[edited] Apink Tickets Reward System Revamp

Move Apink Tickets to the End of Dungeon Rewards.  

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  1. 1. Are you in favor to change the Apink Tickets Reward System?

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Seeing how they could add the current event rewards at the end of the dungeon, maybe Apink Tickets could be rewarded that way instead.

However, as Yata's reply to the thread;



This means that if they ever make it happen:

  1. The Apink quest will be gone.
  2. Apink Tickets will ONLY be limited to these dungeons - Elrianode, Heroic, Secret, Vanymir, Add's Energy Fusion Theory.


Would you still be willing to agree to the system revamp?

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I'm very very interested in this as well.

Perfect idea, +1. Still, I want KoG to use their brains for once and bring Helen back for the stage clear screens, with some sporadic appearances from Glave just for fanciness.

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