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Pinning Guides  

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  1. 1. Pin more guides in the General Guides section

    • Yay
    • Nay
    • Either way
  2. 2. Pin at least one complete guide for each class in the Class Guides section

    • Yay
    • Nay
    • indifferent choice that ends on ay

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Title, kinda simple.
I've noticed that pinning threads isn't really that much of a thing anymore. Both in the class guides section and the general guides one, as a matter of fact. I understand not everything can be pinned, but it's incredibly tedious to bump every guide I've made every other day just so it doesn't leave front page/can't get necro'd. If, for some reason, it is not possible to pin multiple guides in the general guides section, at least mention them in a collective guide thread and make them immune to necroposting. Alternatively, just consider Flannel's suggestion for necroposting rule changes.
For class guides, I don't see why you wouldn't pin a complete guide. They used to be pinned in the past, but it just kinda stopped, despite good feedback. Can we get that back? Is there some magical words we gotta say to get something pinned? 
Would be cool to get some feedback on this.

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Posted (edited)

+1 Definitely. Why not pin something that's valid and helpful asf? I agree~

I mean- Might aswell do this if they wont change the necroposting rule for guides anytime soon~ :Mafumafu_Dots:

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