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Found 166 results

  1. Please keep all discussions, questions, and comments regarding official void events here. This is to prevent the event threads from being flooded as they are submission threads. All of the standard forum rules still apply, located [Here] If you wish to leave a suggestion, please do so [Here] All current official events can be found [Here] With that said, be sure to stay on topic c:
  2. Hello everyone, Mod Shi here with our weekly Void's Designer! Is Elsword's dress-up your life? Do you pride yourself for your fashion skills and want to get rewarded for them? If you're thinking "yes", then Void's Designer is the contest for you! In this event you will design an outfit using in-game costumes while following the theme set below. At the end of each week, three winners will become Void's next Designer, and will win a great EC prize! Please make sure to read and follow all the rules and procedures listed below. This thread is for ENTRIES ONLY. Do not derail the thread. Any questions/comments/discussions should be posted in the Event Discussion Thread. Prizes:If you've won and haven't received your EC within a week, please contact me! Winner: 5,000 El Coins each! NOTE: You are unable to join next week if you have won this week. Rules: All of the standard forum rules still apply, located [Here]. We are more strict during Official Events! Below are the Event specific rules. 18+ content is not allowed. Image(s) must be taken in Void. Make sure the image(s) clearly show the outfit. Gifs are allowed as long as the previous rule is followed. Make sure the image(s) clearly relate to the theme. Please stay original (do not copy somebody else's idea). Descriptions/quotes regarding the drawing is allowed and encouraged. Don't steal images from other sites (such as DeviantArt, Photobucket, etc.). Add your in-game name to your post so we know who to send the EC to if you win. Don't edit the screenshot with image manipulation/editing programs (Photoshop, Paint, Gimp, etc.). Cropping is allowed however, as long as the outfit is clearly seen. You are allowed to use Magic Wardrobe, as long as the pieces you use in your entry exist currently in Void. Do not post more than 1 entry at a time. Multiple images are fine, however only your first image will be taken into consideration when judging. Do not enter on multiple accounts or you will be disqualified immediately. Winners are not eligible to participate in the next week's contest (they are eligible again the week after). If you want to "vote" for a specific entry then click the "Like" button. Having the most likes isn't an auto-win but they definitely help us. This is a Submissions thread so please keep all discussions, suggestions, and questions in the threads below under "Other Void Event threads". Don't go off-topic in this thread; it will not be tolerated. Please post entries only, or you may receive a warning point/ban. Reservations are allowed, but please make sure to edit your reserved post with your entry. Deadline: 05/11/19 to 05/18/19 (11:59 PM CET) Entry Template Example: [IGN]* [Title of entry]* [Screenshot(s)]* [Phrase or description] [Item list (written list preferred)]* The items listed with an asterisk (*) are considered mandatory! Weekly Theme: Cartoon Network Cosplay! Suggested by [Caroline]! The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo.. you name it! Everyone remembers and has at least one favorite Cartoon Network show they used to watch as a kid. Which funky character will you choose to dress-up as? For this week's theme, create your best representation of any character from Cartoon Network's shows. - Please provide a reference to the character you chose to design! Keep in mind only Cartoon Network-exclusive shows count. Any other shows which were not produced for/by Cartoon Network do not count. (check out the show's details via Wikipedia to help you with that). Note: One-pieces and full sets are banned! Try not to use pieces from the same set more than once (accessories are an exception). If they're different colours but are from the same set that does NOT count either! Other Void Event threads: Event Theme Suggestion: [Here] Void Event Discussion: [Here] Last week's winners: > Format = IGN [Forum name] IGN = Entry, Forum name = Profile. Three winning entries! MimeKnight [Patched] Dul [Dul] RosenBluete [PyokoNami] Honourable Mentions: While there were several other excellent entries, these are the ones that came close to winning but just didn't quite make it. [Stalky] [Eliandria] [superhugs] List of the previous winners: 2018-2019 2016-2017: 2014-2015:
