[12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

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Oh fun, another cashing maint! I love having such a creative & fun server. They really know how to serve us great content.


In all seriousness though, do they not realize how dead & in need of new content, an event or ANYTHING this server needs right now??]

But nah nah, continue to throw limited IM & IB Rotation updates down our throats to make that $$$ & give less than 2 shits about anything else. We Gotchu

& another thing to add, you can really show in the past year or so, how little the staff actually cares any more.


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Still no ED burner rotation i guess you gave up on change it t's already been 3 month.

So i ask when it'll be change ?

Since it's 3 month 

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1) Rest in Peace, last Raid party. I shouldn't have waited for you to get a higher rank. 10 Bars.
2) I get that people get money on Christmas, but releasing both RF and BM back to back seems like a really shitty business strategy when you could have gotten casher's money by just, hm, re-releasing limited IM sales for a Christmas sale.
3) I don't doubt we'll get a Christmas event (just later), but where's the ED Burner rotation that's due by now?

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11 minutes ago, DrStorm said:

So, on what balance patch are we exactly going to be? Since it's confusing atm.

All balance patches and such are the same as V2.4 currently, they can be seen [Here]

8 minutes ago, Pariah said:

The fucking mount though.

Probably my favorite mount so far, it even gets it's own special command in towns to fly around.

8 minutes ago, DoomBringer said:

Am I the only one that can't read the limit IM sale duration?


Noticed and fixed it immediately as well, but thank you in case I hadn't.

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