My apologies, but hello!

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I just realized: I never introduced myself on forums, and I'd like to do that now. Hello! My name's Henry and I main a big range of characters. 

I like doing combos and playing combo oriented characters \o/

I'm always up for spars and 1v1s, although i barely do pve :{. I'd like to get to know more people and become more social! I used to play void, but I never had any friends. (as sad as that sounds LOL)

You can add me on my Laby, heby. currently I'm used to her hahaha;;;;;;

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No need to Apologise dear! It's ok~ It's never late to say Hello!

Nice to meet you Henry! I'm Mari! I really hope you have a lovely time playing the game then and Enjoy forums too please!


Thank you for coming!

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