  3. Hello everyone, Mod Structure here with our monthly Void's Artist Contest! Do you have a passion for art? Do you want to show off your artist skills and get rewarded for it? If you're thinking "yes", then Void's Artist is the contest for you! This thread is for ENTRIES ONLY. Do not derail the thread. Any questions/comments/discussions should be posted in the Event Discussion Thread. Prizes: If you've won and haven't received your EC within a week, please contact me! 1st Place: 15,000 El Coins! Runner Ups (2): 7,500 El Coins! Rules: All of the standard forum rules still apply, located [Here]. We are more strict during Official Events! Below are the Event specific rules. 18+ content is not allowed. Don't post more than 1 entry at a time. Art can be done in any style. (Paper, Digital, etc.) Please stay original. (Don't copy somebody else's idea) Descriptions/quotes regarding the drawing is allowed and encouraged. Don't steal drawings or backgrounds/effects from other sites (such as DeviantArt, Photobucket, etc.) Do not reuse old art-- the entry should be made only for this contest. Add your in-game name to your post so we know who to send the EC to if you win. The drawing must at least have Elsword related content with the current theme or you will be disqualified. If you want to "vote" for a specific entry then click the "Like" button. Having the most likes isn't an auto-win but they definitely help us. Do not post more than 1 entry at a time. Multiple images are fine, however only your first image will be taken into consideration when judging. This is a Submissions thread so please keep all discussions, suggestions, and questions in the threads below under "Other Void Event threads". Don't go off-topic in this thread, it will not be tolerated. Please post entries only, or you may receive a warning point/ban. Reservations are allowed, but please make sure to edit your reserved post with your entry. Do not submit a "joke" entry. It will be immediately disqualified and may eventually lead to a warning point. If you have multiple images, compress them into one image for your main entry. If you keep them separate, only the first image will be counted. If reservations with no entries are seen in succession, it may fall under post farming and you may be liable for a warning point. Deadline: 04/18/19 to 05/18/19 (11:59 PM CET) Entry Template Example: [IGN]* [Title of entry] [Artwork]* [WIPs] [Reference]** The items listed with an asterisk (*) are considered mandatory! The items listed with a double asterisk (**) are considered mandatory when listed in the theme! Monthly Theme: Vocaloid x Elsword! Suggested by [Celery]! Have you ever sat and jammed to some Vocaloid while drawing? Maybe you have a favourite Vocaloid? Or one you think would look good with an Elsword character? With EL STAR being teased, maybe an Elsword character can work to becoming a Vocaloid, too! Draw an Elsword x Vocaloid crossover! NOTE: You can draw the characters together, in an Elsword setting or in a Vocaloid setting. There must be at least one Elsword character and one Vocaloid character present in the artwork. Do not use songs that are against our rules when drawing a Vocaloid song. Other Void Event threads: Event Theme Suggestion: [Here] Void Event Discussion: [Here] Last month's winners: > Format = IGN [Forum name] IGN = Entry, Forum name = Profile. First place and two runner-ups! Miie [Miie] Hullo [General] Savy [Savy] List of the previous winners: 2019: 2018: 2017: 2016:
  4. DISCLAIMER: If you intend on posting in this thread, be prepared to debate with facts and experience. Having an idea is fine, but logic/facts/experience take priority over ideas. And yes, standard forum rules still apply [Here] This tier list is based on standard 1v1 tournament rules. (Sparring Channel/Sparring Gear/Arena Mode/No RoF/No Items/0% ERP/No Weapon Attributes/Etc.) What is a Tier List? Terms Tier Criteria: Tier Placement: VoidEls Represenatives*Under Construction* We have updated the Official VoidEls Tier List. Current Tier List as of 5/27/2018 [Current Update] Everything is always subject to change the more we lab/test/learn. Some updates in Void v2.3 not included in the above link include: DoomBringer's Enhanced Plasma passive duration increased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds. Equipment/ERP Options Class Tier Reasonings: *CURRENTLY OUTDATTED: Need to update to 3rd jobs* Elsword: Aisha: Rena: Raven: Eve: Chung: Ara: Elesis: Add: LuCiel: Rose: Ain Previous Tier Lists - 5/18/2017 - 3/17/2017 - 2/18/2017 - 9/29/2016 - 9/20/2016 - 9/9/2016 - 5/1/2016 - 4/26/2016 Changelog 5/18/2017 3/17/2017 2/18/2017 9/29/2016 9/20/16 9/9/2016 5/1/2016 4/26/2016
  5. Hi there! I was very bored and today I started my holidays so I was looking for something to play, and I found Void. I know Elsword but I have never played before. I was gonna try the NA server but I read that is very expensive and grindy so I decided to give Void a shot. What are your tips for a newcomer to the Elsword universe? (And server?) Thank you!
