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Found 35 results

  1. Hello I really want this Winter Casual set from 2012. We have the Winter Casual 2017 and nothing about the 2012 coming ... I'm waiting for a long long time so i'm doing this post Also 2 players said in my Topic searching this set we have this content on Magic Wardrobe but we don't have this content in-game
  2. I don't understand why the reward cubes from raids gives only 1 piece of stone, like really that's all we get? XD I'm suggesting if we can increase the amount of stones in the cubes, like 5-10? It's a big help for non raiders, and besides it's a reward, rewards should be awesome. Well I'm just suggesting if we can if no it's alright. Thanks guys! ≧ω≦
  3. Dont know if this is possible , but i find it quite unfair that players wont have a chance at all to get these items if they only come out once ever, besides i dont see any harm in releasing them again ;c Example of limited item mall sales: Maru & Corgi / Sweet Valentine Sit's / Moonlight Fairy Items / ect
  4. In a old video game I was gaming (I do not remember the name), as it was very common for updates to arrive late or for an event, the game (in this case), they put some guides so that users of the game could contribute.In simple words, the game was dedicated when he needed help for his players to contribute, either in a translation, update and many other things.These were rewarded with achievements, titles...., things of the game that they themselves created and invented for the game, that was different to server official, more wonderful and dynamic. I think that this idea should not be debated ( the idea), many players could help and contribute for this server to rise a little If someone has a well-received opinion is uwu Excuse my bad english I'm learning u.u Thank you for reading <3
  5. Gimm


    I think Void Elsword needs a Ranking page and, in that page, show: ERP Level Ranking PvP Ranking And things like this, what do you think?
  6. I know coding might be hard, but i was wondering if staff could buff Perfect storm to recover 5% instead of 2% and Airelinna to 1% instead of .3%. I ask becuase i believe that both skills deal less damage then Blatt blume and heal far less then Blatt bloom. More specifically, Blatt Blume heals and recovers more mp and hp then Perfect storm and (i am under the impression) deals more damage then perfect storm. This makes perfect storm way less powerful then Blatt blume. I am not asking you to nerf Blat Blume, it is a stationary skill, and 300 mana to cast and requires setup to use Blat blume truth of nature, however i would like For similure skills to be closer in power. Nearly half the power for 1/3 less mana. I Ask for Perfect Storm to recover just a bit more in pve, if it affects the balance of the game it can be reverted. [Enhanced] Perfect Storm can deal 3,927% (1,407% in PvP) Magical Damage. With Empowered, it can deal 4,712.4% (1,688.4% in PvP) Magical Damage. Blatt Blume can deal up to 4,900% (1,955% in PvP) Magical Damage. With Mut, it can deal up to 5,235.5% (2,087% in PvP) Magical Damage. With Empowered, it can deal up to 5,880% (2,346% in PvP) Magical Damage. With Mut, it can deal up to 6,282.6% (2,504.4% in PvP) Magical Damage. Now For airelinna, It increases damage by 20%, and speed by 20% and heals .3% for 30 seconds. Blatt Blume out damages it and with blatt blume will of penatration, makes it so mobs take 50% more damage, so the damage buff will of penetration does, is more then twice that of Airelinna. Blat blume truth of nature also out heals Airelinna (6% compared to .3%) and does not make the user or anyone effected by Airelinna gain mp. I Was hoping for a buff that makes it heal 1% every second in pve. (it currently does no healing in pvp, lol) I DO not think Blatt Blume needs a nerf what so ever.
  7. Void Elsword Is The Best Game That I've Played. Since It Was Updated to 2.1.. there are so many Bugs Around it. For example The "MAIL" and "The BOARD" Where you can get a Good Item. I Have No Futher to say. Just fix it up. REALLY.!. Many Of People are playing this game. Please fix it up. And also in addition. Please Make a 1st Class Clothes and 2nd class clothes that does not expires.
  8. As some IBs have gotten their revamps and retextures and such, (i.e. AA, AD, RM, RS, etc.) some of them don't have the updated stats. Could that be entitled to change at any point in time? Like, RM/RS Recolor (Celestial Dream), the 5/5 doesn't have the +1430 Maximize like the new RM/RS does. Same for the MP atk and receiving atk for the combos.
  9. RabbitRxx


    I wish Void would add the option of Japanese voices like they did with Korean and English! PLEASE!
  10. To be honest i think the creators of voidels should make another elsword but taking it back in the good old days. Now that voidels almost has all the latest people we could at least do something special and make a new elsword but in the old days. if your wondering what i mean, i mean bring back S1. to be honest i wanna relive my days of playing elsword and everything. reply of you thing they should do that. maybe they will see this message and might like 1% chance they'll do it. If they did that would make me feel like im actually enjoying elsword.
