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2 minutes ago, Dream said:

People go to these lengths because they want change; it's important to speak up when something wrong has been done to you. It would be scary if nothing came out of this, because it is indeed in everyone's best interest to keep innocent people free of bans they do not deserve.

Well said deary~ But of course you know i'm not like that... i'm usually scared to speak up bout anything.. Im glad there's people willing to do that tho~
but i do support this in the background. I mean- i feel this would be overlooked or be different if say, it was some random person who was maybe averagely known by ppl and knew the rules and got perm banned for it... But everyone does deserve justice if they were unjustively banned ofc since void follows that or apparently should...?
It's kinda weird how we're providing evidence for them but its still not enough... But i don't believe we can change much that has already been done. Even though i really should believe... Either last... The last thing i'd personally want to do is go against staff, i wouldnt wanna go against anyone really, but its great to see alot of you are brave. *hides back in burrow* 

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