[5/3/19] IB Rotation, Treasure Chest, & More!

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Patch Notes
- Ice Burner Rotation
- Treasure Chest Rotation
- Magic Wardrobe Update
- Elrios Idols Reward Cube Bug Fix
- Item Mall Sale


Ice Burner Rotation

This month's Ice Burner Rotation contains the following:

#1: Arch Angel (All Characters)

#2: Nasod Battle Suit (All Characters)

Click [Here] for more information regarding Ice Burners!



Treasure Chest Update
For the full Treasure Chest Content List click [Here]!


Treasure Chest Removals

- Ice Burner Sets
[VoidEls] Khaos Weapon Cube
[VoidEls] Khaos Top Cube
[VoidEls] Khaos Bottom Cube
[VoidEls] Khaos Gloves Cube
[VoidEls] Khaos Shoes Cube
[VoidEls] Khaos Hair Cube
[VoidEls] Khaos Hair (Pure Ver.) Cube
[VoidEls] Khaos Wings Cube
[VoidEls] Khaos Leg Wings Cube
[VoidEls] Khaos Visor Cube
[VoidEls] Verglas Weapon Cube
[VoidEls] Verglas Top Cube
[VoidEls] Verglas Bottom Cube
[VoidEls] Verglas Gloves Cube
[VoidEls] Verglas Shoes Cube
[VoidEls] Verglas Hair Cube
[VoidEls] Verglas Wings Cube
[VoidEls] Verglas Tiara Cube

- Costumes & Customization
Qipao (Ver.1)
[VoidEls] Little Lamb Outfit Cube
[VoidEls] Shark Hunter Costume Cube
[VoidEls] Lord Chesterfield Costume Cube
[VoidEls] Lord Chesterfield Accessory Cube
Shark Hunter's Pile of Treasure - Blue (Elsword to Rose)

- Pets & Mounts
Summon Stone: Phantom Steed
Summon Stone: Rakshasa
Berthe Jr.
Eltrion Jr.


New Treasure Chest Additions

Recolored Ice Burner Set: Lanox Arcane Guardian
#Note: All Characters!


Lanox Arcane Guardian Weapon Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Top Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Bottom Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Gloves Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Shoes Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Hair Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Head Gear Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Cape Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Arm Shield Cube

Costumes & Customization




Dragon's Illusion Costume Cube (Ver.1, All Characters)
Idol Costume Cube (Ver.Blue, Laby Excluded)
Chef 1 Piece Costume (Laby Excluded)
Winter Plum Blossom Costume Cube (Laby Excluded)
Small Corner in the Forest (All Characters)

Mounts & Pets



White Pumpkin Rabbit Pet
Guardian Wolf Jr. Pet
Summon Stone: Gold Falcon
Summon Stone: Drakion



Magic Wardrobe Update

- Ice Burner Sets 
Lanox Arcane Guardian (All Characters)

- Item Mall Sets & 1 Pieces
Laby's Combat Class (2 Colors) 
Dragon's Illusion Set (Ver.1, All Characters)
Idol Set (Ver.Blue, Elsword to Ain)
Velder Academy Band (2 Colors, Elsword to Ain)
Chef Costume (Elsword to Ain)
Winter Plum Bossom Costume (Elsword to Ain)
Winter Plum Bossom Hair (Elsword to Ain)

- Accessories
Laby's Gas Mask (2 Colors)
Velder Academy Band Headset (2 Colors, Elsword to Ain)
Wah-Kun on Your Head
Bebe on Your Head
Lucky Golden Corgi




Combat Class Set & Accessories (2 Colors, All Characters)

Velder Academy Band & Accessories (2 Colors, Laby Excluded)

Velder Academy Band Club (Laby Excluded)

Velder Rock n' Roll (Laby Excluded)

Wah-Kun on Your Head, Bebe on Your Head & Lucky Golden Corgi


-- Limited Edition Item Mall Sale --
Sale Duration: 5/3/19 up to 5/17/19!

Summon Stone: Maru

Summon Stone: Corgi

Summon Stone: Golden Corgi

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