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[1/18/19] Moderator Recruitment & Treasure Chest Update

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Patch Notes
- Moderator Recruitment
- Treasure Chest Update

- Magic Wardrobe Update
- Item Mall Sale



Moderator Recruitment

Application Period: Today (1/18/2019) up to 2/1/2019
Hiring Period: 2/2/2019 up to 2/8/2019

Please only apply if you fit everything in the Crucial criteria.
Create a thread and post your application in the Moderator Recruitment section.
Only you and Official Staff can view your application.

Moderator Recruitment [Here]

Requirements (crucial)
- Active on the forum daily for moderation
- At least 200 posts (spam section doesn't count or spam farming)
- At least 6 months of experience on Void forums
- Be familiar with in-game and forums rules

- Be experienced and understanding of Elsword
- Capable of fluent English
- Be unbiased, friendly, and helpful
- Being capable of conducting teamwork
- Adaptable and being able to learn fast

Additional (not necessary)
- Experience moderating forums (IPB, vB, SMF, etc.)
- Fluency in multiple languages

- Additional skills such as graphics design, art, drawing, writing, etc.


- Assist players with their questions and threads
- Enforcing the forum rules when necessary
- Lock threads that spiral out of control (e.g unnecessary drama)
- Move threads to the right sections
- Answer private messages and forward to the superior when necessary
- Handle reported posts from forum users
- Co-ordinate moderation of forum based events with staff
- Remove spam and inappropriate content rapidly
- Report game breaking issues (bugs & glitches)
- Remind players not to spam megaphones, prevent megaphone drama and issue warnings
- Assist the staff members with the rulebreaker & ban appeal sections


Moderator Application Form

Character names:
• Guild(s):
• Age:
• Country and Timezone:
• Languages:
• Availability per day:

• Why do you want to be a moderator?
• Why do you think you should be one?
• What do you have to offer?
• Why do you think you are incorruptible?
• Have you been banned before? If yes, where and for which reason(s)? (Forums & In-Game)
• Do you consider yourself as a team player and why?

• What would you improve about the forums? (doesn't include graphical things like theme)
• Is there is anything about yourself you would like us to know that was not included in the above questions?





Treasure Chest Update
For the full Treasure Chest Content List click [Here]!


Treasure Chest Removals

Remenance Cubes
Pure Blood Cubes
1 Piece Combo: El'lywood & Hair
1 Piece: Lotus Qipao
Elrios Detective Academy Costume Cube
White Netherworld Costume Cube
White Netherworld Lantern Cube
White Netherworld Horn Cube
White Netherworld Aura Cube
Netherworld Express Platform (Ver.2)
Summon Stone: Ascalon
Summon Stone: Raul's Vassal


New Treasure Chest Additions

Recolored Ice Burner Set: Khaos
#Note: Lu, Ciel, Rose & Ain Excluded!


Khaos Weapon Cube
Khaos Top Cube
Khaos Bottom Cube
Khaos Gloves Cube
Khaos Shoes Cube
Khaos Hair Cube
Khaos Hair (Pure Ver.) Cube
Khaos Wings Cube
Khaos Leg Wings Cube
Khaos Visor Cube

Recolored Ice Burner Set: Verglas
#Note Lu, Ciel, Rose & Ain Excluded!


Verglas Weapon Cube
Verglas Top Cube
Verglas Bottom Cube
Verglas Gloves Cube
Verglas Shoes Cube
Verglas Hair Cube
Verglas Wings Cube
Verglas Tiara Cube



Lord Chesterfield (Ver.2) Costume Cube
Lord Chesterfield  (Ver.2) Accessory Cube
Shark Hunter (Ver.2) Costume Cube (#Excludes Ain)
Shark Hunter's Pile of Treasure - Blue (#Excludes Ain)
1 Piece Combo: Little Lamb & Hair
Qiapo (Ver. 1) (#Excludes Lu, Ciel, Rose, & Ain)


Mounts & Pets


Summon Stone: Rakshasa
Summon Stone: Phantom Steed
Berthe Jr.
Eltrion Jr.


Drop Rate Up!


Race Go's title drop rate has been doubled for this rotation!



Magic Wardrobe Update

- Little Lamb Outfit
- Little Lamb Headdress 
- Lord Chesterfield Set
- Lord Chesterfield Accessory




Lord Chesterfield (Ver.1)

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