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We should have these changes?  

200 members have voted

  1. 1. Ice Burners, Pets and Mounts (Section 1 and 3)

    • Yes on both options!
    • Yes on Ice Burners!
    • Yes on pets and mounts!
    • Nope on both... (Explain on comments)
  2. 2. Increase amount of stuff, pull rate and remove unwanted items (Section 2 and 5)

    • Yes on both options!
    • Yes on increasing amounts!
    • Yes on increasing pull rates and remove unwanted stuff!
    • Nope on both... (Explain on comments)
  3. 3. Missing Items (Section 4)

    • Yes!
    • Nope... (Explain on comments)

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I'm starting this thread to consider on what things we could fix of the current ED Burners
It's been really good, but we should also consider fixing the amounts, how pets, IBs and costumes things would work, so here's a small list I've thought so far.

1.- The IB rotations

  • It has been stated that they'll last 3 months. I'd suggest to drop them to 2 months, because delaying more the rotations means that people will stop burning and ED will overflow again. This can help to increase the ED burned
  • Our first rotation has been El Officer (Dark Ver.) and it's been going really smooth. With this, I think we should define what other Ice Burners should be exclusive or re-rotated there. We could keep going with "Reform versions" such as VAK Black Noble, HNO Reform, Royal Maid (Black) and so on, or recolors that have been rotated or chosen already (but this has the risk of "unfairness" because some charas won't be able to have it, and also missing accesories)
  • Add Void's custom IB: Psychic Devil and Psychic Devil Reform to the rotation. Considering that we are rotating IBs missing on Rose and Ain, adding those on an IB rotation would be beyond unfairness for the people who burn. Adding them to the ED burner is one possible solution I thought for it, so Rose and Ain can have their missing IBs normally

2.- Amount of the stuff

  • Some stuff are really good to get, but sometimes the amount you get it's beyond unfair, such as El Resonance Coins and Blessed Time and Space Scroll. I'd suggest to change it from 1/5/10 to 5/10/15 or 5/15/25. This could also apply to Warped Sages / Normal Sages, but I've seen quite a lot on the server, so I won't push it.

3.- Pets and Mounts

  • Having them on a "high/difficult" pull rate is ok, however what really "annoyed" me a bit was the fact that they removed Miho from it. We will get it rotated, I know, but that also means that when it's removed, it would bring total unfairness, or simply make Miho a permanent pet from ED Burners again
  • Add Pet Toy to the ED Burner. This one was deleted with the Relic System and there's no other way to get it besides Adventurer Cubes (if my memory serves right).
  • Void should completely remove or revamp Fossil Readers, because having such mounts and pets such as Drakion, Vincent and Jet Ski at a pull rate close, or worse to the +11 Scroll makes no sense. Since ED burners is pushing mounts and pets, we don't need them anymore. We could also add Fossil Shards on ED Burners for whoever still wish to craft the titles or potions and add some common pets to Item Mall Sales or we could also suggest to revamp it just like we did with IBs. At the same time, Arena Cube deserves a similar treatment like ED Burner

4.- Missing items and rotating IM stuff

  • I've seen that some items are missing, even if their "counterparts" are on the IBs. I suggest that we should add "Sword of Fire", "El Blessing (Blue)" Time Limited, "Ancient Fossil Collector" and "Ancient Fossil Analyzer" titles.
  • We should keep one Costume Piece  at a Rare pull rate (like Banthus) and another for a fairly common rate (like Grand Prix). This can also help to "re-rotate" costumes that are gone due to IM sales, such as Moonlight Fairy, Bear Snuggles, Space Moon Rabbit (Mount and their sitting poses aswell in case Void decides to not make it IM-exclusive) and Red Qipao.

5.- Removing unwanted stuff for most of people and increase the pull rate

  • We discussed this already, but I still think server has a lot of them around that adding them to ED Burners doesn't help at all. My suggestion is to remove Hero Coins, Resonant/Mana/Impact Magic Stones (or they could be added purchasable to Naeun at some point), Refined Time & Space Materials and Heroic Weapon Fragments.
  • The Ereda Necklace has been made permanent, but it's drop rate has been really low, like +10 Scrolls and Race! Go! title. I suggest it to increase to a common/rare drop.

These are all my opinions regarding it, if you agree or disagree with anything I mentioned, I'd really appreciate it on comments.

I will also apologize if my english becomes uncanny to read

Edit of June 27th:

  • Suggestion to remove Barrier Fragments and El Rewards from ED Burner, because it ruins PvE market

Edit of July 18th

  • Suggestion to add (or in case there's one) or increase pull rate of Fetch Auras

Edit of July 26th

  • Suggestion to add Guild Coins

Edit of July 31th

  • Suggestion to add Promo Costume (7 Days) because mailbox still can't be fixed and that means relying on IBs to get one

Edit of August 13th

  • Removed Magical Girl Accesories, because this means overflowing ED burners with garbage.

Edit of October 24th

  • Suggestion to add Elrianode Dust and Tickets to enter the dungeons

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I think you should make a poll for each individual section (1 to 5) to make it easier for people to choose.

Right now I'm not voting cause I neither agree nor disagree with all of this.

I'll be writing an opinion on it after you've done that below.

