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After many years I'm back...

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I don't know why I'm coming back, but I just downloaded it and I feel so many different emotions this is too much

Starting from zero since I gave my account away and (as expected and I wanted it to be) it's completely cleared. Just got my titles, pets, and mounts. I'll probably make a new character and main an Ain; I've never really had the chance to play him.

I'm actually so excited, but everyone I used to know seems to be gone and this game feels completely different. There's so many things I dont remember and don't understand. time to learn from the beginning~




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Welcome back to the game, there's surely a ton of stuff to get used to so please feel free to check out the General Guides/Class Guides sections + ask questions around if you're in need.

Enjoy it here~

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IM LATE ASF BUT WEBA DEARY!!! GOD THAT'S AN OLD MARRAIGE! My own marriage only reccently hit 1000+days

There's alottt changed if chu still at lvl 90! I'd suggest making a new character and experiencing it all over again! While still keeping your main ofc But We had another revamp of the level up cube so you might like the goodies they give in that! Gosh you ought be so far behind so idk what to tell you-

But i really hope you can navigate your way around all the changes and i really hope you enjoy coming back again! Best of luck on your journey again my friendu!! :gc_Sparkle:

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