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[6/21/19] Naeun's Reworks & More!

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Patch Notes
- Naeun's Temporary Exchanges
- Naeun's Reworks
- Minor Fixes & Updates
- Magic Wardrobe Update
- Glave's Heroic Weapon Fragment for Heroic Souls Exchange Removed

- Temporary Item Mall Sale Removal



Naeun's Temporary Exchanges
Duration: 6/21/19 up to 8/02/19


- Time-Space Challenger Coin: Exchangeable for 2 Heroic Souls
Time and Space Crystal: Exchangeable for 2 Barrier's Fragments
Refined Time and Space Crystal: Exchangeable for 2 Barrier's Fragments



Naeun's Reworks

Exchange & Craft Removals

- Apink Cards #1~6 for Apink Card Exchanges
- Craftable Vigor Potion


Brand New Exchanges


- Naeun's Apple Juice: Recovers 1000 HP & 75% MP, cooldown time 30 secs.
Naeun's Chocolate Bonbon: Recovers 100% HP & MP, cooldown time 30 secs.

Apple Juice & Chocolate Bonbon only share cooldown time with each other!


Brand New Crafts


- Computer Desk Cube: 30 Apink Cards & 15m ED (All Characters)
Animation Costume Cube (Ver.The El Lady): 30 Apink Cards & 2m ED (Laby Excluded)


Craft Requirement Changes


- Passionate Nexus: 250 Barrier's Fragments, 21 Heroic Souls, 350 Heroic Weapon Fragments & 75m ED
- Radiant Nexus: 5 Passionate PvP Flames, 25 Arena Salts, 60 Legendary Brawler's Medals & 50m ED
- Honorable Nexus: 5 Knight's Crystals, 250 Warrior's Victory Medals & 100m ED


Craft Requirement Reductions

- Incomplete Apocalypse: 3 Apink Cards & 1m ED
- 2nd Job Summon Cards (Elsword to Chung): 3 Apink Cards & 1m ED
- Blue Bull: 10 Apink Cards & 200k ED
- Battle Elixir: 10 Apink Cards & 300k ED
- Ample Bravery Cube: 5 Apink Cards &1m ED
Sudden Attack Cube: 10 Apink Cards & 2m ED
Wild Tracker Cube: 15 Apink Cards & 3m ED
Mystic Soul Cube: 20 Apink Cards & 4m ED
Exploding Distorted Element Cube: 25 Apink Cards & 5m ED
Mysterious Aspirations Cube: 30 Apink Cards & 10m ED
Elemental Chaos Cube: 35 Apink Cards & 15m ED
Transcendent Key Code Cube: 40 Apink Cards & 20m ED
El Tree Seed: 2 Apink Cards & 50k ED
- El Tree Fruit: 3 Apink Cards & 100k ED
- Dark El Seed: 5 Apink Cards & 100k ED
- Chibi & Angel Mini-Me Select Cube: 5 Apink Cards & 250k ED
- Refined El Shard Select Cube: 3 Apink Cards & 150k ED
- First Job Promo Select Cube: 30 Apink Cards & 1 ED



Minor Fixes & Updates

- Guardian of Secret Close Space title, Ghost's Vengeance & Haunting Halloween accessories can be bankshared
- Rose, Ain & Laby players can now open White Angel Wing Guard Cube (obtainable from Ariel's exchange)
- Rose, Ain & Laby players can now open Black Angel Wing Guard Cube (obtainable from Camilla's exchange)
- Starry Night Fairy - Merihem's pet skills and special command translated from Korean to English
- Keroro Gunso one piece costumes (5 versions) commands translated from Japanese to English
- Alchemist Warrior's Potion & Advanced Vitality Potion can be registered in the quick slot
- Giant Stone Apple, Superhuman Organic Apple & Twister Andromeda Apple can be registered in quick slot
- Monster Card - Hellish Ice Berthe, Monster Card - Karis & Epic PC Card - White Colossus Hellputt can be registered in quick slot



Magic Wardrobe Update
(Special thanks to Dominator and everyone who contributed to this Magic Wardrobe Masterpost!)


PvP Equipment

Champion's Helm (Rose, Ain & Laby)
Champion's Earrings (Rose, Ain & Laby)
Champion's Cape (Rose, Ain & Laby)
Champion's Leg Wing (Rose, Ain & Laby)

Secret Dungeon Equipment 

Enhanced Mechanized MK-5 Set (All Characters)
Enhanced Dragonic-Fear Set (All Characters)
Enhanced Alterasia TYPE-S Set (All Characters)
Enhanced Glitter Warlord Set (All Characters)
Enhanced Ancient Noble Guardian Set (All Characters) 
Enhanced Sand Tempest Set (All Characters)
Enhanced Dark Force Slayer Set (All Characters)

Weapon Accessories

White Angel Wing Guard (Rose, Ain & Laby)
Black Angel Wing Guard (Rose, Ain & Laby)

Cosmetic Sets

1 Piece: White Tuxedo (Elsword, Raven, Chung, Add, Ciel & Ain)
1 Piece: Pink Dress (Aisha, Rena, Eve, Ara, Elesis, Lu, Rose & Laby)
Chung's Wild Hair (Reddish Brown)

Cosmetic Accessories

Bad Luck Patch
Flame Jewellery
Ice Jewellery
Poison Jewellery
Lightning Jewellery
Phoru Mini-Me
Glave's Mask
Father's Day Anniverssary Mantle
Football Mini-Me
Bowless Phopid Mini
Fans (Elsword)
Luminous Red Kumiho Tail
Glave's Time-Space Cube
Wedding Phoru
Heart-shaped Wedding Phoru
Adventurer Pinwheel
Elrios Cape
Golden Wings
Blade Bone
Avalanche's Hourglass
Count Belmez's Round Shield of Punishment
Togi's Whip of Mastery
Aello's Goldwing of Mastery
Superior Trax Mask of Mastery
Kalluso Qatar of Mastery
Light Earrings
Yellow Light Earrings
Violet Light Earrings
Purple Spirit Sword
Red Spirit Sword
Blue Spirit Sword
CBS Halo
Abyssal Knight's Wings
Abyssal Knight's Leg Wings
El Lord Seal (White)
El Lord Seal (Red)
EL Lord Bracelet (ver.Premium)
EL Lord Winged Shoes (ver.Premium)
EL Lord Ear Jewellery (ver.Premium)
EL Lord Wings (ver.Premium)
Schutzrune des Eldrit-Meisters (blau)
Blitzrune des Eldrit-Meisters (blau)


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