Naivety's mod intro

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Heyo, Naï/Naivety here, previously known as Nemmy when Void had to go into maint for a few weeks. The newest users probably wouldn't know me, but I'm an old ass Eve main, and used to type walls of text galore in the Eve section back in 2015~2016. IRL happened, it sucked, I quit for a while, tried Closers out, it sucked, tl;dr I've been back for a few months now.

Other than English, I speak fluent Portuguese (vai brasil pohaaaa kkkkkjkkk) and advanced Italian and Spanish, so if you have any trouble and need to rely on Google Translate, you can skip the Google part and come to me instead. Hooray for globalization, I guess?

I actually quite like this game even if kog sucks, and as I haven't fully caught up in gear etc yet, you'll most likely see me around in game.


also i swear a fair amount and also meme a fair amount

idk wtf else im supposed to say here so cheers

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Hey Naivety,

waited til you made a thread so I may congratulate you. Thank you for all your hard work and contribution back from the early void days. c; I will always remember a good player who helped me out during my travels of becoming a lvl 10 alchemist haha. Cheers, glad to have you back and I hope to see you around! :D

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Welcome to mod! *Throws confetti* I have no expectations atm, but I know you'll do a great job Naivety! Best of Luck and much blessings from me and your friends!


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@LordPsy ty boi :pray:

@TiredKnight ty!! always nice to see an old known face around

@Ramen ty, i'll be sure to pass that knowledge on to my children and grandchildren

though if you go by what mewy says, the moment you become a mod, you've already made a terrible choice

@MitchHub ty, and i will if you sell me enough energy shards for stage 5 yellow :eyes:

@Sky Blue hola k tal

@Ykhar ty, and ofc u speak professional taco wdym, i'll remember your sombra memes even if u forget them

@BlackHand ty boi *throws confetti*

@Gay the idea was never to do the intros super early though, we had to be shown the ropes before that

@Hungry ty twice (?)

@Brek ty, hope i can do a good job!

@Lalatte i'm not very sure i like the whole ranking mods idea, ty though (?)

@fag mewy i hOPE U KNOW UR A FUCKING MEMELORD, ty tho fellow gey

@Purrs ty fud! o//

@Cultivate ty boi

yes, lots of eves, but can the other eves hinpoppo step irl while platform sweeping to the left using the right little finger? find out in the next episode of dragonball z

@God ty, have this beautiful video as thanks for the congrats


@Acchan grazie mille, spero fare un buon lavoro come staff!

@Luci ty, wish you the same

@Alyss ty!!

@Grima ty, good luck to u in your endeavors too!


this reply will probably be annoying to read, but i wanted to ping everyone. im running out of exclamation marks rip

not gonna ping the staff members bc ive already thanked them a thousand times each

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