  6. To make it simple... I used to play this server long ago, and a few weeks ago I had the feel to play this server again, so I started anew. But 1 week after, my account was suspended... then, I did make an appeal as that's what you're supposed to do. 4 days later, I finnaly got a response. My appeal was denied as supposely I broke some rules. I explained I didn't, they said "Yes, you did". I asked for a explanation, they said "We are not obligated to show you evidence". Basically, they are not obligated to give any explanation. They will keep saying "You broke the rules" and will ask you to "Follow our official rules" like useless robots. To this day (that was 9 days ago) I still don't know what I did to get my account suspended, the only reason I got was "Hacking-C" in my character log-in window. I didn't want to make a big problem out of it, so I wanted to leave it like that. Sadly, I lost like 12 hours of my life. Luckily, they were only 12 hours. I have no intention of play this server ever again. Elsword is a great game, I loved it back then and I still like it. But when we talk avoid Void, we have to remember that this is not official. We let our time, money, and hope on the hands of people managing something that doesn't belong to them and can do whatever they want and say whatever they please. I said this because there are people that often forget that fact. It is better than the official game? It is in specfic terms. You can level faster and get everything faster so investing less time, and that's the thing most people want. That's the surface, and we are please with that. But when we look deep, we realize that it's more of a lost than a win. I'm kinda happy that it happened, because I won't lose my time playing it. But I higly recommend to not play Void and don't invest your money in it. I say this because I was thinking about donating. I feel really lucky and happy for what happened. If you love Elsword, and you feel the officlal game is dying, it's normal to think Void will fill that emptiness. But honestly, there are lot of games our there. You can play whatever you want. But If you decide that what you want is Void, then play it. But please, don't waste your money. Don't give it to people that can easily backstab you. Remember, the main reason why a game dies is because of lack of support. So, that's all I wanted to say. I don't intend to discuss the matter, I just wanted to express my thoughts. There's still a lot of effort put into this. just remember: "All that glitters is not gold" Farewell.
  7. I wonder if there will be the debug in question of Rank Star, Board Rank and Board Guild in PVP? Please, make PVP GREAT AGAIN! I'm so bored ...
  8. Hey guys just making this to ask you all about your opinions about 3rd job thus far. Personally, it was cool when it came to the new passives but everything else seems kinda underwhelming. Some if not most of the new hypers look cool and all, but they look like they don't do more dmg than the original hypers so what's even the point running them? I also found the updated "force skills" to be kinda men. I feel like they wasted a perfect opportunity to take skills that weren't good or just weren't used a lot and make them great. Take LK for example. They didn't need to do that to windmill or sandstorm. They could've buffed something else that needed it like Spiral Blast or Double Slash. Enough about 3rd job what do you guys think about void right now and where its headed? I feel like its in a right spot and the economy is looking great/picking itself up from the whole ED wipe thing, plus I'm hype for a new event. (Xmas maybe? Another free IB like AA?) My only problems with void is that the game feels kinda empty atm, like a lot of players had left. Also the whole pvp situation. I wish there was a way to fix the queue system and the insane amounts of lag to the point where its unplayable. Maybe do a solace and Gaia thing like on NA where solace is NA + Europe and Gaia is international. Not really sure... Anyway that was my input and hopefully some other people respond and put in some really good inputs and stuff.
  9. New Power Rankings - [Here] (No tourneys to rank by until 2/3/2018's tourney is complete) Power Rankings are a way of showcasing and honoring skilled players. It encourages competitors to improve and have something to work towards. These rankings are also used for seeding for tournaments. Banned players are removed from the power ranking. The player's most known name will be used due to multiple IGN's/different classes. Forum profiles are a must. The classes shown are the ones the player used in both the most recent and the previous tournament the player entered, 3 max. Points are awarded based on tournament placement and the number of entries. Old Power Rankings (6/6/2014 - 2/22/2017) can be found [Here] Power Ranking Points Distribution 1st: 10 points 2nd: 8 points 3rd: 6 points 4th: 4 points 5th-7th: 2 points 9th-13th: 1 point 17th-25th: 1 point 1/4 of the top placements will gain a point as long as they win 1 round. 16 entries = up to 4th earn points (4 players) 32 entries = up to 5th earn points (8 players) 64 entries = up to 9th earn points (16 players) 128 entries = up to 17th earn points (32 players) + [1st-13th Points are doubled] Tournament history All official tournaments from 2/3/2018 to the most recent are apart of the power rankings. Below are the current tournaments used for the power rankings. Purple represent Officials, Blue represent approved/supported Zenith Tournaments. Zenith Circuit The Zenith Circuit is a 1v1 tournament circuit created to help promote and grow the competitive side of Void Elsword. