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[7/19/19] Echo's Exchange Adjustment & More!

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Patch Notes
- Naeun's Brand New Crafts
- Add's Energy Fusion Theory Addition
- Echo's Exchange Adjustment
- Tremendous gear and cubes have been renamed to Void Conqueror
- Limited Item Mall Sale



Naeun's Brand New Crafts
Special thanks to @Rika for their suggestion

Elsword 7th Anniversary Skill Cut-In Cube
Does not include Laby!


Crafting Cost: 20x Apink Cards & 5,000,000 ED


Study Mode & Troublemaker Customization Cubes
Available for all characters!

  vwKC67F.gif    K6zDLlp.gif

Crafting Cost: 40x Apink Cards & 20,000,000 ED



Add's Energy Fusion Theory Addition
Special thanks to @Regromortis for their suggestion

Pepsi Potion


Apocalypse Type - Void felt bad for not giving you the Void weapon just yet
as a small apology he will be giving you a Pepsi potion for completing the dungeon as a permanent feature!

This tasty Pepsi potion will replenish your HP by 10% and MP by 100% with a cooldown time of 30 seconds!



Echo's Exchange Adjustment
Special thanks to @sujk for their suggestion

Compressed Darkness


The required amounts of Demon Realm Energy has been reduced from 20x to 5x




-- Limited Edition Item Mall Sale --
Sale Duration: 7/19/19 up to 8/2/19!

Illipia Core Weapon Guard Cube (3 Days)
A fully tradable cube that gives a 3 day weapon accessory with 100% EXP socket!


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