[8/24/18] Champion's Chest & MW Update

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Patch Notes
- Champion's Chest
- Magic Wardrobe Update

- Refined Magic Gem item grade changed to Unique



Champion's Chest
Champion's Chest has been added to Camilla's Shop.


Requirement: SS
Cost: 250,000 ED + 3,000 AP


Colored Office Cube

Silver Fox Miho

Magic Amulets
Magic Amulet Lv.8
Magic Amulet Lv.9
Magic Amulet Lv.10
Magic Amulet Lv.11

Cobo Employees are my friends (15 Days)
St. Patrick's Day (7 Days)
Transcendent Key Code
Age Of Legend
Curse of Chaos

Passionate Touch
Undying Fighting Spirit

Mysterious Magic Necklace

Ereda Hero Necklace
NoNo Mini-Me EXP Cube (3 Days)

Mana Mint Bubble Gum (Permanent & Tradable)

Misc. Goodies
Arena Salt (x1/3/5)
Refined Magic Gem (x1/2)
Elite Growth Elixir (200%) (x3)
Elite Growth Elixir (100%) (x3)
Elrianode Defense Request (x3/5)
Magic Stones of the Wise (x3/15/30)

Warped Magic Stones of the Wise (x3/15/30)
PvP Magic Stone of the Wise (x5/20)
Blessed Time and Space Scroll (x1/3/5)

El Resonance Point Reset Coin (x1/3/5)
Unappraised Ore (x1/2)
William's Apple Crate (x1/3)
Ancient Iron Wedge
Ancient Guardian Wedge
Red Eldrit Shard (x50)
Blue Eldrit Shard (x50)
Green Eldrit Shard (x50)
Turquoise Eldrit Shard (x50)

Dark Eldrit Shard (x50)
Light Eldrit Shard (x50)

Warrior's Miracle Drink (x10/20/30)
Organic Apple (x10/20/30)
Fossil Potion (x10/15/20)
First Class Mana Elixir (x10/15/20)
Intermediate Warrior's Potion (x30/40/50)

Battle Elixir (x3)
Beer (x50/75)



Magic Wardrobe Update

Broken Mask
Broken Mask (A)
Red Rose
Fennec Fox Tail (White)
Fennec Fox Tail (Yellow)
Luminous Kumiho Tail
Forest Fairy
Halo of CBT Heroes
Symbol of the Nature Protector


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