『Shatter』 Every moment is a fresh beginning!

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Huge S/O to Marumi for the banners!




Shatter is a casual, chill guild where you can join, make friends and enjoy the game to its fullest. We're very friendly and we do our best to help our members as much as possible. We are mostly PvE oriented BUT we also do PvP causally!

We also run Henir, Heroics, Ereda, Raids, and SDs!

Created on 1/30/2018, we have been growing ever since!

We offer a place where people will be treated with respect, and where your voice and suggestions will be heard. We make sure to take care of your members so no one feels left behind or excluded!

All we ask of our members is to come, enjoy yourself, and grow with us.


Guild Level: 17

Members: 243/280




Alchemy Specialist 5/5

Comrade Cheer 5/5

Hand of Midas 5/5

Frugal Spirit 1/5

Powerful Physique 1/5





1) Respect everyone, if their in or not in the guild. Respect everyone!

2) English is the main language here. We want to keep it that way so no one feels left out.

3) We DO NOT tolerate harassment/discrimination/ or bullying. You will be either warned or kicked depending on the seriousness of the situation.

4) Do NOT scam or hack. We will kick you right off the bat. We do not accept scammers or hackers

 5) Our Inactivity Limit is 10 days! If you are inactive for 10 days you will be kicked! IF you know you will be active for this long please let us know in #absences channel(in our discord) OR tell one of the staff once you see them online.

 6) Please don't put junk into the guild bank. Lets try and keep useful stuff in the bank to help out other members in the guild that those items will provide assistance to.

7) We can have up to 5 characters in guild.

8)If anyone leaves the guild more then 3 times they will either be placed as a guest for a time.






★ Guild Master: Fud and Asa's role.

★ Administrators(Dorks): Chosen by the guild masters and current Admin Staff.

★ Officer(Nerds): Given to members soon as they join the guild.

★ Veterans: For relatively active members in the guild.

★ Members: For members that will be inactive.

★ Initiate: Given members who have broken a rule(s).





We do have a discord, but it is only open to members and friends of members!






"hiya welcome to the guild, I'm known as the guild mom Call me Fudgy if you'd like ♡ I'm also a Eve main feel free to ask if you need any help!"





"Hello there Welcome to the beloved guild of Shatter. I'am the co-Guild Master resting near the GM Fudgy, I'am known as Asali or Asa for short. Most of my friends call me Den for short and has been going by that name for a few years now. lulz If you wanna talk to me about anything just shoot me a text or DM me. owo/ I hope y'all have a great day and enjoy your time here. Ps: Please dun bite, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."





“Hello~ welcome to our guild [Shatter] 。・:*♡ I go by Asajj or Tayhu in-game but you can call me Ana cuz everyone calls me that >w< I do think our guild is a friendly environment. i learned that from the people in this guild and i hope you guys do as well~ ♡ feel free to pm me for chatz and giggles”





"Hi. I'm Blanque but you can call me Cyb. I love stealing people's RNG, bullying guildies and making money, I'm also a bit weird and insane. But let's just enjoy the guild together.”





"The Name's Mesu, a gamer and chillin on cool day's what's up?"





"I'm Kashi, I like a bit of small talk and hope for a good time with everyone, so hmu if any questions otherwise enjoy~ LF> lewdies & talkers"




Hello everyone! My name is Tea! I've been in [Shatter] almost since the beginning but new to the staff! It's definitely become a family to me full of sweet and friendly members!

If i'm not playing Elsword, I am probably playing Nier: Automata, Dead by Daylight, Dead or Alive, or Closers. Hope to see some new faces! sips tea



✮ Shiva

✮ Lady

✮ Smasher


✮ Zodius

✮ Saenai




♢ IGN:

♢ Main or Alt:

♢Previous Guild:

♢Reason for joining us:

♢Best time to invite:

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3/15/2019 - New Guild thread was made!

3/20/2019 New Administrator was Assigned

3/23/2019 New Moderator was Assigned 

3/24/2019 [Shatter] Opens again


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