[7/27/18] Minor PvP Changes & More!

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Patch Notes
- Minor PvP Changes
- Magic Wardrobe Update
- Item Mall Goodies


Minor PvP Changes

Camilla's Shop Addition

PvP Magic Stone of The Wise


Requirement: SS
Cost: 200k ED, 1,000 AP

Camilla's Shop Price Adjustments

The price tag for the following potions have been lowered.

Warrior's Miracle Drink


Price: 0 ED, 500 200 AP

Champion's Miracle Drink


Price: 0 ED, 1,000 400 AP

Champion's Mana Elixir


Price: 0 ED, 1,000 400 AP

Champion's Adrenaline


Price: 0 ED, 1,000 500 AP


Magic Wardrobe Update

Cash Shop Sets

Lovely Winter (2 Colors, All Characters)



Anubis Ears (2 Colors)
Anubis' Helm
Anubis' Tail
Anubis Twin
Cat Tail
Cat Ears
Cat Bag
Cat Bell Collar
Bandaged Cat Tail
Fluffy Cat Paws (Bengal)
Fluffy Cat Paws (Siamese)
Fluffy Cat Paws (Bombay)
Fluffy Cat Paws (Turkish)
Dream Step - Easter Egg
Glave's Easter Mask
Ruchi Chibi
Golden Ruchi Chibi
Paper Mechanic Bird
William Phoru Jr.
William Phoru Jr. Cloak
Green Camera
Icarus Wings
Angel Mini-Me
BBQ Chicken Head
BBQ Fried Chicken
Pepero Head
Guardian Mini-Me
Harvest Moon Rabbit
Yellow Bird Mini-Me
Chicken Easter Egg
Baby Harpy
Crown of Construction
Halloween Jack O' Lantern
Coexistence Maple Seal
Heart Balloons
Lilac Festival
Hydrangea Festival
Thunbergia Festival
Fox Bandit Mask
Fox Bandit Rosary
Dreamstep: Stars
Christmas Cookie
Holly Berries
Snow Poru
Angular Poru Snowman
Poru Santa
Rudolf's Antlers
Majestic Elk's Antlers
Sweet Deer's Ears
Starry Ski Mask
Laurel Wreath
Fireworks (Summer Night's Dream)
Fireworks (Hot Memories)
Fireworks (Memory of an Ocean Night)
Fireworks (Returning Memories)
Master Fur (Polar Bear)
Master Fur (Black Bear)
Master Fur (Moon Bear)
Flying Chick
Starry Ski Mask
Shiny Red Lantern
Halloween Bat Cape
Goth Punk Rabbit
Bandage Mask
Astonished Pumpkin Head
Sulking Pumpkin Head
Halloween Rogue's Cape
Ghastly Pumpkin Head
Mean-Looking Pumpkin Head
Dream Fountain - Halloween Pumpkin
Vampire Cape
Scythe (Harmony)
Scythe (Mystery)
Scythe (Honour)
Scythe (Fight)
Scythe (Recovery)
Scythe (Accuracy)
Red Trident
Dream Fountain - Half Moon
Royal Ceremonial Swords (2 Colors)
Pink Butterfly Leg Wings
Blue Butterfly Leg Wings
Blue Aura
Red Aura
Angel Wings
Angel Wing Bracelet
Angel Dagger
Dark Angel Wings
Dark Angel Wing Bracelet
Dark Angel Knife



-- Limited Edition Item Mall Sale --
Sale Duration: 7/27/18 up to 8/10/18!


Warm and Lovely & Cool but Charming (All Characters)

Lovely Winter (2 Colors, All Characters)


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