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Found 5 results

  1. Suggestion Time! Welcome and Hello everyone to my suggestion! This suggestion is about the Ancient Silver and Gold Coins that recently lost their value. I will try to make them usable again with this suggestion! What is involved in this suggestion? ⦁ Bethmas NPC Stella ⦁ Ancient Silver ⦁ Ancient Gold Coin ⦁ HP/MP Potions ⦁ Miscellaneous And how does this suggestion work? That is pretty easy. Void will add the items to Stella's exchangeables with some items and make the Ancient Gold and Silver coins untradeable. What you can get for how much will be explained later on, so keep reading. The coins were disabled to not abuse it, now we can do it again. Are you aware of that? Yes, I am aware of that but no. The coins can still be abused but not as much as before to gain ED from the coins. The items we can get from the exchange can't be sold to players or NPCs and can't be traded in any way (except Bank Transfer). That means we can only use them for ourselves. Yeah that's cool and nice but what do we get from the exchange? I thought about Items like Seeds from El's Tree or Organic Apple. But I will provide a full list of all items below. The items we can get are mostly for PvE, since the Ancient Gold coins are coming from the dungeons so don't expect some PvP stuff. Since I explained a bit I will provide a list of items that we can get. What can we exchange for what now? I basically thought of Silver Coins for the not-so-rare Items and Gold Coins for the rare items/good Items. The Items are also random picked. ⦁ 5 Silver Coins: - Magic Stone - Enhanced Magic Stone - Coexistence Cake - Resurrection Cube Stone (3 each) - Blessed Enhancement Stone - Dark El Seed - Weak Resurrection Elixir; ⦁ 10 Silver Coins: - Vitality Potion - Battle Elixir - William's Small Apple Crate ⦁ 20 Silver Coins: - Resurrection Stone Cube (10 each) - Fruit/Seed from El's Tree - Bags of Orbs (Fire, Wind, Poison, etc) ⦁ 25 Silver Coins: - Pet Toy ⦁ 10 Gold Coins: - 100% Mana Potion - Green Tea - Resurrection Stone Cube (25 each) - Heroic Invitation ⦁ 15 Gold Coins: - Recovery Potion - Soft Ice Cream - Adventurers Phoru's Foot Stamp - Fetch Aura ⦁ 20 Gold Coins: - Custom Fonts taking suggestions on what to add/remove to/from the list If anything seems wrong or inappropriate please let me know so I can change that part! Tips and suggestions to this are very appreciated! Please leave your thoughts below to discuss this. Also, if you expect a TL;DR from this you were wrong. I won't make one if you're too lazy to read this little bit of text. You lazy fuck. :^( CHANGELOG:
  2. So I’ve read: And they all suggest some new exchange system for the Ancient Silver and Gold Coins since we have stacks upon stacks of them collecting dust. Well here is my suggestion on the topic – let’s use the current exchange system! Copied from El Wiki: The Mysterious El Sphere is a device that can only be accessed by Treasure Hunters. Players with this profession are able to consume one Ancient Silver Coin, Ancient Gold Coin, or Ancient Diamond to obtain one random item. Each consumption will cost 100,000 ED, regardless of the material consumed. Diamonds have the highest chance of obtaining rare items while Silver Coins have the lowest. Let’s do a little math here: 1 stack of Ancient Silver Coins = 999 x 100,000 ED = 99,900,000 ED YIKES! Knowing RNGesus you will probably get a stack of Whole Grain Flour, not really worth it. Well let’s tweak that price! Here is my proposition to tweak the Mysterious El Sphere price (up for debate): Ancient Silver Coin: 10,000 ED Ancient Gold Coin: 50,000 ED Ancient Diamond: 100,000 ED I imagine it looking like this:
  3. Search topic wont give similar threads so I created one... Looooooooooongggg story short , I tried to sell my ancient gold and silver coins to ariel and a dialog box said that "item cannot be resold". Pls check this through if it is a bug
  4. I am level 99 DC with quite good gear. Everyday I go to Behemoth crater, use my Shooting Star for clearing almost mob in one skill, to drain pet intimacy from 100% to 0% in about 1.5 hour, or make intimacy increase from 0 % to 100% in about 2 hours. It's boring but it's the fastest method for me now. I try to do some dungeon but dungeon drain/increase intimacy too slow (When I was level 70, HoB make increase about 7% intimacy with toy in one run, but it's only about 3% each run now). Anyone know any way to do it faster I have two (-xx, -99) pet, always have pet toy in inventory when increase intimacy up and put it in bank when drain intimacy (which means I know how to raising pet in right way). And second question. My DC is also a level 9 and 11% Treasure hunter. So, now which dungeon giving most exp (or most chest) to Treasure hunter??? Thanks very much
  5. Any recommended dungeons for farming for materials while playing solo? :^( (Am lv10 TH ouo)b )