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Found 5 results

  1. If you think we will and/or or want one, what kind of event do you think it will be? I hope it's similar to the last event we had with 100% random missions, 1 ticket 11-5 entry and all SDs open since I never got to really grind my ERP that much because of exams and school work. I hope it lasts the whole of summer unlike the previous ones.
  2. If you win this tournament, you win this tournament. Tournament Information Hosted by [GS]Lilu™ Date: 8/11/17 - 8/13/17 Tournament schedule is at the bottom of this thread. This tourney is 2v2 Winner's Match, 64 teams, 1,100 seconds, 4 kills. Round 1 to Quarters are Bo3, Semi-Finals, Finals, and Grand Finals are Bo5. Each participant has 1 life per match, Double Elimination starts from Round 3. Always Burn all resources you don't start with (MP, Cannonballs, etc.) explained [Here] Brackets [Here] & [Here] Streamed [Undecided] Streamed by @EternallyDark, @Universal, @2Dk, and [Undecided] Top 32 Seeding is based on the official voidels power rankings [Here] The rest will be randomly shuffled before finalizing the bracket. Do not sign up in this thread as this is the discussion thread. If you wish to sign up, post in the official tournament thread [Here] You may discuss, debate, all that stuff in this thread. However; don't flame, post farm, derail, or break the rules please. And a kindly reminder; all of the standard forum rules still apply, located [Here] Day 1 - Round 1 (Starts 3pm EST) Day 2 - Round 2 and 3 (Starts 12pm EST) Day 3 - Round 4 to Grand Finals (Starts 12pm EST) [Round 3 (Top 16) breaks into Winner/Loser brackets] There's also a little thing called "Bracket Prediction" so feel free to have fun with that after the brackets are created. We hope you all enjoy this tournament c:
  3. Hey guys, it's my first time posting a thread on suggestion section so please bear with me. I have this sudden idea of an event, last year we've been asked about a summer event suggestion thread, and that was great since the community had suggested good things, we had so many crafting/exchanges available and it somewhat worked as an ED sink on craftables (maybe or that's what I thought). Let's face it, Spring 2017 event was mediocre one. I'm really sorry. So, with this upcoming summer season I wanted to make the community speak out what they like to see in an upcoming summer event. Feel free to suggest anything that would/could make the event better! Quests: Crafting Material: [Crystal Water Tears] Quest Option 1: Old Naeun Quest + Crafting Materials Reward Quest Option 2: Custom Dungeon + Event Quest (Cannot be implemented due to technical difficulties: see staff's reply below) Craftables/IM Mall Sale: Like any other event before, one costume set color will be added as craftable and one is placed on the item mall. For this event, I have thought of the Swimwear Set. I know you all want it one way or another. Swimwear Set: (one color can work as a limited IM sale, prices apply to what staffs has decided.) Amount of Quest Materials Needed: 30 Crafting Price: 35,000,000/cube Swimwear Accessory: Natural/Ocean Glasses, Emerald/Blue Splash Accessories Purchasable in Item Mall/Can be crafted (one color) Materials Needed: 15 (glasses)/ 30 (Splash Accs) Crafting Fee: 10,000,000/ea Swimwear Skill Cut in Purchasable in Item Mall/Can be crafted Crafting Materials Needed: 35 Crafting Fee: 25,000,000/ea. Swimwear Sit Pose (Craftable) Can be purchased in the Item Mall Materials Needed: 50 Crafting Fee: 30,000,000 Mounts: Jet Ski E77-DX Materials Needed: 75 Crafting Fee: 100,000,000 ELS Spring Rain (Elsword - Ain) Materials Required: 30 Crafting Fee: 25,000,000/cube Checkered Summer Look (Elsword - Rose) Materials Needed: 25 Crafting Fee: 15,000,000/cube In behalf of those who we're not present last summer, and for newbies! SUMMER CRAFTABLE RETURNEES! ELS Summer (Elsword - LuCiel) (2 Colors) Materials Needed: 20 Crafting Fee: 20,000,000 Swimming School Avatar (2 Colors) (Elsword - Rose) Crafting Materials Needed: 25 Crafting Fee: 20,000,000 ELS Beach Look (Elsword to Rose) (2 Colors) Materials Needed: 25 Crafting Fee: 20,000,000 Beach Party (Elsword - Rose) Materials Needed: 25 Crafting Fee: 15,000,000 Beach Cruiser Set (Elsword - Rose) Materials Needed: 25 Crafting Fee: 20,000,000 Red Spirit Eyes/Deep Blue Eyes Customization Amount of Materials Needed: 25 Crafting amount: 20,000,000 ea. Firefox Shiho Amount of Materials Needed: 75 Crafting amount: 50,000,000 ea. Pet Pick Up Item Aura Amount of Materials Needed: 25 Crafting amount: 20,000,000 ea. Exchanges: 1 Crystal Water Tear (Select) = 3 Soft Ice Creams, 3 Hard Boiled Egg, 3 Bingsu Dessert, 3 Summer Harmony Festival Ice Cream 10 Crystal Water Tear (Select) = Vacation Safety Tube, Vacation Sunglasses, Black Sunglasses, Dreamwind - Air Pocket, Watermelon Slice 15 Crystal Water Tear (Select) = 3 Crystal Ball Buff (Tactical Field, Seal of Time, Acceleration Aura), Salvation Army Gamble Cube, Black Office Gamble Cube 30 Crystal Water Tear (Select) = Ring of Rosso, Ring of Gaia, Ring of Denif, Ring of Solace 40 Crystal Water Tear (Select) = Birth Crystal Fire Young Wyvern, Millenium Fox (Adult), Ancient Hellfire Phoru, Ancient Evil Phoru -still open to changes- Ring of Rosso/Gaia/Denif/Solace Stats: Change Log: (05/28/17) Previous summer event costume cubes could be added back too for people who missed it/new players if the community wants it. Might add some of it. Pets can also be added as well as other craftables like +8 Scroll. (05/29/17) Added poll, fixed missing Rena photos. (05/30/17) Added Crafting Material, Quest Options, fixed errors (grammars and images) (05/31/17) Added few exchanges, adjusted the Old quest option 1 amount of materials, added +8 Scroll to crafting, added monster in Quest Option 2. (06/02/17) Huge Update: Added Swimwear Sit Pose, Summer Casual Set (Elsword to Ain), Checkered Summer Look (Elsword to Rose), ELS Summer (Elsword to Rose), Beach Cruiser (Elsword - Rose), Old Craftable Costumes (Swimming School, ELS Beach Look, Beach Party, Beach Cruiser.) (06/02/17) Removed Summer Casual Set (replaced with ELS Spring Rain), added photo to Swimwear Sit Pose (06/04/17) Reduced crafting prices and materials. (06/09/17) Added buffs, Firefox Shiho to crafting, Red Spirit/Deep Blue Customization, some exchanges, and timer box. (06/17/17) Added additional crafts (Pet Pick Up Aura), fixed images, added event box contents, adjusted crafting materials and fees. Finished but still open to changes. (06/18/17) Removed buff and timer box due to technical difficulties, increased Shiho crafting fee, Rose's sets confirmed on some Costume Sets (added but missing images). (06/19/17) Fixed Missing Images. Suggestion is done and accepted. (06/22/17) Fixed crafting materials and prices in line with the implemented event.
