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[9/7/18] IB Rotation, Void Café Event Removal & More!

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Patch Notes
- Ice Burner Rotation
- Stella's Stewardship Coin Adjustments
- Magic Wardrobe Update
- Item Mall Goodies

- Raul's Vassal is now tradable
- Void Cafe Event Removal
- Limited Sale Removal

Ice Burner Rotation

55108kC.gif   qLHAWiw.gif

This month's Ice Burner Rotation contains the following:

#1: Dawn Sovereign (All Characters)**
#2: Perkisas (All Characters)
** Dawn Sovereign is currently missing it's special IB socket effect, this will be released at a later point!

Click [Here] for more information regarding Ice Burners!


Stewardship Coin Adjustment

Stella's Exchange has been updated to the following


#Note: Click on the spoiler for the full exchange list!


x1 Stewardship Coin
x3 Organic Apple
x3 Magic Stone
x3 Vitality Potion
x2 Seed from El's Tree
x1 Resurrection Stone Cube (3 ea.)


x3 Stewardship Coin
x3 Eldrit Shard (Unknown)
x2 Dark El Seed
x2 [Cobo] El Tree Fruit
x3 Enhanced Magic Stone
x3 Heroic Invitation

x5 Stewardship Coin
x20 Fire Orb
x20 Water Orb
x20 Poison Orb
x20 Wind Orb
x20 Light Orb
x20 Darkness Orb

x10 Stewardship Coin
x2 [Cobo] Blessed Ventus' Wing (Elixir)
x2 [Cobo] Blessed Denif's Ice Orb (Elixir)
x2 [Cobo] Blessed Rosso's Blazing Ring (Elixir)
x2 [Cobo] Blessed Blazing Bomb (Elixir)
x2 Blessed Giant Potion (Elixir)
x2 [Cobo] Blessed Giant Hand Potion (Elixir)
x2 [Cobo] Blessed Tracker's Soul (Elixir)
x2 [Cobo] Blessed Baby Fairy's Cradle (Elixir)

x20 Stewardship Coin
x50 Recovery Potion
x1 El's Hammer Cube



Magic Wardrobe Update


Fresh Fish
Chain of Restraint
Golden Earrings
Golden Arm Ornament
Golden Necklace
Golden Headgear
Golden Ring
El Lord Crown (Red)
El Lord Crown (Blue)
Protective Rune of the Eldrit Master (red)
Winged Rune of the Eldrit Master (red)
Lightning Rune of the Eldrit Master (red)
Ninja Mask (Black)
Ninja Mask (White)
Panda Head




-- Limited Edition Item Mall Sale --
Sale Duration: 9/7/18 up to 10/5/18!

Vint Pet Package


• Vint (Adult) **
• Fruit from El's Tree (30 pieces)
• Pet Pickup Aura

** Vint comes with a build-in 15 days Pet Pickup Aura
His speech bubbles are broken and will say "STR_ID_#", but this will be fixed at a later point!

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