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Every Saturday at 2:00pm EST Streamed by Zovi [Here] Official VoidEls Zenith Circuit Discord Server [Here] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This circuit is divided into 4 separate tournaments per month which follow the official tournament rules. Players of the first 3 tournaments will gain Zenith Points which will be used to seed the 4th (monthly) tournament. The 4th (monthly) tournament will be composed by the 8 players with the highest ZP. Zenith Points Distribution 1st: 10 points 2nd: 8 points 3rd: 6 points 4th: 4 points 5th-7th: 2 points 9th-13th: 1 point 17th-25th: 1 point Character Limits MONTH OF JANUARY Week 1: Player X enters on IP, gets top 3. IP now banned. Week 2: Player X enters on TT, gets top 3. TT now banned. Week 3: Player X enters on DC, gets top 3. DC now banned. Week 4 (finals): Player X may enter on any chung class, player X uses IP and wins. MONTH OF FEBRUARY Week 1-3, the bans are reset. Player X can play the same 3 chung classes whenever they want. Week 4, Player X may play any class except IP. They will be allowed to play IP again the following month. Official Tournament Rules If 1v1: Team Match, 400 seconds, power. Round 1 to Quarters are Bo3, Semi-Finals, Finals, and Grand Finals are Bo5. Always Burn all resources you don't start with (MP, Cannonballs, etc.) explained [Here] Stage Selection The first stage will be decided via random RNG roll in Discord. The next stages will be decided as stated below. The Loser of the previous match will then choose the next stage. You can't counterpick a stage if you've previously won on it during the match unless both agree. The following is a list of stages that are allowed. Wally/Robo Castle - Center Wally/Robo Castle - Roof Dyurahan Colosseum Winter Velder/Ice age in Belder Elrios Bay El Tree - Bottom Banthus Cave Void Official Rules still apply. Weapon/Armor Element Attributes are banned. Overpowered Timed Accessories are Banned (Ex: Monster Mask, El Blessing). Allowed Titles. Mercenary Veteran, Speeder, Speedholic, Seal of Hamel, Blazing Incentive, PvP Contender. Item mall and sparring weapon costumes are allowed. If both players agree then they may use IB weapons. This should be decided before the match. If both players don't agree, then only Item Mall and sparring weapon costumes are allowed. Sparring Set only. The weapon and armor must not be attributed. Upgraded Sparring Gear is allowed Costumes/Accessories with RNG/Proc Effects and MP Reduction are banned. These include but are not limited to Glacial 5/5, LoW 5/5, SR 5/5, ELP 3/4, and Mango Juice Mini. Costume suits are banned. However, If both players agree then they may use Costume suits. This should be decided before the match. If both players don't agree, then they are banned. Ring of Fury and Attribute Resist rings are banned. However, every other ring is allowed. Only 1 ring is allowed. This is due to ring stacking. No Hyper actives/Couple/Marriage skills. Self explanatory. Map Pool. Garpai Sandstorm, Sander Oasis, Tyrant's Arena, Hope Bridge, and 3D maps are banned. There is a list of maps allowed in Stage Selection above Rules. Match Re-do/Restarts. Match re-dos are at the discretion of the TO. If you wish to call something out then do so. It must occur during the match, not after. If in the case something happens such as forgetting to full screen, you may ask for a match restart before the match starts. If someone calls lag it is up to the streamer and co-commentator to accept or deny it. They must respond quickly. If they deny, the match will continue uninterrupted. If accepted, the match stops and the TO will review via stream clips to decide. If the lag call was false, it will result in a loss of that match to the one that lag called. If the lag call is legit and accepted, a redo will be done. Account sharing and Substitutions are not allowed. Only you may play on your account. Substitutions of any kind are not allowed. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate disqualification, and possible restrictions in future events. Do not register with multiple characters for any official VoidEls Tournament unless explicitly stated in the rules. If caught intending to play on more than one you will be banned from all future official VoidEls tournaments. Disruptions If your match is coming up, please be ready a match early so we can invite you. If you are not ready for your match once, you will be skipped and put to a later time if possible. If you are not ready for your match for a second time you WILL be disqualified from the tournament, no arguments. Bad planning on your part does not necessarily constitute an automatic emergency on our part. Please be a good sport. Unsportsmanlike conduct will at first give you a warning, and then get you disqualified from the tournament. Network Conditions (Lag Calls) In the event of unusual network conditions, players may call for a review at any time during their set either publicly or privately (via whisper). This may include individual lag checks, reviewing recorded footage from either side, or further testing. If either player's connection is found to be disrupting the game to an unreasonable extent and the issue cannot be corrected, they will be disqualified from the event. All players are encouraged to record their games for review, as netcode discrepancies can cause spectators to see the game differently. If a lag call cannot be accepted or denied immediately, the match must continue and will be reviewed afterwards. Please keep in mind that in the interest of fairness, we cannot reverse completed games or sets. You must call out something during the match, not after. Note: These rules are intended to fairly deal with disruptive outliers, not to punish players for their location or connection quality. We understand Void is an international server; however, there are clear cases where Internet issues can affect the outcome of a match. If a player's connection is significantly worse than expected for their region, it is their responsibility to handle it. All reviews will be conducted by a diverse panel of players familiar with matchup dynamics across a variety of regions. Reviews will NOT be streamed, to ensure the process remains unbiased and fair. The results of these arbitrations will be made public at the conclusion of the event.