  4. Hello and Welcome to the Salty Summer Showdown! This is a tournament pitched and hosted by @SaltOverLoad(Salt), built for players of lower tier classes to test their mettel against each other in a battle in the midst of summer heat! _____________________________________________________________________________ About the tournament: This will be a one on one style tournament with a maximum of 32 Participants. The tournament stage is a set Single Elimination tournament with ranking brackets begining in the Quarter-Finals to determine the Top 8's rankings. ↓ Dates ↓ July 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2016 ↓ Prizes ↓ 1st Place: $50 EC Code 2nd Place: 300mil 3rd Place: 100mil 4th Place: 50mil 5th Place: 30mil Entry Fee of 16mil Character to Send to: SaltySummer1. If #1 is full then send it to SaltySummer2 ↓ Rules ↓ Discord: This Discord Server will be the quickest way to find updates about the Tournament. In short, the server will be quicker to update than the Forum Page. ↓ Round Information ↓ Round of 32 is First to 2 Wins (FT2) Round of 16 is First to 2 Wins (FT2) Quarter-Finals is First to 3 Wins (FT3) Semi-Finals and Final Round are First to 5 Wins (FT5) ↓ Entry Form ↓ Name to be Shown on Scoreboard: In-game Name: Level: Class: Guild: Joining the Discord (Y/N): We'll be keeping track of how many people represent which guilds! Remember only 32 can enter. So sign up fast! Spots Left: 30/32 Filled All players who want to join after it is filled may sign up. You will then be placed in the replacements for no-shows, so please sign up. ↓ Brackets ↓ ↓ Entries ↓ ↓ Staff ↓ Host: @SaltOverLoad Other Organizers: @Micky & @Shiden Helpers: @Halo Streamer: Synchro is no longer streaming. We need a new one. Spec Kills: Need atleast 2 Contant an organizer through Private Message to see about helping. If you have any questions, feel free to PM an Organizer or Helper.
  5. So,the last year we have a similar Event but atm i can remember it name,But,why don't we have a silimar event like that wich new features ? This event gives u a cube who can be named as "Summer Cube" obtaniable via Mail box,A timer going to run for it (1 cube per char.) The cube contains the following items: -School Rumble Full set (7 Days) -Coexistence Full set (7 Days) -Bingsu Dessert x15 -CoBo Frost weap. cube (30 Days) -Cool Elios Bay Tittle (Permanent) In addition of this the Apink Quest gives you the following Items: -[VoidEls] Adventurer Ticket -Summer gift Cube and the following selecteable rewards: -[VoidEls] BeachBall -Ressurection Stone Cube (x10) -[VoidEls]Summer Coin The Summer gift cube contains the following items: -Els Free time Set Pieces (For All char's avalible at the moment). -School Rumble Set Pieces (For All char's avalible at the moment). -Random Refined Eldrit Cube -Blue Bull x10 -Recovery Potions x10 -Recovery Potions Cube(x20) -Skill Clip Gamble Cube -Elemental Jewellery Cube (All Elemental Jewellerys avalible) You can exchange the Beach Balls for the following items at Naeun: Birth Crystal (Miho/Frozen woodeng knight/Ancient Hellfire phoru/Kumiho/Sun Wukong) (You need for this 5 BeachBalls) And for the Summer Coins u can craft the following items spending some money(At Naeun too): -School Rumble Set Full (10mil/10kk ED and 5 Summer Coins - Permanent and Tradeable) -Coexistence full set cube (15mil/15kk ED & 5 Summer Coins - Permanent and Tradeable) -CoBo Frost Cube (15mil/15kk ED & 5 Summer Coins - Permanent and Tradeable) -Naver Phoru (20mil/20kk ED and 10 Summer Coins - Untradeable and Permanent) -Summon Stone Fire Dragon(25mil/25KK ED and 15 Summer Coins - Untradeable and Permanent) -Summon Stone Dark Dragon(same) -Summon Stone Ice Dragon(same) -+8 Scroll (35mil/35kk ED and 20 Summer Coins - Untradeable and Permanent) That's all what i think and it's the best for this Event,and can be a great way to burn some ED .If u want some changes in something or add something just write it,all ideas are acepted~