  11. This is just a list of all the stuff I want in the Item Mall and think should be added. - ELS Office Set (Elsword to Lu/Ciel) // There is already the Skill Cut-Ins in the IM so I don't know why it isn't in there already. - Ain Full NA Item Mall Sets // This would include the Frost Pixie set and the Casual Outfit that is also known as the TEMP "Noir" outfit for Ain (just put it in the IM instead of noir or just make it perm) -Frost Pixie Set (Elsword to Ain) VOID CUSTOM STUFF - Add DiE Awakening Custom Eyes (Add Only) // They were able to do this stuff for Raven's Arm's and the Fox Tail and Awakening Hair's to why not this - Chung Awakening Helmets (Chung Only) // Same as above Please Add a +1 if you agree to anything you see or add your own thoughts.
  13. Hello, i guess, i'm just started playing elsword, so i barely knows about everything about this game, i'm currently playing raven, destiny bearer class lvl 30 or so, i want some suggestions regarding character, which one is good and easy to use for beginner in PVE, not PVP. well, that's all for my introduction... this is my current IGN : BlurryEyes feel free to add me as your friend! *oh and sorry for my bad english*
  14. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening fellow Void players. I am Arashi, but you can call me ara, arara or anything else that fits your preference. Today I would like to discuss about a new event idea/suggestion. I understand that I am not a Game sage at the moment, and unsure if I will be one, but I will still send in suggestions to make players be more entertained or happy in a way. Anyways, The new idea that I have would be a costume contest.. and not like going to the IM, choosing random costumes and showcasing your idea. This costume contest is designing your character into any costume you want. Still confused? Well.. Here is a link/picture to showcase what I am talking about. Now... This is only an idea that could work if game moderators/ creators are able to create costumes by hand. So, if your interested in more information, please message me or mention me in the comments below. Have a wonderful day! Arashi NoSuna
  15. Uhh, u guys know the loading pic when we're switching stage right. i think its just kinda boring.. so i think, it'll be great if our server create a drawing contest. and whoever win, his/her drawing will be place for loading pic. Just like the IB Recolor event. i think it'll be great to see how creative our server is. Since i love seeing stuff like that.
  16. item name is Snack Grail this item resets the personality of your pet. As you can see I do not think I'm most various people would also find this item in cool cash already many pet store that are in the same situation I lol thanks for listening
  17. I checked the rules, peeked around the forums and didn't see this suggestion made, so I wanted to bring it up! In the future, a mechanic is introduced that decreases the damage of certain skills over a period of time. I am not asking to bring this to void- rather I am asking that this feature not be included. I feel that the damage decreasing over time mechanic affects PvE in a negative way. Skills such as Foxfire and Phoenix Strike (please excuse the use of NA skill names- I am new here so I am not familiar with all of the terms yet ) are not near as useful when their damage decreases over time. This makes solos/speedruns/general PvE less smooth. PvE is what you make it- some players like myself enjoy an efficient room sweep, while others enjoy a more spread out challenge. Some would argue that PvE is supposed to be challenging and room sweeping skills reduce the difficulty of PvE by a significant margin. In my eyes, PvE is still challenging with room sweeping skills, consider secret dungeons bosses and henir's challenge! I am open to counter-arguments and expanding on more ideas, please do not hesitate to include your opinion! If this suggestion has already been made or breaks the rules in some way, please notify me and I will remove it!
  18. (♥) (♥)(♥) (♥) VoidEls Suggestions VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV ~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~Suggestion Rules~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~ Suggestions: Pre-EventsPromo Cube RevampAccessory MerchantsRe: Awakened KumihoIce Burner Revamp(CelestralFury)/IB rate changed to match KR rate because Void rate is total HORSE SHIT!!!!(Yamato)Professions Custom ContentDance/Motion RingsEvent: Void Dimensional RiftGM/GS Custom Items Pre-Events: Since Void announce a big update is coming up, we should have a pre-event that will keep us entertain until its ready. Like Crafts, (Timed) Accessories, quests related to the unknown update that will make us guess. other fun events to keep us active~♥ Promo Cube Revamp: Promo Cubes, the cube/box that gives us our Promo Outfits(Timed), but it feels sooo plain... We should add Promo Accessories,Exp Medals, Illpina Accessory (100% Boost), and Other Goodies to make it worth something!! YES!, I know Void's Rates are "ez" but some of us whats to level up faster, something its so bored that we just Quit Leveling...... Accessory Merchants: Accessory Merchants are pretty useless so far....So why not make them hold Boss Accessories/Event Crafts/Event Exchange/Usefull Items, or Replace them with a Special NPC just like Nauen~♥ Re: Awakened Kumiho: Even though there is a thread for this, I shall help it come to life. I Support the idea, but others have doubts. Kumiho is technically a Pre-Event, so it's true power isn't awaken, because this is a Event Pet its hard to get, and there is an item to awaken it's potential... Thread Link: Ice Burner Revamp(CelestralFury)/IB rate changed to match KR rate because Void rate is total HORSE SHIT!!!!