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Found 1 result

  1. I've seen a suggestion similar to this one before but it has sadly never been implemented nor even replied to so I've decided to make my own (this suggestion is linked at the trivia). At the moment the Wedding System is mostly used for the sake of being coupled with someone and the skill, sometimes for the outfit. The cube rewards are pretty bad, next to useless. This suggestion is about improving those. Currently, if you are coupled you get the following cube every week: And if you are married you get this cube every week: There's also a superior cube that you only get to acquire when you participate at a Wedding (even if you are not the one being married): As it is made clear these cubes are simply put, trash. I suggest first off to include an extra item to these cubes, A Sign of Everlasting Love *insert a picture drawn by Structure here*, 1 of which will drop from the Couple's Cube, 2 from the Wedding Anniversary Cube and 3 from the Wedding Ceremony Cube. You will be able to exchange it for the following items at Naeun NPC: 1x Sign of Everlasting Love -> 25x Wedding Cake (heals 100% HP, CD: 10 sec) / 10x Wedding Champagne (recovers 100% MP, CD: 10 sec) / 15x William's Potion (recovers 3500 HP & 300 MP, CD: 30 sec) 2x Sign of Everlasting Love -> x10 Faceoff's Orbs (choose one kind) / / / / / 3x Sign of Everlasting Love -> x10 Crystal Buff Ball (I can recall Tactical Field, Acceleration Aura and Seal of Time, there may be more) / x10 Perkisas Orb / x10 Add's Nasod Orb 5x Sign of Everlasting Love -> 1x Awakening: Heart Blossom (15 days) / 1x Awakening: Heart Breaker (15 days) 7x Sign of Everlasting Love -> x15 Wise Stone / x15 Warped Wise Stone (both untradeable) 10x Sign of Everlasting Love -> 1x Cube containing a Wedding Dress (ver. 1) / 1x Cube containing a Wedding Tuxedo (ver. 1) <- This is the 30 day one with OP stats, like the one you get from an actual wedding, it remains temporary. 15x Sign of Everlasting Love -> A permanent Wedding related costume cube (could be more than one costume, no OP stats). Which costume can be decided by the players and staff, a bunch of them have been included in the old suggestion that I have linked in the trivia, could be one of them. This could be changed to a craft that demands ED as well. Next, alter the drops to the following (the first number is for Couple's, second for Wedding Anniversary and last for Wedding Ceremony, all drops are untradeable besides the shards and resurrection cubes): El Shard (all kinds) x10, x25 & x50 Resurrection Stone Cube (25), (50) & (100) Wise Stone x1, x3 & x5 Warped Wise Stone x1, x3 & x5 Blessed Time and Space Scroll x1, x3 & x5 El Hammer Cube x1, x2 & x3 Wedding Cake x10, x25 & x50 Wedding Champagne x5, x10 & x20 William's Potion x7, x15 & x30 Faceoff Orb (all kinds) x3, x5 & x10 Crystal Buff Ball (all kinds) x3, x5 & x10 Perkisas Orb x3, x5 & x10 Add's Nasod Orb x3, x5 & x10 Coupon for Poru Seals x1 (drop rate defers depending on the cube) Elria’s Blessing (7 days) x1, x2 & x3 This is pretty much it, let me know your thoughts, cast your votes etc. Trivia: I found the old Marriage suggestion. It reminded me of the existence of those William potions and I decided to add them. It also gave me the idea to make a crafts section too but I think I will not make one for 2 reasons: 1) it complicates the suggestion making it harder to implement, and 2) it's hard to pick a wedding outfit to put there which would be the main purpose of the crafting section, these are better to be included elsewhere, like IM, events or burners I think. If I find an idea I am satisfied with I may include a simple crafting section after all. If you think you've got a good idea, let me know. EDIT 09/15/18: Well I added a wedding outfit exchange/craft idea just in case.