[SacredHunters] Small Lv. 2 PvE Guild

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The guild Sacred Hunters is a small group of players who like playing PvE a lot.

The main objective of this guild is help players who are underleveled and needs some help to beat some dungeons.

Our members will do the best to assist, this includes the administrators and the founder itself; RedSc00t.

Hope you stay with us, and have fun.

Guild Skills:

Comrade's Sheer Lv. 2 (+6% EXP)

Alchemy Specialist Lv. 5 (+25% Item Recovery) (Greater Gnosis Blessing currently.)

Discord Server:

Created 5 days ago, includes Suggestions, Giveaways, Marketplace, Party recruitment, Self-Roles, etc.

If you are interested, you can join, even if you are part of another guild or not in a guild.

Click here to join.


(Perhaps a small guild can get a little support? And wish me luck!) ;)

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I'm not much of an expert, but you should add some kind of rules/bank policy/guild tasks sections to your post.


This will make clear about what type or what intension you have with your guild.

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