  10. Guild BR nova (uma semana de criação) NumberC39 recruta todos os jogadores br's disponíveis a aprender e a compartilhar aprendizado em todas as áreas do Elsword, PvP e PvE. Eventos de PvP todos os dias 01 de cada de mês, a partir de 01/01/2018! Farm SD em Guild diariamente de 20:00 às 00:00 (horário de verão) Nome da Guild: NumberC39 Líder: GimmickEl (GrandMaster) Só vamos galera xP Discord:
  11. Yeah right banning people that's why Inaste and Ferrums hacked your server you stupid shits
  12. Alright so I've been seeing alot of "compensate me for this" and "compensate me for that" because of this ED situation. Well, I've been doing a lot of brainstorming and have come to a conclusion. How about a discussion on WHAT we should be compensated with. As for ideas on what we should be compensated for is up to you guys.~ SO Let's start brainstorming on some REALLY good, and acceptable compensations to help REDUCE the damage being done because of people hacking and such. (We can't pretend like it's not our fault. We choose not to be smart about things and assume: "It's not gonna happen to me, because I'm so-and-so.) This discussion will be on ideas on how to keep things GOOD in this server. I mean...unless you wanna go back to NA, EU, or wherever it was you came from...just saying. NOW AS FOR THE IDEAS! A few ideas on what could be some compensation ideas are: A FULL IB event giveaway *1 per account and its not tradable or Sellable* or if its not possible to make it unsellable then simply have it cost 0 ED to sell back. OR maybe an event like they did for the Christmas setup...thing... Allows you to get some nice amount of ED or a really rare item. like CoC (<-- just an example) or something. NEXT is an event that could last for say 20 minutes after logging on you are able to buy anything from the item for free or something *Helps for those who lost money ATLEAST get something nice from the IM since u cant really get like Dancing sets, or IBs otherwise *Maybe not the IBs tho so things dont get outta hand with those* OR They could do a temperary enhance thing where everything up to +7 or 8 is 100% success maybe. *Courtesy of a close friend on Discord* ^^b (Shout out to him for great storming xD) EITHERWAY~ Let's see some Ideas from you guys ^^b and brainstorm from there.
  13. Is it possible that you could change the In-Game Font like in the Korean Elsword in the next update?
  14. Hey Sexy! So a lot of people seem to be going crazy over this emergency maintenance for obvious reasons. I feel like this is the perfect opportunity for people to ventilate their feelings and opinions and be heard while conversing potential options. Let's try to turn some of this feedback into something positive! Please avoid putting any nasty under the bridge type stuff here, let's be responsible and vent our concerns and feelings respectfully while taking other people into consideration. Whether or not everyone may agree on the same thing, it's still no reason to be disrespectful to those that oppose your reactions. 1.)Do you think this rollback along with the ED coin and ED ticket wipe was a good move concerning the damage caused from the hacking last night? If not, explain why! 2.)Do you think these hackers felt justified in any way for doing what they did? Explainuuuu! 3.)If you were placed into the shoes of a GM, how would you have responded to this? 4.)Do you think this change has crippled the growth of Void? If so, what do you think can be done to remedy this? Copy and paste the questions please, so I won't have to cry myself to sleep because of an untidy forum post. Iluvyouktyxbai Again, please no flaming or under the bridge antics, my last discussion post went REALLY well! Let's try to emulate that! xoxo :Kissey face:
  15. [Edit] : I'm open to suggestions for adding or redesigning, I would especially like you to tell me ideas to improve the method of IBs (Dead Characters, Overpriced, etc) or EC Rates (ED wipe, etc isn't fair so please take it easy and tell me opinions even if they are short because they can help me to mix them with other ideas) I will not cancel any of these ideas (could be redesigned as ICs to other help for the IBs but not canceled) because they have already been studied and I have asked players to tell me their opinion before them, and their words were "it is necessary" so sorry GSages, Moderators, Master if I mention the ICs but it is one of the few or the only way to solve this. I know that there is already a post dealing with this topic but I want this to be here to discuss everything that will be said and add more ideas or improve those that will be said, because I need the opinion of the players. I already posted these things before in another post from other, if it is problematic I delete it immediately. Sorry if my english is sh*t. I study economics and although it does not seem like the economy of a videogame is partly equal to the real one, so I made a graphic of offer and demand with information compiled during 1 month. Reasons why we NEED Void's Staff Colaboration in game: - EC Sellers aren't few : The sellers of now are provoking a monopoly something that supposedly should be sanctioned in a normal economy but the one of Void is not at all administered or controlled. "We can't interfere in the game economy directly if it isn't in a serious case" Sure I understand that you want a capitalist model but you aren't being liberals as