spa (Sit Pose) (i think should be in ED-Burner) 3. Cloud (Somi) Mount (Item Mall) Phoru Cape and "No Name" for the Mouth item Update: Bebe removed
  14. I wonder if there will be the debug in question of Rank Star, Board Rank and Board Guild in PVP? Please, make PVP GREAT AGAIN! I'm so bored ...
  15. I'd truly love if I could play while listening to Add's Japanese or Brazilian voice. (I'm in love with his brazilian voice) Infortunately, the Brazilian Server ditched the voices they've made and this made me so sad! I enjoy listening to Korean and English voices but I'm sure everyone would love if we had how to select wich voice do we want! Like Spanish, or Brazilian, or Japanese. I wonder if it's possible? Since we already can choose between english and korean. And I could be a weeabo listening to japanese voices lol
  16. Hey there dear Void Community ~! Just a small suggestion made your your lovely Squishy, add critiques and opinion on this topic . if it's fair or overall gamebreaking. So my suggestions is a Conversion at Ariel / Naeun from your Type-Void Weapon back into a normal standard Type-Void Cube. Situation: You have a Character you used to main,invested alot in but try to remain a new Character and try to delete your old one. Then you remember "oh snap!, I still got a type-void for this one" , eventually wasted your hard earned runs for this specific weapon aswell as all the +9 to +10 tries,sages etc. So you are left with a new Character you want to main,but not having a weapon for it,all your time wasted on your old main. The conversion is from any Type-Void Weapon into the NORMAL Cube you would get from Pepsiman, meaning it deletes > Sockets >Identification > Enhancement Level > Stage Level Resetting the whole Weapon back to.... Zero,kek the Title of this whole thing. The payoff is that you will not keep the money invested into this,but atleast get your spent time back for farming the Weapon overall (we ALL know or mostly know how TRIGGERING it is when you have a gajillion runs and nothing dropped) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Why overall? The thing is I saw alot of people who had this particular problem,but then decided not to delete their Char,eventually having an empty shell of a Character with an OP weapon that you will truly never use. Others might argue or gamebreaking, but then again I say this is Void,and didin't we come here to have it more convenient than official Servers? Anyway,ill add a poll - vote if you like this idea or not. Also comment on your opinion? Should it be allowed? Or is this all just total nonsense...? Share your opinion and let me /us know so we can maybe work on it!
  17. will be really nice if void transfer 2nd job change promo from item mall to naeun exchange for like 300 apink cards we have base and 1st one for 30 apink cards so why not have 2nd one too for bit higher apink card price guess nobody buying it for EC so please make it possible
  18. So I was doing add's theory dungeon in order to grind energy shards, when bored and tired to play ALONE on a MMO a friend of mine tells me that on the EU server there's an event that doubles quests and adds a daily quest for add's theory. I gave a quick look at the "Suggestions" Tab on this forum and didn't find anything like this, so I took the opportunity. The quest is: "Clear Add's Energy Fusion Theory 2 times" and the reward is 10 Energy Shards Now I was thinking wouldn't it be great if such quest was available on this server allowing player to grind energy shards more easily and at the same time not in a crazy way, you still have to grind a bit to improve your weapon. I think this is a great and very balanced idea to improve gameplay on this server, people won't have to play alone over and over again in the same dungeon and 10 energy shards per character per day isn't an insane offer. On the technical side I don't think is so hard to add to the game we have many aPink quests (too many in my opinion but that's not important ) Let me know what you think about it, if it is possible and maybe other suggestions on this. Looking forward to read your opinion on this, please be respectful explaining your point of view if you don't agree with this. Ty for reading , I apologize if the english is not perfect
  19. so with third jobs each class get a new HA and as HA skill slot exists seems like we won't be able to use both HAs but pick only one from them, some classes got either better or worser HAs so their option is obvious, in the other hand some classes will struggle which HA to use as both their old and new HAs are good, so i was wondering if it's possible for void to implement another HA slot right under the first one not sure if it's actually possible cuz usually void can't implement what other servers doesn't have but in the other hand, there's already a HA skill slot so maybe they can use its data or sth to implement another one? about how overpowering classes will become /if/ this get implement, they can limit it with making both HAs under cool down when using one so players won't be able to spam both HAs directly and break the game even more, it will be nice to have both HAs down for use either ways its just a suggestion and a wondering question, if its not possible to implement then lock the post~
  20. I was thinking that along side the new classes coming out, void also release a level 99 level up cube that also includes armour and weapons that are better then the armour and weapons in the level 85 cube. Those who have already opened the level 85 cube and have leveled up to or past 99 can stay logged in to for x amount of time to get the level up cube.