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gotta say i agree but yeah, make a poll for each section
i would say 3 months is a little too long, 2 would be better as pulls have already slowed (prices are going back up)
my only qualm about this is how stupid the pull rate for consumables/hero coins (which are honestly not needed to commonly) and the other commons
and i have MORE then a page of hecking grand prix one pieces, ive been forced to start dismantling
i know my rng is bad but damn

i really wish the heroic gear chests had stayed rip
after burning well over a bil and a half now, my best pulls remain 3 +9s. lol

Edited by Christ

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Alright here goes my actual opinion on the thread after voting.

I voted "Yes on pets and mounts!" as I obviously agree with what you wrote there, and have nothing else to add to it, however I don't completely agree with the Ice Burner idea, I believe they've said they won't rotate Ice Burner sets in there aside from (Maybe) Recolored ones.

I think they should rotate every 2 or 3 months. But I believe they shouldn't be rotating actual official Ice Burners, but rather void custom or recolored IB's such as Psychic Devil, Imaginary Wyvern, Verglas, and such.

I've spoken people in Sparring before and some of them just make things expensive because they want to, because they have a lot of rare items, in turn they can play with the prices as they please. I don't think it matters that much whether it's 2 months or 3 months, but I believe rotating these IB's will solve this issue.

I completely disagree with Section 2 and 5 for these reasons:

  • I believe increasing stack amounts is not a good idea purely because people shouldn't be making a profit out of ED burners normally, it's an entirely luck based burner and they're supposed to burn ED, in turn decrease the amount of ED circulating around Void. El Resonance Coins and Blessed Time & Space Scrolls have already gone down in price after this, and El Resonance coins in particular are at an all-time low, in my opinion too low. Increasing stack amounts will not only decrease it even further, but may also have a negative effect on the sale of it in the Item Mall. Objectively this item could be made cheaper in the Item Mall but I don't think this is a good idea as they're already quite cheap.
    • Resonant/Mana/Impact Magic Stones can already be made at the Alchemist if I'm not mistaken.
    • I also believe removing Henir's Time & Space materials isn't necessary, but reducing the stack amount may be helpful, or perhaps increasing the Stack amount you gain from actually running Henir might solve this issue. I think reducing Heroic Weapon Fragments isn't completely necessary as you can gain them easily by running Hero dungeons or by dismantling unwanted Heroic gear.
  • The ED burner NEEDS lesser worth items to be able to help the economy, people can't just make a profit out of them as that would ruin the purpose of it entirely. Although I agree with making the Ereda Necklace less rare than it is now, and to put it in the "Rare" Category as it's not all that much of a special item.

Increasing supply over demand is, yes, a good idea, however making things too common will completely negate their worth, which destroys the entire purpose of them being in the ED burner, which IN TURN will slowly negate the worth of the ED burner as well.

Thanks for reading, this suggestion motivated me to write an opinion on it, which in turn is already quite rare.

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-1 to better pull rates if the pull rates get even higher stuff won't be worth shit soon and the ed burner will die

The burner is fine as it is just rotation should be every 1-2months


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55 minutes ago, Andromedae said:

-1 to better pull rates if the pull rates get even higher stuff won't be worth shit soon and the ed burner will die

The burner is fine as it is just rotation should be every 1-2months


This basically.

Pull rates are already real damn good as it is. It won't be a burner if it gets any better than this tbh.

Let the pull rates stay & just rotate goods to keep it fresh. That way the amount burned would be constant.

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1. I'll agree with the ED Burner rotation time, it is indeed 3 months is too long for a rotation. (+1)

2. It is pretty much a bit selfish if you want it to be like that, since if the amount obtained increased then the value of the item will get lower, thus lowering the prices and make ED Burner a bit unworthy to burn. (-1)

3. As i know, the pet is also part of the rotation like costumes and IBs in this ED Burner. (CMIIW) So the first rotation of Pet part is Pumpkin Fairy family. (Neutral)

4. I'm neutral with this since it's not really affecting the condition of ED Burner. (Neutral)

5. My apologize but this is the Most selfish suggestion in this thread, what's the point of "ED Burner" when you only get good items and "wanted item" with high rate? This is gambling system, you lucky you get that good item... unlucky, you get bad or even worst item, please deal with it. make things easier doesn't always mean it's good thing for everyone.... Even if this suggestion get so many support i doubt Ran will agree with this. (-1)

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Drop rate wise most people here do not really pay attention to what is being said. A higher drop rate for every hell tier item is not what is requested but for specific items instead. Imo Ereda Necklace should be made slightly more common, same for Restoration Scrolls (55 ec that I only dropped once in over 1,5k burners, that's too rare), however op stuff like Race! Go! should remain the way they are. Mostly +1 from me.

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im just waiting for red qipao to be rotated to be at the same tier as banthus suit is this rotation- 

hopefully moonlight fairy afterwards too 

i agree with the amounts so much

the only thing i really dislike getting is the mana/res/impact magic stones.. i guess the others are OK.. obviously when you're burning 3.5m thats not what you want to get but there does need to be some trash i agree (buttherestoomanydamnconsumables)

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Can they please add the regular Time and Space Crystals to the ED burner? Because like, we get the refined ones, and there's El Rewards AND Barrier Fragments, so you can craft SD stuff.

Meanwhile, here I am, with a stack of 1100+ refined crystals, and no regular ones. And I sure as hell am not going to spam Henir all day / pay 36m a stack just to get them.

But anyways, I agree. +1

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