[9/6/19] IB Rotation, MW & More!

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Patch Notes
- Ice Burner Rotation
- Weekly Server Buff Reminder
- Minor Fixes & QoL Improvements
- Magic Wardrobe Update
- Permanent Item Mall Sale

Ice Burner Rotation
(Click Here for more information regarding Ice Burners!)



Weekly Server Buff Reminder

The upcoming server buff rotation (9/6/19 up to 9/12/19) will be the following;

- x2 Heroic Dungeon Drop Rate
- Heroic Dungeons require no Heroic Invitations

Minor Fixes & QoL Improvements

Minor Fixes

- Outdated Amnesia Tickets have been removed from the item mall
- Enhanced Mana Elixir's cooldown time reduced from 40 seconds to 30 seconds
- First Class Mana Elixir's cooldown time reduced from 50 seconds to 30 seconds


- Corrupted Beginner's Recovery Potion
- Corrupted Intermediate Recovery Potion
- Corrupted Advanced Recovery Potion
- Corrupted Premium Recovery Potion
- Corrupted Basic Warrior's Potion
- Corrupted Intermediate Warrior's Potion
- Corrupted Advanced Warrior's Potion
- Medic Team (Ver.1) set from the Treasure Chest

Stack Increases

- Never-Ending Darkness Cube
- Crimson Cradle of Flames Cube
- Crimson Tower of Howling Flames Cube


Magic Wardrobe Update



Ice Burner Sets

- Laby's NBS MK-2
- Laby's NBS MK-B
- Laby's Dragon Knight Dark Side
- Laby's Dragon Knight Abaddon

Equipment Pieces

Keep in mind that you can't apply looks to these equipment pieces,
but you can apply the look of the equipment pieces to cosmetic items (IM & IBs)

- Elrianode Top Piece
- Elrianode Bottom Piece
- Elrianode Gloves
- Elrianode Shoes
- Elite Perkisas Weapon (Elsword to Lu/Ciel)
- Unique Perkisas Weapon (Elsword to Lu/Ciel)
- Legendary Perkisas Weapon (Elsword to Lu/Ciel)

Cosmetic Sets

- Snowman 1 Piece Costume
- Green Day Weapon Costume (Elsword to Eve)
- Mandrasil Weapon Costume (Elsword to Chung)
- Cobo Frost Weapon Costume (Elsword to Add)
- School Uniform Set (6 versions, Elsword to Rose)

Cosmetic Accessories

- Skewer
- White Sword
- Bravery Symbol
- Rage Core Ring
- Eldrit Cat Twin
- Mandrasil's Fruit
- Balloons
- Piropiro Whistle (A)
- Piropiro Whistle (B)
- Piropiro Whistle (C)
- Piropiro Whistle SS
- Feisty Erendil Soul Ring
- Gentle Erendil Soul Ring
- Feisty Erendil Soul Necklace
- Gentle Erendil Soul Necklace
- Milky Way Party - Poppin Headphone 
- Milky Way Party - Aurora Starlight
- Milky Way Party - Candy Mirror Ball
- Milky Way Party - Pianissimo
- Red Angel Mini-Me
- Purple Angel Mini-Me
- Green Angel Mini-Me
- Black Angel Mini-Me
- Pink Angel Mini-Me
- Blue Angel Mini-Me
- Velder Academy Recorder
- Traveler's Memories Wings
- Passionate Adventurer's Cloak
- Elrios Carnival Mask (Ver.1)
- Santa Claus Hat (Elsword to Chung)
- Halloween Party Sarcophagus (2 colors)
- Noble Blood Mini-Me (2 colors)
- Red Ball Mini-Me (2 colors)
- Noble Shield Mini-Me (2 colors)
- Royal Guard Mini-Me (2 colors)
- Blue Crystal Mini-Me (2 colors)
- Gallery Mini-Me (2 colors)




Accessory Set: Milky Way Party
(Poppin Headphone, Aurora Starlight, Candy Mirror Ball & Pianissimo)



Customization Pose: Elrios Beat
(Laby not included!)



School Uniform Sets (6 versions)
(Weapons, Set Effects, Ain & Laby not included!)


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