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[4/19/19] Heroic Cubes, MW Update & More!

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Patch Notes
- Glave's Craft Additions
- Magic Wardrobe Update

- Item Mall Sale

Glave's Craft Additions

Heroic: Vision, Wisdom & Wrath Cubes

tkbVR00.png  wiTGep9.png  bDyqOdN.png

The old custom Heroic Gear crafts have been deprecated and replaced with brand new custom Heroic Cube crafts.
These brand new cubes will always drop a Rank 25 gear piece of choice and the crafting cost has been greatly reduced!


Magic Wardrobe Update
* All the equipment sets (excluding Void weapon) can be crafted at Naeun!

• Costumes
Laby's Street Star Set (Ver.1)

• Equipment
Apocalypse Type - Void Weapon (All Characters)
Ample Bravery Set (Elsword to Ain)
Sudden Attack Set (Elsword to Ain)
Wild Tracker Set (Elsword to Ain)
Mystic Soul Set (Elsword to Ain)
Exploding Distorted Element Set (Elsword to Ain)
Mysterious Aspirations Set (Elsword to Ain)
Transcendent Key Code Set (Elsword to Ain)




Street Star & Heart Tinted Sunglasses (Ver.1) (All Characters)


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