Hello, I'm Kirino (CyberCuck)

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Hey guys, I'm Kirino as the thread title says. I've been playing this game for over 2-3 Years now I've never really checked the forums until last year and I've never introduced myself.

I'm also looking for a partner during dungeons like 12-8 and stuff.

Nice to meet you guys in the game.


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Hi semi-dps 560217007853928466.png?v=1 , how is your +10 void wep doing on raid? 555944100218798080.png?v=1 jk dont kill me
Welcome to Void forum, have fun and enjoy your stay.We have lots of fun,good guide  and salt and drama---tea af 
imagine doing 12-8 with a +10 NI WHEEEZEEEEE--- jk imma go :cya:

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On 6/3/2019 at 1:26 PM, Lunya said:

hey u big gay
how the kfc going

It's going good. : U

22 hours ago, Elisakel said:



23 hours ago, Celery said:

Carry me son

Ping pong on discord when u need it :P

On 6/3/2019 at 1:04 PM, yikes said:

u make me ScreaM 24/7 also ur gay

jk enjoy this game while its good

Been enjoying it for quite a while is that I've played for 3+ years and no +11 Void *WHEEZE*

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Hey cyberkfc~ Ill take 1 popcorn chicken to go with a combo of chips? No salt pls? XD LMAOOO

Lets hang out again sometime! Great to seeya on forums buddy! i only realised this was you on voidels discord! I hope ya hve a good time on forums dear! Take care and avoid the salt section! YOU DONT WANNA RUIN THAT KFC WITH TOO MUCH SALT! NOBODY WILL BUY IT THEN! LMAOOO TAKE CARE LOVELY XO


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