you wanted. Why can I say this? Because our server has events that give us the opportunity to get accessories or costumes (etc..) that should be of the IM and yet our rate is practically the same and even worse than that of official servers that don't have these advantages. EC Ideas: - Come back Fluorites trades and add Megaphones trades (This will end the monopoly that formed the cashers, helping the rate in addition to giving a reason to players to play) Thanks to @iAmGoku for reminding me about this economic problem. The Ics only came to be put after a time seeing the improvement of the server - Ice crystals : Sorry for mentioning this but it is one of the few ways to fix the economy. ICs were a general price limit of the rate, yeah not only IBs, ICs made people spend on burners because they had a goal to reach, as well as being an exact number of crystals that performed a kind of minimum wage, also everything moves around the burners so is normal if the prices rise so much. In addition there are dead characters in the game as can be Aisha, the burners according to character cause those dead characters do not have ways to get an IB without giving much money. (Example: Aisha's PK maybe 3 in server by 8-10b or don't even sell them because they are impossible to get, so more money overaccumulated and not only for dead characters like Aisha, also including new characters like Ain). Therefore other ways to improve the rates from the burners is to implement cubes of ibs like the ED Burners' EOvD. Thanks to @Aryan - ED Burners : They were a good idea to solve the economy, but it has several failures. The first failure is the drop of objects, drop needs to be changed, get very good objects in a method too simple as the CoC causes the players to be overgeared and the sellers of the title get maybe twice what they spent on the burners. The second and final failure is the rotation time, people get bored fast to spend the money on the same, and 3 months gives you plenty of time to get back too much money, will spend on the next rotation but it's like giving them more things to those who have more. In addition people ask for rotation every 2 months but I think the best would be 1 month because people will be forced to spend soon and with little time to earn too much money. ED Burners Ideas: - Monthly rotation - Instead of creating burners for the events take advantage of the monthly rotation for the time in which we find ourselves. For example in Christmas put the costume suit of reindeer, the pet of the Christmas girl and other objects. (It isn't necessary that each month there is a different IB, they can substitute certain months for other things) *Ideas on which could replace IBs. The following ideas have been taken with permission from @Nep Nep post dealing with ED burners: - We could keep going with "Reform versions" such as VAK Black Noble, HNO Reform, Royal Maid (Black). - Help to "re-rotate" costumes that are gone due to IM sales, such as Moonlight Fairy, Bear Snuggles, Space Moon Rabbit (Mount and their sitting poses aswell in case Void decides to not make it IM-exclusive) and Red Qipao. - Add Guild Coins (They have increased a lot of price because Void no longer has guild missions, so it seems like a good idea plus a reason to burn in the burners). Nep Nep's Post: - Board Issues : Yes, everyone's bestfriend. It seems like a silly problem but this bug causes a rise in prices on several objects such as materials of events. We all know that it isn't easy to solve but if the board works correctly after the stability maintenaince I think that dedicating a greater time although sometimes we don't have maintenance is the best option. Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for bigger things. Same to Mailbox Issues. - Events : I'm so sorry but nowadays our events are horrible, including economically. Materials are a board problem but the crafts/trades are so expensive. Nobody wants to pay 150m for a mount that is no longer useful because his nerf. Or expend 15 crystals for a cube that gives you 1 piece of an avatar random, which are 15 dungeons. Also the majority of events haven't given useful or desired things (excluding Christmas Event). And I miss when the cubes were free (with normal accesories, costumes, NO +10 or expensives things..) but now are like ED Burners because don't look for other ways to solve the economy. Events Ideas: - Fairer trade with respect to the quantity of materials (15 Denif's Tears = 1 Office Box 100% random -1 piece, its strange) - Apink's Cubes (and others) : These cubes were a great expense of money at the time but no longer have new or changing things, an idea for "Superstar's Gamble Cube" can be to rotate them from time to time with IM dance avatars (Old Hush, Okay, Uh-hee, B1A4, others) or accessories like the top wings of Gfriend, etc. Changing from time to time may give residual aid to the economy. Superstar Gamble Cube Ideas: - Mix all the cubes (Skill cut-ins, Angel's Costume, 2ne1 titles in Gamble Cube) - Rotation every 3 months (K-Pop Groups Dances, Gfriend's accesories, Skill Cut-Ins, others) - Don't exceed Costume Drop, etc. (If it's possible I think that the Dances 6/6 (Costume suits be like Football one) should be in a box as Dancing Queen, with this the dances wouldn't be depreciated) I was going to make a suggestion with all this, but first I wanted to discuss it so that you could complete things that