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[4/5/19] Ice Burner Rotation & More!

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Patch Notes
- Ice Burner Rotation
- Elrios Idols Result
- Server Buff Voting Cube
- Server Reward Cube
- Magic Wardrobe Update


Ice Burner Rotation

This month's Ice Burner Rotation contains the following:

#1: El Officer (All Characters)

#2: Crescent Lullaby (All Characters)
* Translations may be inaccurate until v2.6


Click [Here] for more information regarding Ice Burners!



Elrios Idols Result

Team Ignia has won the battle and is crowned the Elrios Idol!
We hope everyone has enjoyed this event.





Server Buff Voting Cube

Voting Duration: 4/5/19 up to 4/8/19
Winning Votes Duration: 4/8/19 up to 4/26/19


Server Buff Voting Cube & Reward Voting Cube can be opened during the voting duration by the winning team
The winning team chooses the rewards, but worry not as the rewards are equally given to everyone even if your team did not win!


The winning team may choose 4 server buffs that will be applied to the server!

1 - All Secret Dungeons Opened
2 - Doubled Secret Dungeon Drops
3 - Doubled Heroic Dungeon Drops
4 - Double Title Count
5 - Double Energy Fusion Drops
6 - 100% Random Mission Chance
7 - 800% Base EXP
8 - +50% All Profession EXP
9 - No Ticket Elrianode Dungeons
10 - No Ticket Heroic Dungeons



Reward Voting Cube


The winning team may choose 2 reward packs that will be given to everyone even if your team did not win!
Rewards with actual items will be sent out as timer cubes.
Rewards like the Guild Pack and the Consumable Pack will be applied server-side during Winning Votes Duration!


1 - Enhancement Pack
* All untradable
x15 [Cobo] Blessed Fluorite Ore
x5 El's Hammer cube


2 - Guild Pack
* This applies once per guild! Coins are directly added to guild banks.

2,500 guild coins to all participating guilds


3 - Beginner Gear Pack
* Lv.9 Amulet untradable, Secret Manual is tradable but not sealed
x4 [Cobo] Magic Amulet Lv.9
x3 Secret Manual: [Mod] Force (A)


4 - Consumable Pack
* All tradable, drops in Elrios Idols event dungeons
50% chance for x7 Fossil Potions
50% chance for x7 Red-Bean Sherbets
50% chance for x15 Hidden Emergency Foods


5 - Socket Pack
* All untradable
x100 [Cobo] Sage Stones
x100 [Cobo] Twisted Sage Stones
x25 Red/Blue/Yellow Shining Mystic Stones
x5 Giant Shining Mystic Stones



Magic Wardrobe Update

Crescent Lullaby (All Characters)

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