[12/7/18] Ice Burner Rotation & Rosso Raid Reworks

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Patch Notes
- Ice Burner Rotation
 - Rosso Raid Reworks
- Magic Wardrobe Update
- Item Mall Sale
- Space Moon Rabbit Limited Sale Removal
- Lotus Pet Limited Sale Removal


Ice Burner Rotation

This month's Ice Burner Rotation contains the following:

#1: Black Mesa (All Characters)


#2: Salvatore Ebalon (All Characters)


Click [Here] for more information regarding Ice Burners!



Rosso Raid Reworks

Flame Mark Exchange Revamp
#Note: The x10 exchange raid accessories contain no stats and level requirement!


Custom Statless Rosso Raid Accessories
This addition is based on @Dominator suggestion [Here]

Undying Flame
Demonic Eye
Mark of Inferno

Stack Increases

Crimson Calamity Cube
Crimson Eye Cube
Dark Recluse Cube


Magic Wardrobe Update

• Ice Burner Set
Black Mesa (All Characters)

• Custom Statless Raid Accessories
Undying Flame
Demonic Eye
Mark of Inferno





-- Limited Edition Item Mall Sale --
Sale Duration: 12/7/18 up to 1/4/19!

Summoning Stone: Dark Griffin
#Note: Dark Griffin comes with a special command called "Emergency!"


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