(Yamato) Like Yamato Void's Rates are currently broken. And change those rates will be fair and all but those simply don't want it.... Thread Link: Unlike Yamato, CelestralFury version to add and remove some things to make it better, and his thread came first. Which do i Support? i dunno..... Thread Link: Professions Custom Content: This system is good on many levels, and upgrades/ improve the Professions Systems. Prices could be adjusted and able to do more things. Idea From: Synchro Thread Link: Dance/Motion Rings: There are costumes that make us do a special motion/dance if we have the full set. These Dance Rings can make your character do the motion/dance without having the full set. Space-Saver, New, and Fun~!! From: Sitensis Thread Link: Trading SD Coin For Another SD Coin ♥ More Ideas Its a great idea that helps make SD Sets a bit easier. You can get a custom item to help craft other coins. It looks easy to add in Void and help with Over Pricing, i think..... From: Mistices Thread Link:♥-more-ideas-edited/ GM/GS Custom Items Custom Items: GS/GM Items Item's to Celebrate GS/GM's Services. of ideas to show thanks to our GMs and GSs Example: Ark's Cape Void Ran's Horns Lilu's Sword(Back) Shadow's Shadow? idk Random Names.... El Tree Seeds Naeun Craft Great for Pet owners, and a good Way to Lower some prices down. Make Apink Cards even more useful~! From: Bacon Pizza(jompicogon) Thread Link: Hero Coin and Naeun's Exchange Revamp More uses of Hero Coins and More Naeun?! Great Idea and Brings more to Void's Playing Field. From: FlameBlaze Thread Link: ~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~ More: TBA So I will add them here~♥ Change Log: 7/12/15: Created Thread 7/13/15: Implementing Awakened Kumiho Link 7/13/15:(Night) Ice Burner Revamp & Updated Poll & Suggestion Rules 7/14/15: Professions custom content/ Dance/Motion Rings/ All Skill Event [AF] Title Change~♥ 7/16/15: Event: Void Dimensional Rift 7/17/15: Trading SD Coin For Another SD Coin ♥ More Ideas 7/22/15: Removal of Open Skill Event (KR: Update) 7/28/15: Revamp Thread & GM/GS Custom Items 7/29/15: Grand Chase Crossover 8/06/15: El Tree Crafts & HeroCoin/Naeun Revamp & CakeVsPie Event 8/16/15: Removal of Impossible Suggestions
  19. Good Day, That Look Lately frames are rising in price in an exaggerated form the problem is not spending 50-200m in Mounts, the problem is Fox Fire " 500m - 700m " Ramiel " 300m - 700m " Prices are outrageous and Thinking arrives to an idea "What if there was a small event of 15 days where people even those without economic stability on the server could take 2 frames rather striving free Golden Mounts Event Each player will be available 5 Missions for a Golden Mount Ticket, these missions can be done with all Character of account the mounts are permanent and untradeables Because if they are tradable many people try to exploit this event of bad form to extract Money The Tickets Not Tradeables Every 32 Ticket , you can choose a Ice dragon, Oberon , Ramiel or Fire Fox Every 20 Ticket , you can choose a Angel Heart. Naver poru, Fire Dragon , or Kousika Every 15 Ticket , you can choose a Pongo Scorpion Type E, Moby Chariot RT, Moby Chariot RT Sweet Blossom , Dark Dragon, Ancient poru or Black skull Daily Quest #1- 5 wins in PvP #2- Complete 5 Dungeons runs around your level #3 - Complete Henir's Time-Space Continuum (Normal or Challenge ) #4- Play 10 PvP #5 - Kill 200 Monsters (Any Field Of your Lvl) Reward Of All Quest: The event lasts 15 days
  20. You guys sould replace this costume with the original. Its no point in giving it to is when its only going to go away. I mean our original will last so why not give them to us. Its a much better idea. Am I missing something or am I not. Please help
  21. In Kr we have it on the website and in NA they did the same thing on the main page. But since we don't have it on the main page could we make it a topic pinned at the top of general discussion? I'd like to check up on the rankings while I'm out and about c:
  22. This idea came out of a desire to job change my VC to RF. The only way I could do this to buy the EC Card from someone , this card would be at the least 10$ value which is about 3750 EC. At the rate of 5:100 that's about 187mill, the actual item i want is 2300 EC, which would cost about 115mill. That isw an additional 62mill I have to pay on top of the grind to search for the seller, deal with the threat of being scammed. I personally wish this item could be traded or gifted, but I know since you change upon the purchase of the item, someone could force you to class change. Now that can be a huge problem, and making it an item to be traded might be even bigger hassle. So I came up with a simple idea, that doesn't effect the cost of the item at all or at least it shouldn't A ticket in the item mall with the same price as Job changesThis Ticket can be traded,gifted, and bought in bulks This ticket will be exchanged at an npc for a class change for your character of your choiceMechanic of the exchange would be much like the old sparring gear exchange or not. Now what are the positives for this besides solving my problems and others with this same problem? EC selller can sell job changes now if requestedLower demand for EC cards, the demand will always be here, but this is one less item and a big one at that.Less possible scamsSatisfy people who wanted job changes for ED , they can just buy it nowStorage, I know some people who would stash Job changes for a rainy day. I know some people had ideas for this, but I think this is the medium and solution to the prevous suggestions that were debunked. I can only see technical issues being a problem , but what do I know(not much).
