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[5/17/19] Apink Cards Revamp, MW Update, & More!

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Patch Notes
- Apink Cards Revamp
- Item Mall Quantity Increase
- Magic Wardrobe Update
- Item Mall Sale
- Temporary Item Mall Sale Removal

Apink Cards Revamp
Special thanks to @Akiaimi for their suggestion

"[Void] Apink!" quest removed

Rather than requiring you to leave the dungeon and finish the quest
Apink Cards can now be obtained by simply completing the following dungeons!

• Secret Dungeons (All)
• Heroics (All)
• Elrianode (All, Story Mode excluded)
• Varnimyr (All + Rosso Raid, Story Mode excluded)
• Add's Energy Fusion

* Apink Cards are added to the dungeon result screen, not the drops!


Item Mall Quantity Increase
The following item quantities have been added to the item mall!

• High-Performance Nasod Megaphone (x50, x100)
• Nasod Megaphone (x50, x100)
• Blessed Fluorite Ore (x50, x100)
• El Resonance Point Reset Scroll (x3)
• El Resonance Page Expansion (x2)
• Inventory Expansion Card (Equipment) (x3, x5)
• Inventory Expansion Card (Accessory) (x3, x5)
• Inventory Expansion Card (Consumables) (x3, x5)
• Inventory Expansion Card (Materials) (x3, x5)
• Inventory Expansion Card (Quests) (x3, x5)
• Inventory Expansion Card (Special) (x3, x5)




Magic Wardrobe Update
* All the equipment sets are Boss Drops!

• Accessories
Blessed Star
Emblem of Victory
Cat's Ear
Mini Backpack
Mini Pocket
Red Ribbon
Ornamental Dagger
Slash Armband
Skull Armband
Skull Eye Patch
Tribal Head Ornament
Tribal Leather Sack
Demon Tail
Love 'n Peace Patch
Red Pocket
Ocean Eyepatch
Mochi's Ear
Glitter Hunter's Medal of Honor
Red Flame Ribbon
Hunter's Dagger

• Equipment
Ancient Sword
Giant Phoru Toy
Kira-Kira's Wand
Ent's Branch
Curse of Darkness Dual Weapon
Curse of Darkness Guns
Dryad's Spirit Pendulum
Banthus' Bayonet
Unfinished Nasod Alloy Cannon
Wally's Panel
Warrior Blade
Ruby's Shadow
Lizard Skull Wand
Shaman Pendulum
Enchanted Ceremonial Sword
Warrior Dual Weapon
Warrior Guns
Berauk's Treasure
Dragon Bone Bow
Large Drill
Wally No. 8 MK2's Power Axis
Hand Blade
Unfinished Nasod Spear
Ghost Sword - Wall
Purified Nasod Drill
Automatic Drill Spear
Dynamo Crusher
Alterasia Bud
Flowers of Alterasia
Alterasia Thorn
Nucleus Amplifier
Chaos Pendulum
Mono Eye
Dutor's Staff
Evil Dual Weapon
Evil Desire Guns
Shackled Soul Pendulum
Proxy's Bow
Iron Head
Crust Wedge
Blue Wing Sark
Berthe's Blade
Dark Steel Cannon
Mcgard's Bow
Vanguard Armored Spear
Golden Vanguard
Baradon Flail
Puppet Master Pendulum
Alchemy Commander
Demon Dual Weapon
Demon Guns
Shadow Sabre
Shadow Cannon
Shadow Origin
Transformed Nasod Steel Bow
Transformed Nasod Drone
Light Dual Weapon
Light Guns
Ancient Guardian Pendulum
Eroded Abyss Staff
Eroded Abyss Blade
Bobosse Skinned Sword
Bobosse Devil Punisher
Bobosse Claymore
Magmanta's Arachni
Magmanta's Spider Drone
Avalanche's Staff
Avalanche's Blade
Wintery Pendulum
Ol Harpen
Eroded Abyss Dual Weapon
Eroded Abyss Guns
Mad Keeper's Staff
Bootru Thorny Blade
Clank Steel Drone
Bootru Thorny Spear
Golden Wing's Celebration
Golden Wing's Fall
Dark Wing Black Cannon
Black Wing's Despair
Black Feather's Grudge
Dark Wing Dual Weapon
Dark Wing Guns
Cerberus Fangs
Explosive Staff
Mini Haze Mist Drone
Tribe Chief Pendulum
Black Crossbow
Vegar's Blade
Blue Wind Cannon
Tuadin's Wind Spear
Wind Sting
Incoolord Accessorized Demon Sword
Black Bat Long Staff
Black Swan Bow
Darkness Blade
Black Bat Double Drone
Incoolord Spear
Beelzebub Dual Weapon
Beezlebub Guns
Demon Spirits Pendulum
Heavy Grass Cannon
Heavy Grass Claymore
Crystallized Weapon (Rena, Raven, Ara, Elesis, Add, Lu/Ciel, Rose, Ain)
Steel Anvil Weapon (Elsword, Aisha, Eve, Chung)
Red Lava Demon Weapon (Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Elesis, Lu/Ciel, Rose, Ain)
Blue Lava Demon Weapon (Raven, Eve, Chung, Ara, Add)
Atlas Dicetium Weapon (Elsword to Ain)
Elysion's Hernacyd Weapon (Elsword to Ain)




Blessed Star
Special thanks to @Asterisk for their suggestion

Special thanks to @JumperCzech for their suggestion

Emblem of Victory
Special thanks to @JumperCzech for their suggestion


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