  21. first: idk if someone already suggested this, please forgive me if so uwu and I apologize if my english is bad qwq "Hey Kana, wanna do some SDs together?" "Sure, why not? Which SDs are open today?" "...the Altera and Lanox one.." "Fine, I'm out, do that by yourself." So, what do I want to say? As you all know, two SDs are open every day, but you can't decide which ones. The problem in my friends and my opinion was: on weekends, mainly Saturday, the shittiest most hatred Secret Dungeons are open. My suggestion: open ALL Secret Dungeons on weekends (or just Sunday)~ Q: But Kana, the Queue is already dead! Nobody will find a party! A: No, some Dungeons' Queue aren't that dead. Wally's Underground Laboratory and Dragon Nest: Abyss for example, they are the "easiest" Secret Dungeons and everyone likes/plays those two Dungeons likely. Q: And what if I love Grand Cavern the most and nobody queues?! I need to run this s@#* alone!!1!! A: You get free +10 Equipment thanks to Voids Starter Package. If nobody queues and you get the Solo Buff..congratulations! You can do every SD super easy thanks to that Buff. Q: But I can't get the materials for my SD Gear!!!! A: This isn't Season 2 or 3 anymore, you can get the materials in every Secret Dungeon. Q: You can run those SDs during the week! What's the problem?! A: Not everyone can play Void during the week, due to school, work, etc. Plus, sometimes Queue is dead during the week. What do you think? If there are no technical issues with this, would you like to see every SD open on our beloved weekends? which we totally waste with playing Void thanks to @Rated, @yuzuhime and @Roxias for pointing out, that a Secret Dungeon Opening Device exists~ If it's not possible to open all SDs on weekends, due to technical issues, Void could add that Item to Void's Naeun. I thought of two ways to add it to Naeun: Edit: now we got that christmas event, where all SDs are open! So there shouldn't be technical issues with opening all of them outside of events!
  22. So finally I decided to open this Thread cuz ED Situation. This is not long a Compensation anymore, it'll be a Support, that maybe will help us to start again. People who is lazy will get nothing or less otherwise People who is hard-working would be a reward. I think it's fair "[14 Days] Refund Event" Quests: Rewards: + [Refund Ice Burner ] Available in 1, 5, 10, 15 Note: Voidsoul and Refund Ice Burner are not tradable BUT the Items which you get from the IB is possible to trade When opening Refund Ice Burner, the characters will have a chance to get 1 rare costume piece from these sets: #1 (All) - * #2 (All) - * #3 (All) - * I am not sure cuz the voting means nothing if GM do not accept this. That why i'll leave the IB Rotation open. Let's get Buff and More: Bonus: Remember that you have also a Void Service Buff (30 Days) for 0 EC via the item mall in the Usable tab which includes the following: 300% Drop Rate 200% AP Rate 100% Quest Drop Rate Unlimited Stamina Craftable, Tradable and IM Sale: Naeun's Crafts: • Magic Armulet +8 : Materials Needed: 45x VoidSoul Crafting Price: 5.000.000 ED • Magic Armulet +9 : Materials Needed: 100x VoidSoul Crafting Price: 25.000.000 ED Note: this is not possible to trade Option 1: Option 2: Naeun's Exchanges: 1x VoidSoul (Select): 3x Mana Elixir, Hard Boiled Egg, Ancient Fossil Pill 8x VoidSoul (Select): 2x Maigic wise Stone, Warped Maigic wise Stone 25x VoidSoul (Random): 65x VoidSoul (Select) : S+ Stone Note: this is not possible to trade 15x VoidSoul (Select): Red Spirit Eyes (All) 35x VoidSoul (Select): Mode Pose (All) 35x VoidSoul (Select): Snuggle & Tickle Meow (All) 45x VoidSoul (Select): Bear Snuggle & Bear Cuddle (All) Let's me know your idea and opinion // Also share this with your Friends
  23. now with the permanent removal of ed tickets system it will be hard to transfer ed from character to another in same account and sending ed via mail will cost specially if you want send big amount of ed so I would like to suggest updating sharing bank where you can save ed in (add an ed bar under the slots of sharing bank) if possible? its just mainly for transferring ed and can be use for storing some ed you want save for later usage. some ppl said they can't save up and often end up spending their ed even tho they wanted to save it for later so with this small update they can save up the need-to-be-saved ed then continue farming for ed that they can spend without worrying about over spending and lose the suppose-to-be-saved-up ed. either ways its just a small suggestion so yah i want hear what you guys think about it? imeanitsabankitsupposetoallowyousaveedinitsomehowso.
