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  1. 1. Should Void add an Elrianode daily/weekly quest?

    • Yes
    • No (explain why please)
    • Yes, but more/other rewards (explain further please)
    • No, but a monthly/run-based quest (explain further please)
    • Yes, but have 2 or more different quests (explain further please)
  2. 2. On all Elrianode dungeons, or only specifics?

    • All Elrianode dungeons
    • Only the ticket-requiring ones (11-3, 11-5)
    • All except 11-1 (Hall of El)
    • All except the ones requiring tickets
    • None, since I don't want a quest

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If it hasn't already been suggested there could be a system similar to the Secret Dungeon quest which requires you to collect 5 daily certificates. 

An example of rewards I would put forward is similar to others.

[Daily] Elrianode

Clear 3 Elrianode Dungeons on Normal Difficulty (excluding Hall of El)


Fixed :

15 of each powder + 1 Elrianode Shard

Choice of:

El tear Elite /Unique (red/blue/purple)

This leads into the SD quest certificate idea.

[Repeat] Elrianode Shards

Collect 5 Elrianode Shards


5 Non-tradeable El Defense Requests

Choice of :

3 Unique El tear box (red/blue/purple)


[Weekly] Clear Elrianode Dungeons

Clear 15 Elrianode Dungeons on Normal Difficulty (excluding Hall of El)

Fixed: 3 El Tear (Elite/Unique) box for each colour

Choice of:

2 Unique El Tears (red/blue/purple)

The main reasoning behind the 15 dungeons for the weekly and the rewards is that it's relatively easy to clear within 1-2 hours of playing in one day for a decently geared character at around 250k CP. For this type of player they can clear the weekly in one shot and be on with their business in real life for example. The daily and repeat quest encourages weaker /f2p players to play Elrianode Dungeons everyday with a chance of acquiring a good tear/ decent starter tears for their Elrianode. 

I personally think that powders as rewards are only redundant and they could potentially be replaced with 1 Elrianode Defence Requests. 

Potentially the repeat quest could give tradeable requests with the argument that running that many Elrianode Dungeons would net you that amount of requests but then again it is entirely RnG.

Let me know what you think.



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with the arrival of 2.5, we now have some daily/weekly elrianode stuff.

the weekly quest is for special magic stones. quite helpful for newer players but useless for endgame players. this quest is per account, not per character.

the daily quest is 5 runs of any elrianode dungeon for one random unique tear. this quest is per character, so it can be done on multiple characters.

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