[Official Tournament] Zenith Circuit #4

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Official VoidEls Zenith Circuit Tournaments are hosted every month.

Tournament Information

Hosted by [GM]Lilu

Date: 12/29/2018 - 12/30/2018
Day 1 - Round 1 (Starts 5:00pm EST/23:00 Server time [Here])
Day 2 - Round 2 to Finals (Starts 12:00pm EST/18:00 Server time [

Round 1 to Quarters are Bo3, Semi-Finals and Finals are Bo5
This tourney is 1v1, 32 players, single elimination

• Team Match
• 400 Seconds
• Power Mode
• Equipment on
• Titles on
• 0% ERP

Streamed by @NarcissisticNick2 [Here] 
Brackets [Here]



1st Place: 30,000 EC + Gold Tournament Trophy Mini-Me
2nd Place: 20,000 EC + Silver Tournament Trophy Mini-Me
3rd Place: 10,000 EC + Bronze Tournament Trophy Mini-Me


Sign up

Do not try reserving posts.
You are responsible for correctly spelling your name.

Sign up example

IGN: [GM]Lilu
Class: Nova Imperator

Sign ups/Check-In will be closed at 12:00pm EST on 10/29/2018 (5 hours before the tournament)
If caught intending to play on more than one character you will be banned from future official VoidEls tournaments.

The Official VoidEls Zenith Discord Server will be used for Checking in and RNG rolls for the stages.
When it is time for your match you will be pinged in the discord server, please be ready.
By checking-in this lets us know you remember and intend to be ready for your match.

Please provide your forum profile in the Greetings channel to receive access.

Link to the official discord server [Here]

Stage Selection
The first stage will be decided via random RNG roll in the official voidels zenith circuit's public discord channel.

  • The next stages will be decided as stated below.
    • The Loser of the previous match will then choose the next stage.
    • You can't counterpick a stage if you've previously won on it during the match unless both agree.

The following is a list of stages that are allowed.


It is YOUR responsibility to keep updated with the rules as they're subject to change.
If in the event you are not prepared when your match is ready or break a rule, you are at fault for not reading these rules and will result in an auto-loss.

  • Void Official Rules still apply.
  • All Character Force Mods are allowed (Ex: Mod Finishing Slash)
  • All Force Skills/Force Passives are banned (Ex: Haunting Spirit)
  • Weapon Element Attributes are banned.
  • Armor Element Attributes are allowed.
  • Allowed Titles.
    • Veteran, Supersonic, Speedholic, Hamel's Seal, Burning Butt, The Challenger.
  • Vanilla Mode, All Costumes and Accessories are Banned except for the following:
    • Mana Necklace Allowed
    • 1 Skill Ring Allowed (Non-Proc/Not RoF)
    • MP Viewing Goggles or Earrings Allowed
  • +7 or +8 Sparring Set only.
    • 5 piece sparring set only.
    • +8 is the maximum enhancement allowed.
  • No Hyper actives/Couple/Marriage skills.
    • Self explanatory.
  • Map Pool.
    • Garpai Sandstorm, Sander Oasis, Tyrant's Arena, Hope Bridge, and 3D maps are banned.
    • There is a list of maps allowed in Stage Selection above Rules.
  • Match Re-do/Restarts.
    • Match re-dos are at the discretion of Lilu. If you wish to call something out then do so. You must say "lag", not "???", "lol", etc. It must occur during the match, not after.
    • If in the case something happens such as forgetting to full screen, you may ask for a match restart before the match starts.
    • If someone calls lag it is up to the streamer and co-commentator to accept or deny it. They must respond quickly.
    • If they deny, the match will continue uninterrupted. If accepted, the match stops and then Lilu will review to decide.
    • If 2 lag calls are false, it will result in a loss of that match to the one that lag called. If the lag call is legit and accepted, a redo will be done.
    • If 3 lag calls are legit and accepted, the one that called the 3 lag calls wins the game to avoid unplayable matches. Lag calls carry over.
  • Account sharing and Substitutions are not allowed.
    • Only you may play on your account. Substitutions of any kind are not allowed.
    • Violation of this rule will result in an immediate disqualification, and possible restrictions in future events.
    • Do not register with multiple characters for any official VoidEls Tournament unless explicitly stated in the rules.
    • If caught intending to play on more than one you will be banned from all future official VoidEls tournaments.
  • Disruptions
    • If your match is coming up, please be ready a match early so we can invite you.
    • If you are not ready for your match once, you will be skipped and put to a later time if possible.
    • If you are not ready for your match for a second time you WILL be disqualified from the tournament, no arguments.
    • Bad planning on your part does not necessarily constitute an automatic emergency on our part.
    • Please be a good sport. Unsportsmanlike conduct will at first give you a warning, and then get you disqualified from the tournament.
  • Network Conditions (Lag Calls)
    • In the event of unusual network conditions, players may call for a review at any time during their set either publicly or privately (via whisper).
    • This may include individual lag checks, reviewing recorded footage from either side, or further testing.
    • If either player's connection is found to be disrupting the game to an unreasonable extent and the issue cannot be corrected, they will be disqualified from the event.
    • All players are encouraged to record their games for review, as netcode discrepancies can cause spectators to see the game differently.
    • If a lag call cannot be accepted or denied immediately, the match must continue and will be reviewed afterwards.
    • Please keep in mind that in the interest of fairness, we cannot reverse completed games or sets.
    • You must call out something during the match, not after.

#Note: These rules are intended to fairly deal with disruptive outliers, not to punish players for their location or connection quality. We understand Void is an international server; however, there are clear cases where Internet issues can affect the outcome of a match. If a player's connection is significantly worse than expected for their region, it is their responsibility to handle it. Reviews will NOT be streamed, to ensure the process remains unbiased and fair. The results of these arbitrations will be made public at the conclusion of the event. 

Tournament Discussion

This thread should stay clean with ONLY sign up applications to enter.
I have created a Tournament Discussion Thread to discuss anything related to this tourney.
Any post here that's not an application that should be posted in discussion will be deleted.




1st Place: LunchingNoob (CC)
2nd Place:
Runecraft (CS)
3rd Place:


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