  24. I'm starting this thread to consider on what things we could fix of the current ED Burners It's been really good, but we should also consider fixing the amounts, how pets, IBs and costumes things would work, so here's a small list I've thought so far. 1.- The IB rotations It has been stated that they'll last 3 months. I'd suggest to drop them to 2 months, because delaying more the rotations means that people will stop burning and ED will overflow again. This can help to increase the ED burned Our first rotation has been El Officer (Dark Ver.) and it's been going really smooth. With this, I think we should define what other Ice Burners should be exclusive or re-rotated there. We could keep going with "Reform versions" such as VAK Black Noble, HNO Reform, Royal Maid (Black) and so on, or recolors that have been rotated or chosen already (but this has the risk of "unfairness" because some charas won't be able to have it, and also missing accesories) Add Void's custom IB: Psychic Devil and Psychic Devil Reform to the rotation. Considering that we are rotating IBs missing on Rose and Ain, adding those on an IB rotation would be beyond unfairness for the people who burn. Adding them to the ED burner is one possible solution I thought for it, so Rose and Ain can have their missing IBs normally 2.- Amount of the stuff Some stuff are really good to get, but sometimes the amount you get it's beyond unfair, such as El Resonance Coins and Blessed Time and Space Scroll. I'd suggest to change it from 1/5/10 to 5/10/15 or 5/15/25. This could also apply to Warped Sages / Normal Sages, but I've seen quite a lot on the server, so I won't push it. 3.- Pets and Mounts Having them on a "high/difficult" pull rate is ok, however what really "annoyed" me a bit was the fact that they removed Miho from it. We will get it rotated, I know, but that also means that when it's removed, it would bring total unfairness, or simply make Miho a permanent pet from ED Burners again Add Pet Toy to the ED Burner. This one was deleted with the Relic System and there's no other way to get it besides Adventurer Cubes (if my memory serves right). Void should completely remove or revamp Fossil Readers, because having such mounts and pets such as Drakion, Vincent and Jet Ski at a pull rate close, or worse to the +11 Scroll makes no sense. Since ED burners is pushing mounts and pets, we don't need them anymore. We could also add Fossil Shards on ED Burners for whoever still wish to craft the titles or potions and add some common pets to Item Mall Sales or we could also suggest to revamp it just like we did with IBs. At the same time, Arena Cube deserves a similar treatment like ED Burner 4.- Missing items and rotating IM stuff I've seen that some items are missing, even if their "counterparts" are on the IBs. I suggest that we should add "Sword of Fire", "El Blessing (Blue)" Time Limited, "Ancient Fossil Collector" and "Ancient Fossil Analyzer" titles. We should keep one Costume Piece at a Rare pull rate (like Banthus) and another for a fairly common rate (like Grand Prix). This can also help to "re-rotate" costumes that are gone due to IM sales, such as Moonlight Fairy, Bear Snuggles, Space Moon Rabbit (Mount and their sitting poses aswell in case Void decides to not make it IM-exclusive) and Red Qipao. 5.- Removing unwanted stuff for most of people and increase the pull rate We discussed this already, but I still think server has a lot of them around that adding them to ED Burners doesn't help at all. My suggestion is to remove Hero Coins, Resonant/Mana/Impact Magic Stones (or they could be added purchasable to Naeun at some point), Refined Time & Space Materials and Heroic Weapon Fragments. The Ereda Necklace has been made permanent, but it's drop rate has been really low, like +10 Scrolls and Race! Go! title. I suggest it to increase to a common/rare drop. These are all my opinions regarding it, if you agree or disagree with anything I mentioned, I'd really appreciate it on comments. I will also apologize if my english becomes uncanny to read Edit of June 27th: Suggestion to remove Barrier Fragments and El Rewards from ED Burner, because it ruins PvE market Edit of July 18th Suggestion to add (or in case there's one) or increase pull rate of Fetch Auras Edit of July 26th Suggestion to add Guild Coins Edit of July 31th Suggestion to add Promo Costume (7 Days) because mailbox still can't be fixed and that means relying on IBs to get one Edit of August 13th Removed Magical Girl Accesories, because this means overflowing ED burners with garbage. Edit of October 24th Suggestion to add Elrianode Dust and Tickets to enter the dungeons
  25. Free Class Change Ticket to change you class (ex: Change RS to IS for free) With Class Change Transdence Ticket