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Found 1 result

  1. Honestly I didn't think I'd bother making a new suggestion for a while longer but I liked this small idea that I came up with so here goes: We get too many Magic Stones that we do not know what to do with so I thought about coming up with a system that allows us to upgrade them to... Sage Stones. 50x + 15x + 5x + 300k ED -> 1x Twisted or Regular Sage's Magic Stone (tradeable?). In addition, I think it'd be cool to add a Wise Stone <-> Warped Wise Stone Exchange System. You will only be able to trade the tradeable ones for untradeable ones (exchanging untradeable stones may be done too it's just that there are probably many different versions involved and it could complicate things so I decided to include only tradeable ones as exchange materials), this is so the exchange is only used for personal utility and not messing with the economy (though it will still mess with it a bit but the point is to make the stones have equal worth). 1x Twisted Sage's Magic Stone (tradeable) -> 1x Regular Sage's Magic Stone (untradeable) 1x Regular Sage's Magic Stone (tradeable) -> 1x Twisted Sage's Magic Stone (untradeable) The NPC involved could be Elrianode's Alchemist I guess, let me know what you think. Extra There was some concern about locking this craft behind the Elrianode Weekly quest so I came up with this addition as well but I am not 100% sure about it (you can buy the stones from the board to speed up the crafting process too so...). 50x -> 30x / 30x / 5x (Random) -> chance is 30% for first, 50% for 2nd 20% for 3rd? x30 -> 15x / 5x (Random) -> chance 70% for 1st, 30% for 2nd? If Void is capable of making the Upgrade RNG system work (like how you upgrade the latest SD stones to Luminous variants) then instead I'd like an upgrade system for the Stones: 3x -> 60% chance to upgrade to 1x 15x -> 50% chance to upgrade to 1x (values up for debate) About IB Stones If such an upgrade system can work, why not involve those useless stones that are dropped from IBs as well? (I'll post this only for one of these but it should apply for every one of them). 1x Add. Dmg +6% -> 70% chance for 1x Add. Dmg +7% 1x Add. Dmg +7% -> 60% chance for 1x Add. Dmg +8% If Void cannot make this work then it can instead go like this I guess: 2x Add. Dmg +6% -> 1x Add. Dmg +7% 2x Add. Dmg +7% -> 1x Add. Dmg +8% (don't think involving an RNG exchange similar to the one above is necessary for these) These 8% Stones are still unattractive and Void has the Unappraised Ore item connecting the 9% value stones up to the 12% ones, so I came up with this: 1x Add. Dmg +8% + 1x Critical +8% + 1x Attack Speed +8% + 1x Damage Reduction +8% + 1x Maximize +8% + 1x HP +8% -> 2x Unappraised Ore