  23. Hi, im Denix and i want to start this "new" thing to stop the OP prices... My suggestion is start a new "system" for the board, where we cant OP the avatars and acc. For example: The tops cant be more 40m ED or the Wings cant be more of 300m ED This is for the Server, because i saw how NA turn from a 3:100 into a 100:100, and it start just like this, with 8:100 sellers and 1b costumes set. So this is what i want to do, and for do it, i need everyones help. This is my suggestion of the max. prices. Hair. 70m Top 40m Bot 40m Gloves 15m Shoes 15m Wings 300m Head Accesory 150m Eye accesory 100m Any other accesory 100~170m Please write you own suggestion of max. prices and help us with this project ^^. Edit: So yeah....-.-, lets say that im not saying this will turn into NA, lets say that i said this will turn in "a" server...The NA mention is just a example, the point is stop the OP ibs and EC prices.
  24. While it's only a minor bother to me, personally, in the equipment tab for example, it's extremely annoying that your materials inventory has such little space. When grinding Secret Dungeons, you will end up filling your inventory with a ton of different items. The same goes for your special tab when opening boxes (especially when some refuse to work unless you have enough inventory space for all possible items (El Shard Identifying)). So my suggestion is: free additional inventory space in every tab. Hope this is possible~
  25. Bernu


    I'd like to provide a small suggestion, to see if anyone would agree with it at all. As per the natural quota of this, this is personal recommendation and will likely need some kind of intense fine tuning if it's to be taken seriously. Criticism is welcome AND needed to get this anywhere. Necklaces! This game has necklaces, sure, but there's something that's always struck me as off: Besides the mana necklace, there are few desirable necklaces. For Rings, we have Skill Rings, Elemental Rings, Ring of Acceleration, Ring of Fury...a few for our favorite neckwear....Mana Necklace, Fire Necklace, Water Necklace, Buff Necklaces, Vitality Necklace....The first almost everyone wears, and is an Item Mall nigh-exclusive. The second two aren't very useful beyond the resist that's only available for two elements, and the last only applies to characters that have buffs to level up. I don't believe I need to explain the Vitality Necklace. So, my question is this: Seeing as necklaces have no unique model that would need to be it possible to have necklaces with more desirable effects? The same necklace icon graphics that exist, or perhaps even the old "Friendship Necklace" graphic could be used, and these items could be put as alternate Ice Burner trolls, more Void Burner results, Item Mall purchases, or some other method...and they could have more viable effects for the necklace slot than the universal MP Regen effect. Ex: Note: Neckalces would have to be relatively powerful accessories to make up for the loss of the whopping 30% MP bonus from the Magic Necklace. Of course, some would naturally be stronger than others. Boost Pendant Attack Speed + 3%Movement Speed +5%Jump Speed +5%Power Boost Charge Speed +3% Necklace of Greed ED Drop +10%EXP +10%Attack/Move/Jump Speed -3% (Greed is heavy >.>) Fire Pendant {Redux} [identification Option][identification Option]+1% chance of Fire Attribute Proc+100 Fire Resist (Buff Necklace) {Redux} [identification Option][skill Level +] (This option will be for pre-selected skills for the characters that don't have buffs to be increased by the necklace)[buff Level +] Banthus' Necklace {Redux} [identification Option][identification Option]MP Gain +5% (A weaker Mana Necklace-type effect for absolutely free players ;o ) Necklace of Hidden Power [identification Option]MP Gain +10%Awk. Charge +10% Dark Elf Tears {Redux} Evasion +2%Mana Gain + 5%Move Speed +6%Jump Speed +6% Fox's Wisdom Tooth (?) [Possible "Dud" reward from gambles.] Critical Hit +10%Accuracy +5%MP Gain +10%All Resist -70Dark Resist +130 (Extra 70 to counteract the -70 above)Defenses -80 I have no idea how to balance, yay. Please provide some feedback on how we can work on this, I'd love to hear from you guys~ Because I have nothing better to do but read the posts of much more Elsword-savvy people.