[8/16/19] Event Removal, Treasure Chest & More!

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Patch Notes
- Elrios Bae Event Removal
- Treasure Chest Update
- Minor Fix & Quality of Life Improvements
- Magic Wardrobe Update

- Temporary Item Mall Sale


Treasure Chest Update
For the full Treasure Chest Content List click [Here]!


Treasure Chest Removals

- Ice Burner Sets
Lanox Arcane Guardian Weapon Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Top Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Bottom Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Gloves Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Shoes Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Hair Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Head Gear Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Cape Cube
Lanox Arcane Guardian Arm Shield Cube

- Costumes & Customization
Dragon's Illusion Costume Cube (Ver.1, All Characters)
Idol Costume Cube (Ver.Blue, Laby Excluded)
Chef 1 Piece Costume (Laby Excluded)
Winter Plum Blossom Costume Cube (Laby Excluded)
Small Corner in the Forest (All Characters)

- Pets & Mounts
White Pumpkin Rabbit Pet
Guardian Wolf Jr. Pet
Summon Stone: Gold Falcon
Summon Stone: Drakion


New Treasure Chest Additions

Ice Burner Set: El Officer (Ver. Dark)
Can be used by all characters!

NpLjqZw.gif   FX5qDjN.gif

El Officer Weapon (Ver. Dark) Cube
El Officer Top (Ver. Dark) Cube
El Officer Bottom (Ver. Dark) Cube
El Officer Gloves (Ver. Dark) Cube
El Officer Shoes (Ver. Dark) Cube
El Officer Hair (Ver. Dark) Cube
El Officer Hat (Ver. Dark) Cube
El Officer Cape (Ver. Dark) Cube
El Officer Armband (Ver. Dark) Cube

El Officer Ceremonial Sword (Ver. Dark) Cube

Costumes & Customization



Marching Band Cube (Ver.2)
Medic Team Cube (Ver.1, Laby Excluded)
Keroro Gunso Costume Cube (Ain & Laby Excluded)
Bluesky Convertible (Laby Excluded)

Mounts & Pets



Birth Crystal (Blue Fox Beeho)
Life Crystal (Uniel, the Light Bringer)
Summon Stone: Jet Ski E77-DX
Summon Stone: Seta


Drop Rate Up!

hvPdHAc.png   TsJhpzg.png

The drop rates for Magic Amulet Lv.10 & Magic Amulet Lv.11 have been doubled for this Treasure Chest rotation!


Minor Fix & Quality of Life Improvements

- Elesis's temporary Arch Angel set effect fixed
- Wedding Cake can now be stacked up to 999

- El Resonance Page Expansions can now be purchased from the item mall in the quantity of 3
- Skill Tree Page Expansions can now be purchased from the item mall in the quantity of 2 and 3

- Naeun's new exchange: 1x Eldrit Shard (Unknown) for a selectable Orb of choice (Fire, Water, Poison, Wind, Light & Dark)



-- Limited Edition Item Mall Sale --
Sale Duration: 8/16/19 up to 8/30/19!

Marching Band (Ver.1)

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