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Found 1 result

  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to [Darksonic]! A guild where we accept all kinds of people who do not put down themselves or others. We are a Level 13 Skype and Discord Guild using who Hybrids both PVP and PVE aspects of the game. Join Our Discord! Down below you will see the formalities of our establishment. Brand New Layout New website Coming soon Revival 1. Respect ALL Void Guidelines. 2. Do not start drama within the guild or bring drama outside the guild to inside. 3. Do not put down other people 4. Do not store expendable items in the guild bank. (i.e items that no one will find useful, dungeon accessories that aren't Elysion) 5. BE SOCIAL. In this guild we enforce a policy of being accepting to all people who aren't detrimental to the community. You can share your problems to us and we can either talk to the guild or talk in private to remedy any situation you may have. 6. PARTICIPATE. Help one another within the game so we can all be the best we set out to be. 7. HAVE FUN. Smile once in a while and let loose, it's ok to be a party animal. Guild Master Status: Avaliable Location: Hamel Channel 5 I been here the longest, Also known as old IGN: OoDarkspeedo or XxDarkspeedx. Tactical Trooper Guild Admins Guild Admin A Kind woman who dedicates her heart in order to help the Guild. She may seem busy, but she's willing to help when she gets the chance. Code Battle Seraph We shall be holding weekly guild events that fall on every Saturday.[If Guild is Active Enough] Be sure to attend our weekly guild events such as.. Guild Winners Match Tournaments: Everyone who participates puts a designated amount of ED into a prize pool and the team of 3 that wins splits the prize pool between themselves Survival Marathon: Up to 8 people put money into a prize pool and try to destroy the rest to get the prize. ED/EC Raffles: One of the guild founders will hold weekly/biweekly ED raffles and anyone who gets lucky enough to have their name picked wins a generous amount of money. Hero Dungeon Speedrun Challenges: Gotta go Fast! Be the quickest team of 4 to complete a Hero dungeon! Place bets with others and get through as quickly as possible! All Guild Members/Administrators will officiate and supervise all guild events to make sure everyone plays fair and holds up their end of the bargain N/A. Q: How do I become a guild administrator? A: To do so you must have an interview or submit a paragraph saying as to how you will benefit the guild. You must also be in the guild for at least 2 Weeks before applying. The guild masters will consult with each other and if you win a 2 out of 2 vote you shall become a Guild Admin. Q: What if I want to hold my own event? A: If you want to hold an event just ask the Guild Masters/Admins and we will come together to discuss with you your event ideas. If we come to a majority vote to approve your idea then we will allow you to host an event with our supervision to make sure fair use is involved between players. Q: What rank will I have in the guild when I join? A: Every new recruit starts off at Veteran, if you want to bring a SubMain into the guild we will allow only 1 sub to avoid idol characters in the guild. If you want to become an Officer you should ask the Admins and they will consult with the Masters and we will decide if you can become an Officer to recruit other members .Q: How many days can I be idol? A: 7 unexcused days of idol behavior results in expulsion from the guild. We understand life takes its toll but tell us why you will be absent for 7 days or more before leaving and if you cannot then tell us after you come back why you were gone, if it was personal matters then you have the right to say it was personal, we don't intend to intrude on other people's privacy. Q: How can I get banned from the guild? A: Through many ways. Expulsion results from..1. Being rude, inconsiderate or harassing others.2. Causing unnecessary drama with other members.3. Being too vulgar or lewd and obscene in the guild. Currently: Pm me if you want to be allies. We do have Forum andDiscord, we will use whatever the majority of guild members are comfortable with. It is mandatory to have either or. We do have a separate chat for miscellaneous things. Both guild masters endeavor in art and role plays, if you want to show us some art or roleplay or be a nerd with us then you can. Please List your CURRENT TIMEZONE and LANGUAGE for us to examine, This let's us know if you can either speak another language OR When and what time to host certain events, Thank you. DISCLAIMER All credit goes to Tumblr, DeviantArt Artists