I have forgotten or overlooked. I have more to say for example about the trades of Aranka (Ereda's Battle Order) to return the old daily field/dungeon quests that revived a little search engines of dungeon and the old Aranka's trades (Fox Suit, Bubblegum Accesory, Pets, etc..) Please Void's Moderators, Master, Sages, we need your help because this isn't goint to be a monoply, it's a monopoly. EDIT: These suggestions have been thought with head and tests, in addition to having experience by taking years in Void and having lived the economic change. This will not only benefit the economy, it will also benefit the game itself attracting people from other servers to donate here, older void players and new cashers, keep in mind that the economy isn't perfect and will always have flaws but this is the best model possible in this situation with the measures we have. HACKERS Hackers are a problem but if the economy is being down a cause of this suggestions they couldn't to take advantage of, because practically all would be correctly positioned, the hackers only take advantage of the mistakes that have the economy of the server to take advantage of the crazy prices, for this it needs to be solved. And the hackers will be easier to identify and they will spend their ED as other people on all this things. The hack had already been for some time and didn't fully influence the economy until it began to have problems of its own. Hackers will probably follow but they will not be able to take advantage when reselling things, etc. by the general price decrease. And as I said I will burn your money like everyone in this type of suggestions lowering the amount of general ED. Is impossible do anything else so think that its neccesary start with something, is best than nothing. EVERYTHING WAS THOUGH.
  16. hi i cant login the game i dont know why can u pls help.
  17. The trial has begun, will you ascend above the rest? Tournament Information Hosted by [GS]Lilu™ Co-Hosted by [GS]Sera™ Brackets [Here] & [Here] Streamed [Here] Streamed by @Tihr, @Universal, @Shadows215, and @Bryun Do not sign up in this thread as this is the discussion thread. If you wish to sign up, post in the official tournament thread [Here] You may discuss, debate, all that stuff in this thread. However; don't flame, post farm, derail, or break the rules please. And a kindly reminder; all of the standard forum rules still apply, located [Here] The tournament date is 3/17-3/19 (3/18-3/20 for AUS) This tourney is 1v1, 128 players, Team Match, 400 seconds, power. Round 1 to Quarters are Bo3, Semi-Finals, Finals, and Grand Finals are Bo5. Single Elimination until Round 3, where it branches off into Double Elimination. Day 1 - Round 1 (Starts 3pm EST) Day 2 - Round 2 and 3 (Starts 12pm EST) Day 3 - Round 4 to Grand Finals (Starts 12pm EST) [Round 3 (Top 32) breaks into Winner/Loser brackets] There's also a little thing called "Bracket Prediction" so feel free to have fun with that after the brackets are created. We hope you all enjoy this tournament c:
  18. So... No april fools dungeon? Pretty sure some people wanted that motion.
  19. Dear Staff, we have Add's energy fusion theory dungeon, but here's a question What happened to the Eltrion MK-2 event dungeon?? Was it incompatible or perhaps it didn't came to mind? Where is it?
  20. RabbitRxx


    I wish Void would add the option of Japanese voices like they did with Korean and English! PLEASE!
  21. Hey, The name is Serizawa and i'm am a RF main.Even if i'm a RF main i pretty much play all characters. How is everyone today? How do you think the state of void or elsword in general is? thanks for replying.
  22. Hey guys! Just a sheer wonder question about the release of Apostasia for Ain's 3rd class. Completely my Opinion so if you guys have something else to say please leave it below with your thoughts on the matter ^^b (Please no salty answers) *Opinions are not salty they are simply opinions, or thoughts on what you'd like* Okay so, 2.0 was released awhile ago, and believe me I really am glad we got some new things added in to give the players much more entertainment. However after playing for a bit it seems to me that ATM its catering to the players with ED/EC/irl Money. I mean the RNG cubes which cost like 3.5m *Estimations cant remember atm* and the Chibis which are 30m? *Kinda alot of just a chibi dont you think???* Also the Fantasy Cube which is 20-25m. I'm quite glad they thought of adding something for players, but I think the amount of ED needed to get such items is getting outta hand @.@. Now how this applies to Apostasia being released is that by giving us a different release content would be quite pleasing so that we have a reason to make a new character, AND one that is "OPed" atm so we can deal with the the Elysion dungeons that are currently ridiculously hard with their constant Super armor, multi hits, and Solace tactics *Disappearing/Invincibility shenanigans* AP has tons of GPS tracking skills that allow us to hit the bosses/mobs hard and without having to really worry about getting close to their SA/Multi hits, gives the players who have completed Henir gear, *etc* something to do rather then go into sparring and AFK, or Official pvp for 40 secs and logging out. This is just my opinion if you guys agree with it thanks for the support ^^b. However if you disagree then I'd like to hear what you guys have in mind on this matter.
  23. It was nice making friends here, but I ended up losing them. Many people hate me on here. And besides, it isn't the way it used to be. So much mean people and stuck up bitches. I had my fun here, I gave away all I had. And now it's time for goodbye. I may, or may not come back if I do I will have a big event for it. It was nice knowing and talking to you people and always have a happy and nice life. ~
  24. Hello everyone! With the recent drama circulating around Designer, there will be no Designer or Photographer events this week either. Instead, the commotion has uncovered a very concerning issue; people are entering Designer without understanding the event itself, and jump to baseless and accusatory conclusions as a result. Therefore, this week, I will attempt to shed light on and alleviate some of the commotions, conspiracies, accusations and whatnot that have been going around. Please remember however that this is centered around Designer. If you want clarifications on Photographer feel free to ask. So, without further ado. 1. The judging of VD. While I, Mod Stay, is the face of VD and the one who constructs the thread every week, I am not the sole member who judges it. The judging is done by a minimum of three staff members every week, to a maximum of all staff members. It varies as some staff members may be busy on the day, may feel that they do not like any of the entries, etc. and therefore not participate. The only staff member who required to vote every week is myself. Each staff member receives a preference vote of three votes. I won't go into detail with this since it's actually very hard to explain, but the gist is that each staff member ends up with six preferences; three winners and three HMs. 2. Who sends EC? Ran. I do not provide or send the EC, that right is reserved for Ran as VD is an Official Event. Please do not ever contact Ran if you have not received EC though. Contact me, and I will remind her. 3. The nature of VD. Void's Designer is based around fashion and creative writing; two major artistic disciplines that are based on opinions. When people say we are biased when we judge; it is partly true. We each have fashion designs/styles that we prefer, and those who happen to match our tastes do win more. It does NOT mean however, that we are gunning for member xyz to win every week. Having to sift through and check 20-40 entries each week, we do not have time to be biased. To begin with, VD was meant to be an event made for fun, with a side of free EC; not the other way around. Aware of the nature of VD, I took it upon myself to counter the subjectivity by adding objective rules that must be abided (such has the mandatory Items List, or pieces that must be used in a particular week). This acted as our 'funnel' that flushes out those who have taken the time to read and understand VD vs. those who have not. The basic nature of VD however, has been, and will remain, a contest based on opinions of what we think look good. Meaning that, if you are looking for free EC rather than having fun, you may have to take a 'copycat' approach and try to imitate the styles of those who win more often. We highly discourage this however, as VD should remain as a fun event. If you cannot enjoy VD without winning, then VD is not the event for you. 4. Can VD be judged by the community? Absolutely, 100%, no. I will not budge on this, so please do not ask again. Though you are not obliged to believe us, currently the staff are judging from entries, not people. If we give the community full judging rights, aka. wins through likes, it would become a popularity contest based on who has the most friends. Besides, we do actually take likes into consideration, just not as strongly as it used to be, as we are aware of the bias it may carry. 5. Why isn't my theme suggestion being used? Three possible reasons; a: We have had this theme, or a similar theme before. Sometimes this is fixable, in which case I will simply alter it (The theme description will then read 'Based on xyz's suggestion' rather than 'Suggested by xyz'. If it simply reads 'This week's theme is', it means I came up with it myself.). b: Your theme is too vague, that there would not be enough variety or; c. Your theme is too complicated, to the point that even the judges do not understand it. It was never mentioned as it was only done recently, but from now on, if your theme cannot be used, I will simply edit your post and strikethrough it. 6. 'VD is biased, the same people always win.' I believe Sera has already explained this. 'Just because it is a subjective contest does not mean that it is a biased one.' 7. Why is this only being revealed now? Simply because: This information does not affect you and your chances of winning. Everything that you need to know for you to win is already written in the thread itself; namely, in the 'Rules' and 'Weekly Theme' sections. We have a [Void Event Discussion Thread] for the purposes of asking these sorts of questions; if you had wanted to know, all you needed to do was ask. So, next time, I implore you to please ask for clarification of the finer details or our reasoning behind our judging before jumping to fear-mongering and circlejerking. Also let this be a warning that future instances of said fear-mongering and circlejerking may be considered as baiting, flaming, defaming, harassment, etc. if done baselessly, which of course carries consequences. As usual, if you have any questions please post them here or on the [Void Event Discussion Thread]. Have a good day, and see you all again for Designer next week! TL;DR: Nope! Please read it all, it is important!